Giveaway (CLOSED): Denhay Bacon & Cheese and Nigel Slater’s Kitchen Diaries II

Denhay Bacon and Nigel Slater Prize

I am loving Nigel Slater’s latest series Dish of the Day.  What I especially enjoy is that most of his recipes are very simple ideas,  which require little prep, hands on time or faffing around and the resultant food is delicious and for me slightly nostalgic.   Just my sort of cooking, and, also the sort of food that anyone should be able to achieve.

The folks at Denhay Farms (who make very good bacon and cheese), have conducted some research into food memories and have found that the top three are the Christmas turkey, fish and chips and school dinners.   I have very vivid memories of my grandfather carving enormous Christmas turkey several years, for around 25 people, then dividing up the Christmas pudding, ensuring that my cousins and I all got a coin or two!

Primary school lunches – gypsy tart (a very Kentish pudding) served with a quarter of an apple to help get some of the sugar out of our teeth, and salad containing the devil’s food of raw celery which I tried to disguise in the equally revolting instant mash.

I also remember once being told off for talking – somethings never change – and having to stand and wait until everyone else had finished.  Ever one not to avoid confrontation I think that I told the teacher that my parents had in fact paid for me to have a hot meal, not one which had got cold.

Denhay would love to hear about your food memories, and one of them could win a £5000 holiday! Click here by the 30th November for a change to enter. This is a judged competition, rather than voting, so I am happy to support it!

For one Fuss Free Flavours reader I have bacon and cheese pack from Denhay, as well as a copy of Nigel Slater’s new cookbook, The Kitchen Diaries II, packed with recipes and reminiscences, to be won.  For a change to win simply follow the instructions below.


Win Denhay Farm Bacon & Cheese Pack and Nigel Slater’s New Book

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Many thanks to Denhay for this prize. Fuss Free Flavours has received Denhay Farm bacon, cheese and a copy of the book.

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  1. laura banks says:

    my dad making me sit at the table until i ate my broccoli was there for hours and strangely i love it now i’m older

  2. A food memory of mine is my nan cooking me sausages when I was younger and when checking if they were cooked caught her hair on fire on the grill!

    Not sure if this is what you were looking for but it is memorable to me!

  3. Karen Shuttleworth says:

    Playing ‘who can eat the most roast potatoes’ at school….

  4. rachel humphries says:

    Sadly corned beef with really badly mashed potato. My dad loved the meal so we got it all the time :(

  5. Lucy Taylor says:

    Pilchard sarnies, yuck!

  6. rachael woodhouse says:

    The first and only time my husband cooked for me, it was a curry from a jar & naan bread, was so nice but would of been even better had he heated the naan bread up!

  7. Clare Scammell says:

    Food memory: My sister and I are both quarter hungarian, and one night we decided to replicate our Nannas famous “nokedli”. Its basically hungarian dumplings, that are serve with a paprika chicken stew. Anywho, we got to work. In order to make the dumplings you have to sieve the dough through holes into a pot of boiling water so they form nicely. However without the right utensils it is a nightmare.. as we soon found out! I pulled a muscle trying to push the dough though a colander, my sister slipped and splatted it up the wall and it took us well over 2 hours to make our dumplings. It was good though! But now we really appreciate the effort our nanna put in cooking Nokedli for over 10 of us when we were younger!

  8. Ellie Bromilow says:

    oooh that would be eating my grans stuffed cabbage when i was a kid i loved it x

  9. I remember the traditional cakes my gran used to make. I’d have to make them myself if I wanted them now.

  10. Jam Roly Poly wrapped in greaseproof paper and then steamed – bliss.

  11. Heidi Roberts says:

    My mom’s spaghetti and meatballs was always my favourite dish – I cannot make it as good as her even though she tried to teach me several times.

    I would love to win Nigel Slater’s new book.

  12. I remember making purple cakes with my sister, we’d put such a slosh of red and blue food colouring in, it’s amazing anyone was willing to eat our creations!

  13. Tracy Nixon says:

    When we were little my dad gave us food poisoning while mum was in hospital having our younger brother. He kept reheating the homemade Sheperds pie mum had made before she went into hospital – each time we turned our noses, he said we would be served it again at our next meal! So it gave us food poisoning and were ill for days!

  14. Jane Willis says:

    Going to the funfair with my Grandad – I must have been tiny as he died before I turned 4 – and buying a bowl of steaming hot black peas to share as we walked around. I may be showing my age now, it must be 50 years since they stopped selling black peas at funfairs!

  15. I actually have terrible memories of school dinners. Being force fed beetroot and the delicious pink custard

  16. Making peppermint creams and christmas biscuits with my Auntie to give to my parents at christmas.

  17. I was a toddler standing on a stool in my nan’s kitchen pulling the feathers out of a dead chicken for dinner.
    Those were the days!

  18. Eating Chocolate Crunch Cake with Mint Custard at Infants School

  19. Hazel Rea says:

    My aunt used to make a marble cake with pink, white and chocolate swirls in it – she baked it in a range fired with peat – and no marble cake I’ve subsequently eaten even tastes as good as that one.

  20. Sandra Clarke says:

    Eating a spaghetti dish by the Rialto Bridge in Venice. I can still imagine myself there now and have never tasted spaghetti like that since.

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