Breakfast Club #1: Asian – The Round Up

Many thanks to everyone that took part in the inaugural Breakfast Club, theme Asian!   Sarah and I have had a great time reading all the fantastic entries and have lots of ideas to make our breakfasts more interesting.    One of the things that I love about food blogging events is discovering lots of new blogs to add to my feed reader and this month was no exception with entries from several blogs I had  not come across before.

At some stage I’ll put together a breakfast index on the blog to compile all the events.   Shamefully I have failed to make myself an Asian breakfast apart from my regular tofu scramble.  I have had a huge amount going on which I will write about soon.

Liz from Cooking the Vegan Books made a Chinese Tofu Scramble.  I am a huge fan of scrambled tofu and will be making this one soon.  Liz has an encyclopedic knowledge of vegan cookbooks, and has been a recipe tester for lots of them.     If you are looking to buy a new cookbook do pop over to her blog and read some of her recipe reviews.

Chinese Scramble

Rachana from Sizzle and Spice sent 3 recipes for the event.    She says she is a realtively new blogger but has a huge amount of energy and posts far more than I ever have time for.     She is also a fellow knitter, crocheter and stitcher – all of which both Sarah and I are keen on.

First up are some Chawli Vada/ Black- Eyed Pea Fritters which are just the sort of thing I love for breakfast (or at any other time!)


Next are some Potato Masala N Sesame Toasts  – French Toast Indian Style.  These look excellent too.

Toast 5

Her third entry was Kulith/ Horsegram Dosa.   I had not heard of Horsegram before, apparently it is a legume that is usually used as cattle feed, but is also full of iron, protein & calcium and was brought from India for Rachana when she had her daughter as it is meant to be excellent for new mums!     I am inspired to try some dosas for future breakfasts – but am unsure if I could find horsegram in London!

kulith dosa 5

Akheela of Torview Toronto sent a recipe for sweet savoury semolina which is eaten in Sri Lanka for breakfast and has the bonus of being quick and easy to prepare.   It looks great!


Her second entry were some delicious looking milk rice kiribaths.   I think that these would be great for a packed lunch too!


Mary-Rose who usually writes about Maltese food at Did You Put Garlic made a Baby Clam Rolled Omelette with Ssamjang.   Apparently Ssamjang is dangerously addictive – I have actually never had ssamjang and am sure that it will appeal to my chilli loving taste buds.


Nayna at Simply Food sent a Betawa Pawa – a breakfast snack of beaten rice and vegetables.  I think that beaten rice is what I would call rice flakes and it can be eaten raw, making it a popular convience food.

Bateta Pawa.7b

Her second recipe are some delicious Bajra ni puri which are deep fried to puffy perfection!  These are made with millet flour which I have not used before.

Bajra ni puri.3

Angela at the wonderfully named Velvet Kerfuffle made some Steamed Eggs (Chawanmushi or Steamed Eggs), which were her childhood equivalent of chicken noodle soup when she was sick.   They look delicious and I think that they would be great as light supper dish too.


Another blog that is new to me is Saranya’s which is full of wonderful Indian home cooking.    She sent me two recipes, Spicy Dill Leaves Idlies, which are spiced semolina and coconut patties, I can’t quite work out how coconut and dill will taste together, but Saranya says they were a big hit!


Her second recipe was for Semiya Upma a spicy vermicelli that looks very tasty.


Lastly was Sarah with some coconut pancakes another dish she enjoyed on her epic trip to Sri Lanka earlier this year, that inspired the egg hoppers that lead to the theme for Breakfast Club #1 being Asian.


Many thanks to everyone that has taken part – if I have missed anyone please mail me and I’ll add you in – all the recipes look lovely.

I am going to ask my contact at Clearspring to choose a winner!

Sarah is hosting Breakfast Club #2 for July and will be announcing the theme shortly!   We hope to get a prize for this one too so do keep an eye out for the announcement!

Visit the Fuss Free Flavours Giveaways Page for a chance to win some amazing prizes!


  1. says

    Hi Helen,

    Wonderful roundup! BTW, I was hesitant too, to use coconut and dill leaves initially but it was very delicious and full of flavours!
    I am adding your blog to my blogroll..


  2. says

    great selection of recipes – love seeing what others eat for breakfast – esp when it is so different to our breakfasts – will watch out for the next theme and try to get something in

  3. gastrogeek says

    I love the idea of a real breakfast club! I rarely bother with breakfast, so this has definitely inspired me. mmm vadais look gorgeous!


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