Giveaway (CLOSED): Brancott Estate Sparkling Wine, Riedel Glasses and Salmon Hamper

Brancott Estate Valentines Hamper

I know that Christmas was only yeterday, but just in case you were disappointed with your presents I have a few treats to giveaway today – call it the Fuss Free Boxing Day bonanza if you like.

A few weeks ago I went to a delicious dinner with the Brancott Estate Curious Club and to learn more about their wine.  Brancott (formerly Montana) were the first vineyard in the Marlborough region of New Zealand to grow Sauvignon Blanc and to make wine from it.   Since then their range has expanded to many delicious wines, red, white, sweet, dry and sparkling.   Well worth a taste.

For one lucky reader I have a Brancott Estate Valentines Hamper containing the treats below:

1 x bottle Brancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc Brut NV
Two Riedel celebration glasses
All you need to make the perfect blini – premium smoked salmon, crème fraiche, lemon and small bunch of chives

For a chance to win, follow the instructions below.

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Good Luck!

Many thanks to Brancott Estate for asking me to be a member of their Curious Club and for providing this prize.

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Helen Best-Shaw is a freelance food & writer, photographer who has been writing about achievable, affordable and mostly healthy food on Fuss Free Flavours since 2007. She also contributes articles, recipes and photos to a number of online and print food magazines. Please do contact me if you would like to discuss commissioning work.

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  1. Tracy Nixon says:

    I wouldn’t quite say romantic but it is a memorable valentines day memory for me! I actually went into labour early with our first son on Valentines day! It was during the afternoon when my fiance was playing footie. I thought I had a few pains so just drove myself to the hospital for a quick check over. When I got there I was told I was 8 cm dilated and ready to deliver! I rang my fiances manager (I had his number just in case of an emergency) and he told my fiance to start making his way to the hospital. When he arrived I was still 8 cm dilated so the midwife told him he had time to pop home to get showered and changed and bring in my hospital bag. When he returned 2 hours later he told me he had decided to cook one of the lovely steaks he had bought us for our valentine’s meal and ate it!!!! He also brought in the box of Roses he had bought for me and sat eating them in front of me! I was so annoyed as I wasn’t able to eat anything – just sip water!

    Anyway, I did deliver our son but he just missed out on being a Valentine’s baby – it was 12.10 am when he was delivered naturally with my fiance by my side! I didn’t ever get my steak meal – my fiance cooked the other steak the next day and ate it himself!

  2. Once upon a time there was a girl and a boy. They fell in love and lived happily ever after. The End.

  3. Jane Willis says:

    Not being soppy types, we don’t have a romanticValentine’s story, in fact we don’t celebrate valentines day, can I still enter?

  4. My daughter had been chatting to a fellow student on the bus to university each morning and occasionally playing pool with him. On Valentine’s Day he turned up at the bus stop with a card and a red rose – she was really embarrassed!

  5. Sandra Clarke says:

    My husband won me a visit from a choir with Clintons Cards for Valentines Day earlier this year. The choir arrived on the doorstep with a bag full of gifts and a bouquet of flowers & sang a personalised verse to me. It was a beautiful gesture and very apt as we had just celebrated our Silver Wedding anniversary.

  6. Since meeting my partner, over 25 years ago, I have never felt sad on Valentine’s day

  7. Sally Carter says:

    A huge bouquet of roses arrived at my workplace with no note. It was exciting working out who they were from!

  8. Katherine Coldicott says:

    Met my husband who is a police officer while he was handcuffed to a prisoner. The prisoner was waiting for treatment at the hospital just for a minor injury and he was the one who encouraged my husband to ask me out. Not sure if that counts as romantic.

  9. Boohoo, I don’t have a romantic Valentine story, in fact no one has ever sent me a valentine card

  10. Catherine Sinead Mary Reynolds says:

    I don’t really celebrate holidays like Valentine’s day, though I did get a card from a childhood sweetheart who moved back to Ireland when we were 14. It was a sweet surprise as I thought he had forgotten me, and though I never got to see him face to face again (we both moved on with partners and work) it still make me smile he took the time to send it (and find my address!)

  11. We are still together despite illness and some bad luck. Married for 46 years – YIPPEE!

  12. Would love to win

  13. Sylvia Witham says:

    A Brancott Estate Valentines Hamper would be a lovely prize to win

  14. jo hutchinson says:

    my boyfriend bought me a wonderful card and a new rolling pin and tried to bake me a cake but burnt it, damaged the oven seal and melted my sieve but I was floored by the gesture.

  15. David Prince says:

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    sugar is sweet
    so are you

  16. For our first valentines day together,my partner booked a suprise night out with cocktails & a fancy hotel! xo

  17. Angela sandhu says:

    I managed to get my husbands friend together with a girl on valentines day. Which was actually a bit stupid because she couldn’t speak punjabi and he couldn’t speak English very well. They got married though!

  18. CAROL PATRICK says:

    My husband proposed at a restaurant on Valentine’s Day – he had asked the duo who were playing music, to come to the table towards the end of the meal to sing a romantic song – and then he produced the ring from his pocket.

  19. Sohadre Anirood says:

    I may be lucky this time!

  20. Alice Hindley says:

    My husband took me on a romantic Venetian cruise

  21. My husband for many years always gave me a Valentine card that always seemed to feature an elephant or hippopotamus, even though I wasn’t overweight. Didn’t really think about it the time but funnily enough we are no longer married. (Karma: he is now married to someone with a face like a trout!! LOL)

  22. Richard Gallagher says:

    My romantic gesture is that I always cook Sunday dinner for my wife so she can relax after having to cook all week and look after our son (I work very long hours during the week and most Saturdays).

  23. Not overly romantic to the average reader, but if you knew the guy involved, you’d realise it was the equivalent of the Milk Tray SAS style capers! He rearranged the pepperoni on my home made pizzas to spell “I Love You”. I was so touched!

  24. Leah Wheatley says:

    Great competition – would love to win to celebrate the birth of my daughter in a few weeks!

  25. Heather Haigh says:

    My favourite valentine’s day was the one where my hubby surprised me with a lovely eternity ring. :)

  26. Leah Wheatley says:

    My husband proposed to me on valentines :-) We had a meal for two in our living room across the coffee table. De bussy was playing in the background. Hubby made me stand up by saying I had something in my eye. He proposed on his knees in the traditional way. My perfect romantic valentines :-)

  27. miriam krutska says:

    my husband taking me to disneyland orlando for whole week on our 1st anniversary. it was simply magical.

