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Denhay Bacon and Nigel Slater Prize

I am loving Nigel Slater’s latest series Dish of the Day.  What I especially enjoy is that most of his recipes are very simple ideas,  which require little prep, hands on time or faffing around and the resultant food is delicious and for me slightly nostalgic.   Just my sort of cooking, and, also the sort of food that anyone should be able to achieve.

The folks at Denhay Farms (who make very good bacon and cheese), have conducted some research into food memories and have found that the top three are the Christmas turkey, fish and chips and school dinners.   I have very vivid memories of my grandfather carving enormous Christmas turkey several years, for around 25 people, then dividing up the Christmas pudding, ensuring that my cousins and I all got a coin or two!

Primary school lunches – gypsy tart (a very Kentish pudding) served with a quarter of an apple to help get some of the sugar out of our teeth, and salad containing the devil’s food of raw celery which I tried to disguise in the equally revolting instant mash.

I also remember once being told off for talking – somethings never change – and having to stand and wait until everyone else had finished.  Ever one not to avoid confrontation I think that I told the teacher that my parents had in fact paid for me to have a hot meal, not one which had got cold.

Denhay would love to hear about your food memories, and one of them could win a £5000 holiday! Click here by the 30th November for a change to enter. This is a judged competition, rather than voting, so I am happy to support it!

For one Fuss Free Flavours reader I have bacon and cheese pack from Denhay, as well as a copy of Nigel Slater’s new cookbook, The Kitchen Diaries II, packed with recipes and reminiscences, to be won.  For a change to win simply follow the instructions below.


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Many thanks to Denhay for this prize. Fuss Free Flavours has received Denhay Farm bacon, cheese and a copy of the book.

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  1. laura banks says:

    my dad making me sit at the table until i ate my broccoli was there for hours and strangely i love it now i’m older

  2. A food memory of mine is my nan cooking me sausages when I was younger and when checking if they were cooked caught her hair on fire on the grill!

    Not sure if this is what you were looking for but it is memorable to me!

  3. Karen Shuttleworth says:

    Playing ‘who can eat the most roast potatoes’ at school….

  4. rachel humphries says:

    Sadly corned beef with really badly mashed potato. My dad loved the meal so we got it all the time :(

  5. Lucy Taylor says:

    Pilchard sarnies, yuck!

  6. rachael woodhouse says:

    The first and only time my husband cooked for me, it was a curry from a jar & naan bread, was so nice but would of been even better had he heated the naan bread up!

  7. Clare Scammell says:

    Food memory: My sister and I are both quarter hungarian, and one night we decided to replicate our Nannas famous “nokedli”. Its basically hungarian dumplings, that are serve with a paprika chicken stew. Anywho, we got to work. In order to make the dumplings you have to sieve the dough through holes into a pot of boiling water so they form nicely. However without the right utensils it is a nightmare.. as we soon found out! I pulled a muscle trying to push the dough though a colander, my sister slipped and splatted it up the wall and it took us well over 2 hours to make our dumplings. It was good though! But now we really appreciate the effort our nanna put in cooking Nokedli for over 10 of us when we were younger!

  8. Ellie Bromilow says:

    oooh that would be eating my grans stuffed cabbage when i was a kid i loved it x

  9. I remember the traditional cakes my gran used to make. I’d have to make them myself if I wanted them now.

  10. Jam Roly Poly wrapped in greaseproof paper and then steamed – bliss.

  11. Heidi Roberts says:

    My mom’s spaghetti and meatballs was always my favourite dish – I cannot make it as good as her even though she tried to teach me several times.

    I would love to win Nigel Slater’s new book.

  12. I remember making purple cakes with my sister, we’d put such a slosh of red and blue food colouring in, it’s amazing anyone was willing to eat our creations!

  13. Tracy Nixon says:

    When we were little my dad gave us food poisoning while mum was in hospital having our younger brother. He kept reheating the homemade Sheperds pie mum had made before she went into hospital – each time we turned our noses, he said we would be served it again at our next meal! So it gave us food poisoning and were ill for days!

  14. Jane Willis says:

    Going to the funfair with my Grandad – I must have been tiny as he died before I turned 4 – and buying a bowl of steaming hot black peas to share as we walked around. I may be showing my age now, it must be 50 years since they stopped selling black peas at funfairs!

  15. I actually have terrible memories of school dinners. Being force fed beetroot and the delicious pink custard

  16. Making peppermint creams and christmas biscuits with my Auntie to give to my parents at christmas.

  17. I was a toddler standing on a stool in my nan’s kitchen pulling the feathers out of a dead chicken for dinner.
    Those were the days!

  18. Eating Chocolate Crunch Cake with Mint Custard at Infants School

  19. Hazel Rea says:

    My aunt used to make a marble cake with pink, white and chocolate swirls in it – she baked it in a range fired with peat – and no marble cake I’ve subsequently eaten even tastes as good as that one.

  20. Sandra Clarke says:

    Eating a spaghetti dish by the Rialto Bridge in Venice. I can still imagine myself there now and have never tasted spaghetti like that since.

  21. Being fed cauliflower cheese and being told it was macaroni cheese coz i hated cauliflower

  22. Michelle Inwood says:

    Eating my Nana’s apple pie on a Saturday lunchtime


    School dinners. Meat pie that we used to call Pedigree Chum pie, and spam fritters.

  24. I quite often had the smell of delicious cooking sitting up stairs as a teenager then eagerly hurrying to the kitchen to find an unpleasant looking and tasting dish.

  25. My nan had the strange habit of putting boiled egg yolks into her chicken broth. I usually avoided them as I didn’t particularly like eggs, but one day one of them ended up on my plate covered in herbs. I was only 7 or 8 and didn’t recognise the egg at first, so I asked my dad what it was. The joker he is, he told me it was the eye of a chicken – it really looked like it and I totally believed him. I found the idea of having the egg of a chicken on my plate though that I haven’t touched boiled or fried eggs since…

  26. Kerry Clark says:

    I have quite bad food memories, like burgers from a can and meatballs in gravy, Yuck! Basically, if it came in a can, we would have it for dinner!

  27. Tink Rhonda Lee Mse says:

    Home made beefburgers and chips on a Saturday night cooked by my dad.

