Elsewhere in Foodblog Sphere – July

Some lovely photos of foods arranged by colour.  I love photos like these, and they are made even more interesting because they are Swedish brands.

Check out the Gallery of Regretable Food too, recipes and badly styled food from the 40s, 50s and 60s.   Hours of fun here and a very witty commentary to go with the photos.

They Draw and Cook has some beautifully drawn recipes and makes me regret my complete lack of artistic talent.

Some items on my to cook list are;  potato “risotto” with smoked mackerel,a Lebanese aubergine salad, and some chocolate puddle cookies.

And, lastly is a new blog Mrs Portions Potables which is looks set to become a fantastic resource for all homemade liqueurs.

Visit the Fuss Free Flavours Giveaways Page for a chance to win some amazing prizes!


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