  28. Jocelyn Clark says:

    I thought my now husband was going to ask me to marry him on Valentines day. The day was nearly over and he wondered why I was so grumpy. I said “I thought you were going to ask me to marry you” He said he was but hadn’t found the right time! He hasn’t changed much but we have now been married for 21 years.

  29. After a hard days work I came back to my parked car to find my boyfriend had left a red rose on the drivers seat. Nothing too romantic you may think but he had walked 3 miles to put the rose there and he was suffering from pleurisy at the time!

  30. Pauline Rendell says:

    Sadly I waiting for one that’s worth telling!

  31. My (now) Husband produced an engagement ring on Valentines Day, long before I had thought of commitment, ahhhhh so sweet.

  32. Laura Chapman says:

    I’m 25 years old and have never, ever had anything romantic happen to me on valentine’s day! A card from my mum and dad when I was little is the best I can do… Still waiting for my Australian Mr. Right to come along and sweep me off my feet!! Might not happen until my residency for Australia does!! : ) Great comp. Love Brancott Wine.

  33. justine meyer says:

    I wish I had one to tell

  34. Sally Poole says:

    Every Valentine’s Day is romantic as it’s my husbands birthday too so we always make a big effort

  35. Louise Comb says:

    Once I spent an intimate Valentine’s Day alone with a big box of chocs. I ate them all, slowly, and lovingly. No man to pin to pinch all the best ones first. No man to share them with (i.e. where he eats most of ‘em). No man to make chocolately crumbs on the sofa and then sit on them to make it worse. No man to leave the wrappers thrown all over the place.

    Sigh! It was the perfect Valentine’s Day :)

  36. Oh dear I wish I could tell you a romantic Valentine story but I’m married to someone who wouldn’t know romance if it bit him on the behind!
    The closest was a text message on Valentine day about 3 years ago. The only valentine I’ve ever had off him – we’ve been together more than 30 years!!

  37. Last year we went to Paris for a romantic valentines day, it was lovely time to go away and spend time together.

  38. I love my husband dearly, but sadly he’s never done anything romantic on valentines day. Maybe this year will be different…

  39. my husband makes everyday romantic as a valentines can be.

  40. The most romantic Valentine’s day would be breakfast in bed with a bouquet of flowers, leisurely morning, spa day with manicure followed by Afternoon Tea for Two at a posh hotel.

  41. Valerie Sharp says:

    A picnic in a summer house, with wine and music, and he even remembered a heater :)

  42. My boyfriend once gave me a kinder egg for Christmas and I thought he was either joking or was being very tight! When I later opened the egg, inside was a stunning diamond & sapphire ring – I was so surprised and thought it was an unforgettable romantic moment that I’ll never forget.

  43. My husband surprised me with a romantic night in a hotel last valentines, it was really nice as I did not expect it

  44. My husband always sends me lovely flowers and chocolates so love every valentines day!

  45. Emily Nelson says:

    I was brought my first ever me to you bear on valentines day 2005, from my first love! we are still together now, and have had two beautiful children together xxx

  46. My husband and I inadvertently got married on Valentine’s Day weekend. We were scheduled to get married the following week, but there was a problem, and we changed the date without realizing that it was Valentine’s Day. It is a bit sweet for my taste, but it will be 20 years this Valentine’s Day so I guess no harm was done.

  47. my hubbie moved in on valentines day after proposing

  48. Sorry, no can do – great giveaway anyway!

  49. stephanie tsang says:

    My birthday is on Valentine’s Day and when I first met my husband, for our first Valentine’s Day together he took me out on the London Eye and then for a nice meal in the evening.

  50. My husband once produced an almost empty packet of rolos, save for one last one, hidden at the bottom of the packet, and handed it to me. He’d left the last one for me, a ‘romantic’ gesture he called it…. As I unwrapped the packet, though, my shock turned to whoops of joy as I uncovered a silver rolo – with a personalised engraving on the underside! What a true gent, and lovely romantic as well :)

  51. Emma Jackson says:

    My then boyfriend met me at the airport when I flew over to the US to visit him with a huge sign that said ‘I Love You, Emma’ plus he bought the plane ticket <3

  52. Lorraine Carter says:

    My boyfriend is so lovely I feel like its Valentines day year round-mind you I did kiss a few frogs before i found him!

  53. melanie stirling says:

    When we were 17 my boyfriend got down on 1 knee in a restaurant on valentines day and proposed to me.Everyone said it wouldn’t last but we have been happily married for almost 22 years :)

  54. My boyfriend took me to Paris one Valentine’s weekend and proposed

  55. Maya Russell says:

    Never received a card EVER during my school years (sob) but did received a romantic note on a scrap of paper. Despite trying to work out the handwriting I never knew who sent it. It made me feel special.

  56. nicola heap says:

    I came home to find my husband had cooked me a nice meal.

  57. Penelope Hooper says:

    When I complained that I never got any Valentines, my husband (then boyfriend) sent me one card every day from 14th February to 14th March. I had to beg him to stop sending them – and haven’t received one since (but I daren’t moan!) :)

  58. Joan Burton says:

    My husband sends me the same card every year with ‘Guess Who’ and we have been married 50 years!

  59. I don’t know any romantic stories… but I think one of most romantic presents Pete got me was an electric foot warmer, because it was thoughtful rather than cliched. Much happier with warm feet than roses or chocolates!

  60. Louise Comb says:

    There was that fabulous Valentines Day when I won a fabulous hamper to share with my wonderful hublet. Now I come to think of it, that hasn’t actually happened – yet. Typed with crossed fingers – especially as I have just won one of your best prizes ever – a Harrod’s prize. Thank you soooooooo much for that. :)

  61. Andrew Petrie says:

    Have’nt personaaly got one,so how about “You’ve got mail”?

  62. To be honest I do not know any. Nothing special ever happened on Valentines Day. Maybe because we do not celebrate this day. We think love should be celebrated everyday and not only once a year.