  28. Pauline Rendell says:

    I remember always having Spam on Tuesdays and hating Jam but shocking my parents once by asking for it on toast! I still hated it and they were angry, they should have been pleased I wanted to give it another go!

  29. Making cakes with my mum and scraping the bowl after

  30. Karen Whittaker says:

    Always love Nigel Slater – simple and tasty and very quick to cook from things you usually have in the fridge

  31. Laura Swann says:

    My dad telling me his mashed potatoes were so special that he cooked them for the queen!

  32. Val Hartley says:

    Eating my mums beef stew

  33. Catherine Sinead Mary Reynolds says:

    Food memory?
    The first time I cooked with my now Partner, he taught me how to make toad in the hole. It has now become “our” favourite dinner and makes me smile each time I cook it.

  34. Cheryl Edwards says:

    When i was a child i lived in a small shop in Cornwall and we had an old fashioned wire to cut the cheese and an old slicing machine to cut the bacon.

  35. When I was snowboarding in Italy stopping in the mountain cafe for Calzone and apple strudel and a cup of tea – so tasty

  36. hannah oneill says:

    Mums roast dinners! mmmm!

  37. My dad making his special chocolate and banana milkshakes on Saturday mornings when I was little – lovely.

  38. simon sims says:

    on pickle and peanut butter sandwiches after school – delicious.

  39. Glenn Hutton says:

    Being forced to eat peas at primary school… I chucked up everywhere!

  40. The first thing I ever made was Coconut Ice, made it at school and I hate coconut, still do.

  41. I remember when I was a child I went to scotland with my parents when I was about 4 or 5. It was dinner time and I ordered sausages and chips and cried when they bought out square sausages because I had never seen them before and was used to the round ones. I still get teased about it now at all our family gatherings

  42. Steven Appleton says:

    “Grandad” chips! these were the only chips I would eat as a child, they were extra long & my mum just could never make them the same as Grandad did – I loved them & now my kids call big chips “Grandad” chips

  43. Jayne Wilson says:

    I can remember my mam cooking Tripe and Pigs Trotters, I would never try them.

  44. Heather Haigh says:

    My dad making the Christmas cake and insisting everyone in the family gave it a stir and made a wish.

  45. Vicky Limerick says:

    My Great Aunt’s dumplings

  46. Karen Lloyd says:

    As a child we always had fish and chips from the takeaway on a Friday, which was fantastic. The only downside was I was always made to drink a cup of tea afterward to ‘wash the fat away’. I hated tea!

  47. If I did not eat my dinner as a child I would get it for breakfast

  48. Making cakes with the kids – cant beat it

  49. Angela Webster says:

    My grandad was the cook at my grandparents house when I was a little girl, he made the most amazing mashed potatoes, they smelt and tasted delicious and no mash has ever come close to it, I would have loved to have known what his secret was.

  50. Dean Parsons says:

    Having chinese style pork ribs every Friday with my grandparents. Lovely

  51. Aideen McElhone Patel says:

    Full Northern Irish all day fry :)) always a winner

  52. Lisa Pope says:

    Hunting for cockles at the beach with my Dad, then taking them home to cook rhen eat with salt & vinegar

  53. Teresa Lee says:

    Having beef curry for lunch at school, then being made to do a cross country run in the afternoon. Not a good combination, I ended up projectile vomiting everywhere as I was running.
    It put me off curry for several years, but thankfully I love it again now.

  54. Kate Andrews says:

    Making Shephards Pie for my dad every wednesday when he came to visit

  55. Barrie Phillips says:

    Egg and chips

  56. Jam & Ready Salted Crisp Sandwiches on picnics in the park with my family when I was young

  57. Sarah Morris says:

    I remember getting cheese & onion fritters and chips from a chip shop in the local area as a kid, and our dad driving us to a pub overlooking the harbour, and we would sit and eat our food in the car while watching the boats sailing around, it was our treat.

  58. Jeff Wolf says:

    My mum’s cheese & potato pie baked for hours in the oven so the top was crisp and cheesy…yum.

  59. Valerie Dallimore says:

    I found a live caterpillar in the lettuce on my plate one day in a school dinner when I was about 11 years old. I did not eat lettice again for many years.

  60. angela sandhu says:

    eating too much food one night out at uni and we could barely walk home

  61. paul jackson says:

    I was 14 when I went to France for the first time and asked for a cheese roll expecting cheddar in a round roll. I got camembert in half a French stick. It was heaven.

  62. Nick Whittaker says:

    cooking egg and ships age 7 for aunt and uncle

  63. Jill Webb says:

    Suasage Toad my dad would have this for his birthday tea and its my favorite to

  64. Emma Jackson says:

    I remember once when I was 10 being called down after bedtime because my mum had decided to make some chips in the fryer for a supper snack. She made the best chips and we were really excited to be up late with our parents :)

  65. The smell of my Grandmothers Bread Pudding baking in the oven.

  66. Caroline H says:

    When I was a student, we got a new housemate who was an Indian exchange student. He had never been to the UK before and we spent many a happy day trying to track down the ingredients he needed to cook the food he ate at home, trying to adapt our western kitchen to cook things in the same way and trying the results. We made some great food and I realised that Indian cuisine bore little resemblance to the dishes available in the Indian restaurants of the day.

  67. Emma J Lowe says:

    would have been about 8/9 and i made toffee with my great nan. remember beingin her kitchen and me and her stretching the toffee out. my great nan was a great cook, never used scales, just all by judgement, her cakes tasted good too.

  68. My friend’s Grandma making us sweetcorn pizza and then fairy cakes for dessert every Saturday when we were young!

  69. Sophia Kearney says:

    my dad making me an entire plate of yorkshire puddings for tea when that was all i wanted as i was sick

  70. Sylvia Leaver says:

    My Mum’s scrummy chocolate pudding with chocolate sauce. I’ve tried to make it and it has never been as good. She never followed a recipe but just threw everything in and it always turned out fabulously.

  71. melanie stirling says:

    Whenever I stayed at my nan and grandads house we had meat,potatoes and veg with homemade gravy every lunchtime and the gravy was the best I have ever tasted :)

  72. I remember I was obsessed with apple juice as a kid. Just the cheap stuff in cartons, but I couldn’t get enough of it!

