Giveaway (CLOSED): Christmas Turkey and Seasonal Box from Knorr

Knorr Christmas Seasonal Box

My giveways with Knorr for seasonal boxes from Forman and Field are very popular, and today I have a Christmas box to be won by one Fuss Free Flavours reader.

Containing a large amount that you will need for your Christmas dinner, including some of the new Knorr gravy pots.

2 Knorr Chicken Gravy Pots

Before Christmas I’ll be blogging a few more recipes for turning your Christmas dinner leftovers into delicious meals!

Please note that this prize can only be delivered on the 21st December.

Win Christmas Seasonal Box and Turkey!

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  1. Jenny Leonard says:

    We have Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve, because then we can have a special breakfast on Christmas Day, the children can eat all of their sweets and chocolates, and I don’t spend half the day in the kitchen!!

  2. Jane Willis says:

    One year I made chestnut stuffing balls that collapsed. One of the then children said they looked like reindeer poo. And since then they insist on reindeer poo wtih Christmas dinner – even they are now adults

  3. It sounds a bit sad but we like spotting the Coca-Cola red truck advert as it seems to mark the start of Christmas

  4. Michelle Fullerton says:

    one of my christmas traditions is new festive pyjamas & socks for me & the children on christmas eve :)

  5. carole waldron says:

    We all open our present together at 12 noon.

  6. nothing beats turkey at Christmas

  7. Sarah Robertson says:

    One of our traditions are the Xmas games. Now that my sister and I don’t live at home, we don’t get to play games as a family very often, so Xmas is a great time for us to do so. (Now we can add alcohol to the mix as well!) :)

  8. anne lewis says:

    opening presents at nans /grandads after dinner

  9. Anne Mancini-Smith says:

    Chocolate digestives with the first cup of tea on Christmas day morning

  10. Best Christmas tradition is a glass of mulled wine after midnight mass – warms you up and makes sure you get right off to sleep

  11. We used to have lots of traditions when I was younger, but now my Mum is no longer with us we are making an effort to try and keep them going and add some of our own.
    We always have Bucks Fizz on christmas morning, and its against the rules to clear up the wrapping paper as you go, you must make as big a mess a possible!

  12. Nikki Hayes says:

    One of our Christmas traditions is having Bucks Fizz (with sparkling wine rather than champagne as we aren’t made of money, lol) whilst we are opening our presents on Christmas morning. I hasten to add its just me and my husband, no children ;o)

  13. marie yeardley says:

    glass of port after breakfast, needed for the day ahead!!

  14. Oh Helen, this would come in really handy.

  15. Forgot the tradition bit! Always have the Christmas albums on shuffle as I get the vegetables prepared on Xmas day. Humiliating the teens with my singing is a real Xmas tradition here!

  16. Kim Drillingcourt says:

    bucks fizz with breakfast just to get the day started

  17. My mum still does a Christmas stocking for me and my sister – even though we are 33 and 34 years old!

  18. Samantha Eyles says:

    We have a set of Xmas candles that get lit before dinner is served in rememberence of those not with us

  19. Ruth Dunkin says:

    My sister and I still get a Christmas stocking – aka my dad’s old rugby socks, with a satsuma in the end. We’re now 39 & 41 but have had the same each Christmas since we were very young. My mum even sent this with my hubbie to be when we were away to get married in Jamaica 10 years ago!

  20. We have trifle on Christmas day and Christmas pudding on Boxing day.

  21. katarina lloyd says:

    Our Christmas Tradition is that we go to my uncle’s for Christmas Lunch – we each make a dish to take (starters/dessert etc) to help him and then we have to find the craziest game possible to play after dinner!

  22. Janice Beal says:

    I always do Christmas stockings for my boys – even though they are 31 and 27 – they insist Christmas wouldn’t be the same without them!

  23. Beth Scott says:

    New pyjamas for everyone is one of our traditions, the other is my mother’s Christmas cookies. She makes several batches and posts a box to me and my siblings where ever we are in the world. As both my brothers are in the armed forces she’s sent boxes to lots of different places but it’s not Christmas to us until that box shows up in the post

  24. jennifer Harris says:

    Ham , Mash , Pickles and crusty Bread for Boxing Day Dinner

  25. tonya duprey says:

    dad makes homemade turkey fritters on boxing day for breakfast and still puts tomato sauce faces on them like he did when we were kids

  26. Cathy Glynn says:

    Pork pie for brekkie on xmas morning x

  27. Christmas onesies for me and my son! How sad is that?!

  28. david pearce says:

    make chestnust stuffing and sauce on chrimbo eve

  29. Caroline Hunter says:

    We all have new pyjamas on Christmas Eve and snuggle down watching tv until it’s time to go to bed.

