Elsewhere in Foodblog Sphere: January 2011

I was blogging like mad for all of January, still catching up with the backlog despite having churned out 34 posts!    I am bang on track with project to become a good baker with my Great British Bake Off Cookbook Challenge, with 10 out of 121 recipes made.    Lots going on in the background too with a new theme being got ready, which you may have caught a brief glimspe of as I switch it on to tweak it, then switch back.   The aim is to install good catagory navigation, but I need to go back and add new catagories to around 300 historic posts!

Also new is my giveaways page, where I’ll put all the details of my competitions, and list past winners.   I have lots of exciting giveaways planned between now and Easter, so do bookmark it for reference!

This is not a blog, but I love this stunning animation from the excellent book the Geometry of Pasta.   It is quite musical, so if you are in an open plan office do turn your speakers down!

The Caked Crusader has written an excellent guide on how to equip your baking cupboard with both equipment and ingredients without paying a fortune.

Sarah from Maison Cupcake was the first guest host for Breakfast Club in January, where her theme was yogurt.  The round up is here.   February’s theme is “To Go”, do let me know if you would like to host – March and April are already bagged, beyond is wide open.   Hosts are free to choose their own theme!

Anyone for Mars Bar Krispies?  I was intending to have a healthy February, but Michelle at Greedy Gourmet has changed my mine.   As has Katie’s Intense Chocolate Oreo cake.

Many bloggers are not professional photographers, me included, and I am always looking for ways to make my blog look more beautiful.  Learn Food Photography is a new blog to me and looks to be a great resource.

Hannah has made a near as instant as pizza can be pan pizza.   It looks delicious, highly adaptable, cheaper than and just as quick as the average delivery.

I have been on the search for the perfect chickpea burger for some time, and I think that Jac may have come up with the goods with her chickpea and coriander patties.    They look very easy, and also very adaptable and are very much near the top of my To Cook Very Soon list.

Winter is firmly with us still, and Axel & Sophie Steenberg have been indulging in lovely winter foods, swede and parsnip puree looks great (and perfect for my fridge bottom veggies) and perfect to go with a steak and kidney pudding on an especially cold day.

Visit the Fuss Free Flavours Giveaways Page for a chance to win some amazing prizes!

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