Fuss Free Nibbles – December 2012

Little yummy snippets…

Fuss Free Nibbles December 2012

Quinola, Groovy Oils, Bobby Moore Logo from the brands / charity

Awfully Posh Pork Scratchlings

The current snack zeitgeist seems to be moving away from popcorn and towards something else – could this be pork scratchings?

These are crunchy, but not teeth threateningly hard. Also they are not  greasy which is very nice compared to many pork scratchings. However it must be said that eating deep fried pig’s skin could never be classified as genteel. The spicy are reasonably hot, but not overpoweringly so.

Oat So Simple Morning Bars

An oaty bar – a little too sweet for our tastes. Better than nothing else, but we would prefer something much less sweet.

Lord Poppingtons Popcorn

We liked the four cheese, and the chilli and lime (but this packed a punch). Sweet and salty and sea salt were both lacking in salt, and a bit anodyne as a result.

Groovy Food Company Oils

I’ve been trying two of their cold pressed oils – seed and fruit – packed with lots of mood and health boosting omega oils.   Try adding to smoothies to make them a little more filling.  Recipes using them are coming in the New Year.

Charity Dinner for the Bobby Moore Fund

A five course gala dinner for the Bobby Moore Cancer Research Fund is being held on the 24th January in London.  Each course will be cooked by a different Michelin starred  chef, held at the Gibson Hall and supported by Electrolux .  Chefs cooking include Daniel Clifford, Atul Kochar, Simon Rogan and Jonray & Peter Sanchez.  Tickets from £395.  Full details here.


Is a new brand of organic Fairtrade Peruvian quinoa available in three varieties, white, black and red. I generally dislike the term superfood but it would be apt to use it here, quinoa is a complete protein, gluten free and has a low GI of around 35.  Well worth trying – use in place of (or ad to) rice or cous cous – to get used to it.  Excellent in burgers, salads or to bulk up bread and cakes.  A few recipe ideas are here.

Bahlsen Biscuits

A recent study of 500 people showed that the most popular chocolate to biscuit ratio for a chocolate biscuit was 3:2, or 60% chocolate.   Bahlsen’s Choco Liebniz have a generous composition of 63% chocolate, so are spot on for ratio perfection.    They sent a selection to my mother for testing (she is already a fan).  Her verdict? “All very delicious, especially with coffee.  I very much like the dark chocolate and wonder if the orange biscuit would be better with dark chocolate rather than milk.  Would you consider this combination?”

I am delighted to read that Bahlsen is making a move to more sustainable production and will be switching to 100% UTZ certified cocoa.

Photos of the oils & quinola from the respective brands.  Many thanks for all the samples (including a small value Starbucks voucher from Bahlsen) and invitations received.

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