Contact / PRs / Review Policy

I am delighted to be contacted about products for review and am happy to host giveaways / competitions for products that I have tried and am happy to endorse to my readers.    Where I have received a free product for review or have been a guest at an event, I will make it clear in my review that I did not pay for the item or experience.

I always give honest feedback on samples that I am sent, but cannot guarantee to feature all samples received either on Fuss Free Flavours or via my social media channels.    I work with a large number of brands and coverage may not be immediate.    I like to write and publish recipes using products I am sent for review.  Should you wish to feature my original recipes using your products on your site I would be delighted to discuss an appropriate fee with you.

All opinions in reviews / giveaways will be my own honest appraisal of a product or service.   Should you wish for specific links / text to be included in a review, or for a giveaway to be held at a certain time, or if you would like to sponsor an entire post I will consider this for a fee, providing I am satisfied I am maintaining my opinions and integrity.  Any posts where I have received a fee to post content will be marked as sponsored post.

Please contact me on helen at fussfreeflavours dot com.

Please contact me for my delivery address, and do not send samples to the address below.

Waterloo House,
207 Waterloo Road,