Giveaway (CLOSED): Christmas Turkey and Meat Hamper from Farmer’s Choice RRP £140

Win this fabulous Christmas free range meat and turkey hamper from Farmer’s Choice, worth £140

Farmers Choice Turkey

Image from Farmer’s Choice

Christmas is an expensive time of year.  The cost of presents and extra food all add up.  Most people are also paid earlier in December, which makes for a long lean January.

Fuss Free Flavours has teamed up with Farmer’s Choice again – see my mother’s review here,  and  I am delighted to have this fantastic free range Christmas meat box, containing the feast below, to giveaway to one lucky reader.

Turkey Whole (White)  4000g  x 1
Topside  2000g  x 1
Salmon Fillet Smoked  250g  x 1
Shoulder Lamb Cushion  2000g  x 1
Bacon Streaky Dry Cure  250g  x 1
Gammon Joint  2000g  x 1
Chipolatas  500g Pork x 1
Sausage Meat  500g  x 1

Farmer’s Choice was established over 20 years ago, they are supplied with their free range meat by a number of free range farms across the country.   All meat is prepared and packed to order, blast chilled and delivered to the customer frozen, packed in boxes with sustainable wool insulation.

Win Christmas Free Range Turkey and Meat Hamper worth £140

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Good Luck!

Many thanks to Farmer’s Choice for this fab prize.

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  1. Emily McMillan says

    We have Christmas lunch normally about 2pm… that leaves rooms for turkey sandwiches & Christmas cake later on!! x

  2. tammy tollefsen says

    Definitely Christmas Lunch!! Can’t wait until dinner!! Have it around 1pm. Then got the rest of the day to watch tv and scoff again!!x

  3. Beth Scott says

    We only have cooked breakfast and the main Christmas meal which is served around 3pm so it could be either a late lunch or early dinner depending on how you look at it?

  4. Stacey Rowe says

    We have Christmas lunch about 1pm then a buffett in the evening, if you can’t indulge at Christmas when can you!? ;)

  5. Tracy Nixon says

    We have our Christmas ‘dinner’ at around 1.30pm so we are usually just finishing in time for the Queen’s speech!

  6. Helen Thurston says

    We have our Christmas Dinner about 1.00 – over the last few years we’ve had our ‘starter’ and ‘pudding’ at tea-time as we’re not used to having huge meals at lunchtime.

  7. says

    It depends what country I am in, in Spain it’s lunch but it is the typical late lunch so it is had at around 2-3pm. In England my in-laws seem to call it dinner but it is a late lunch really. Potato Potahto, as long as there is good food, I don’t mind the time.

  8. Susie Clayton says

    Christmas Dinner. Rarely eaten on Christmas Day though, due to working shifts in the hospital. I seem to eat endless Christmas meals elsewhere! Christmas Dinner will happen sometime over the 2 week festive period.

  9. Hazel Rea says

    We have our first full Christmas meal by candlelight on Christmas Eve around 6.30. We then have another full Christmas meal by candlelight on Christmas Day at about the same time.

  10. Mark Fridlington says

    It is Christmas dinner, mainly as the cooking preparation time means that it is not ready until after the Queen’s Speech. As a child, it was family tradition to make it more of a lunch meal as it meant that we could watch the “blockbuster” film or Only Fools And Horses’ special on TV but sadly, Christmas Day afternoon TV is just not what it used to be. Hence it makes more sense not to rush the meal’s preparation.

  11. Anna Stickland says

    A massive christmas lunch with several courses followed by a very lazy afternoon/evening picking our way through leftovers and others treats :-)

  12. Jeff Wolf says

    Christmas dinner – we get up too late to have it at lunch time! They joy of no longer having young children!

  13. Cara Smith says

    Oh my goodneww – that would be AMAZING! Would be the first year my daughter ever got a full xmas dinner if we won – it’s her birthday then too! crossing fingers!!

  14. Emma Carter says

    We have Christmas lunch around 2pm, that way there’s plenty of time for exchanging presents in the morning, the meal fills you up until the evening when it’s time for the Christmas pud, mince pies, or chocolates (or in our house, probably a combination of all three!)

