Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Good nights sleep

The bone weariness from sleeping poorly is truly debilitating. Sleep deprivation is torturous, as any new mother can tell you. And it’s not just one person who suffers – when you’re tired, crotchety and irritable it’s those around you who get the brunt of it at well.  The folks at Silentnight recently carried out a survey which revealed that 75% of adults are not getting a good night’s sleep.

There are many things to try to make your sleep better. Although it sounds rather childish, a bedtime routine can help. There is some recent research that illuminated screens, from computers and tablets, contribute to poor sleep patterns, although the link is not fully established.

I do believe, however, that one thing that’s essential for a really good night’s sleep is the ability to relax, leave the woes of the day at the bedroom door, and drift off gently, rather than fidget your way to and through a night of endless interruptions. It might be worth trying some self hypnosis. There are a number of MP3s, apps and podcasts out there are designed to be listened to as you fall asleep. H finds that they can really help, but if she uses them too much then they do lose their effect. No booze and writing a comprehensive to do list for the next day also help.

The right temperature can also really help. The tricky choice of the seasonal duvet change is one of those things that we always get wrong by a day or two – so we’re either sweltering or shivering, Not to mention the havoc wreaked by a pillow that’s insufficiently or overly soft. There is a facebook community for those who flip the pillow to get the cold side, but technology has a much better answer: the Chillow. It’s sort of a hot water bottle in reverse. It’s a thin pillow – much like an inflatable camping mat – that you fill with water; and can then provide the cool pillow effect all night long, indispensible for hot summer night in the city.

If you suffer from insomnia, what works for you? What has been the best tip you’ve been given to get a good night’s sleep?

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  1. says

    I have to put my phone and laptop away 1 hour before bed time and also if I’m going to treat myself to a sugary pudding I eat it as early as possible. I didn’t realise until I stopped having a sneaky biscuit before bed how much the sugar was effecting me.
    My other top tip is to have a tidy bed room and a made bed to get into, I don’t know why, it just works for me. If it’s messy a five minute ‘put-away’ session before I get into bed does wonders.

  2. says

    I take an antihistamine. Also, I have seven layers on top of me, each of a different material/thickness, so I can modulate accordingly. Also an electric hot pad for the very cold times.

  3. says

    I hardly ever get a good night’s sleep! Can you scrunch that chillow up around your head, because I have this habit of tuning my pillow around to find the cool bit, but need to twist it around my head, lol!

  4. says

    I go through bouts of insomnia, normally when stressful events are occurring in my life.

    Things that work for me are keeping a journal by the bed for when thoughts are whirring in my head, and listening to a guided meditation track. Recently I started doing ‘grateful’ exercises and these have helped banish the less helpful thoughts and relaxed me well.

  5. says

    I would say always go to bed earlier than you think you need to – ie if I can get into bed at half 9 with a book it feels much more relaxed than watching TV till half ten and getting too tired and grumpy!

  6. Jane English says

    I’m going through a stage of waking up every 2 hours on the dot, every night. So annoying.

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