Credit Crunch Munch Round Up – January 2013 – 44 Money Saving Recipes

This is the first Credit Crunch Munch roundup, a rebranding of my Frugal Food Fridays event which I am now hosting with Camilla from Fab Food For All.

Many thanks to everyone who took part, there were 44 fantastic money saving entries so lots of inspiration for everyone!

February’s Credit Crunch Munch is open for entries over on Camilla’s site, anything goes, although we’d like to see some puddings, and we have a prize of a pudding sleeve from the folks at Mermaid!

First up was Susan’s pea and ham soup, a filling post Christmas classic using the remains of the ham.  Quick cook peas saved on cooking time too.  £2 for 4.

Inspired by her new Scandi baking book Choclette made a marmalade, cardamom and chocolate loaf which used up two partially used jars of marmalade! Delicious and a great start to the year amd making room for the new marmalade!

Steaks for Credit Crunch Munch

Caroline from Caroline Makes cooked a romantic New Years Eve dinner using reduced steak and cream from the supermarket and left-over Christmas Stilton.  Delicious and not too expensive.  Many thanks for being the first entry for the revamped Credit Crunch Munch!

Parsnip muffins for Credit Crunch Munch

 Fleur found some parsnips which she had forgotten she had planted and dug them up (I think this makes them effectively free food?) and made Healthy, Low Sugar Parsnip, Lime and Warm Spice Breakfast Muffins, then for lunch a delicious warming soup of Curried Parsnip, Butternut Squash and Apple.  Delicious!

Parsnip & apple soup for Credit Crunch Munch

Cauliflower Cheese Soup

Food waste is a hot topic at the moment, and certainly not at all frugal.  Leftovers are great in soups and I am loving the thought of Janice’s cauliflower cheese soup, I have a cauliflower in the fridge so will make extra cauliflower cheese just so I can make this.

Smoked Mackarel Fishcakes

Ed is a smoked mackerel fiend, and to make Caroline’s smoked mackerel fishcakes made with leftover pate I will have to disguise the pate and hide it in the fridge so he does not eat it first.  Delicious!

Cheesy Mushroom pasta bake

To use up some leftover bread sticks Jen bashed them to crumbs and used them to top a cheesy mushroom pasta bake.  Very clever idea, and something that I would not have thought of.  Currently I delight in empty packets as I try to get through the store cupboards.

Lemon marmalade tea loaf

With marmalade season upon us again and space needed on the preserves shelf Jen used up some of her lemon marmalade in this tea loaf! Perfect for those half jars of preserves.

oaty traybake

Fruit and vegetables can be really expensive, and when Michelle saw some bargains she pounced on them.  Reduced fresh produce usually needs eating fairly fast, so she whipped up an apple, pear and blueberry oaty traybake.

Ren has been following a Paleo diet in january, and she made a lovely sounding butternut, coconut and hazelnut soup.  Lots of paleo information and her usual stunning images.

Sarah has started a new blog – Dinner with Crayons and made this blue cheese, butternut squash and broccoli pasta bake, using veggies which had been in the fridge since before Christmas.   She calls it a fridge dive!

spicy potato and pea puffs

Perfect for the winter pastry puffs filled with peas and spicy potatoes from Jac.  And some handy hints on storing your spuds so they last longer.

Sally has a blog which is new to me, The Recipe Junkie and the Attack of the Custard Creams.  Like me she has store cupboards full to bursting.   She made a delicious leek and bacon pasta bake that almost all got eaten before she snapped a photo.

Kellie made some chickpea pancakes or socca, something which I have not had for ages and must revisit.  One useful tip is that chickpea flour is usually called gram flour, which should make it easier to find!

Elizabeth is from the North of north of north and lacking daylight at this time of year craves a rich, fat, carb filled dish.  This creamy cheesy chicken pasta dish ticks all the boxes and even manages to be healthy with some green veggies. She also came up with a list of 10 fab money saving tips for all kitchens!

Spiced and warming carrot, cardamom and orange soup came from Laura.  Perfect comfort food, I do like citrus in soups so it is another one to add to my every growing to cook list.

As I said earlier I am on a mission to reduce the amount of food in the flat, so came up with the idea of whizzing the last bits of several jars of antipasti to make a paste, it not only gets rid of them but makes a delicious topping for fish.

Also on the antipasti theme I used the oil which usually goes to waste from a jar of sundried tomatoes in these dukkah muffins.

baked bean lasagne

There is nothing like a no shop meal, and Julie made a delicious looking and frugal baked bean lasagne with ingredients from her store cupboard and fridge.

Another fridge raid, this time from Julie who used up smoked salmon, half and onion, remains of some cream to make smoked salmon spaghetti.  It looks great, and is a reminder that a small amount of a great ingredient can go a long way.

