Blogging Tips & Tricks December 2012

I am constantly bookmarking and favouriting excellent and useful articles that I see, and thought it might be nice to share some of them?

Recently my eye has been caught by:

Lastly this excellent piece over on Decor8 on why Bloggers Should Paid for Their Work. The point about not falling for the exposure mantra is excellent, and I’ll be pointing many a PR at this post as well as growing list of work which I have been paid for.

On the same subject of being paid there is also this excellent response from a band when asked by a restaurant when to play a gig for free.

And I shall be making use of this gif – When a Premium PR Company Says They Have No Money for Bloggers. Love it!

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    Great post but it just confirms to me that I’m never going to be a high ranking blogger is I’m a food and nutrition geek not a computer geek:-( The SEO link read like Chinese to me and I can’t even get a rel-nofollow plugin to work let alone get any more technical!

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    A really useful post Helen. Even for a more experienced blogger like myself, there is plenty still to learn. Love the fonts website and have read the Decor8 post with interest. I changed from All in One SEO to Yoast a while ago but I think I just started from scratch so I’ll read that post, too. Would be great to see this as a regular feature x

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