About Me


I’m Helen.  I’m a freelance food writer and recipe developer based in West London.

I started this blog in January of 2007 after my Saturday food shop. I was weighed down with my bargain bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables from the local market; herbs, lentils, pulses and flatbreads from my local Middle Eastern shop.

As I walked back to my flat, I was struck by the number of people carrying bags from the cheap supermarket.  I could see the cheap ready meals and unhealthy food through the thin carrier bags.   This sparked my thoughts into the definitions of cheap and value, bargains and promotions. I realised that there is a huge difference between eating well cheaply, and eating cheap food.

This experience was the catalyst for starting this blog. Fuss Free Flavours. I wanted to share simple recipes for delicious food which you want to eat that is also achievable and affordable.

My one simple mantra for Fuss Free Food & Healthy Eating

“Eat a generous portion of (raw) vegetables with every meal whenever you can”

If you can follow that rule for 80% of the time; as well as following Michael Pollan’s wise words of “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants”; you cannot go too far wrong.  I love great quality meat, fish and dairy as well as cakes, puddings and other treats, but prefer to eat and enjoy them in moderation.

When cooking the Fuss Free approach works best for me; I do not have either a large, or grand kitchen!  I often write about the effort to glory ratio – dishes that are impressive, but when you know a few tricks are very easy to prepare.

What you’ll find on Fuss Free Flavours:-

Since those early days, I’ve grown and developed this blog to include recipe development, reviews and food travel.  Food has now become my full time job and I work on a commissioned freelance basis.  So Fuss Free Flavours will give you:

  • Many delicious affordable & attainable recipes
  • Delicious ways to eat more fruit and vegetables
  • Sweet treats (in moderation)
  • Reviews of books, products and restaurants
  • Giveaways and competitions
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle

Get in Touch

Helen at fussfreeflavours dot com

If you are a brand or a PR agency with a client that would value my approach, I’d be delighted to discuss specific campaigns and projects with you.  I’ve built up an extensive portfolio of freelance work and recipe development commissions (some recent work is here).