Blogger Secret Ingredient Capers The Round Up

A huge thank you to everyone that took part in BSI this week and for the various shouts and apologies I got from non caper loving bloggers.

Here we go in no particular order:-

Jenn from Jenn Cuisine and last week’s host made Tapenade, it looks lovely,and I shall certainly be trying it with some homemade crackers.

Jenn Tapanade

Amber, who like me is Almost Vegan sent me the second tapenade of the week, her’s is a very different recipe from Jenn’s so I may make both and taste them side by side!

Amber Tapenade

Jennifer Anne from the wonderfully named Raspberries and Trumpets made rosé veal with rosé sauce and tiny toasted flower buds.   She sent me a lovel e-mail explaining had she had ensured that her veal was ethically sourced.   This recipe is also a must cook for me and I have a wonderful local butcher that can source me the veal.  Raspberries and Trumpets is a new blog for me and I am looking forward to having a good read.

Rose veal with rose sauce (and capers) (14)

Biz, from Biggest Diabetic Loser (and the founder of BSI) made some spicey red potatoes with lemon caper sauce.  These sound quite wonderful and Biz describes them as “tangy”.  I am in awe of Biz as the quality and quantity of what she blogs is quite astounding and I have no idea how she gets all her photos uploaded so smoothly.

caper lemon pots

Last night I had an unexpected entry from Sarah, who had texted me earlier in the day to say she could not find any capers anywhere and that there was a “National Shortage”.  This worried me but I do have 2 jars in the fridge so I hope to get by.   She sent me a fried leek with pickled pepper and caper sauce from Ottolenghi’s Plenty.    We both have a copy of the book.    I so far have made nothing from it so Sarah is winning with 3 recipes.

Caperred leeks

Another new blog to me, Joy’s Misadventures sent a recipe for a caper grilled vegetable salad dressing which she served with grilled tilapia.    I have some vegetables sitting in my fridge so I will be trying this one soon.   I have never put capers and honey together so am looking forward to seeing how they taste.

fish and caper dressed salad

Due to my eye drama I only managed to make a cheat’s tartare sauce.

Many thanks to everyone for taking part, and the winner is Jennifer Anne!  I loved her recipe, the name of the recipe (the “tiny roasted flower buds” won it) and the name of her blog.    The prize is a black drawstring bag with cute red skull and cross bones, made by me.   I would take a photo but we are now decorating my flat and I need to move a mountain of stuff to find the camera!

Next week’s host is Alison from Waisting Duxie check out her blog and see what her ingredient is.

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    I didn’t manage to send in a recipe but you have got me thinking about capers – none about in my kitchen right now but I expect there might be soon

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