  73. Making cupcakes with my late grandma

  74. Andrew Halliwell says:

    My mum used to make beef wellington, rag wrapped and boiled for most of the afternoon… Used to be my favourite meal with lashings of tomato ketchup and chips.

  75. Lisa Williams says:

    Having my first taste of crab aged 8 crab and cheese sauce topped pancakes smothered with more crab and more sauce it was amazing !

  76. When I was little, many moons ago, when we were ill we were given bread in hot milk with sugar on top. I can’t stand the smell of hot milk some 50 years later!

  77. Mark Whittaker says:

    Growing up we were pretty skint. There were days when mum would give us what she called “Slop” which was just warm milk, stale bread and sugar. Not something I want to revisit. However another economy dish I still love, “Bacon Clanger” – a steamed suet pudding made with bacon off cuts sage and onion. Every now and then I get mum to make it and for me its a real comfort food. Before anyone thinks this is a story of the great depression, this was in the 70s ! lol

  78. Learning how to bake with my Aunt

  79. lesley hamilton says:

    My Grandma making soup ang baking on a saturday, the smells in her kitchen were to die for. Eccles cakes fresh out of the oven, cut open and lashings of butter on them, they were divine

  80. Susan Crosswaite says:

    On my first day at school I refused to eat my school lunch. When the dinner ladies asked me why I wasn’t eating it I replied “because I’m not allowed to eat leaves”. Living in the country my Mum had always drilled it into me not to eat leaves because they could be poisonous – I took her at her word that day when they served me salad at school!

  81. Phil Darling says:

    Eating in The Landau for a birthday treat – amazing

  82. Tony Hone says:

    Little bags of baked potatoes when shopping in Brum !

  83. William Gould says:

    Having breakfast outside by the pool, in a hotel in Monte Carlo takes some beating!

  84. Fighting with my brother over who got the ‘skin’ on Mums homemade rice pudding.

  85. having seafood platter in paris for the first time

  86. Joanne Mapp says:

    My Nan used to make the most wonderful cakes. For my 7th Birthday, she made me a crinoline lady. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen!

  87. Karen Barrett says:

    Going to the corner shop on a Tuesday with my Grandma to pick up our Bacon Ribs. They were always wrapped in muslin an we seemed to be the shop forever as my Grandma liked a natter! We then walked up the lane to our house and Grandma would prepare the potatoes and vegetables and make a gorgeous Bacon Hotpot for my parents when they came in from work… Happy days x

  88. Jane McColl says:

    My favourite food memory is eating Japanese street food in Tokyo at Meiji Jingu, We had Takoyaki which is octopus pieces cooked in balls of seasoned batter with mayonnaise and bonito flakes. They were so delicious I wish I could buy them here. I’m thinking of buying a Takoyaki maker from Ebay so I can make my own.

  89. Pat Stubbs says:

    My mum’s apple pie – she made the most delicious pastry

  90. Jayne Sullivan says:

    Eating homemade pumpkin porridge in the Ukraine when I was working there. I still have a gash on my finger from cutting the pumpkin !

  91. shane weir says:

    Jam Roly Poly and custard mmmmmmmmmmmm

  92. EMMA WALTERS says:


  93. Helen Barton says:

    My Dad made us rabbit pie, I refused to eat it :(

  94. Zoe Howarth says:

    In the 80’s blackcurrant cheesecake seemed to be the rage. I thought it was just our house were we seemed to have this delight but my husband says that it was the same for him when he was growing up!

  95. liz denial says:

    My first ever food memory was after I had my tonsils out at the age of 2. Before that I had no sense of smell & could not eat solids. After my operation my Mum was cooking fish & I said to her ‘Mummy I can mell, I an mell!’

  96. Eating a whole octopus in Portugal as a kid. I put my fork in one of its eyes and ink squirted out all over my step fathers plate/food.

  97. Stew and Dumplings at my grandparents, never seen or tasted anything like it!

  98. My Granny’s shepherds pie – no one has ever made it as good as she did.

  99. Amanda Hurst says:

    I remember being a small child and visiting my Grandparents with my older Brother and them taking us down to the beach to pick mussels. Then we would take them home, to cook and eat them….I still love mussels 45 years later, and always think of my Grandparents when I eat them. : )

  100. Allan Smith says:

    Breakfast on Christmas morning as a child.

  101. cecelia Allen says:

    Mum cooking steamed suet pudding cooking in a muslim bag served with what we then called treacle but is now golden syrup and custard.

  102. I remember the one and only time I tasted a lychee it tasted horrible and reminded me of an eyeball! I was only small at the time but I’d never try another!!

  103. Nearly burning the house down making fudge with my sister!

  104. Helping my Mum to make mince pies and being allowed to eat little scraps of leftover pastry. The raw pastry never tasted very nice but it always felt like a special ‘grown up’ treat for being allowed to help with the baking.

  105. Julie Picton says:

    Secretly giving my sister mashed potato (I hated it)

  106. Susan Bowe says:

    My dad serving me burnt beans on toast every Saturday lunchtime :S still hate them

  107. My Auntie Edith’s for tea. Dining table covered in chenille cloth covered with Nottingham lace overcloth. Best china and Aunties sandwiches, made from hand sliced bread thin as tissue…with lovely ham and mustard.

  108. anna myszak says:

    Picking raspberries in the forest.

  109. Jay Scales says:

    Brawn! My grandma used to make her own and bring it round in a big glass bowl. I never knew what it was as a child, and only found out years later.

  110. Ali Thorpe says:

    When I was a child, I used to catch those feathery seeds from inside thistles which would float around on the evening breeze. We called them fairies and would make a wish when we caught them. I always wished for ice cream.

  111. Claire Butler says:

    my Nanny’s dinners were just amzing she was just the best simple cook ever no-ones food comes remotely close. I wish she hadnt passed away before id had a chance to learn from her properly. I grew up helping but i still dont know her secrets

  112. susan hoggett says:


  113. Renee Armstrong says:

    My dad bringing a bacon and egg breakfast in bed for me and mum on a Sunday morning when I was little.

