Giveaway: BRITA Marella Water Filter Jug & The Big Feastival

Better With BritaI have become a complete convert to BRITA filtered water this year.   In January I took part in the BRITA Boost challenge and had an alcohol free month, the changes have stayed with us, we are both still drinking less and also more mindfully and enjoying a wider variety of non alcoholic drinks.

The BRITA filter kettle ranks as one of my favourite kitchen gadgets – our tea and coffee is now clear, cleaner and has none of that horrible scum – all the more noticeable when you drink tea and coffee black.

Brita Tea imageAs the worktop space in the kitchen is limited the kettle doubles up as a filter jug – perfect for making the London tap water taste better and keeping us hydrated.

BRITA are now focussing as water as an ingredient – I am sure that our sourdough is springier now we are making it with filtered water – as the filtered water contains less of the nasties like chlorine and heavy metals, using BRITA filtered water in your food will make it taste better.

BRITA has partnered with Delicious. magazine for the Better with BRITA Competition you the chance to showcase your food to the public at The Big Feastival;  Britain’s most popular food festival.  Learn more and enter here before the 30th June.    I’ll be sharing a recipe before then featuring water as an ingredient if you need some inspiration.

So you can try BRITA filtered water for yourself I have one BRITA Marella Water Filter Jug to be won.

Win BRITA Marella Water Filter Jug

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  • Closing date Midnight 30th June 2014

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BRITA Marella Filter Jug

Good Luck!

For another chance to win this pop over to Katie’s blog.

Many thanks to BRITA for this prize. I am a BRITA ambassador and have been compensated my time spent on this campaign and for promoting this competition.

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Helen Best-Shaw is a freelance food & writer, photographer who has been writing about achievable, affordable and mostly healthy food on Fuss Free Flavours since 2007. She also contributes articles, recipes and photos to a number of online and print food magazines. Please do contact me if you would like to discuss commissioning work.

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  1. Tracy Nixon says:

    I only drink water if it is cold out of the fridge but no ice. I prefer it with a tiny bit of sugar free squash added too!

  2. Ashleigh Allan says:

    With lots of ice!

  3. frances hopkins says:

    Great x

  4. Kim Neville says:

    Iced cold straight from fridge

  5. It has to be ice cold with some raspberry ripple squash!

  6. Andrew Halliwell says:

    In tea of coffee. I don’t drink water “neet”

  7. Mark Palmer says:

    On its own

  8. winnie says:

    on its own, usually warm or room temperature :)

  9. On its own usually.

  10. I’d love a water filter

  11. Rikka B says:

    Just on it’s own

  12. Sheila Reeves says:

    I drink my water on it’s own, no ice – and probably not enough of it

  13. liz denial says:

    I have an electronic filter fitted to my kitchen tap so drink it fresh from there. If I’m going away I have filter bottles so I can just fill up at the tap anywhere I go

  14. MARY HEALD says:


  15. laura banks says:

    with lots of ice

  16. Vikki R says:

    I drink mine with nuun tablets if anything at all.

  17. Heather Haigh says:

    Usually plain and sometimes hot with lemon

  18. Karen Barrett says:

    I drink water on its own.

  19. Anna May Watson says:

    I drink it on it’s own.. but sometimes as a treat I add squash.

  20. Kirsty Mills says:

    Ice , lemon & lime

  21. Laura Jeffs says:

    Drink water on its own :-)

  22. Hazel Christopher says:

    I normally drink water on it’s own :)

  23. Angie Poulding says:

    I drink filtered water with a dash of squash.

  24. Roger Bufton says:

    on its own

  25. I like my water cold but with no ice

  26. Stephanie Tsang says:

    I love drinking water just on it’s own. It’s all I drink.

  27. Carrie Brown says:

    I like my water on its own.

  28. Sarah Birkett says:

    usually on its own or with lemon

  29. Natasha M says:

    I just like my water ice cold, maybe with a sprig of mint in!

  30. Ursula Hunt says:

    I like still water with lemon slices and ice, I don’t like fizzy water though

  31. Ice cold!

  32. Emma Carter says:

    I love chilled water, so refreshing!

  33. abigail edkins says:

    Im not a major fan of plain water but if I drink it it has to be cold, so with ice for me

  34. Tracy Sinclair says:

    Either on its own or with lemon juice

  35. Suzi Harper says:

    On it’s own usually but if it’s a particularly hot day then I add lots of ice!

  36. Catherine Amaro says:


  37. hannonle says:

    I just like it as plain water but it has to be cold

  38. Zoe Bryan says:

    on its own :D

  39. Jane Davies says:

    I drink mine on it’s own, from a reusable bottle at room temperature xxx

  40. ice and a slice

  41. Emma Harris says:

    Ice and a slice.

  42. Jo welsh says:

    I like it by its self.

