Food News Round Up September 2011

A whistle stop tour of a few things that have caught my eye recently.

Wool's sausages by Kate Jenkins

Wool's sausages by Kate Jenkins

As well as cooking, I am a keen knitter, and I love these witty puntastic crocheted foods, made by Kate Jenkins. See more online, or visit the Rebecca Hossack gallery this month, before the 24th.

The Crafty Cow by Kate Jenkins

The Crafty Cow by Kate Jenkins

On twitter Sophie pointed out an interesting article from Australia on how we can judge people on what they eat, I am wondering what the British equivalents are? Porridge vs Oatsosimple perhaps?

Kathryn sent me in the direction of this Japanese sweet potato with umboshi dressing from Scandi Foodie, perfect for easing myself into some more autumnal dishes.

Quintessentially Epicure have a new event this weekend that seems to be an upmarket version of Taste of London.  Held at the Hurlingham Club guests will be able to watch demonstrations from top chefs such as Hélène Darroze, Giorgio Locatelli & Brett Graham and sample their food.   Tickets range from £500 for the entire weekend, to a still expensive, but more reasonable £100 for an evening.  Given that you will get to sample a dish from each  participating restaurant and the event is held inside in a fantastic location it starts to look a far better prospect and comparable in value to Taste.

Whitby plates from Cubic

Whitby plates from Cubic

I am very taken with these Whitby mugs and plates from Cubic, not that there is any room in my cupboard or prop boxes, but if a set of these appeared in the flat then I would have to  squeeze them in somewhere.   From £7.50 for a mug.

Whitby Mug from Cubic

Whitby Mug from Cubic

I have been contemplating indexing all my cookbooks onto one spreadsheet for sometime, but the sheer time it would take has put me off.     Eat Your Books has started building an index, not only of books, but magazines and some blogs too.    You can try the service free and index 5 books, or have unlimited titles for $25.   It seems a pretty comprehensive service with over 85,000 books on the database, with great international coverage (most of my classics and recent British magazines are in there).


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  1. Those knitted food items are fabulous!

  2. I’ve considered indexing before…but no, there is just no time. I’ve also got stacks and stacks of recipes I’ve cut out of magazines that I started to scrapbook, but again, there is just no time.

    LOVE the knitted foods too.

  3. oh I love those plates, they are fab…. I may have to find room for them!

  4. I am coveting those plates!

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