  15. Rob Clayton says

    christmas dinner we call it, but we have it at lunchtime. im in yorkshire dinner time always was lunch time up here

  16. Deirdre M says

    Christmas Lunch in our house. Slightly later than normal lunch but leaves the rest of the day to relax afterwards! Looking forward to this year already :)

  17. Rebecca Matthews says

    Christmas Lunch we spend the whole morning with our little family then we invite the rest of the rabble over to share the leftovers and do gift swaps. The best day of the year x

  18. anita roberts says

    my son works in a nursing home and has to work on christmas day so we wait until he gets home at 730 before we have our christmas dinner :)

  19. David Greig says

    Christmas Dinner as Christmas Eve is spent having a few drinkies with those stay for xmas dinner…..i’m usually a little hung over lol

  20. Georgia McAllister says

    Whatever time we have it, it’s called Christmas dinner, Christmas lunch just doesn’t sound big enough!

  21. Bernie says

    We have a late lunch – about 2.30 – the kids are still too young to wait too long for food!! After a chocolatey breakfast – and a very early start to see if Santas been they are tired early on Christmas evening so tend to be in bed quite early :D

  22. says

    Lunch, I guess, though in the North, it’s called dinner. However, we have it quite late for lunch (don’t even start until 2pm) so it kind of becomes linner, or is it dunch? We rarely have more than a snack for the rest of the day!

  23. laura cope says

    We have family members who have to work xmas day so we have a Christmas Dinner when everyone is together at around 6pm.

  24. Lisa Williams says

    Christmas Dinner its sort of a late lunch kind of thing at about 3 or 4 in the afternoon we are usually pretty laid back when it comes to Christmas as its a day when nobody has any were to be and we all want to be spending time with each other and relaxing rather than worrying about what time food is. That said with this hamper in the oven I think the smells wafting through the house might make me try and hurry people up :)

  25. Orphan LOL says

    Nothing :( As the maternal gran, it seems I am always last on the list, so I sit here home alone & my daughter wonders why I’m not &&&^%$%^&*(*&^%%^&* annoyed that I cant see my one and only grandaughter :(

    Anyone else in the same boat ? Bad isnt it.

  26. Andrew Halliwell says

    Not normally, usually have something when I visit family, but that’s rarely at christmas, usually after the new year cos I do a christmas job. :)

    If I won that though I would, or I’d take it up with me and we could share it there.

  27. Faye Lester says

    Depends on where I go! This year we are all eating at my parents and there will be 15 of us so may be nearer to dinner depending on how long it takes to cook the food!! lol :-)

  28. Lisa Day says

    We have christmas Dinner as it’s one of the best parts of christmas apart from the presents and seeing peoples faces to hope you got it right.

  29. RHIAN THORN says

    We always have a Christmas dinner at lunch time on Christmas day and then have some lovely turkey sandwiches or rolls for tea. Mmm ………lovely!

  30. Angela Webster says

    We tend to have a Christmas lunch so we don’t fill ourselves up on goodies and not feel like eating it.

  31. Karen Whittaker says

    We always visit grandparents in the morning and then start cooking around 12noon, so usually eat around 4.30 – guess it’s an early dinner!!

  32. Lemknip Pink says

    We have Christmas dinner, but we have it on Christmas Eve. When my children were younger they were too excited to want to sit down for a meal on Christmas day, and that, combined with the fact that we have lots of drop-in visitors on the day itself led to us deciding to have our Dinner on Christmas Eve for just the four of us, and an ongoing buffet on Christmas Day so people can drop in whenever they want

  33. Susan Crosswaite says

    We always have Christmas lunch at around 1 o’clock – we try to not eat breakfast but often end up sampling some of our festive chocolates mid morning!

  34. Jenny Rogers says

    We have Christmas lunch around 2-3pm to allow room for a few choccies in the morning and then other treats later (but we call it dinner).

  35. Michelle says

    That’s a really interesting question. We have Christmas dinner. At somewhere between lunch time and dinner time.