  63. My husband bought me fake plastic flowers on valentine’s day. Why? He said he would love me as long as the flowers live :)

  64. My husband booked us in at a nice hotel and to go to the theatre – it was all a surprise right up until we arrived.

  65. claire hooper says:

    hoping for a good one this year!

  66. Barrie Phillips says:

    I am Mr Romance

  67. Chance would be a fine thing. No stories to tell.

  68. I don’t remember any particularly romantic Valentines – but my first proper boyfriend bought me a Christmas Decoration which I still use to this day (30 years on)

  69. Janice Beal says:

    Sadly my O/H isn’t the romantic type. In the early days he used to send me a card…until one year I recognised the card from the previous year! Well he does believe in recycling :)

  70. Becca Allen says:

    On our first valentines together (after only 7 weeks of dating) my, now husband, whisked me off to a romantic posh hotel and arranged for us to go to dinner and see a show in the West End. Unfortunately, he picked “Les Miserables” which meant I spent most of the evening weeping uncontrollably! We see the funny side now!

  71. Karen Shuttleworth says:

    I don’t have a romantic valentines story, we don’t ‘celebrate’ valentines day (we think its far too commercial these days)

  72. jennifer thorpe says:

    I’m afraid I don’t have a romantic valentines story but if I did, it would involve my hubby buying me flowers, maybe even cooking me a romantic meal for two – I can dream can’t I? :-)

  73. Zoe Howarth says:

    It’s not really that romantic but as we have our wedding anniversary in January and my other half didn’t buy me a present, I certainly wasn’t expecting anything for Valentine’s day, as in my eyes a wedding anniversary is more important than Valentine’s Day! Anyway, I didn’t get my husband a present for Valentine’s Day or even a card but he ended up buying me a diamond necklace!!! Probably to make up for the lack of anniversary present!

  74. Leanne Timmins says:

    I don’t have a great story :( Can I enter still?

  75. Not sure if it qualifies, but the first Valentine’s day present I bought my (now) husband was a new wing mirror for his car. We’d been in a car accident when we first started going out, and it got damaged, so he’d been managing without. I fitted it myself and everything! Well, I think it’s romantic ;)

  76. None, unfortunately. Valentines Day never went my way :( The OH & I don’t do anything for it either….oh well!

  77. Ste Appleton says:

    My best friend only ever got one Valentines card, it was only years & years later that the sender confessed that she sent it to the wrong house because she thought it was ME that lived there – not so romantic for him, but I was quite pleased……….

  78. My wife made me a rugby themed dinner on Valentines day (I’m rugby mad) with each course named after a rugby player. She even put a rugby video on the TV. Well, I thought it was romantic!

  79. Jane Paddey says:

    My husband always buys me flowers for Valentines and also a present for each of our two daughters, he does however fetch them upside down in a carrier bag in case anyone sees him with the flowers

  80. Katarina Lloyd says:

    Surprise trip to Barcelona for the weekend

  81. Rachel Edney says:

    For our first Valentines Day together my boyfriend bought me a teeny tiny cactus. It has grown over the years and gone from being very upright, looked a little sad and droopy for a while, but has recently perked up again. 15 years later, it is still going strong and is the only plant I have managed to keep alive past a few months.

  82. Rachel Edney says:

    For our first Valentines Day together my boyfriend bought me a teeny tiny cactus. It has grown over the years and gone from being very upright, then looked a little sad and droopy for a while, but has recently perked up again!! Fifteen years later, it is still going strong and is the only plant I have managed to keep alive past a few months.


    Have always been single – how depressing! :(

  84. charlene moffitt says:

    Ive been married 11 years and Im a mummy of three…. I dont have the time to be romantic….it would be amazing to win this xox

  85. Fiona Matters says:

    Well valentine’s day is my birthday – so that’s always romantic!

  86. Sue Obrien says:

    Every day is Valentines Day for rules!

  87. My hubby surprised me on valentines night with a night in a campervan on a beautiful beach!

  88. claire ingleby says:

    sad i know but never had one xx

  89. My romantic Valentine story is five years back. I had just begun dating my other half and it was his first ever “proper” date. Being Valentines and all it all seemed a lot more formal. We went out for a lovely Mexican meal where not only slopped food down himself, stuttered and spilt his drink he also was very shy! It may not seem romantic to some but to me it was very romantic because I saw such a sweet side to him and that quality is what makes me love him and we are still very much in love till this day!

  90. My husband filled our living room with post its as reasons of why he wanted to marry me :).

  91. Sue McCarthy says:

    How about a romantic Christmas story instead?
    My late husband proposed to me on Christmas Day 2009 after recently being diagnosed with cancer (we had been together 10 years). I was so shocked & asked what’s brought all this on? He said you do a lot of thinking while lying in a hospital bed. Several months later whilst in hospital we saw an old fishing buddy and he told him we were getting married in a week and even commented that we should have done it years ago really!

  92. debbie davies says:

    my hubby isnt really the most romantic man in the world but he did surprise me one valentines day when we were having a stroll on the beach and he handed me a big shell one of those ones you put to your ear to listen to the sea and said listen to that when i put it to me ear it rattled so i said there is something in there and was a bit worried that it was a crab or something so he emptied it out on my hand i was so nervous that something nasty was going to come out but to my surprise the most beautiful eternity ring dropped out i was amazed that he had thought of doing something so lovely. he had even bought the shell without me knowing coz he didnt think he would find a shell big enough.

  93. Sharon Hingley says:

    My most memorable valentines day was a surprise trip on Concorde to Paris, it was amazing. Now remind me why did I let him go? Lol

  94. Harpal Kaur says:

    My husband took me on a surprise visit to Paris

  95. An ex took me to Wetherspoons…

  96. hannah oneill says:

    We don’t do Valentines Day as such, we spend £1 each on something amusing and give it to each other, we normally both end up with toy guns!

  97. Sylvia Leaver says:

    We had been married for ten years and my husband had never bought me a Valentine’s card so it came as a delightful shock when he gave me a red rose, a single flower vase and a poem declaring that I was the best wife anyone could have.

