Review: Cocoa Mountain truffles

Cocoa Mountain Review

Cocoa Mountain are a chocolate company from the wilds of Scotland: literally, in that they’re about 10 miles from Cape Wrath. They specialise in truffles, but also have bars, drops and beans.  The range is extensive, and we particularly like the way that vegan and alcohol chocolates have their own menu tabs.

Review Cocoa Mountain Truffles

We were first struck by innovative and different flavours of the truffles, coconut, lime and star anis; ginger & cinnamon and peanut butter & cranberry are all on offer on the website.

Of the truffles in our selection box we enjoyed the lemon – clear, fresh and not too sweet and the redbush, ginger and honey – delicately flavoured, without any one ingredient being dominant.

We really liked the packaging, designed in brown card with a huge orange bow and using no plastic.

The Easter Egg, again, highlighted clear chocolate flavours – a straightforward Easter Egg simply studded with nuts, again with minimal plastic in the packaging, perfect present for adults who still wish for the fun of an egg.

Cocoa Mountain Egg

Image from Cocoa Mountain.

A box of 9 truffles is £15, and two eggs £14.

Many thanks to Cocoa Mountain for our samples.

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