  36. Fiona Matters says

    Christmas dinner. However time varies. I think it’s around 3. We have nibbles as breakfast (with Champagne of course) that are always fantastic.

  37. Vicky Cole says

    Christmas lunch and its the only time we have a big dinner so early but its become a tradition and we all love sitting back after and watching the christmas telly or playing board games

  38. Marie Rose says

    Dinner as my partner’s family does a massive Christmas breakfast so we’d die if we tried to eat dinner at lunch.

  39. Janey Huddart says

    Chocolate first thing (of course) .. then the whole Christmassy-shebang at around 2..2.30..3 (it slides y’know) … then whatever we can squeeze in later

    When i was younger .. we used to all go out for a curry on Christmas night (after we’d all eaten the full shebang elsewhere) … It was actually very marvellous!


  40. Samantha says

    would love to win this for my mums xmas lunch. Our family love sitting round the table together enjoying a lovely christmas roast. Later in the evening we have cheese and crackers, and cold meats to feast on.

  41. Dee says

    We have Christmas Dinner as we have a fry up in the morning and Dinner about 3 which means a little buffet of leftovers for supper. The best part about Christmas is the lovely food and the time spent with my wonderful family. Then I do it all again on Boxing Day. No better time than Christmas :o))

  42. Chris Williams says

    there isnt anything nicer than a lovely traditional christmas dinner which we normally have around 1.30 – 2pm.

  43. Christopher Mckendrick says

    Christmas lunch for my family… means we’re all asleep in our chairs by the time The Queen’s Speech is on!

  44. Irene Wright says

    Sometimes it’s Christmas dinner and sometimes it is Christmas lunch. Just depends when the kids are coming – they have two sets of people to please who also have to please other people so we just try to fit in with them.

  45. Miss Tracy Hanson says

    Usually have it about 3 pm. Too stuffed (lol) to have any tea, so end up having supper instead. Good luck to everyone. :) :D x

  46. Fiona Mallard says

    Ours is somewhere in the middle – usually a huge meal about 3pm, then a buffet type meal later for us all to pick at

  47. Jane Barrett says

    We have Christmas dinner, usually around 3pm. Then spend the evening nibbling on tasty bits and bobs and sipping wine.

  48. Kate O'Neill says

    Somewhere between the two really. If I’m organised and things go to plan then we have lunch, but if it goes pear shaped (which it invariably does, especially considering the amount of champagne that will have been drunk in the morning) then we have dinner.

  49. Sue Hunt says

    It depends on whether my Husband is working and what shift he’s on. Sometimes we don’t have a full Christmas Dinner until a few days later because the last thing he wants if he’s got to go to work is to sit down to a blow out meal.

  50. Gayl MacKinnon says

    I used to have Christmas Dinner-my 1 big pig out day of the year, but for the past 3 years we could no longer afford it.

  51. Sarah Morris says

    Always Christmas lunch, then in the evening we have cold meats and salads with lots of pickles and relishes.. ooh making myself hungry now.

  52. Francesca Light-Wilson says

    We usually have a ‘posh brunch at about 10am, have a late lunch at about 3pm then have a light buffet style supper at about 9pm.

  53. Amanda Hurst says

    In our house we have a late breakfast, then start Christmas lunch around 2ish with an aperitif. Then we will spend the next 3/4 hours eating, drinking and opening gifts (Gifts are opened, 1 per hour, from 9am – 9pm)that way christmas last’s all day.

  54. Hilda Hazel Wright says

    We are fairly unconventional. We have cheese and pickle sandwiches and salad at lunch time as normal, and then curry for evening meal! We prefer lighter lunches!

  55. Nicola Marie Reynolds says

    We have Christmas lunch around 1pm time then gorge on chocolate and other lovely goodies for the rest of the day

  56. Margaret says

    We have a boxing day dinner… its something that my mum did & i’ve carried it on.
    We have a party on christmas day…. party food and games.
    Kids are too excited to want to sit down and eat a roast dinner.