  98. Maggie Coates says:

    haha – I don’t have one to tell – been married for too long now for that to happen now :-)

  99. Katherine L says:

    My then boyfriend, now husband, packed bags for me without me knowing and whisked me away for a weekend in Paris a few years ago. He even packed the right things :)

  100. katie skeoch says:

    my best friend got engaged last year on Valentines!! candlelight dinner & a diamond ring – how romantic xx

  101. first valentines day we went to pick up a mototbike fom Luton He bought me a large stuffed seal .It was fun trying to hold onto it while riding pillion

  102. Susan Jackson says:

    Every day is Valentines Day if you try and be nice to each other all the time

  103. kate knight says:

    My boyfriend and had our first date on valentines day and have been together ever since

  104. We were teenage sweethearts and still together. Every Valentines Day he brings flowers and chocolates home for me. I buy him a bottle of malt whisky then we cook a special meal to enjoy together before settling down with a romantic DVD.

  105. Suzanne Cooke says:

    I made heart shaped cakes with custard but they fell to bits not so romantic and very funny

  106. maxime goodwin says:

    On our first Valentines my husband cooked me the most fab meal he has carried on cooking for us ever since :) x

  107. Meryl Rees says:

    My parents had a wonderful life together, that’s good enough for me

  108. I dont have any, hoping for a better one this time around!

  109. when i first went out with my now husband, he drove a 120 miles round trip every weekend just to see me for a few hours for 3 years

  110. Rainie Bish says:

    No really romantic valentines day stories I’m afraid but we always mark the day by sharing a bottle of wine and just make time for each other

  111. Would love to win.


    ……… husband proposed on Valentine’s Day…….in Paris……under the Eiffel Tower. And l said YES

  113. I don’t have any really, hoping for a better one this year!

  114. Christine Constable says:

    Before we married, for our first Valentine together, my husband left a single red rose on our stairs. A little further up was a box of chocolates, then on the top of the stairs was a plant and card.

  115. Rachel Sanders says:

    Unfortuately I have a husband who doesn’t ‘do’ valentines day so i don’t have a romantic tale to tell.

  116. Steph Nicolls says:

    I got flowers once! About as romantic as it ever got. Then I got married…

  117. Alice Monk says:

    Probably doesn’t sound all that romantic to most, but after our first date my boyfriend and I got cheesy chips from our local kebab shop, and every year since on valentines day we go back and he buys me cheesy chips, we eat them in the car and then drive with no destination in mind to see where we end up. It’s a nice way to get away for a little while simply, just the two of us, and not spending a fortune since we’re saving for a house deposit.

  118. Judith Allen says:

    As soon as someone mentions Valentine’s Day I can’t think of a romantic occasion, just the time I nearly burnt the house down cooking what was supposed to be a lovely meal of steak and chips. I left the chip pan on. Honestly, we were so lucky to still have a house, I went back in the kitchen to fetch ketchup, to see the chip pan burst into flames. After my partner put out the flames and got rid of all the smoke we had beans on toast. Not such a romatic evening!

  119. Dorothee77 says:

    My boyfriend took me to Naples and to Pompei last year!

  120. belinda porter says:

    my husband bought me a large bunch of flowers and cooked me a meal and we have been married 32 years

  121. Once upon a time in London, there lived a girl who met a boy and on their first date he got drunk, fell into a fountain, threw up, and got soaked! The girl brought him home, and fifteen years later they are getting married! They live happily ever after with their pets in a cottage and are still as much in love as ever! The end.

  122. KIERAN WALSH says:

    22 years ago we got married

  123. Eleanor Wigmore says:

    Just a lovely bunch of flowers and a bottle of bubbly with my boyfriend is romantic enough for me!

  124. Carly Mckay says:

    My husband whisked me away to Paris and proposed to me in a lovely fancy restaurant it was really romantic and an even bigger surprise i didn’t have a clue!!! and 15 years on we are happily married with 2 beautiful children!!

  125. laura banks says:

    my husband always cooks me a lovely meal he’s the better cook

  126. I have given up…. my partner isn’t very romantic – I get a nice meal and some flowers but no romantic surprises

  127. Lucy Taylor says:

    Not exactly romantic but quite amusing. I once received an anonymous valentines card thru my door. When I opened it it had a cartoon teddy bear holding balloons that spelled out “To My Darling Wife” the word wife was scribbled out in biro! I did find out who had put it thru the door and I wasn’t very impressed as he actually had a long term girlfriend at the time.

  128. A Bouquet of flowers from my husband arrived when i was at work it was a great surprise

  129. My daughters husband is the most romantic. He constantly surprises her with gifts!!

  130. June Gaynor says:

    My OH gave me an empty box of chocloates with a clue to where my present was, that led to another clue and so on, until I got to my real present of some lovely earrings. Great fun,and very imaginative….. That was some years ago tho’ :-)

  131. Awwww my husband is randomly romantic through the year, so we don’t really go all out on Valentines Day. We’re still pretty loved up then from our wedding anniversary on the 2nd!

  132. JULIE BANKS says:

    Haven’t got one, my hubby is very unromantic

  133. GLENDA PROFIT says:

    Husband decided for the once and only time to be romantic and sent me a dozen red roses to work. Unfortunately he sent them to the wrong department and someone took them home and never told me!!!!

  134. Julia Nicholls says:

    My only romance on Valentine’s day hs been getting a card with a wonderful message, and to this day I don’t know who it was from!

  135. Mrs C Corrin says:

    I got engaged on Valentines day, had a super party with all my family and friends, but what made it all the more special was the bunch of Red Roses that arrived at the venue while we were getting the hall ready for the evening party, so sweet, and he never forgets even though we have been married 25 years this year.

  136. I’m struggling with this one – not really the romantic types. Still together through the hard times though and that is better than sentimental gestures – I think I would like to give my partner a treat this time though for a change. You’ve got me thinking!

  137. Emily Fowler says:

    Not technically a Valentines day story as we don’t ‘do’ Valentines day, but my boyfriend and I got together on Feb 16th so he always wishes me a ‘happy 2 days before our anniversary day’ on the 14th!

  138. Danielle Woodman says:

    My husband isn’t really the romantic type but every valentines day without fail he has bought me my favourite chocolates and flowers and cooks me a delicious meal, this is definitely one of my favourite times of the year.

  139. rachael jones mann says:

    we dont have baby sitters so we never get to do anything child free , but on vaentines day last year i was treated to a supprise valentines meal & baby sitter !! it was amazing and i was only warned 1 hour b4 we had to leave eeek ! hehe !