  30. My favourite tradition is having breakfast of Cadbury’s chocolate fingers whilst opening our presents. We do presents one at a time, so we can see what each other has got, and the children usually stop for a bit to play with things as they open them – this means presents usually last a few days in our house!

  31. Christine Sunter says:

    We always do a 1000 piece jigsaw at Christmas! Its on a board and anyone can dip in and do a bit at any time!

  32. sue cotton says:

    When I make the Christmas cake, I soak the fruit in brandy fir three days and then everyone has a stir and makes a wish!

  33. Pat Stubbs says:

    Walk after christmas lunch and BEFORE presents

  34. Boxing Day is the ‘big day’ for us – all the family descend on my mum’s house & my mum and I feed them silly. Not very original but it’s set in stone – noone would dare miss it!


    We buy each other ‘joke’ presents costing no more than a pound. Last year I got some toilet rolls! We do have other presents of course.

  36. we make our own Christmas Crackers with personlised gifts

  37. Our tradition that we started about 7 years ago when out daughter was very small is to go to TGI fridays for christmas eve dinner, done that every year since so a bit of a tradition in our family now.

  38. Katherine Coldicott says:

    We always go for a long walk on Christmas morning with our dogs and when we get back we have mince pies and fresh coffee.

  39. Jeff Wolf says:

    Bucks Fizz and crumpets for breakfast on Christmas day.

  40. making truffles for santa on xmas eve

  41. rachael woodhouse says:

    the hubbie always washes & dries the pots after lunch! :)

  42. Pauline Rendell says:

    slow cooked venison on boxing day to make less work and everyone can chill out!

  43. paul jackson says:

    open presents in the morning, xmas dinner at 1.30, tv in the afternoon and games in the evening

  44. The Christmas tree must have at least a few of the tatty home made Christmas ornaments my sister and I made as kids… even though they look like something the cat dragged in and we don’t have a cat!

  45. Christmas tree presents…apparently that’s not normal?!

  46. opening prezzies after dinner

  47. Mark Fridlington says:

    Watching the Queen’s speech at 3pm followed by the opening of our presents.

  48. Putting up the Christmas tree in the living room, resplendent in decorations. Always a magical moment and one you remember and repeat every Christmas to come :)

  49. John Seaman says:

    Champagne and Croissants for breakfast

  50. eve howitt says:

    start the day with bucks fizz and bacon butties

  51. One of our christmas traditions is to start the day right… with a bucks fizz! We have a one year old boy now
    (no fizz for him), but we are trying to start our own new traditions that takes parts from my xmas’ and my husbands xmas’.

  52. marianne lester-george says:

    My husband and I now always start Christmas day with a special baked breakfast with sausages, bacon, eggs, cheese and potatoes.

  53. playing cards

  54. Heather Haigh says:

    We all open gifts together just before a big Christmas lunch.

  55. Maya Russell says:

    We always decorate the tree all together, but since I’m so allergic to sharp pine needles, it’s tradition that I’ll put the decorations on hooks and pass them on for hanging.

  56. Susan Crosswaite says:

    We always open one present each late on Christmas Eve – this started when my son no longer believed in Father Christmas and couldn’t wait to open his gifts so he was allowed to open just one to keep him quiet!

  57. Home made stuffing !!

  58. Rainie Bish says:

    “Santa” leaves random lucky dip type presents on my parents Christmas tree. Everybody gets to pick one each late on Christmas afternoon. The gifts can vary from the useful to edible to very strange but that’s what makes it so much fun. It has grown over the years and now various cousins with their families and several friends all seem to make sure they are there for “Tree Present Time”. It’s my favourite time of the whole year

  59. Elizabeth Kidger says:

    An indian takeaway on christmas eve with the dining room adorned with a mixture of indian and christmas decorations. Lots of scented candles and bright colours. This has been going on since our local Indian started doing deliveries about 15 years ago and I call them the wise men from the east.