  57. cecelia Allen says

    Christmas Dinner, as a child of the 50s everyone had their dinner around mid-day and early evening was always tea time, a lunch was something like a late morning snack or a sandwich.

  58. Jay Scales says

    Lunch for us, but latish – usually after 2pm. Then just picky bits in the evening – no proper meal for dinner :)

  59. Caroline Johnson says

    Can anything beat a traditional Christmas lunch? A light start to the day with scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, fresh coffee, light brown toast, luck at 2pm with turkey, roast beef, pigs in blankets, roast potatoes, parsnips, sprouts, carrots, two different flavours of stuffing, cocktail sausages and Yorkshire puds, followed by Christmas pudding and brandy butter. Hopefully, enough leftovers for Boxing day cold cuts of cold meats and pickles, cold stuffing, hot cheese and potatoe bake, trifle, mince pies and lots of sleeping!

  60. Alison Macdonald says

    Christmas lunch for us is probably the most important meal of the year as it is one time when the whole family comes together. We usually have turkey and gammon. Mmmmmmmmmmm i’m drooling just thinking about it :-) not too long to wait now!!

  61. Jamielee Norris says

    This may sound rather confusing however we eat christmas dinner at lunch time although we do call it christmas dinner :-)

  62. Yvonne Brownsea says

    We have ours around 2pm, so I guess you would call it Christmas lunch (though I call lunch dinner and dinner tea :P so it is actually Christmas dinner to me)

  63. Rach James says

    We have Christmas inbetween! We eat at my parents about 3 or 4pm. Does get a bit confusing for the kids who want to know if they should have eaten before or get to eat again afterwards!

  64. Carolin says

    I am from Germany thats why we have a Christmas Dinner on the 24th, but we also have a Christmas lunch on the 25th, couldnt be happier with that ;)

  65. Cheryll H says

    I prefer Christmas lunch – it means we get the big meal and all the fun then we can clean up for a nice relaxed evening :)

  66. Helen says

    We have Christmas lunch, normally around 1.00 pm; I like to have the main meal earlier in the day otherwise it feels like I’m cooking/preparing all day

  67. Janine says

    Five course Christmas Dinner at 2pm. Prawn and smoked salmon starter, Turkey & all the trimmings, Christmas Pudding with custard and topped with brandy cream, Cheese/fruit board and finally Cream Irish coffee and mints. I just love Christmas.

  68. Beverley Leek says

    A house full as usual, which i wouldnt have it any other way. Fortunately, my Hubby and Sister cooks. I’m on cleaning up duties :)

  69. Janice Beal says

    We tend not to have lunch but to have an early dinner (about 4 or 5ish). It’s never set in stone – just whenever everything is ready!

  70. terina davidson says

    what a wonderful deliciuos gift to win for christmas,makes my tummy rummble with the thought of all those xmas goodies

  71. Sue Oldham says

    We always used to have Christmas lunch when the kids were little. iN recent years I have noticed though, and now they are grown up, that it tends to be more like Christmas dinner, ie later in the day, all depending on how hungry we all are of course!

  72. Tracey Starey says

    we have xmas lunch, I guess it’s always been that way in our family and I hadn’t even thought of doing it as dinner!

  73. maxime goodwin says

    Aprox 3.00pm so inbetween :) oooh love a christmas dinner would love to win this i would take it to my sisters as she is hosting this year!!

  74. Geraldine O'Gorman says

    Dinner! I’m Irish and a big meal is always ‘dinner’! God I would love this for my Christmas dinner. Fingers crossed and thanks for the chance xxx


    Usually its in between – about 3pm. Then munch on chocolates and other goodies for the rest of the day then turkey sandwiches for supper about 7!

  76. elaine stokes says

    we have christmas dinner, there will be 16 of us this year and two puppies so it may turn into christmas supper!!!!!!