  140. Mrs C Corrin says:

    We got engaged on Valentines day, and we are still together , this year we celebrate our silver wedding anniversary.

  141. I heard of a couple who married on Valentine’s day, then 2 years later their daughter was born on Valentine’s day and they named her ‘Valentina’.
    I thought that was romantic.

  142. Linda Guest says:

    I was 14 and my (older) boyfriend of a few months was 17. He sent me a valentines card saying ‘I want to grow old with you’. 41 years later and we are still a couple and growing old together :)

  143. Christine Clarke says:

    A proposal at the top of Blackpool tower – couldnt quite afford the Eiffel

  144. melanie crumpton says:

    The girl got her prince after waiting

  145. this will be my 4th year alone on valentines day, since divorceing my ex!! flowers would be nice xx

  146. claire matthews-curtis says:

    My better half is romantic all year round, hes been asking me to marry him for the last 8 years……….I said yes last year and we are getting married this year :)

  147. Sue Matejtschuk says:

    My (now) husband bought me 2 boxes of Valentine chocolates when we were 11 years old!

  148. linda rothen says:

    last year my husband took me to paris to see the sights. It was magical.

  149. My husband used to make sure I ate properly when I was pregnant, so he prepared and cooked meals for me. Bliss!

  150. kristy smith says:


  151. I’ve not really got a Valentines story – don’t bother with it much!

  152. kristy brown says:

    I don’t have a romantic valentines story, but 14 years ago today I went on a blind date (at just 17yrs old)…….and I’ve been married to him for 13 years in 4 weeks!

  153. susan surgeoner says:

    My OH proposed by giving me an Easter Egg, with an engagement ring inside :)

  154. Geraldine O'Gorman says:

    Last year my husband surprised me with a beautiful rose and a cup of coffee in bed on Valentine’s day.

  155. Mandy Wan says:

    for our 10 year anniversary of being together my partner whisked me away to Majorca for a holiday and it was magical too and a total suprise :) Loved every minute of it and didn’t want to come home!

  156. Rebecca Lis says:

    My boyfriend is the least romantic person ever! Hes never even bought me flowers!

  157. Natalie holland says:

    We were living in London at the time, my husband believed we had no valentines plans, just a night in. I called him as he was leaving work saying I’d popped in to town to meet him for a drink, where I was waiting in our favourite bar with a bottle of champagne. Then we went for an early dinner at quo vadis Restaurant, which was fantastic and followed it by going to a great comedy club, which is one of his favourite things to do. So, all around I think it was pretty romantic!

  158. Christine Mutter says:

    Waking up to my bedroom being full of rose petals! was very romantic at the time but guess who had to tidy them up?!

  159. Karen Whittaker says:

    My friend’s husband persuaded her to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower (even though she hates heights) and proposed to her over dinner in the restaurant.

  160. Hazel Christopher says:

    One Valentines day my ex greeted me at the door when I finished work, he said “Sorry I didn’t get you anything but the lads wanted to go out for a pint after work and I’m skint now so couldn’t get you anything!” – I was a little mad and very upset, to think he hadn’t even got me a card! I actually burst into tears, it had been a long day and I didn’t want much but I felt so let down. When he saw me crying he quickly ushered me into the living room where he’d set up a romantic table for two, he’d bought me jewellery, a teddy bear (I used to collect them), a massive card and flowers – I was gobsmacked and I felt awful for having turned the water works on but all turned out okay in the end.

  161. Lila B taylor says:

    I have to honestly reply, I have never had a romantic valentines day…ive had romantic ‘other’ days…..I hope i can still be entered for the draw, all romanceless like :)

  162. Victoria N says:

    For last valentines, hubby bought me an entry to the Great North Run – not quite the romantic present I was expecting!

  163. My daughter was born 20 minutes into Saturday 14th February!

    I was so pleased that she missed Friday 13th.

    I’ve always considered her my best Valentine’s present.

  164. olivia kirby says:

    We don’t do Valentine’s Day! I absolutely adore my husband but we dnt really do anything different on Valentine’s Day, in fact, quite the opposite! I do make little heart cookies, crafts and stuff with my children though, it is a nice theme.

  165. Hazel Rush says:

    Me and my fiancée will be celebrating our 10th valentines day together this year and I still keep the little card he gave me with a rose from our 1st valentines day in my purse! : )

  166. Sarah Fawcett says:

    Well I always felt like the only person who had never had a romantic experience on Valentine’s Day, no surprise card, no huge bouquet of flowers, no proposal, no romantic candlelit dinner etc etc but after reading everyone else’s comments, it looks like I’m not the only one……YAY

  167. Paula Phillips says:

    I opened the door last Valentine’s Day to a delivery of a huge bouquet of flowers. I was really pleased as I normally only get a bar of chocolate if I’m lucky. I took them inside and phoned my husband to thank him, whilst reading the card on them, only to discover that they were for my daughter not me.

  168. James Aspey says:

    looking forward to a win!

  169. rebecca leon says:

    My husband was supposed to be sculpting a lump of wood into a romantic sculpture for Valentines Day. 8 years later I still have a lump of wood sat outside my house.

  170. Heather Smith says:

    I don’t think I have a romantic Valentine’s story

  171. After 7 years together and 3 children, i finally married my partner in Lake Garda, Italy, it was the most romantic day of my life :)

  172. roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, i want to win you :-)

  173. Holly Boyd says:

    Valentines day 2009 I woke up in Egypt with my husband of 7 days next to me. It was the best Valentines day yet we did nothing but spend the time together.

  174. Frances hopkins says:

    Really wish I had one to tell, but I don’t :-(

  175. Someone left me some chocolates on my doorstep once. It poured with rain and they were ruined…

  176. I don’t have a story. My husband never does anything romantic

  177. Julie Picton says:

    Fish and chips on the hill overlooking Portsmouth (bit cold though)

  178. Val Hartley says:

    My grandchildren have completed the picture of wedded bliss.

  179. Rachel Blackburn says:

    oh no :( I don’t have any good valentines stories. i always get a card and some flowers though :)

  180. Ali Parry says:

    When I first met my now husband it was the end of Jan and he had tickets for himeslf and 2 mates to go to a gig on 14th Feb. there were no tickets left but as a gamble I turned up to the gig too….he paid double the ticket price to a tout outside so I could join them…..