With the New Year come healthy resolutions and on a day when it is about to snow no one wants salad! Karen made a warming chicken and sausage hot pot, packed with veggies and easy on the washing up!

Next is a rustic, simple filling Swiss Chard Panade from Anneli in the south West of France.  Flavour comes from duck fat a very common ingredient in the region.

carrot ginger lime soup

More leftovers made into soups.  This time Janet added leftover sweet potato hummus to her carrot ginger and lime soup! Zesty and reviving.

Supermarket value ranges can be great and my Credit Crunch Munch co conspirator Camilla made a fish pie packed with leeks for 85p a portion.  Her tip is to use the water you poach the fish in for the sauce for extra flavour.

 A bag of 10 clementines for a £1 surely qualifies Sian’s Clementine cake for Credit Crunch Munch? Nothing like sunny flavours and dreams of warmer weather in the winter!

turkey teriyaki

In her second entry Sarah used the last of her Christmas turkey in these Teriyaki noodles which are also packed with vegetables.

Camilla’s daughter adores her homemade coleslaw and at 60p for a medium bowl it is a credit crunch munch staple.   Did you know that raw white cabbage contains as much vitamin C as lemon juice? Frugal, delicious and good for you!

Kate prides herself on spotting reduced stickers in supermarkets and bagged some lamb kebabs reduced from £3.79 to 25p as the basis for her £1 Tandoori lamb hotpot, served with 17p nan breads!

Another pantry destasher is the Lapin d’Or who sent these orange and date scones using up lots of bits and bobs some over a year old.   Is now the time to confess that whenever I use anything up I punch the air and break into a chorus of “Another One Bites the Dust” as I throw the packet of jar away?

January saw National Breakfast week and Kate made these delicious looking breakfast baskets with lots of bits and bobs from her fridge including leftover mashed potato.

Kate’s second entry was some easy Orange Pain au Chocolate made with a can of Jus Rol from the fridge and some left over candied peel.  I am all for a cheat and a short cut from time to time!

Lamb and mushroom curryOne of Sarah’s resolutions is to buy large joints of meat for Sunday lunch, and then to use the leftovers throughout the week. A £17 joint of lamb did 5 meals for 3.  Pretty good value.  One meal was this lamb and mushroom curry.

Versatile breakfast muffins from Michelle, have them for breakfast or tea and swap the ingredients around!  Michelle has the same plates are my parents so these look very familiar!

After a  snowball fight Michelle warmed her family up with some delicious frugal vegetable soup.  Perfect for a snowy day.

Being a bridesmaid twice last year meant that Anne needed to be frugal on calories, this soup is also frugal on cost too.  Love it or hate it adaptable Marmite noodle soup!

With ready made pastry quiches are perfect for using up all the bits and bobs in the fridge.  Katie made these mini quiches for a post sledging snack for her boys.  Also great for packed lunches.

Spicy carrot soupAs Sarah says who needs tinned soup when you can whizz up a batch of spicy carrot soup in 15 mins flat.  Add in leftover mashed potato for the perfect consistency.

cannellini  bean pastaVegetarian dishes are a great way to save money.  Chris added in cannellini beans and lots of veggies to a pasta bake using Gemelli pasta!  We eat lots of beans a delicious affordable source of protein.

Corned beef, Branston pickle and tinned tomato soup seem an unlikely combination, which came nicely together into this corned beef scone from Jane.  Loving the retro plates that were from the dinner service she bought when she got married 35 years ago!

With canny additions a little bit of meat can go a long way and Mamacook made a beef, mushroom and chestnut casserole to feed loads of people with a small amount of beef.  Made in the slow cooker too for double Credit Crunch Munch points!

Inspired by Ottolenghi Mark made this delicious looking lentil, red onion, tomato and blue cheese salad.  The original recipe called for Gorgonzola but Mark substituted economy generic blue cheese and saved some pennies.

Anne’s second entry was bacon, peashoot and ricotta penne, she grew her own basil and the bacon was from off cuts – no point in buying rashers to chop up is there?

Swedish Kroppkakor & Raggmunkar were next from Anneli, potatoes are cheap, filling and adaptable.  These were a rosti like pancake and a dumpling.

Made with store cupboard ingredients and cheap vegetables Jen’s sweet potato, celeriac and sultana muffins were inpired by Harry Eastwood and contain no butter or oil!  Guilt free and affordable!

Lastly Louisa used up some leftover mashed potato in cheese and tuna veggie bombs for her children.  Apparently they love these, and they are a great way of sneaking some extra veggies into little tums!

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    A lovely first round up. Lots to have a look at. I love the cheat’s pain au chocolat with added orange and there are lots of other tasty treats on offer, too. Thanks for including my Paleo-friendly soup!

  2. Taylor says

    Great ideas for recipes, as a student I need to be careful with money so will be trying some of these :)

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