  114. One of my food memories was my parents hiding car-sickness pills inside marshmallows, as I had refused to eat the pills. I avoided marshmallows for years after that.

  115. my dads homemade curries that used to make eyes water

  116. Pikelets when I was a kid with marmite and cheese on them whilst we watched saturday night early tv as a child!

  117. One of my happiest food memories was a smoked mackrel bap, scoffed on a windy seafront in clovelly on honeymoon.

  118. Lorna Totton says:

    My Mother in Law’s beautiful Trifle. Have never tasted a better one. Only wish i had found out her secret.

  119. Maya Russell says:

    I remember being made to eat Semolina pudding which I absolutely hated. I can see the bowl in front of me. I was only 5 or 6 years old and must have sat there for hours.

  120. Cheryll H says:

    I remember pinching a box of sugar puffs from the kitchen cupboard and hiding under the dining room table to eat them with my twin sister! My Dad caught us half way through and was sooo mad but they were sooooo good :)

  121. Janice Beal says:

    I remember baking Empire Biscuits(does anyone remember them?) with my mum on a Sunday afternoon. I was very proud to be allowed to ice them and always coloured the icing a bright shade of pink!!

    Licking out the bowl was also a perk!

  122. I always remember going to my Grandma & Grandad’s house for a Sunday roast, I was only 8 at the most and obviously far too young to understand what parts of the roast meat I should eat and what I shouldn’t! I’d always be stuck with a piece of gristle chewing for hours! Put me off roasts for about 15 years!

  123. rupert summerton says:

    sunday roasts as a child


    I loved oxtail soup as a child – ate it all the time – as a result I now despise it and the thought of it makes me feel sick! xoxo

  125. Victoria Leedham says:

    i remember being very small sat on the door step shelling peas so excitedly but was mortified at the prospect of actually eating them

  126. Debbie Stanley says:

    My sister and I used to go to my Nans after church on Sundays and she would cook us saute potatoes in butter with lovely runny scrambled egg.

  127. my food memory is eating my mums casseroles and stews that we had almost daily because we had little money, but they were delicious and healthy.

  128. Each Christmas Eve my nan did a home made wild mushroom soup for lunch, each year I try to make it the exact same way, but it never tastes as perfect.

  129. Rach James says:

    I used to get really excited about having the smallest new potatoes. One day I decided I couldn’t bear to eat them straight away. Mum’s rule was that we had to clear our plates before we could leave the table so I wrapped the tiny ‘tatters up in a tissue to eat later….NOT recommended, potatoes with stuck on bits of tissue paper are not nice!

  130. Amy Ripley says:

    Having baked beans on toast in a bowl – dads speciality!

  131. sue barton says:

    My mum used to boil up a pan of bacon bones and we would have them for Sunday Tea around the fire.
    Nowadays they would be called bacon ribs

  132. Angela M - Garden Tea Cakes and Me says:

    When I was a little girl I remember visiting my grandparents and helping my grandfather make sausage rolls and best of all eating them :)

  133. Maria Turner says:

    Being at my grandparents house when nan was cooking a roast dinner. It just had that certain aroma to it that I never seem to recreate.
    I also remember always refusing the offer of skin from her rice pud, yet now that skin is mine.. all mine, I tell you :)

  134. Lindsey Jones says:

    I used to love baking every sunday with my mum.

  135. Janice Davison says:

    Being forced to try courgettes. Still hate them to this day

  136. Helping my dad count as he kneeded the bread dough – he used to do it 100 times.

  137. Mia Fergusson says:

    I was made to sit at the table until id finished my mash potato , i pulled a tantrum and flung it , my mum walked back in and said well done Mia ! until of course she spotted the mash potato dripping from the ceiling !

  138. Susan Peart says:

    My Grandad making us egg & tomato sandwiches on a Sunday afternoon, tinned fruit and cream for afterwards, loved it!!

  139. Mum making Clootie Dumpling, I used to love licking the wooden spoon.

  140. KENNETH JACKSON says:

    eating a cheese and onion sandwich on some scaffolding on a building site with my dad when i was about 14 years old

  141. Amanda Oakley says:

    Eating at a pub called the Anvil when I was about 7 – the kids menu was half portions of anything off the adult menu, which I remember thinking was the best idea ever!

  142. kay adeola says:

    my grandma cooking breaded chicken rice and peas nom nom

  143. tamalyn roberts says:

    my grans salmon sandwiches on a sunday evening with the bread with seeds on, i hate the seeds lol

  144. I loved school dinners and would always go for seconds if possible.

  145. I remember as a kid my cat one Christmas enjoying my mum’s salmon and prawn starters in the kitchen, we had to hide this from my dad as he would not have eaten his if he’d known about that!

  146. philadelphia, banana and honey sandwiches

  147. Eating the first cake I’d ever made (it was horrible)

  148. My gran used to make lovely big pots of Scotch broth so whenever I smell it cooking now it instantly takes me back to visiting her house when I was young

  149. Lisa Rowsell says:

    Helping my mum make the Christmas cake every year.

  150. Julie Davies says:

    My Mum, bless her, was never very good with “foreign” food. She went into our local bakery and asked them for a kwichy – what she wanted to buy was quiche!

  151. As a child I detested meat … I would chew and chew and chew until it was a tasteless lump of dry yuckiness… thankfully I have grown out of this dislike and now love cooking and eating meat! ..Funny how early memories always stick tho!

  152. making mince pies with my mum when i was about 3

  153. Claire Fraser says:

    One particularly strong memory comes from when we lived with my grandfather in the 60’s. He used to insist on having a dried salted fish on Good Friday. The only problem was that it had to be soaked for days before and the smell!!!! For a child it seemed to linger for weeks.

  154. Rainie Bish says:

    My nan making the christmas puddings. She had 4 married children who between them had 9 children and it was tradition that every year we all gather at her house to stir the pudding mixture and make a wish. That was always my favourite day of the year.

  155. Always having Chinese food on Christmas Eve, never any other time – my parents still do this :)

  156. SUSAN BANNISTER says:

    Bubble & squeak made from Sunday lunch left overs.