  60. Valerie Dallimore says:

    Opening the presents just before a traditional Christmas Lunch

  61. Sally Carter says:

    We usually do Christmas in the sun – Canaries are a favourite!!

  62. watch the queen’s speech

  63. Helen Smith says:

    Our Christmas tradition is allowing the kids a chocolate off the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve- we also start pulling crackers then.

  64. Helen Smith says:

    By the way, am using my husband (Craig Smith’s) facebook account as entries.

  65. Sue Matejtschuk says:

    Christmas stockings filled with cheap ‘bits’ for everyone – even the grannies!

  66. Michelle Inwood says:

    Having a sherry whilst decorating the Christmas tree

  67. A Christmas pudding that has been stirred (and wished over!!) by us all!

  68. Andrew Halliwell says:

    Instead of the “christmas stocking” or christmas presents being put under the christmas tree, we’d wake up to find our pressies in pillow slips at the foot of the bed.

  69. smoked salmon starter then turkey

  70. Jo Hutchinson says:

    decorating the christmas tree together

  71. helen battle says:

    Having fig pudding every year without fail

  72. Rhiannon Hoddge says:

    It’s our first christmas at home so we are still to make our own traditions

  73. amelia avossa says:

    We have Turkey on boxing day instead of the traditional xmas day and have chicken for xmas day :D

  74. Emma Bennett says:

    We all sit around in a circle on Christmas morning and take it in turns to open presents, it was my husbands tradition first but we do it with our three kids and my mother in law who lives with us!

  75. Susan Naylor says:

    Nice prize

  76. Nia Wyn Roberts says:

    We have to wear the hats out the crackers!

  77. lorraine dunne says:

    I love it when the coca cola truck comes on tv it starts to feel alot like christmas then

  78. Miss Tracy Hanson says:

    We open our presents before dinner except for sister/brother-in-law/niece/nephew/great-niece’s and then we open theirs afterwards. Being patient stems from when there was 13 of us for Christmas dinner (years ago) and we had to wait until after dinner for the rest of the presents. :) :D

  79. samantha swain says:

    Smoked salmon & champagne on Christmas morning

  80. iain maciver says:

    get up early ,open presents ,and the a light breakfast ready for the feast

  81. laura banks says:

    i always have a snowball whilst opening presents

  82. John Taggart says:

    Hanging up the christmas stockings :-)

  83. Julie Hogg says:

    Christmas Eve.. we always play family games and go out for a meal

  84. We drink home made mulled wine and east nibbles whilst decorating the tree. We don’t have a co-ordinated tree – everything on it has a meaning, everything from a ball from our honeymoon in Antigua, a ball from the first time I saw my favourite rock band to a disgustingly scruffy small stuffed tree that has puppy teethmarks in it from my old dog and a tiny stocking with Eeyore on that I cross stitched when I was ill. We talk about the memories and add something new each year – this year it’s a new bauble with a Lhasa Apso on it for our new puppy.

  85. elizabeth barker says:

    my husband always has to work on christmas day so we have a christmas eve date!

  86. The christmas candles on the dinner table, we’ve had them for years.

  87. Janet Bagnall says:

    Bacon sandwiches and bucks fizz for breakfast is our tradition!

  88. The same Christmas CD gets put on every year and is played through at least twice whilst we do the cooking.

  89. John Banks says:

    A glass of Champagne with breakfast!

  90. kim winter says:

    Having turkey sandwiches with crisps inside them for tea in the evening! xo

  91. Being German all the action happens on Christmas day, Christmas dinner, unwrapping the presents, going to church and spending time battle for the win in the latest board game


  92. Eating lots of food!

  93. We have Gammon Fest on Christmas Eve – I buy the biggest piece of Gammon I can find and invite all my family and friends round to swap pressies and eat and drink! It’s my Birthday on Christmas Day – so you could say it’s a tradition for me to have an extra good and special time!

  94. Going out for a lovely long walk after Christmas Dinner with the Family

  95. Emma Mosley says:

    christmas dinner and a game of trivial pursuit – where my brother always cheats!

  96. michelle dootson says:

    kareoke on xmas day

  97. Watching the Snowman on Christmas Eve – done this since being a child.

  98. Joanne Sutton says:

    Traditional turkey and all the trimmings!

  99. Andrew Petrie says:

    We set out in the morning for an hour long walk before doing anything else.


