Fuss Free Nibbles October 2012

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Paul Hollywood’s How To Bake – If you are addicted to the Great British Bake Off as I am, you might like to know that there will be free recipe booklets by Paul in both the Saturday and Sunday Telegraph this weekend (13-14th October), then a series of recipes cards all week.  You can bake in the safety of your own kitchen without quaking in your boots at the thought of his scrutiny and honest “appraisal” of your efforts.  Details here.

 Ora Kitchen Towels

Ora Kitchen Towels – The humble, but indispensable kitchen towel has been redesigned by Ora into a free-standing cone, from which you can grab an individual pre torn towel.   It is actually quite a nifty idea as you can peel them off one-handed, the stack stays upright, holds twice as many towels as a standard roll – meaning fewer delivery trucks.  Towels are circular rather square which I am sure means that those who are craftier than I am will come up with something pretty to do with them too. Available exclusively at Tesco.

Peppersmith Mints – I was sent a selection of mints from Peppersmith which I really enjoyed, especially the Sicilian Lemon and English Peppermint (pictured), refreshing without being too intense.  The mints are sugar free, so not bad for your teeth, and the company places a huge importance on using sustainable ingredients – all packaging is FSC accredited for example.  Well worth a try.

Warburtons Naan Breads – It is National Curry Week this week, and I was so impressed with the Warburton Naan breads I tried a few months ago I think they deserve another shout.  Try them “pizza” style with a dal topping.

Water Footprint – I think that most people are aware of carbon footprints, but have you ever thought about your water footprint?  I love the idea behind the recent Wonderwater cafe pop up which was designed to highlight this important issue, with every dish on the menu given its water footprint.

Knorr Gravy Pots – I am hugely keen on the Knorr stock pots – let’s face it, very very few people have time to make their own stock all of the time – so I was interested to try the new gravy pots.    They are adequate, but not as good as homemade, but better than other instant gravy products.   Like many ready-made products it needs a little embellishing, so add some wine, soy sauce or jelly, it is fine for every day meals, but I do not think that they are good enough to use with an expensive joint of meat or free range chicken.  Sadly there is not a free range chicken option.

Potato Classification Chart

Potato Classification – Different potatoes behave in very different ways according to how they are cooked.  If your roasties are amazing one week, but disappointing the next then it might be down to the type of potato you are using.   A few months back I went to an event where different potatoes were cooked in different ways, and it was astonishing just how different they were.  To make it easy for you to ge the best from your spuds Many Faces of Potatoes have come up with the three broad classifications show above.

The Art of Vodka Jelly

The Art of Vodka Jelly – by Tom Tuke-Hastings is a fun, albeit, rather specialised book.   I like the sound of the rhubarb and custard.  A good stocking filler or for some different ideas for your Christmas parties.

All photos/images (apart from the naan bread are from the respective brands).  Many thanks for all the samples and invitations received.

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