  181. my birthday falls very close to valentines, so its often a joint celebration but always remember when my daughter was a tiny baby, we went out to a meal with her asleep in car seat, it was lovely and she slept through out the meal

  182. Laura Harris says:

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I love champagne,
    My other half does too!

    Yum yum!

  183. rosemary sheehan says:

    Last year my 50 year old boyfriend celebrated his first valentine ever with me, we are so looking forward to the second

  184. Hertschick says:

    on my first valentines day with my now fiance I had to work. He suprised me by driving 95 miles to come and meet me at 2am with a picnic basket full of sweets :)

  185. Carolynn Woodland says:

    I only wish I could!

  186. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    I got a huge bouquet from teh man I’d dumpeed. We ot back together, but sadly it didn’t last

  187. Isabell Whitenstall says:

    We were very short of cash one year so my husband painted me a picture of a couple enjoying a winters walk, and guess what we did on that valentines day, yes we had a great walk.

  188. Haley Redshaw says:

    I’ve only had 1 meal out on valentine’s day a few years ago :(

  189. Paul Witney says:

    I’d love to say I covered the house with rose petals and had a 3 course meal all ready and waiting for when my wife came home – but that’s not really my style! We’re still happily married after nearly 16 years together, so I can’t be doing too badly.

  190. Frances Heaton says:

    My husband always takes me out for Valentines Day, and buys me flowers.

  191. Laura Cooper says:

    This is a valentine’s story set in the future…
    One valentines weekend my husband surprised me by booking us a romantic weekend away at a lakeside retreat, with champagne & roses & chocolate and candelit meals etc etc.
    (sadly this hasn’t happened yet, but a girl can hope!)

  192. Zachary Hudson says:

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    sugar is sweet
    so are you

  193. Jenny Rogers says:

    A text message – with a rose made out of text characters.

  194. Cheryll H says:

    Sadly I don’t have any romantic Valentines stories :( However I can’t complain as, even if he’s not a romantic, my other half makes me happy :)

  195. andy powell says:

    One year i met my girlfriend from work and told her we was going to go to my parents for supper , but actually had booked a romantic weekend in Rome for valentines , went to the airport feeling so pleased I had pulled it off , got the euros , packed our clothes had our passports , but had forgot to pack her insulin , we ended up with a take away and a dvd ..

  196. Amanda Richardson says:

    Never had any champagne and roses yet, but one can hope!!!!!!!

  197. Rachel Craig says:

    My niece was proposed marriage on her birthday by her partner and accepted. They chose to marry on his birthday :- Valentines Day.

  198. Linda Hobbis says:

    Not the stuff of Hollywood but it meant the world to me. My soon to be hubby sent the biggest bunch of roses to the office, together with a big fluffy teddy. Everyone went “awwwwww”. I felt like a princess.

  199. My best Valentines Day meal was lobster eaten by candlelight on a beach in the Maldives

  200. Renee Armstrong says:

    Sorry don’t have one..husband is so not romantic…he thinks Valentines Day is a money making scam…

  201. Erica Best says:

    i do not have one

  202. Michael Saunders says:

    We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Never have and never will. Sorry, we just don’t see the point!

  203. Avvie Cunnington says:

    My ex took me on a surprise trip to Disneyland Paris :D

  204. One morning Emma woke up with a start. Her husband Jim asked what was the matter, she told him, “I just had a dream that you gave me a pearl necklace for Valentine’s day. What do you think it means?”

    “You’ll know tonight,” Jim said.

    That evening, Jim home with a small package and gave it to his wife. Delighted, Emma opened it – only to find a book entitled “The meaning of dreams”.

  205. 20 years ago at college, a very good boy mate at the time made me a spectacular hand-made, A3 sized, heart-shaped, red and white felt covered Valentines card (nothing has beat it since!). I didn’t fancy him, and don’t think he really fancied me but had made it as a nice gesture. But we are still very good friends to this day.

  206. sian hallewell says:

    Once upon a time there was a handsome young man who married his soul mate on valentines day 23 years ago, they will be celebrating their 24th wedding anniversay very soon so its safe to say they lived happilly ever after.

  207. Ani Costa says:

    Last valentines day my boyfriend cooked me a lovely meal and bought me flowers-that is romantic compared to a lot of men who don’t do diddly squat!

  208. Shelley Jessup says:

    The only story I have is that I once had 15 valentines cards through the door & post on valentines day & I still don’t know who they were from!

  209. Jen Schofield says:

    My boyfirned bought me a lovely rose last year – and he’s not a romantic at all. It was a lovely surprise!

  210. Hmmm….all my valentines are either a disaster or not suitable for print!! :)

  211. Hayley Wells says:

    I recall being stalked by a boy when I was about 12 years old. Not being into boys at all back then I was mortified! The poor lad waited for me at the end of our road to come home from school and he had a bouquet of roses! I promptly snapped the heads off and put them down the drain! Such a mean girl! But he didn’t give up! He turned up at our local leisure centre where I used to go skating. It was rediculously comical watching him trying to catch up with me on the rink, as he couldn’t skate for toffee! He’d brought me a baeutiful necklace and matching earrings and still I was a complete and utter cow bag! His older sister later came to see me and told me that he had gone to so much effort to do this for me and he was really shy and nervous. He’d been saving his money for months and got her to help him choose something special. She was fuming! I feel so terrible now! He’s such a nice lad, and I can gladly say he is now happily married to someone much kinder than me!

  212. Emily Hutchinson says:

    my friend’s husband once wrote ‘I love you’ in rose petals in the snow on the pavement outside their house. I thought it was very romantic but she was actually really embarrassed and made him go out and pick them all up!

  213. Melanie Gardiner says:

    Well I’ve been with my partner now for 25 years and can honestly say we have never had a romantic valentines although her can be romantic at other times when he wants to

  214. Alison Wakefield says:

    We got engaged in Greece and then got married in Las Vegas which was lovely. We met on internet dating and have been together 11 years now and are still very very happy x

  215. My boyfriend drove from Swansea to Coventry to see me for 2 hours on valentines day. He had to go to work for a 12 hour shift when he got back. True love (or stupidity?!)x

  216. Mr B is not a big cook, though he loves food – he’s just not tried it much. For valentines day he completely researched and bought and made a meal from scratch. Simple, but it meant a lot.