  43. Janice Papworth says:

    I just drink my water straight up

  44. Lynne Durkin says:

    On it’s own but it has to be cold

  45. julie laing says:

    on its own

  46. Maxine says:

    ice and a slice of lime or a dash of elderflower cordial

  47. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    I like it on it’s own at room temp

  48. laura jayne bates says:

    lile freezing cold water with ice

  49. I love it with a slice of lime

  50. Angela Cole says:

    I drink water cold, with ice and a slice of lime.

  51. William Gould says:

    Out of the tap!

  52. I drink it on it’s own.

  53. Jeff Wolf says:

    As it comes, from the fridge.

  54. On it’s own at room temperature

  55. paul jackson says:

    on its own

  56. Emma nixon says:

    On its own. Unless its a hot day then I add ice n a slice of lemon or lime

  57. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    ice and a slice

  58. Victoria says:

    with ice

  59. Katherine L says:

    I love an iced glass of water with lemon on a hot summer’s day!

  60. Claire Butler says:

    with ice if i got it

  61. Mickie Bull says:

    I have it with squash and ice!

  62. clair downham says:

    on its own ice cold

  63. Susan Hall says:

    On it’s own

  64. christine shelley says:

    Straight from the tap

  65. jennifer thorpe says:

    just on its own – I save the ice and a slice for my gin & tonic :-)

  66. cathyj says:

    with squash

  67. Charlotte Ingham says:

    Just on it’s own

  68. With ice

  69. Adele Hill says:

    I drink mine both on its own and sometimes with ice and a twist of lime

  70. Lorna MacFadyen says:

    what a difference in your tea above!! :O I like water ice cold with a slice of lemon and lime or a slice or sometimes I like to chuck some strawberries and mint in there!

  71. Tracey Gwynne says:

    I love cold water from the tap…it tastes really good round here

  72. Herbert Appleby says:

    with fresh juice or high juice

  73. melanie stirling says:

    On its own.

  74. I already have one of the brita jugs and like that picture of the tea cannot believe the difference it makes. I tend to squeeze a bit of lemon or lime in mine

  75. Jayne Sullivan says:

    On its own

  76. bobanaught says:

    i take water straight up.

  77. Fiona R says:

    Just on its own :)

  78. On it’s own – or with squash

  79. jennifer jack says:

    just started to diet this would be very handy x

  80. As it is, that’s just fine. I’ve managed to break my addiction to pepsi. I think I prefer plain water to squash now.

  81. Tina Lighten-Duncan says:

    on it’s own but has to be cold :-)

  82. Tina Lighten-Duncan says:

    on it’s own but must be cold!

  83. Emma Baker says:

    Lots of ice!!

  84. katie skeoch says:

    on it’s own for me

  85. claire woods says:

    On it’s own.

  86. Love it with a slice of lime

  87. Hazel Christopher says:

    On its own :)

  88. Selina Jefferies says:

    on it’s own

  89. angela sandhu says:

    on its own

  90. Sandra Clarke says:

    I drink water on its own.

  91. felicity smith says:

    lots of ice

  92. Rebecca Woodroof says:

    Just on its own

  93. On its own

  94. paula marriott says:

    lime and lemon

  95. Joy Lawson says:

    Just ice but thinking about adding a strawberry

  96. Solange says:

    On its own

  97. claire crooks says:

    ice cold straight from the fridge x

  98. pam lawrence says:

    When really thirsty i run the tap a bit for proper cold water, fill the glass and gulp down!

  99. Val Swift says:

    On its own

  100. I drink it with a squirt of Go Splash.

  101. lynn savage says:

    I like my water cold from the fridge with a couple of slices of lime

  102. Lime every time :)

  103. Hannah Lawrence (Lewenstein) says:

    On it’s own, I usually down it as I have a small person who likes to knock my drinks over :)

  104. Lisa Everaert says:

    on its own

  105. Teresa Lee says:

    Ice cold on its own

  106. Elizabeth Gurney says:

    Ice but NO slice!

  107. i always have mine iced cold with a hint of lemon, yummy! :)

  108. just plain

  109. leigh boyle says:

    my boys bottles

  110. On its own and cold

  111. Elaine Tonberg says:

    Always drink it a pint at a time on its own!

  112. emma coakes says:

    I like mine with ice and a few bits of fruit chopped up, especially in the summer

  113. Sarah Elizabeth says:

    Just entering all of your giveaways! This would be perfect.

  114. Isabel O'Brien says:

    I just run the tap until it’s really cold and drink it like that. In a glass obviously, I don’t stick my head under the tap!

  115. Hazel Rea says:

    I drink water just as it is with nothing added.