  157. Licking the bowl when baking, doesn’t every kid do it? It drove my mother insane, she was such a stickler for getting every last scrap into the baking tin!

  158. Julie Jones says:

    My nan used to mash the fat from the pork chops into my mashed potato to give it flavour, I used to hate it but had to eat it. I can’t stand fatty meat now.

  159. Melanie C says:

    One Mother’s Day when I was about 13, I ate a potato that was too hot and blacked out! It only lasted about a minute but in my head I watched a whole episode of Eastenders, the one where the car lot burnt down, it had been on in the background whilst we ate dinner! Funny what you remember, bloomin potatoes! xx

  160. jennifer thorpe says:

    my mums roast dinners, I shall always have the very best memories of them

  161. Michelle Hughes says:

    Has to be the mint custard we enjoyed once a week as a school diner treat, lots of fond memories

  162. Joelle Gilbert says:

    As a child i Pretended to like my Dad’s tv series soap just so I could stay up late and have a bacon buttie.

  163. andrea miles says:

    I remember having a huge spag bol at a restaurant in Haverfordwest when I was about 7

  164. Carole barnes says:

    Strawberries. on cereal in sandwichs, in pies & tarts. on their on with ice cream/cream made into jam & frozen I used to help my dad pick em by the bucketful. We had a very large garden & a big bed of strawberries every June i was always sick to the sight of those flippin red berries.


    my food memory is…….we had a set weekly menu, we always knew what was for tea on each day of the week

  166. Fiona Matters says:

    Bubble and squeak at Christmas is one of my earliest memories. Mmmm yummy.

  167. iain maciver says:

    school dinners tapioca dont touch it now

  168. helen battle says:

    My brother (when he was younger) licking the cake on the plate that he liked so no one else could have it!!!!

  169. Susan Naylor says:

    I always enjoy watching Nigel Slater cook, so his new book would be a very welcome addition to my kitchen shelf. The cheese and bacon sound delicious as well.

  170. Pauline Simpson says:

    Prawns in creamy pernod sauce with rice served in a little restraunt in Malta on holiday


    Picking and podding Broad beans at the age of about 5, then enjoying them steaming hot with homegrown salad.

  172. Diane Carey says:

    Cooking with my grandma when I was little. She would make a large Meat & Potato pie, pastry just on top. She would let me make roses out of pastry to put on the top. She would save some pastry and let me make a large jam tart or mincemeat tart. Also her sausage & chips were like no one elses. Her dubs were also gorgeous

  173. Dave Edwards says:

    Eating a very tasty steak in Antwerp to later realise it was horse meat…

  174. Kevin Honey says:

    My Mum’s Macaroni Cheese with a boiled egg in it.

  175. shirley lancaster says:

    As a child Saturday tea time was cheese on toast followed by yummy M&S blackcurrant sundaes while sat on the living room floor watching Doctor Who. Simple but soooooo nice.

  176. my mums home baked bread pudding yummy

  177. Jenny Rogers says:

    My grandad’s chips cooked in a blackened pan on an open range fire – best chips ever.

  178. elaine stokes says:

    sitting around our kitchen table, which had been taken outside….. i was 3 (1976) and eating our tea because it was a hot summer…..

  179. tracey gibbons says:

    grandads home made bacon and lentil soup delicious

  180. Alison Turner says:

    when we were kids we used to go out and collect wild raspberries,gooseberries,black and redcurrants,blackberries and cherries and then mum used to have a huge baking day making pies,tarts and jams they were so delicious. :)

  181. Ashley Alden says:

    A fond food memory of me is whenever I used to visit my grandmother, she had a selection of cheeses and let me a try a little of each if I was peckish. I guess that’s where my love of cheese originated from.

  182. Street food in laos, I can still smell it. Wonderful!

  183. Paula Phillips says:

    Home made egg custard and rice pudding every week when I visited my grandparents.

  184. Ruth Tesdale says:

    Eating baked potatoes cooked in the embers of the bonfire on Bonfire Night

  185. School dinners! Yummy!

  186. Eleanor Wigmore says:

    Making traybake cakes with my Mum. I also remember her ancient scales!

  187. Sarah Davies says:

    The dinner lady at school who knew I didn’t like custard, would just give me one drop, so I could spread it around the bowl and pretend I had eaten some.

  188. Dee Dmonte says:

    A very bad one was being fed the dreaded spam!

  189. Brian McDaid says:

    Eating Chocolate Crunch Cake with Mint Custard at Infants School

  190. I always remember when we were much younger.My brother shoot the tomato ketchup up and down as it wasn’t coming out and he didn’t put the lid back on it properly.Hence tomato ketchup across the ceiling and kitchen from where he fired it lol.

  191. emma kinsey says:


  192. Kirsty Woods says:

    I remember when i was a kid,i was at my friends house and they were having spaghetti for dinner.My friends brother was eating and sneezed and a great big long bit of spaghetti came out of his nose YUCK!

  193. Emily Fowler says:

    My mom cooking Christmas dinner every year for 10 people (I don’t know how she did it!), and my great uncle falling asleep at the table every time.

  194. kristy brown says:

    Discovering Oxtail Soup was made from actual tail! I was only 9 and refused to eat it as it must have poo in it. My stepdad was a mean man and he served the same bowl every meal time for 3 days (I still didn’t eat it and haven’t touched it since)

  195. Carolynn Woodland says:

    The creamed haddock my mother used to make. It was the only way I ever ate fish.

  196. Eating a scotch egg whilst out at a picnic in the local park on a glorious summer day many years ago, sheer bliss :)

  197. Talking of cheese and bacon – one of my faves used to be bacon and cheese on toast. I remember grilling the cheese on toast and I hadn’t realised there was a plastic colander on top of the grill. Pushed my hand under to get the toast and it dripped all over my hand. I was in bandages for weeks!

  198. Baking biscuits for Christmas with my mum as a child and then decorating them. There was always more flour in my hair than on the table.

  199. Kate O'Neill says:

    Every Saturday lunchtime we had a Cornish pasty with beans whilst settling own to watch Grandstand

  200. rachael jones mann says:

    eating chocolate spread sarnies in my friends garden for a picnic aged about 7 , because my mum never let me have chocolate sandwiches haha

  201. Corned beef hash. Every Tuesday, without fail.

  202. Annette Hanley says:

    My grans thick beef stew it was lovely but have never managed to make it the same myself.