    …….phoning family too far away to visit

  101. One of our family traditions is to cook a Turkey on Chrstmas day and another one is to put a tree in the lounge ?! We are such a MAD family lol

  102. Catherine Thomas says:

    Kissing under the mistletoe ;-)

  103. On the evening of Christmas Eve once everything that can be done has been done the family all settle down nd we begin our evening by chosing one gift each from under the tree, this is something I did had as a child and have continued with my own family, for us it is the start of our family Christmas.

  104. bucks fizz with bacon and eggs

  105. Kevin Honey says:

    Bucks Fizz before we open any presents!

  106. Jackie Foster says:

    I always make a family recipe homemade stuffing, even though it’d be quicker and easier to buy some ready made !

  107. A huge family get together on Boxing day :)

  108. JULIE BANKS says:

    Bacon butties and bucks fizz for breakfast on Christmas morning.

  109. We always spend an evening with my sisters and kids baking gingerbread men and drinking Christmas cocktails at the beginning of December.

  110. Gillian Holmes says:

    Not eating turkey.

  111. Emma Craven says:

    Leaving out a mince pie and a glass of sherry for Santa on Xmas Eve….I’m in my advancing 40s, and still love doing it!

  112. Always one empty extra plate on the table… just in case someone will pop with visit and will need food

  113. Susan Naylor says:

    We always wait until the afternoon before opening our Christmas presents. This is because it prolongs the excitment of Christmas for a bit longer.

  114. susie gough says:

    Always an Advent Calender and chocolate money for my sons, even though they are adults!

  115. lesley hamilton says:

    We always keeps an extra special present for the table

  116. Dee Dmonte says:

    We always watch the Muppet Christmas Carol every year on Christmas Eve :)

  117. Hazel Rea says:

    We have our first full Christmas meal on Christmas Eve by candlelight.

  118. Natasha Corder says:

    We always have pigs in blankets with Christmas dinner it’s the best bit!!

  119. Jacqui Williams says:

    Gammon on toast for breakfast for the whole Christmas period.

  120. Nicola Dudson says:

    We always have gammon and roast vegetables on Christmas Eve, we then settle down to watch a Christmas film and tuck into mince pies. The kids are then bathed and we have a game of pass the parcel before they go to bed.

  121. francesca nicholson says:

    having bacon, brie and cranberry sauce sandwiches for breakfast!

  122. Viv Gilbey says:

    We buy each other a silly novelty type present that we’ll always open at midnight Christmas Eve!

  123. Herbert Appleby says:

    We usually travel from London to Birmingham to visit my Fathers side of our family. He has four sisters in or near to Brum and now they all have grandchildren.

  124. We open our presents on Christmas Eve at dusk

  125. I still buy my sons an advent calendar each and they are 18 and 21

  126. We always have fruit salad in the evening.

  127. kristy brown says:

    We all open our stockings in our bed before going downstairs, a tradition I grew up with too.

  128. brenda heads says:

    Everyone gathering around to stir the Christmas cake.

  129. My sister and I give each other a gift that is hideously awful every year. I’m still trying to top the Elvis mirror she gave me but got close with the chocolate coated sprouts :o)

  130. Helen Moulden says:

    Having spent hours cooking the Christmas dinner, mum gets to pull the first cracker!

  131. Lemknip Pink says:

    We have our Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve, just the four of us (that in turn has traditions of its own, like the fact that we all have a glass bottle of Coca Cola with out meal) Christmas Day we’re an ‘open house’ with an ongoing buffet all day. All of our family, and any single friends who aren’t with their families for Christmas know that they’re welcome here on Christmas Day and can either drop in for a short time or stay all day. Our sons’ friends are welcome too if their own families become a bit too much. It’s generally chaos here on the big day itself but it’s happy chaos with a variety of people and that’s how we like it!

  132. Annette O'Brien says:

    I make my own christmas pudding every year and it’s so boozy that you don’t need anything to drink with it or afterwards!

  133. We watch the Good Old Queen

  134. CAROL PATRICK says:

    Enjoy a turkey dinner out at a nice restuarant on Christmas Eve (just the two of us) – lovely to relax and unwind before we start cooking for everyone tomorrow!!