  116. Penelope Hannibal says:

    I like mine plain

  117. Just plain, cold water with ice straight from the fridge. Or sometimes I add sliced strawberries and mint and pretend it’s Pimm’s ;)

    The water where I live in North London is absolutely disgusting straight from the tap. Leaves a horrible film in hot drinks and tastes vile – my Brita jug is a life saver!

  118. Georgia McAllister says:

    Always with squash.

  119. Steve Woodrow says:

    I’ve been drinking filtered water for years now and when I visit relatives that don’t filter their drinks taste horrid, Yuk!!

  120. I drink it neat!

  121. Jay Hill says:

    On its own but it has to be straight out the fridge

  122. Claire Long says:

    On its own straight from the fridge.

  123. Sarah Bavington-smith says:

    I drink mine plain, as it comes. At least 2 glasses in the morning and one before bed plus other drinks through the day x

  124. we use borewater so it is untreated.

  125. Andrew Golley says:

    Nice fresh water on its own.

  126. Kerry Locke says:

    Cold .. no ice x

  127. Martyn McCulloch says:

    Always ice and a slice of lemon!

  128. Sean Docherty says:

    Prefer filtred water as we live in a limescale rich area

  129. Darren Abbott says:

    With ice

  130. With fresh lemon and ginger.

  131. Sarah Rees says:

    Usually on its own

  132. claire blaney says:

    nice and cold but with no ice :)

  133. bobanaught says:

    On the rocks, shaken gently, not stirred.

  134. Peter Hewitt says:

    On its own

  135. Rebecca I says:

    With a slice of lemon

  136. Adam Easdown says:

    With squash at home or on it’s own at the gym

  137. i have mine either cold with ice cubes or with lemon, on a warm day it is so refreshing and good for you

  138. Jason G says:

    Coldish from the tap

  139. Leanne Fletcher says:

    With ice and lemon :)

  140. glenn hutton says:

    Ice cold and carbonated if possible…

  141. Chris Northrop says:

    I drink water on it’s own

  142. Jess Lewis says:

    Ice cold with a slice of lime.

  143. Christine Dodd says:

    Happy to drink water on its own

  144. Rachael G says:

    Icy cold with squash

  145. Lisa evans says:

    At room temperature!

  146. Sally Voong says:

    With a bit of blackcurrant squash.

  147. With a ton of ice, can’t do Lemon with all those bits floating around in it!

  148. Rachael Barratt says:

    I drink it cool, not really cold, and on its own

  149. Deborah Dodge says:

    Ice and a SLice sounds great but normally just plain but cold

  150. Julie Booth says:

    Has to be really cold and lightly flavoured

  151. Kate Loader says:

    I drink it on its own at work, but I have hot water. At home I normally have it with Vimto Squash!

  152. Eve MUrphy says:

    I love water cold, out of the fridge, but without anything else in it. I can’t drink tap water as it has to be refrigerated first.

  153. Lisa Collins says:

    Definitely with ice and lemon

  154. Alison Johnson says:

    I drink my water on it’s own, but my Hubby thinks I’m odd as I like it at room temperature, I don’t like cold water!

  155. makila wheatley says:

    filtered with lemon and lime

  156. Jessica Saunders says:

    With a hint of lemon.

  157. it looks like a must have to be… i like water with a hint of mint

  158. Helen Wilson says:

    Just with ice :)

  159. sian hallewell says:

    I like my water ‘neat’ thanks

  160. Lani Nash says:

    On its own

  161. Sandra Lane says:

    Sometimes add a squeeze of lemon in hot water.

  162. Luke Tutt says:

    Lime and ice!

  163. felicity morris says:

    bottled with ice

  164. Lots of ice and occasionally a slice of lemon! :-)

  165. Nontyatyambo Mbangatha says:

    just on it’s own

  166. tracey thompson says:

    ….never thought before to add a slice but will now, make it more refreshing

  167. esme mccrubb says:

    just on its own :)

  168. Jus plain, on its own :)

  169. Felicity kelly says:

    Just with lots of ice!!

  170. Christina Brown says:

    Ice and a slice of lime :-D

  171. Sophia Kearney says:


  172. claire fawkner says:

    Ice and a slice

  173. Chris Sparey says:

    just ice cold.

  174. faye huntington says:

    on its own, always! :) faye x

  175. lorraine stone says:

    With a low calorie squash added.

  176. Thomas L says:

    Never been a huge fan of drinking water alone. Tend to leave a bottle in the fridge and then add some vimto to it when I want it.

  177. Katherine Coldicott says:

    On its own & very cold.

  178. Laura Murray says:

    On its own or with some sugar free squash


    I like it cold with lots of ice and lemon slices

  180. Anne-louise Howell says:

    With plenty of ice or straight from the fridge!

  181. Peak Lee says:

    I like to drink water on it’s own

  182. leanne williams says:

    With lots of ice!

  183. Carys Jones says:

    On its own.

  184. Leanne Bell says:

    Ice Cold is the best.