  203. Chris Davies says:

    This morning, mmm porridge and nutella!

  204. Greig spencer says:

    xmas pudding on xmas day.. yummy

  205. I was a bit ‘awkward’ to feed when I was young. My gran was told I liked spam so gues what I got EVERY day for a 2 week stay in the summer holidays?! I haven’t eaten it since!

  206. Lyndsey Beckford says:

    Having New York cheesecake in New York! :-)

  207. Rebecca Boswell says:

    My grandmas high tea on a Sunday – what I would give to see her again and eat her fantastic food…

  208. Nancy Bradford says:

    At a restaurant in San Antonio eating crawfish when my daughter bit into one and a bunch of horrible yellow stuff oozed out (yuck!).

  209. Going to my friends house for dinner and dropping spaghetti all over my face.

  210. Daphne Mueller says:

    I am a bit worried about winning this, as I know my daughter also wants a copy?!!

  211. Daphne Mueller says:

    Granny always cookes mince and tatties, which I like, but hers was always over salted

  212. chocolate eggs – Easter time – lots of fun – lots of dirty faces

  213. Andrea Morton says:

    Helping to make buns and decorating them with hundreds and thousands

  214. Lucy J Morgan says:

    Having a massive sharing size icecream all to myself :D

  215. Joanne Nelson says:

    mince and dumplings in primary school. Urgh. I can’t even think about those hideous dumplings without retching. I’m told that dumplings can be lovely – I don’t really believe it!

  216. Kevin Honey says:

    My Mum’s macaroni cheese with a boiled egg

  217. of a snowy winter day, we had no electricity, so lunch was sat under blankets eating cheese and bread

  218. Clare cherrington says:


  219. Angela McDonald says:

    I attempted to make homemade fudge for the frst time for my boyfriends birthday.. i didnt have any vanilla essence though so i put in a ‘couple of drops’ of strawberry essence.. it was SO strong and needless tosay the fudge didnt set either!

  220. Sarah Cooper says:

    Being really surprised that I liked the combination of cheese and jam with crackers. I thought it sounded disgusting, but it was delicious.

  221. joy dehany says:

    Trying to bake a cake with my sister and I have no idea what went wrong, but it spilled out over the tin and left a massive burned on circle on the bottom of the oven. Mum wasn’t happy.

  222. Eating too many Kiwis cause I loved them – they made me very ill!

  223. One of my best food memories was as a child receiving a huge (well it seemed huge to me at the time…lol) hand made Easter egg, decorated all over with sugar flowers and hand made chocolates inside nestled in tissue paper. I remember I didn’t want to break it open as it was so pretty but my brother put paid to that by breaking it because he couldn’t wait any longer to get a piece of the chocolate

  224. George Spedding says:

    Ravioli out of a tin when camping, the best thing I have ever had

  225. sairz eastham says:

    Baking cakes with my nanna <3

    She was awful at it but we had fun lol

  226. Julie Brooke says:

    I hated avocado as a teenager. They’re now one of my favourite foods. Strange how tastes change over time

  227. Tracy Gladman says:

    My parents forcing me to eat Liver and Bacon when i was a child – I was disgusted but as an adult I now love it!

  228. Lynn Brown says:

    My late Mum’s rock cakes, they literally were! but she made great Yorkshire pudding.

  229. remember my mum scraping the bowl hoping there would be some left foe me and my my grandchildren do it for me.

  230. Hayley Williams says:

    My mum always made a really nice stew when it was really cold. Lovely when you have just been outside

  231. Sitting at my great gran’s table mixing cake batter for her.

  232. Amanda Oakley says:

    My Nanna used to make the most amazing crunch. After she passed away I used her recipe to recreate it for the favours for my wedding.

  233. Sheila Reeves says:

    My grandmas Roast Beef – used to get the most amazing tasting meat sediment, which we got to sample before she made the gravy – served with the best roasties :))

  234. A food memory of mine is my mom’s stew. We always seem to get it when “University Challenge” was on TV. Now I always think of stew when I see Jeremy Paxman!

  235. My Grans cakes :)


  236. One of my fondest childhood memories involving food was trying smoked salmon for the first time and proving everyone wrong when I loved it. I felt very grown up!!!

  237. Rod Curtis says:

    Always remember cooking eating my first mackerel, I had caught it myself on a fishing trip with my uncle and when we got back my aunt showed me how to prepare it, remember I baked it with cucumber :)

  238. Making fairy cakes from a box every week with my mum and sister – we loved it as kids!

  239. samantha swain says:

    I remember my grandmas bread pudding

  240. My Granny’s Mince N Tatties was soooo good :-)

  241. Potato curry, made for me by my grandmother as a child, because I was a fussy eater and didn’t want to try the more interesting curries everyone else was having for dinner!

  242. Romana Richards says:

    I remember going away as a family for 2weeks and we had 5 mins to finish off 12 eggs and a load of caster sugar (well, mum didn’t want them to go to waste) so we whizzed them up together to make a sweet foam and we ate it all up between 5 of us till we felt sick. It made our car journey “interesting”.

  243. having to stay at the table till i finished my vegetables

  244. Sally Carter says:

    Sitting in the garden on a hit summers day, shelling peas – and eating most of them!

  245. MARY HOCKENHULL says:

    My abiding food memory is of the house stinking of bacon and cabbage boiled for hours, my mum was a dreadful cook

  246. lorraine rogers says:

    wow what a prize

  247. anthony martin says:

    Making a duck in honey and ginger sauce dish for friends family, then eating the duck myself and doing them a chicken..

  248. Jackie Walter says:

    Discovering what the bowl of hot white stuff at the end of a serving counter was on Roast Beef day whilst at junior school aged 7!! I was the only kid to eat it apparently!

  249. Sunday roast beef dinner with my gran, all sitting round the table dying to eat but scared to until she sat down after cooking it :)

  250. Helen Thurston says:

    Baking with my Nan – remember the measuring out using her Tala measure and then making drop scones, crumbles, sponge cakes. Her sherry trifle was legendary too.