  135. diane webb says:

    we don’t open presents till after dinner 3.00pm

  136. Garry Ashworth says:

    Glass of champagne as a toast, immediately before carving the turkey

  137. Judith Allen says:

    I love the Christmas morning dog walk. Lovely saying Merry Christmas to all the other dog owners, and Max gets to take his new squeaky toy.

  138. Tradition, Marmalade basted ham on Christmas eve.

  139. Sally Smith says:

    we like leaving hay out for the reindeer!

  140. Claire Osman says:

    we always have new pj’s for christmas eve…….just in case we bump into father christmas in the night ;-)

  141. SARAH SHAW says:

    Always have a Birthday cake on Christmas Day for my poor hubby!

  142. a small sherry when opening pressies

  143. miriam krutska says:


  144. We always sit down together after christmas dinner and play a board game, usually Monopoly or any new game someone has received as a present.

  145. valerie mccarthy says:

    Our daughter has learned about the meaning of Christmas so this year she will put baby Jesus in the Manger under our tree on his birthday. This is just one of a few traditions..

  146. Jill Mynard says:

    Opening a tin of roses chocolates on Christmas eve

  147. Sue Robinson says:

    We make talcum powder footprints from the back door to the christmas tree – we just sprinkle talc over my feet as I take steps leaving footprints. The kids love it and it makes the room smell lovely :)

  148. Emily Fowler says:

    My boyfriend always surprises me with the Christmas Tree – the first I know we’ve got one is when he textx me a picture!

  149. Sarah Peacock says:

    Annual family scrabble game on Christmas evening after Doctor Who

  150. Tracey Belcher says:

    toboggan fun on the shingle banks after dinner

  151. Jenny Rogers says:

    We don’t open presents till all the family are together at mom’s for Christmas tea.

  152. The dog gets a present (s) too and we wrap some paper around it that has come off one of our presents and then all watch him remove it and play with his new toy with him. And he has to have a new squeaky ball every year. He loves to squeak it as loud as he can.

  153. Smoked salmon for Christmas Day breakfast!

  154. Smoked salmon for Christmas Day breakfsat

  155. melanie crumpton says:

    Never have starters,, just stuff ourselves with dinner and dessert

  156. Greig spencer says:

    watching a festive film and pizza on xmas eve

  157. Fiona Karbal says:

    Even though my kids are both grown-up (and one of them is married), when they stay with us over Xmas they both follow the same “rules” we had when they were little: if they get up early they can open their stockings, but are not allowed to open any proper gifts till after Mum & Dad have got up and had a cup of coffee. And no waking parents up early either!

  158. My Mum always cooks up a massive bowl of Brussle Sprouts every single year despite the fact that only she likes them. It is our tradition (her kids) to eat one just so she can see our faces as we eat them and she always ends up in a fit of laughter! :)

  159. melanie stirling says:

    We always have a big get together at my father in laws on boxing day.

  160. Every year we buy the kids a new Christmas tree decoration so that when they leave home they have lots fr their own tree and lots of memories!

  161. Lynn Savage says:

    It might sound strange but we have a lebanese meze for Christmas day breakfast. We lived in the Middle East for a while and got used to this type of breakfast, and now it’s a special treat we keep for Christmas.

  162. every year we buy a new little decoration for the tree from somewhere nice we’ve been

  163. terina davidson says:

    one of our new christmas day traditions is for my family & my two brothers family is to meet in the morning at our parents grave with little gifts of festiveness for the grave, then we all give our special thanks & prays to our most wonderful parents who gave us a true strength of family.

  164. Darlene Taylor says:

    We have a little gold box of question cards I bought years ago from Pastimes just for fun after Christmas dinner. Years later, we still pull out the little gold box, everyone has a turn to answer and they’ve led to some lengthy insightful discussions :)

  165. M and I are discovering our own Christmas traditions at the moment, and it looks like our first is that we turn one evening in early December over to Christmas, the tree and decorations go up, cards are written, presents wrapped. In remembrance of M’s early German Christmases and our love of Christmas markets this is accompanied by Bratwurst, rosti, Gluwhein and stollen.

  166. Jane McColl says:

    On christmas eve we always leave a trail of chocolate coins from the chimney up to my sons room and tell him that santa had dropped them on his late night visit : )

  167. elaine stokes says:

    The family all come over for christmas dinner and everyone (all 20 of us) bring everyones presents over to put under the tree. After dinner and after dinner snooze thw children had out all the presents and on the count of 3 we all open them at the same time

  168. will be the least effort xmas dinner if i win

  169. we wait for granny and grandpa to come over before opening our presents

  170. maxime goodwin says:

    Cheesy i know but we always have to have no matter who we go to within the family a Prawn Coctail starter yum!

