Giveaway (CLOSED): Coffee Hamper from Puro Fairtrade

Puro Coffee prize

Image from Puro – Prize contents may vary.

In the Fuss Free household is coffee that makes the world go round – or at least gets the day started.

We recently tried some coffee from Puro and were impressed at the rich roast and importantly their Fairtrade, environmental and ethical credentials.

Well as we liked it, it seems only fair to share so I have one to give away to one Fuss Free Flavours reader.  For a chance to win follow the instructions below.

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Win a Coffee Hamper from Puro Fairtrade

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Good Luck!

Many thanks to Puro for providing this prize.

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  1. Hayley Todd says

    I must be honest that we are trying to spend less at the moment, so currently my answer is d) I prefer to make my coffee at home x

  2. Judith Allen says

    d) I prefer to prepare my coffee at home

    There aren’t any chain coffee shops in little Ruthin, and even if there were, prefer to not to spend silly money on a drink.

  3. Hellen Blades says

    Prefer big chain coffee but not one close enough for regular use so mainly go to a small independent coffee shop.

  4. WandaFish says

    c. I like to go to a local independent coffee shop, although I will occasionally prepare ‘proper’ coffee at home :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Alison Joyce says

    d) I prefer to prepare my coffee at home
    I’m on a diet at the moment and can’t resist the cakes and biscuits if I buy a coffee when out :)

  6. Sue McCarthy says

    I’m not that keen on coffee so would just buy a jar from the supermarket (fair trade). Would love to win this prize for my dad.

  7. Mark Whittaker says

    d) I prefer to prepare my coffee at home
    The only time I have coffee prepared for me is when I am visiting a different town and then I try to find an independent coffee shop.

  8. nikki lane says

    d) I prefer to prepare my coffee at home
    At least you can make it as strong/weak as you like it, without paying a fortune for one that isn’t that nice!!! ;)

  9. Zoe Whyman says

    At the moment, I usually make it at home, but when I go bike riding, there is a Starbucks at the end of a long track, so we stop there once a week.

  10. Eleanor Wigmore says

    Independent or at home. I hate the big chains and think they are contributing to losing the uniqueness of our high streets and putting small companies out of business.

  11. Lynne (@HonieBuk / HonieMummy Blog) says

    Mmmmh, I’m bit of a coffee snob – it has to be a good cup from a good bean. I don’t drink lots of cups a day, but I do like to sit down to a damn good cup of coffee (Mum’s need Time-Outs Too!).
    So from a Big Chain perspective, I do like to sit in a Starbucks (not a chain that sells Starbucks coffee – they don’t make it as well).
    We have a Coffee Shop in my home town called Deja Vu – so this is my favourite Independent Coffee Shop
    At home – I grind and filter my own (2 different machines) and if the kids are at school or in bed, this is my preferred way to drink coffee :o)

  12. megan h. says

    I prefer to make my own coffee at home but, for an occasional indulgence, I like to visit local independent coffee shops. The Commonplace Cafe in Indiana, PA; The Pearl Cup in Dallas, TX; and Kaladi’s Coffee in Denver, CO are my favorites!

  13. Robbie Fordom says

    I defintely make mine at home more, though in winter when out shopping a coffee to go from a big chain does go down well :)

  14. Fiona K says

    I prefer to make coffee at home, but it’s not always practical, so when buying ready-made coffee I try to avoid the dreaded St*rbucks and buy from small independent cafes

  15. says

    Honestly – a mixture of all of those. Big chains are useful – they are easy to find and have novelty coffees or loyalty schemes. Small chains are not that common, so that would be least likely. Independant are much better but often not in such convenient places. Also, I would drink in and take my time over a crafted coffee. Most of the time though I would make it at home – it’s cheaper

  16. Jess Mandeville says

    d) I prefer to maker mine at home, but will often treat myself at the train station as otherwise it gets cold by the time I walk from my house to the station.

  17. Diane Nicholl says

    I currently shop on-line as I don’t drive and my husband isn’t well enough to walk round a supermarket or shops. He can drive me there but stops in the car. So going shopping after work and struggling to do a full weeks shop unaided seemed a waste of effort. When he was in hospital and unable to drive for several months I got into internet shopping and now have a delivery once or twice a week. So I get my coffee from the supermarket and prepare at home.

  18. says

    I must admit I do all four! I live in a big city so we have big chains, little chains and independents and at weekend I like to make coffee at home.

  19. Ali Roberts says

    D) I prefer to make mine at home. On a bit of an economy drive at the moment, and it tastes just as good with the right quality coffee!

  20. Louise Comb says

    Confession: I don’t drink much coffee, BUT my hublet is a coffee addict, who usually makes it at home.

  21. katarina micallef says

    D) I prefer to make my coffee at home, but if i’m out and about there is a lovely independent coffee shop with guest speakers/ acoustic singers and the most amazing cakes ever.

  22. says

    Indie where I can, but I often struggle to find them unless I know the town well, in which case I end up going for large chains.

  23. Rachael Barratt says

    I probably buy most of it from large chain coffee shops, but only because they seem to be on every corner!

  24. Alfredo Sanchez Vazquez says

    A big chain of coffee shops, but i do have my own at home occasionally though my wife can’t stand the smell so not very often

  25. Fiona Matters says

    d) I prefer to prepare my coffee at home – I bought myself a rather expensive coffee machine for Christmas and it makes wonderful coffee!

  26. Lisa Wilkinson says

    Mostly d) but as an occasional treat I’ll get one from a big chain. They’re just to expensive to drink on a regular basis.

  27. Catwoman The Geek says

    I’ll be honest money is super tight so I tend to by mine from my local co-operative super market

  28. Alice B says

    On a weekday I get my coffee from a great independent shop near my work. Best coffee around! On the weekend, I make my own from home.

  29. Em says

    I prefer to prepare my coffee at home when possible, no real preference if I’m out and that’s not an option though!

  30. Jan Davies says

    I prefer to use independent coffee shops when I’m out, but sometimes I’m disappointed to find only the big chains! I’ve started planning ahead to make sure I pass one!

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