An Introduction to Cyprus

Cyprus Introduction

Cyprus! I am blown away.

In my all too brief 4 days on the island I did, saw and experienced so much.

I have many stories to tell, photos to share and recipes to write.  But first an introduction and a taste of things to come!

Cyprus Introduction

I discovered a wonderful country full of tradition, heritage, history and delicious food.

I shopped in the markets, cooked with a television chef and made halloumi in the mountains.   I met a Cypriot food historian and philosopher.  I discovered wonderful new ingredients.

I saw the birthplaces of both Gods and Goddesses, marvelled at Byzantine frescos and ancient mosaics, stood in an amphitheatre and heard my voice resonate.

I paddled in the Mediterranean, stayed in the mountains, picked fruit in a modern-day Garden of Eden.

Cyprus Introduction

I ate well! From modern Cypriot cuisine, seemingly endless mezze and traditional dishes of beans and lentils.  I drank well – local wines, beers and Commandaria, named after the Knights of St John.

More stories will be told, but I had to introduce you first.

Fuss Free Flavours was the guest of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation.  Many thanks for a visit which blew me away.

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  1. It sounds like you had a great time Helen. As you know I love Cyprus. There is indeed so much to see. It’s a beautiful country, from the Turkish Cyprus of the north to the Greek Cyprus of the south. I love the traditional bean dishes, but nothing beats the village bread.

    Blog looking fab Helen!

  2. I have never been to Cyprus so it will be good to hear all about it, especially for a possible family holiday in the future!

  3. Oh how lovely! Making halloumi in the mountains sounds wonderful! I look forward to hearing more. Great new blog look by the way!

  4. LOVE Cyprus! Can’t wait to

  5. Heidi Roberts says:

    I used to live in North London where there is a large Greek Cypriot community and lived all the food and drink and culture – the next best thing to being there! Sounds like you had a fab time!

  6. How lovely, I can feel the sun radiating from your photos! On my list for a visit.

  7. KIERAN WALSH says:

    Cypress, a fantastic all year round destination, a warm welcoming country, steeped in history

  8. hay my youssef i woold work

  9. Cypress, a fantastic all year round destination,I can feel the sun radiating from your photos! On my list for a visit.

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