  171. Michelle Woolstencroft says:

    Using talc as snow leading up to Santas mince pie and brandy then walking in so it looks like Santas footprints the kids love it xxx

  172. alison john says:

    my hubby always makes the turkey dance with him before I put it in the oven

  173. Lyndsey Beckford says:

    We always used to have Christmas dinner at my gran’s so we had a Christmas meal at home on Christmas Eve and we got to open one Christmas present after dinner. Sadly my gran passed away so now Christmas is at my mum’s.

  174. Sheila Reeves says:

    No tv on Christmas Day – and a brand new board game :)

  175. Emma Williams says:

    Fab prize….christmas is sooo magical

  176. Janette Bates says:

    Kids get to ask Santa for one toy under £20, that way they play with a toy they really want and we get a lie in on Christmas morning.

  177. Marilyn Greenwood says:

    We always carry a large candle when we go downstairs on Christmas morning to see if Santa has been and Dad always has to look in first to check all is clear!

  178. hannah oneill says:

    Opening stockings at 7 am (sharp!)

  179. Karen Lloyd says:

    bucks fizz with our breakfast on Christmas morning

  180. Louise McKeen says:

    We start every Christmas eve by doing the food shopping, followed by an evening of peeling vegetables and re wrapping presents because all of the tags have fallen off and we have no idea what lays beneath the paper! x

  181. to go the midnight mass with the kids!

  182. Neville Rigg says:

    We used to have lots of traditions but now we stay at our daughters for Christmas we are happy to do as we are told but I still carve the turkey

  183. Neville Rigg says:

    We do,nt have many traditions now we go to my daughters for Christmas but I do still carve the turkey

  184. Amanda Reynolds says:

    We always open 1 small present each at midnight, just to ease the excitement until we all get up at about 10am – it saves some of us (well ok me!) getting everyone up at 7am just to open present.

  185. Nicola McC says:

    Church of Christmas Eve followed by a buffet at home.

  186. Apart from all the obvious suspects we just generally enjoy being very silly on Xmas Day – and making sure all 3 cats have a whale of a time with the wrapping!

  187. Stcokings on the fireplace, mince pie for Santa, ‘inexplicable’ ringing of jingle bells from the chimney! Father Christmas always drops one present on our drive too which we discover on our way back from church.

  188. We have a special Christmas candle holder shaped like a Christmas Tree but several years ago my son managed to set fire to his paper hat & hair but hey ho!!!!

  189. Sheri Darby says:

    So many – Chinese meal & maltesers Christmas Eve, Huge buffet lunch, Christmas Day, Big roast dinner, Christmas day and I eat all the nuts

  190. Charlotte H says:

    We always go on a family Christmas day walk with every family members dogs… can get a bit hectic! Look forward to it every year though :)

  191. Susan Cameron says:

    We have a Christmas Spider Web on Christmas morning..A different coloured ball of wool per person is strung round the living room,over and under furniture,ending in a present.It’s a tangled mess but the rest of the presents can’t be opened until everyone has their gift ( from the spider who lurks on our tree).

  192. Trying to sneak as many glasses of baileys as I can whilst preparing rhe meal

  193. David Paterson says:

    Christmas stockings in front of a real fire on Christmas morning

  194. Bacon sandwiches and freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast.

  195. has to be roast turkey with lots of roast potatos,cheesecake,with cream andchocolate log

  196. Te dog has Christmas dinner with us, not at the table though haha

  197. rebecca nisbet says:

    Having my family around in the morning for a big massive fry-up and open pressies thengo up to west brom to spend reast of day with other halfs family andsee my stepdaughter!

  198. Saran Benjamin says:

    Everyone has to have at least one brussel sprout with their Christmas dinner.

  199. Amanda Goldston says:

    Husband cooks the Christmas dinner whilst I put my feet up with a lovely glass or port and a box of chocolates

  200. Craig Smith says:

    Bacon Sarnie with present opening

  201. We always drink Bucks Fizz whilst opening our presents! :)

  202. Francesca Douglas says:

    One of my traditions is opening up just one present before I have to go to work. It takes a lot of will power just to open one, but my Christmas doesn’t really start until the evening, when I get home from work.