  217. Polly Bastow says:

    We have a lovely meal and wine most days so don’t need Valentine’s Day!

  218. Becky John says:

    Sadly my other half is completely unromantic, so I have no story to tell, have never even received a Valentines Card off him!!

  219. Julie Fisher says:

    My husband once left little chocolate hearts all over the house for me to find.

  220. Yvonne Brownsea says:

    Going to keep it short and simple, but what’s a more romantic Valentine’s story than that I got married on Valentine’s Day in 2000 when I was 17 and Paul was 19 and it’s going to be our 13th wedding anniversary this year!

  221. Joanne Mapp says:

    On Valentine’s Day 2010, my partner spent most of the day in the garage and I wasn’t very happy about it. At 7.30, my partner called me from the garden. When I opened the door, there was a 10 foot firework spelling the words ‘MARRY ME’. Of course I said yes, but we haven’t been able to afford a wedding yet.

  222. Husband always gets me a card – even when I forget!

  223. Husband proposed dressed as a knight on a panto,horse!

  224. Sarah Hatfull says:

    My boyfriend of 12 years always sends me flowers with a wonderful message on the card to cheer me when i’m feeling down!

  225. One year I made everything I cooked him into a heart shape – so we had heart shaped salmon, heart shaped potatoes, heart shaped pudding, heart shaped table cloth, and balloons :)

  226. My grandparents finally got together on Valentines day in the 1940s . Both were in the services and had leave only on that day.

  227. Diana Cotter says:

    My friend’s brother at uni sent me a card and when I agreed to meet up, he impressed me with his party piece – smoking a cigarette held between his toes.

  228. Joanna Orr says:

    Last Valentines Day my husband asked me to marry him (again). We are off to Vegas This year for our 25th wedding anniversary to renew our vows in a wedding chapel with Elvis conducting the ceremony!!… This may not seem remarkable to some people, but in the last 25 years, this was the most romantic thing he’d ever done!!!

  229. One Valentines, many years ago, my OH actually made dinner and dessert!

  230. melanie harbor says:

    flowers and card bought from the petrol station on the way home from work are as romantic as it gets in our house after 25 years together !!!

  231. Taking my husband (then boyfriend) away to Paris for a long weekend. I’d given hints by putting Paris landmarks on the envelope (which contained the valentine’s card and tickets) but he thought the Eiffel Tower was Blackpool Tower!!!

  232. Alexis Pettie says:

    I’m a sad singleton again this year, so valentines day isn’t much fun for me

  233. Still waiting on a Romantic overture.

  234. Tom Baines says:

    took the wife boating, cold, but sunny, not raining, she started messing about I ended up in the lake, laugh, well no but she did marry me

  235. Vanessa Cox says:

    I met my husband on a carrousel in Paris and every Valentines we remember how we fell in love on that day!

  236. Sue Bowden says:

    I got remarried 2 years ago and we spent our honey in the Maldives, it was heaven and so romantic x

  237. I don’t have a romantic Valentine story but it’s all the little thoughtful things that count and makes the dayspecial without costing any money. Watching a favourite movie and sharing a bag of maltesers is enough.

  238. anthony martin says:

    alas still waiting for the romance to return, my last memory was suprising the better half with cards, flowers and a letter from the times to say we had won a luxury holiday to cyprus, was over the moon, but also at the very start of a diagnosis for pancreatic cancer – anyway, hopefully get some nice valentines memories in future :-)

  239. claire woods says:

    Went out for a meal. Partner gave me a box, which I opened and thought oh nice mug. Then he told me to look inside the mug. There was a box. I thought oh he’s brought me a necklace too. As I opened the box he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes.

  240. Kelly Tobin says:

    A romantic meal when I got home from work, he’d even shipped the kids off for the night!

  241. Laura Costello says:

    I dont know what romance is lol xx

  242. WandaFish says:

    My partner is notoriously unromantic and I’ve never had a valentine card, so the year he came home with a bunch of red roses I was absolutely delighted – until he informed me he’d won them in a raffle at work :)
    At least I could celebrate in style with this lovely prize!

  243. Well I wish I had one to tell, but sadly I don’t. Unless getting red roses each valentines day counts as romantic. Would love to win this though, then maybe I’ll have one to tell next year!

  244. Karen Turtill says:

    My husband picked me up from work and took me to a fantastic restaurant to be wined & dined, it was a wonderful surprise x

  245. Kathleen Lynch says:

    My husband always makes valentine’s day special.

  246. Nicole-Melainie Squires says:

    My husband left cute notes on the back of all of our wedding pictures for me to read telling me how much he treasured me:)

  247. Janice Street says:

    My husband took me out for the first time on 18 February by the next valentines day we were engaged. He said I am not his valentine but his fiance, therefore never have a romantic story

  248. I had to work one Valentines Day and I went off in a bit of a bad mood. A couple of minutes later as I was walking there was a tap on my shoulder and he had run after me with a sparkler to cheer me up! :)

  249. Victoria Cunniff says:

    I’ve been with my husband for 5 years and each Valentines Day has been completely different but romantic in its own way – the first year fell on the weekend of my 30th birthday so we celebrated the night with 12 of my closest friends, romantic but fun. 2010 saw him presenting me with earrings that I’d shown him once in a shop window, weeks and weeks prior – no idea how he remembered them. 2011 we were on holiday in Cape Verde and the night was themed with waiters dressed as Cupid – something I’ll always remember. 2012 was spent on a weekend away in York – discussing starting a family, plenty champagne consumed that night – no baby though ;-) and this year, well the baby is overdue by 8 days so far and I’m booked in to have him or her on 11th February so this Valentines Day how much more romantic can you get than having your first child born?

  250. Karen Harrison says:

    Had a message in the newspaper while he worked away, plus a teddy and flowers by post.

  251. Lisa Ellison says:

    When I was 18 my boyfriend was living at home and paid for them to go out for dinner so that he could cook a meal for me, so when I turned up the song that was playing was “when a man loves a woman” and he had put candles everywhere and cooked a 3 course meal. I guess it worked because I’m now married to him and have been for nearly 18 years.