  251. David Powell says:

    Fish Finger sandwiches

  252. nikki cook says:

    eating real fresh fudge in cornwall as a child next toa feild of smelly cows

  253. MARK HOPKINS says:

    My Dads onion soup was a hit for everyone who tasted it.

  254. Katherine Coldicott says:

    Making toffee with my dad it was fun and tasted wonderful

  255. A BLT with Avocado watching the Sun set at Noosa Heads, Australia. oh, and a beer

  256. My nan used to make the best roast potatoes, and try as I might I can just never get them they way she did.

  257. looks good!

  258. Leanne Rowlands says:

    Having my first kfc in america….. definitely puts the UK to shame!!!

  259. Being told parsnips were chips at school

  260. Picnics on the beach as a child- sandy ham sandwiches and scotch eggs.

  261. Chasing after a headless chicken, helping to pluck it and prepare it for dinner with my grandma on the farm.

  262. marianne lester-george says:

    Eating steak tartar for the first time in Cannes with my husband

  263. dragonfly63 says:

    Eating a yoghurt when Ski very first started to be sold – the tip of a teaspoon at a time and back into the fridge in between – a pot would last for hours.

  264. My Mum’s baking as a child – heaven!

  265. Fran Light says:

    One of my earliest food memories was going to a restaurant with my parents and being served orange sorbet, in an orange! I thought it was magical!

  266. Nan’s yorkshire puddings

  267. sandra geddes says:

    my gran teaching me to make yorshire puds x

  268. great memories of food was my wedding breakfast. an indian meal mmmm

  269. dripping sandwiches

  270. School dinners at primary school. The smell of swede, I never forgot the smell, I couldn’t ever bring myself to taste it. I’ve still never actually tasted swede!

  271. It has to be my Nan making Tripe and Onions….it tasted wonderful 30 years ago, but sadly, when I tried some a couple of months ago it didn’t taste at all like I remembered it!

  272. Silvia Mariani says:

    The first time I’ve eaten halloumi cheese.. weird but delicious!

  273. Cherryl Thomas says:

    A delicious squash casserole that my daughter made for my husband and I on our Silver Wedding Anniversary.

  274. Louise Paul says:

    Not a very old memory but about 6 months ago i tried to make a big chocolate cake, about 20 mins into cooking i heard a bang and it had exploded all over the oven!!! what was left did taste good though lol

  275. Liz Pearson says:

    Coming home from school not knowing what was for tea

    A lovely surprise every day;
    Lamb and mint sauce one day
    Fish pie the next
    Sausage and Mash with onion gravy the next

    I loved coming home from school
    I can still remember the heavenly aromas now

  276. having to sit and eat mushy peas.

  277. Kirstie Vaughan says:

    My dad making me a castle birthday cake out of batternburg :)

  278. SHEILS GLASS says:

    Eating my first real pizza in New York.

  279. Janine Bailey says:

    I always remember the smell of my gran’s scones baking x

  280. Joanna Orr says:

    Telling my grandparents when they babysat, that I had Golden syrpu and sugar sandwiches every night for tea… and them letting me have them!
    I still have a tremendous sweet tooth!

  281. Laura Pritchard says:

    My mum making me tomato soup when I felt ill & had a sore throat!

  282. coming home from school on a Thursday evening, it was mums baking day and the house smelled fantastic x

  283. eating dinner in my granddad funeral. worst ever, not the food but the environment for a 8 year is not good.

  284. Miss Tracy Hanson says:

    Not sure if this qualifies, but when I was younger we had to have Christmas day in 2 sittings at my grandparents house because there was 12 of us for dinner. :) :D Good luck to everyone.

  285. michele omalley says:

    Bana’s and custard with my brother and sister, still love it today

  286. Melanie Gardiner says:

    Trying snails in france for the first time and finding out they were absolutely delicious

  287. ANGELA WILCOX says:

    Helping my mum to mix the christmas cake & make mince pies

  288. Nicola Dudson says:

    One of my favourite food memories was during a holiday to Florida. We were in Universal Studios and were trying to find somewhere nice to eat and expected just find burger places but came across a lovely little restaurant and ordered a seafood pasta it was amazing and is still my favourite holiday meal of all time. Whenever we reminisce about our american holiday we rave about the seafood pasta!

  289. Rennene Hartland says:

    Eating the cornflake tart with custard at school

  290. Diana Cotter says:

    Coming home from school to the glorious scent of warm bread pudding

  291. Julia Bohanna says:

    I am a vegetarian now, but I still love the memory of my father cutting me pieces of black pudding. We would chat as he sliced and I loved the meaty saltiness of it, as well as the conversation. Then one day, I found out what black pudding was and I never ate it again. Bit sad, really. But I can see his big hands still, cutting it for me….

  292. My mum and I baking chocolate chip cupcakes when I was little, no matter how many times we tried they’d always be burnt underneath and slightly on the edges. Was a good excuse to add a nice thick layer of melted chocolate on top ;)

  293. One year me and my dad made garlic egg nog mashed potatoes..
    They were GROSS!


  294. David Price says:

    I also remember my mums steak and kidney.

  295. Lambs liver…truly offal!

  296. Laura Cooper says:

    Eating blackberry and apple pie as a child and getting it all over my face (there is a photo somewhere)!

  297. Julie Hogg says:

    Getting a Christmas hamper when we were kids, it was always a highlight. Then when my mam wasn’t around, me and my brother opened one of the family sweet mince pies. We ate it and felt really sick as it didn’t taste right, we later found out it was supposed to be cooked first :(

  298. Joanna Sawka says:

    Baking my first cheesecake with my mum in the childchood

  299. Lashings of bread and cheese on family holidays in France.

  300. Alex Macdonald says:

    Ice cream in the sun!!

  301. Helping my Nan to make Welsh Cakes, as a child….they were delicious

  302. Trying veal for the first time on holiday. I was so proud of myself as I was only 11 and being brave by trying new food. I didn’t understand all the controversy surrounding veal until I was much older x

  303. Making fried egg sandwiches with my granfather, it was the only thing he could make….but they were the best egg sandwiches ever!