  77. Colette Burgess says

    We have Christmas dinner at about 2pm and then tea at about 7ish which would be turkey sandwiches, pork pie, mince pies etc etc

  78. Michaela Williams says

    As I come from Czech Republic we always have traditional Czech Christmas dinner on 24th Dec, which is chicken and turkey escalope’s with potato salad ( which is really nice, nothing like the one you buy in shops in UK, we put in hours bit of mustard, gherkin, petit pois etc.)
    Then on 25th Dec my husband cooks traditional British dinner for about 4PM :-)
    We get best of both and our Christmas feast last two days :-)

  79. Darren says

    Really looking forward to some Christmas over indulgence. We have a Christmas lunch and then some cold meats for an evening meal.

  80. Louise Comb says

    We do the traditional Christmas lunch. We try to have it early, so that we have room later for tea time treat too. However, usually what happens is that we lay out a huge spread for tea, nibble on a prawn or two and then shove the whole lot into the fridge for leftovers over the next few days :)

  81. rachael says

    we have xmas dinner around 2pm , we have a large brekkie in the morning and normallyy dont eat after xmas dinner

  82. Hayley Williams says

    We have Christmas dinner around 3pm then stuff our faces with whatever we like for the rest of the day. Mum normally buys a Wiltshire ham joint for sandwiches in the evening. mmmm hurry up Christmas!

  83. Catherine Sage says

    I used to have Christmas Lunch but now it seems to be whenever it’s ready, usually around dinner time though, we have fresh bacon rolls for breakfast so it isn’t too bad, and Leftover sandwiches for tea, unless we are stuffed out on the chocolates and wine.

  84. Sherry Poppy Owen says

    We normally have a fry up Christmas morning, with our proper Christmas dinner ready about 3pm. Usually we are soooo full we end up having supper about 10pm!

  85. lorraine rogers says

    As money is very tight this year being a single mum and putting my daughter through college this would be a very grateful and appreciative christmas present for me

  86. kristy brown says

    We kind of have both as we sit down around 1430-1500hrs……negating lunch and been too stuffed for dinner!

  87. pamela hamby says

    We have christmas dinner in our house lots and lots of different foods that we wouldn’t normally eat – but what the hell it’s Christmas :):)

  88. Joelle Gilbert says

    We spread out our food. The starter is usually a soup and is eaten at lunch time, the main course is dinner. Pudding is supper. it allows our stomachs time to rest before the next round.

    The hamper would be excellent Christmas treat for our large family.

  89. carol phile says

    we have Christmas lunch as my brother likes to go home before it gets dark (he walks four miles across countryside to get here)

  90. Eleanor Wigmore says

    We have Christmas dinner in the evening. It means you don’t getthe afternoon slump and also you don’t need to get up at 5am!

  91. Lisa Charman says

    Christmas day starts with a Bucks fizz and my partner makes me breakfast in bed as I have a busy day ahead preparing the lunch which we eat around 2pm, depending on how many Bucks Fizz’s I’ve had!

  92. samantha devine says

    We have two Christmas dinners with each set of inlaws to keep everything sweet. One at about 2pm and one at about 6pm, we are then unable to move for the rest of the evening. Good job we like our food.

  93. Helen Moulden says

    We have Christmas turkey for lunch, so we have room for turkey sarnies in the evening! Am feeling festive already!

  94. Anne Roberts says

    Normally plan to eat at abour 3.00pm but there is so many of us – usually about 16 that dinner often doesn’t get served till about 4.00pm

  95. Angie Hoggett says

    We have christmas dinner, we always eat our main meal late on so we don’t venture too far off the normal time

  96. Kerry Pope says

    We call it Sunday Dinner but we actually eat at 1pm, our evening meal is a buffet with a variety of cooked meats and lots of yummy treats.

  97. Darryl Hilton says

    We have Christmas Dinner (ie at around mid day) as opposed to Christmas tea (which would be in the evening if you’re northern)

  98. Natalie White says

    We have sort of a mix between the two! We eat at about 3pm but it’s technically lunch, then we pick at sweets and leftovers in the evening! I can’t wait :)

  99. Sharon McGuinness says

    We have soup around lunchtime, then have turkey about 3ish and have a rest then have a dessert around 4-5pm. So I don’t know what you would really call it. I know the kids wouldn’t be able to eat it all at once. Maybe I could invent a name. How about lunchdin!!