  185. Eleanor Powell says:

    with a spalsh of whiskey! LOL I dont actually like the taste of plain water so its usually flavoured with squash or in coffee

  186. Catherine Bell says:

    On its own

  187. Abigail Cullen says:

    I tend to drink water on its own.

  188. iain maciver says:

    ice cold

  189. Jo-Anne holton says:

    Just on its own!!!

  190. Helen Battle says:

    Usually with squash

  191. Angie Hoggett says:

    With ice and a slice of lime

  192. emma falvi says:

    with lemon

  193. jan lynn says:

    cold and on its own

  194. ali thorpe says:

    I like my water with ice and occasionally lemon.

  195. janet h says:

    I drink my water from the fridge with orange and pineapple squash – delicious

  196. Sarah Mcknight says:

    Usually on it’s own

  197. Melanie McNair says:

    On it’s own

  198. Lyn Bosomworth says:

    looks great

  199. greig spencer says:

    on its own lol

  200. Zara Hazler says:

    i fill bottles of water in the fridge so they are cold

  201. With ice

  202. Billy Jameson says:

    With some ice to keep it cool

  203. Katy Lou says:

    I like it with ice and a slice of lemon :)

  204. Keeley Atkinson says:

    Just with ice.

  205. Clint Howat says:

    Iced cold

  206. Lisa Rowsell says:

    I’m happy to drink it on its own.

  207. Christine Caple says:

    On its own, but filtered

  208. with ice

  209. claire griffiths says:

    ice cold with some squash

  210. katherine b says:

    I like mine chilled with slice of lemon

  211. I like it own its own but I also like it with ice but never with a slice!

  212. Laura Warwick says:

    On it’s own

  213. Rey Chunara says:

    I usually drink water on its own but straight form the fridge

  214. Jayne K says:

    On it’s own straight from the tap

  215. Rachel B says:

    I drink it just plain.

  216. Christine Nicholson says:

    on its own :-)

  217. Hannah Ingham says:

    Lots of ice and cordial!

  218. Pam Hubbard says:

    great comp

  219. Christine Johnson says:

    Straight from the tap

  220. usually on it’s own, with ice & a slice if i feel like pushing the boat out ! :)

  221. christy beckett says:

    I used to drink it plain but now I have drink more water I use juice from a lemon or lime to add a bit of flavour x

  222. audrey spratt says:

    I have always wanted one of these for the fridge! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  223. Alexandra Blue says:

    from the fridge on its own

  224. Rachel Craig says:

    Preferably with ice and a slice of lemon, as refreshing.

  225. Naomi Buchan says:

    plain or with a splash of lime cordial x

  226. Chris Mcquillan says:

    I drink Water on its own, but it has to be cold, so i leave the tap running a few seconds

  227. Gary Topley says:

    Lots of ice cubes and a slice of Lemon.

  228. taja mckenzie says:

    i like it ice cold straight from the fridge

  229. jackie curran says:

    poured over ice with lemon

  230. Ruth Harwood says:

    I drink my water on its own x

  231. Keith H says:

    Just bottled as tasts bad

  232. Lynda Brown says:

    With Lemon :)

  233. Jane Middleton says:

    on its own

  234. trevor linvell says:

    On its own

  235. Andrea F says:

    cold, maybe with a piece of lemon!

  236. Louise Groves says:

    Filtered water just makes water more drinkable to me, It’s so much nicer

  237. Angela Wheeler says:

    I put slices of lemon into the water and put it in the fridge, its really refreshing.

  238. Generally I like water on it’s own straight from the tap … so cold but not icy cold or with added ice … although occasionally it’s nice with some no added sugar squash :-)

  239. George Worboys Wright says:

    I drink it on it’s own but sometimes with a squeeze of freshly squeezed lime juice!

  240. Holly edmundson says:

    Love water with ice in :) especially when it’s hot

  241. Rosalind Blight says:

    with cucumber and ice, a very refreshing feel good drink

  242. On it’s own.

  243. Amy Jupp says:

    On its own, much more refreshing!

  244. Laura Pritchard says:

    On it’s own & chilled.

  245. Clare Martin says:

    On its own!

  246. Monika S says:

    on its own

  247. Nicola Lynch says:

    Just with ice. Although you’ve tempted me to treat myself to a slice next time :-)

  248. Valerie Kay says:

    On it’s own :-)

  249. Joanna Sawka says:

    with a slice of lemon

  250. Ellen Nixon says:

    I like it ice cold

  251. chirag P says:

    on its own

  252. Amy Rowlands says:

    On its own

  253. Madeline says:


  254. Diane Jackson says:

    On its own


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  2. […] I wrote about my enthusiasm for BRITA filtered water and their competition to find three fantastic recipes from members of the public to be served at the Big Feastival earlier this year. […]

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