  252. Amanda Wakefield says:

    My husband proposed on Valentine’s Day…not very original but still a great memory for us!

  253. Nathan Wood says:

    oooh, a very fancy prize. this would go down well with the wife

  254. Tracy Hughes says:

    I don’t have any romantic Valentine’s stories, never even received a card….

  255. Alison Macdonald says:

    My husband gave me a jar of hearts on our First Valentine’s together. He works away from home quite a lot so at least when he is not there i can still hold his heart :-)

  256. Rudy Roversi says:

    This year will be the first time we celebrate Valentine’s together :)

  257. About 10 years ago when my husband was in the Army he was out of the UK and I was having to spend Valentine’s Day all alone; he isn’t the romantic type so I didn’t get any flowers. Unbeknown to me, he was on his way home unexpectedly, I received a phone call from him as usual about 7.30 pm but was surprised as there wasn’t an echo on the line as usual, of course not, he was only at the motorway services and would be home in an hour yippeee

  258. Roslyn Marshall says:

    Well about 12 years ago, I was secretly in love with a male friend of mine. There was a big group of us that were mates and I had a big crush on this guy, but hadn’t got the guts to make a move. I thought there was an ‘air’ between us and our other friends had noticed it, but still he had made no moves towards me apart from lingering looks (you know how it is when you are 18).

    On Valentine’s day that year I was awoken at my student flat to the doorbell going and then my flatmate shouting at me. Came down to find the hugest bunch of red roses I have ever seen (three dozen i believe). I was gobsmacked and they came with the typical Valentine cryptic note. I hadn’t a clue as to where these flowers were from. All my friends thought it was the friend I had a crush on. I hoped it was too. I guessed this was him making a ‘move’ so I went round to see him and see if I could find out. I told him about receiving the roses and he winked at me!!! My heart fluttered and I asked him straight out if he’d sent them. He looked sheepish, then grinned and said its a Valentine gift so it’s supposed to be a secret! We were both grinning by this point and you can guess the rest!

    However this is not where the story ends……..that friend is now my husband and we have been together for 12 years and have 2 children. A while ago I mentioned about those wonderful roses and how nothing would ever beat that Valentines Day……when my scoundrel of a man fell about laughing! Apparently he DIDN’T send those flowers! He said when I turned up that day he thought he’d better grab me before someone else did, so let me think he’d sent them. Sadly, however I will never know who sent them to thank them for the beautiful flowers! And to thank them for bringing me and hubby together. For all his cheeky ways, he is still my Valentine.

  259. natalie fairhurst says:

    Its my eldest sons birthday (my husband says thats the only gift i should want on valentines day) so anything else to make it special is a welcome :)

  260. Karen Lloyd says:

    Whilst backpacking in Australia, I met a lovely man who took me out for a romantic dinner in a posh restaurant. That was 10 years ago this year, we have been together ever since and now have a 4 year old son.

  261. carmel pickering says:

    gorgeous fingers crossed xxxxx

  262. Bex Allum says:

    My partner treated me last year to a steak meal cooked at home with candles :)

  263. Married for 48 years and still valentines..

  264. Getting a lovely bunch of flowers is romantic

  265. lynsey kirkwood says:

    well its simply the best I have, it was my first time at the London Eye and it was my first kiss with my current other half, 6 years later and still going strong!

  266. romance is the every day things not just the big gestures……. making your morning coffee & saying i love you every day :) x

  267. Donna Baxter says:

    Our first Valentines day after being together only a few weeks and deciding that we wouldn’t be getting each other anything as it was still very early stages. I came home from work to an envelope addressed to me in my maiden name (I had just gotten divorced!). It was a gorgeous card from my new partner. I hadn’t got him one as I hadn’t expected to see him for Valentines and that we had said we weren’t going to get each other anything!!

  268. Jacqui Mcloughlin says:

    I was given a giant yellow monkey – still not sure about the message that gives but I think the thought was there!

  269. A big flower arrangement left at work

  270. Alisa Moore says:

    I do have a romantic story but I never kiss and tell…

  271. Angie Hoggett says:

    being super shocked when I was surprised with a candlelit homemade meal, champagne, wine and then serenaded by a violinist and presented with a big chunky ring, yay!!

  272. Vicky-Louise Robinson says:

    My beautiful baby girl was born on Valentine’s Day in 2008. I wasn’t expecting her to come early for me as all mine have been 7-14 days late! I was only 3 days overdue & not expecting anything, no warning when my waters suddenly went! I had planned a quiet night in with my hubby, instead I went to the hospital with no contractions just waters had gone. I nearly got sent home at 9.30pm as “nothing was happening” I refused, at 10pm everything started moving & my gorgeous 9lb 8oz baby girl was born at 10.30pm! The best Valentine’s Day present ever!

  273. helen atkins says:

    Roses are red.
    Violets are blue.
    Please don’t kiss me,
    ‘cuz I have the flu.

  274. Ellen Griffin says:

    A surprise indoor picnic with candles, wine and a 5 course meal… yum!

  275. Sylvia Paul says:

    My husband and I met at work, a fish factory of all places. As soon as I saw him across the fish finger line, I fell in love with him. We’ve been married for 17 years now and are still blissfully in love.

  276. ANNE ROGERS says:


  277. L Bunning says:

    My best and romantic valentines was when my husband proposed to me.

  278. Kate Edwards says:

    My first boyfriend when i was a teenager gave me a valentines card with an empty ferrero roche wrapper in it- he got hungry while waiting for me so ate it! lol

  279. sue seaman says:

    me and my partner had a blessing before the civil ceremony came in, that was on 5th feb 2005, we have just celebrated our 8th anniversary, and hopefully this yr we can plan to have a proper ceremony in 14th feb 2014.

  280. Helen Smith says:

    I found a valentine’s card in my drawer at school when I was 8. Never did find out who it was from.

  281. Sarah Robertson says:

    We don’t tend to do much for Valentines Day, so I don’t have a romantic story I’m afraid. If I get a card & a bunch of flowers I’m lucky :)

  282. Sarah Parker says:

    I was sent flowers at work :)

  283. sarah robertson says:

    My husband did the dishes last Valentine’s Day…does that count??? Looking forward to hugs from my wee 1 year old cuddlemonster of a son this year!

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