  203. Alison Johnson says:

    We have 2 trees, one which I decorate and make it colour co-ordinated and symetrical (Very OCD) and one I let the kids decorate however they want and I promise never to interfere with!

  204. New pyjamas for everyone on Christmas eve

  205. It’s a Christmas tradition for us to crack open the champagne at about 11am…or bucks fizz for the kids!

  206. Nicola Marie Reynolds says:

    We always watch Home Alone on DVD on Christmas Eve whilst preparing all the veg ready for Christmas dinner

  207. Champagne breakfast! x

  208. going to church on Christmas Eve

  209. Helen O'Keeffe says:

    The lighting of the Angel Chimes on Christmas eve marks the start of Christmas proper. Sherry is drunk and the “special” snacks come out!

  210. Amanda Richardson says:

    The ‘children’ making the bacon sandwiches for mid morning snack and then doing the washing up!!

  211. chris yocomp says:

    Surely we arent the only household to judge the best ‘Brussel sprout Fart’ post Xmas dinner!!

  212. Fran Douglas says:

    My best tradition is Pigs In Blankets and Sherry Trifle.

  213. annelouise hall says:

    fabulous! wakening up at 8am and opening santas present and eating some delicious cinnamon waffles and syrup!

  214. Turning into Scrooge every year

  215. Kerry Kilmister says:

    Every Christmas Eve my kids get to open one present, which is always new Christmas PJS. They get to wear them to bed that night and they are all Christmassy for opening their presents in the morning and for all the photos we take.

  216. we always go to the panto!

  217. Emma J Lowe says:

    before any presents are opened on xmas day, breakfast needs to be eaten, i not the chidren would play all day with nothing inside them

  218. Angie Hoggett says:

    very late present opening, it keeps me in suspense all day!!

  219. Alex Macdonald says:

    Turkey and Ham are the best for Xmas day!

  220. David Price says:

    I always cook turkey curry on boxing day

  221. Sue Jackson says:

    PJ and silly film day christmas eve. :)

  222. Dawn McBean says:

    The kids come into my room first thing to open there stockings

  223. Becci Cleary says:


  224. We always sprinkle reindeer dust (glitter & oats) on the lawn (hopefully in the snow) to attract Santa’s reindeers.

  225. vivian allman says:

    i’d love to win this, have always fancied trying the stock pots but haven’t liked to buy them in case we dont like them, i’d hate to waste my money. so fingers crossed

  226. Karen Whittaker says:

    We open our special cards to each other before breakfast on Christmas Day

  227. shelagh milne says:

    My adult kids still have their sacks from Father Christmas as well as presents round the tree.I’m definately going to have to wean them of this as stocking fillers for adults is a tad more expensive than a colouring book and crayons.

  228. Rennene Hartland says:

    Going to Midnight Mass

  229. tony houghton says:

    go to the pub untill 2pm then home for dinner

  230. Sylvia Paul says:

    Even though my kids are grown up Istill like to put out milk and cookies for santa.

  231. After lunch on Christmas Day we go round the garden looking for all the bulbs peeking through the soil.

  232. Bacon sandwiches for breakfast Christmas morning, great way to start the day

  233. Michelle Sykes says:

    We go to the pantomine on Christmas eve

  234. Daniel Stacey says:

    one present before bed

  235. Fiona Usher says:

    Our tradition is to usually wake the Children up about 5am, open the presents, spend a few hours trying to put batteries in everything…..the a big Fry Up……..then relaxing……then Christmas Dinner…..afterwards Family Games.

  236. Liam Hughes says:

    One of my christmas traditions is to open a bottle of wine christmas eve watch a crimbo film and get the cheese bored out :)

  237. Ann Willers says:

    Everyone still waits for me to go downstairs, open the lounge door and shout ‘He’s been, he’s been!!’ Even though family are grown up

  238. sandra geddes says:

    Watching dr who!

  239. Julie Brooke says:

    Everyone has to eat at least one sprout……even those people that hate them!!

  240. Clare walshe says:

    Putting up the Christmas stockings on Christmas Eve, ready for Santa x

  241. Fiona Timms says:

    we open presents on Christmas Day

  242. Derek Watson says:

    Hot chocolate on Christmas Eve before going to bed in Christmas mugs

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