  304. The first time I saw Miso soup, I thought there was something wrong with it (The cloudiness), now one of my favourite

  305. Suzie Lynette says:

    When I was a little girl my nan would make home made meat pie and she would make a little rose from pastry on the top for me, lovely memory xxx

  306. Eating sardine & tomato paste sandwiches as a kid…..still one of my guilty pleasures now!

  307. Kerry Brown says:

    burning my arm on a frying pan making an omelette when i was very young.

  308. We had a Dinner Lady in Infants School who once forced me to eat Cheese Pie until I was sick. It was about 40 years before I could eat cheese again! I can still see her face as she made me eat it….

  309. Maria Webster says:

    Always being really excited to go on school trips because I always got Jammy Dodgers in the packed lunch, the only time I ever had them

  310. My son made very tasty cookies with chocolate coated cranberries at school. Yum

  311. My first spaghetti bolognese made by my auntie. She didn’t know how much to use so we all had a huge mountain of food!

  312. Irene Wright says:

    Growing up in New Zealand, breakfast on Christmas day was always fresh lamb chops. They were just so succulent and tasty. A real treat because I can’t remember having them any other time of the year. There were seven of us kids and Mum & Dad just couldn’t afford luxuries like these very often.

  313. melanie crumpton says:

    picking cheshnuts and cooking them over my parents open fire

  314. Steve Dickinson says:

    Picking winkles with my Grandad

  315. catherine plant says:

    i have loads passed on by different genrations from my great nan baking tea loafs at night because her artheritus kept her awake, to my nan and me cooking mince and mashy as i used to call it, to me and mum cooking the xmas cake every year to my dads disgusting swede and parnisp mashed together in the same way as you make mashed potatoes.

  316. Making Chocolate Pinwheels with my Dad

  317. fresh cornish pasties

  318. Stewart Johnston says:

    Nan’s roast pototoes – unbeatable! goose fat and perfectly crisp with pork and crackling.

  319. My food memory is being in the kitchen with my Grandmother on her baking day. She used to bake cakes, bread, Meat pies and they were all delicious.

  320. Liz Marriott says:

    Eating up all the cake mix by wiping my finger round the bowl

  321. Matt Hudson says:

    my grans beef hotpot, delicious!

  322. John Banks says:

    Fish paste sandwiches and seed cake for Sunday tea after a big roast dinner a few hours earlier

  323. Lemon Meringue Pie on special occasions – it’s still my favourite dessert. Has to be home made, though!

  324. Caroline Scott says:

    as a child, I used to really love luncheon meat which surprises everyone who knows me as I cannot bear anything like that at all these days. I don’t remember going off it – that’s the odd thing. I find it really strange how radically our tastes change between childhood and adulthood

  325. Emily Hutchinson says:

    A bit of a strange one, but I remember going to tea at my great grandmother’s house and having celery filled with Heinz sandwich spread!

  326. rebecca austerberry says:

    Never liking cauliflour I once attempted to feed it to the dog, slying of course! However in my young wisdom i didnt realise it was a see thru glass table! I got told off for that one!!

  327. When I was a child we were always given junket to eat when we were unwell. Junket, what’s junket, I hear you younger ones saying?

  328. vicky cockett says:

    my nans syrup sponge, she used to make it special for me, and we would eat it nice and warmm on a cold evening as a treat.

  329. Colin Wright says:

    apple sponge puddings at school dinners

  330. My mums homemade curry :d

  331. Sheila Bound says:

    Mixing greens into mash potatoes and sone Branston Pickle just to get the greens down!.

  332. Duck with orange as a kid – ughhh!

  333. Joanne Crosby says:

    Arguing with my brother over who had to eat the hairy pig trotter.

  334. Having chicken soup whenever I was ill, I still hanker for it when I’m ill nowadays

  335. Heather Freeth says:

    Sharing cheese and crackers with my Gran

  336. Ben Audsley says:

    i remember my mums chocolate brownies from when i was a kid – they changed my life – i now love baking!

  337. Jill Marshall says:

    Mum’s homemade faggots

  338. Looks delish :P

  339. shelagh milne says:

    Sitting in my friends house and eating her mothers homemade scouse with doughboys (dumplings) and crsuty bread and butter.Try as I might I cannot make scouse to taste like hers did.

  340. M7y mum making bacon to ensure we had a good breakfast for school

  341. Creamy homemade leek & potato soup and hot Ribena at my nana’s house.

  342. Loving the stodgy puddings with custard at school dinners

  343. Sheri Darby says:

    The chocolate mousse cake my grandmother used to make, with the secret ingredient – brandy

  344. tracey gwynne says:

    collecting horseradish root from the local bushes down the lane to make home made horseradish sauce..HOT!!

  345. Eating chips sat in the car in the rain, by the beach in brighton when I was about 5!

  346. Charlotte Jones says:

    Being at school and smuggling slices of pizza out of the canteen!

  347. Gemma Clark says:

    my nans stew and dumplings when i was a kid, used to love going round cause it tasted amazing :)

  348. Alice Hindley says:

    Spotted Dick and Custard at school

  349. Claire Osman says:

    A saturday night chocolate bar that my Grandad used to buy me…..every week without fail!

  350. eating tomatoes as a child even though i was allergic to them , thankfully grown out of the allergy, still love them

  351. ROS Thompson says:

    eating Gorgonzola cheese and drinking cool wine in the Dolomites in Italy

  352. My first school dinner – fishfingers, chips and beans, chocolate pudding and chocolate sauce. Yum.

  353. Sue Robinson says:

    Eating in an American Themed Diner in Disneyland Paris. The waitresses danced on roller skates and an Elvis Presley impersonator came and serenaded my 7 year old daughter – she loved it

  354. my mum’s homemade bolognese

  355. Paul Witney says:

    We stayed at a posh hotel in St Mawes about 8 years ago and I had the bread and butter pudding for dessert. It was amazing!

  356. Natalie holland says:

    In Florida when I was 16, I was in an Italian restaurant and as a starter I had a dish of very wet delicious polenta, various mushrooms and the most deep rich flavourful sauce, to this day I do not know what this sauce was but it has stuck in my mind forever and sadly I have never had such a dish again! Such a simple dish but the flavours were out of this world.

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