Giveaway (CLOSED): Designer Kenco Coffee “To Go” Mug & Coffee

Danielle Proud Kenco Coffee cup
Here at Fuss-Free HQ we like to be as green as possible and try very hard to do our bit for the planet.  One of my most hated things are single serve takeaway food packaging.   Generally cups to go cannot be recycled as they have a thin layer of plastic in them.

Kenco have teamed up with designer Danielle Proud to make this glorious reusable ceramic cup to go, decorated with flowers and birds inspired by the rain forest.

I am impressed that Kenco coffee is also available in refill pouches for refilling the empty jar.  All Kenco coffee is Rainforest alliance certified.

For a chance to win one of these exclusive Kenco mugs (currently only available through their rewards club) and some Kenco coffee please follow the instructions below.

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Win Limited Edition Designer Coffee Cup From Kenco

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Good Luck!

Many thanks to Kenco for providing this prize and sending me a Danielle Proud coffee cup.

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Helen Best-Shaw is a freelance food & writer, photographer who has been writing about achievable, affordable and mostly healthy food on Fuss Free Flavours since 2007. She also contributes articles, recipes and photos to a number of online and print food magazines. Please do contact me if you would like to discuss commissioning work.

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  1. hi Helen, the Rafflecopter widget on this page says the contest is closed..?

  2. Sue Bowden says:

    Take coffee in the car with me on my way to work.

  3. I drink my coffee in the car on the way to races at the weekends.

  4. Rebecca Nisbet says:

    I always take one when I’m on a course at work, rather than drinking the tasteless coffee at most training sites

  5. Olivia Wright says:

    I would drink it in the car on my way to work :)

  6. Beth Scott says:

    I’m quite often found in the passenger seat of the lorry my better half is driving, clutching my coffee and working out how many cups I can drink before the need for a toilet break becomes a problem lol

  7. Lucy Reynolds says:

    My coffee ‘to go’ is actually at work! Ceramic cups keep it nice and hot and as an added bonus I can take it to meetings without fear of spilling it everywhere!

  8. Saranne Murray says:

    On the way to work :)

  9. sue walsh says:


  10. Sharon Curran says:

    I drink my coffee to go when out and about running errands.

  11. Shaz Jack says:

    I drink mine just about anywhere I can :)

  12. In the car on the way to work.

  13. Maz Tacey says:

    On the way to work

  14. Mc Donald’s is surprisingly good for fresh ground coffee, I get one on the way to the office.

  15. Harriet Casey says:

    On the way to playing a gig in central london! Need to keep my energy up!

  16. Jackie Walter says:

    i drink my coffee to go on the bus to work in the mornings

  17. Karen Richards says:

    On the way to taking my son to various clubs. Walk him there

  18. i drink it when out shopping

  19. nikki lane says:

    Sitting in the car, have to wait 2 hours twice a week while my son is in speech therapy, this would keep me company )along with my kindle fire :) xx

  20. Paul Pitt says:

    I’m always on the hoof so coffee fits nicely with my schedule!

  21. Michelle Inwood says:

    At work

  22. ALWYN WILLIAMS says:

    on the way to work

  23. marie-ann christie says:

    By the tima I always get round to drinking my coffee its cold (little one always decides she needs me as I sit down with coffee) so this cup would be perfect

  24. Tracy Nixon says:

    Whenever I go out I always manage to find a coffee shop as I am a coffee addict! Starbucks is my favourite!

  25. on my way to work. need a strong cup to motiviate me and wake me up!

  26. Tracie Wright says:

    such a stylish way to have my coffee on the go :)

  27. Catharine Rice says:

    I drink mine in the library … by the time I drive & get parked its a drinkable temperature :)

  28. Lee-Anne Tominey says:

    On the train

  29. Paul Bishop says:

    Have coffee will travel.

  30. rachael woodhouse says:

    whilst walking the dog in the morning

  31. Samantha Heap says:

    At a craft fair selling my makes! ^_^

  32. Roxi Fairbank says:

    I don’t tend to drink hot drinks on the go, as I’ve nothing to have it in, but i’ll stop by a coffee shop when shopping!

  33. Mrs C Corrin says:

    Anywhere and everywhere

  34. I’ll make sure my husband has a warm brew to drink after he has cycled to work.

  35. Jane Willis says:

    I can’t drink coffee and I never drink anything “to go” – I drink tea, sitting in a chair. At the best of times I’m a walking disaster area, if I was armed with a hot drink I’d be a deadly weapon too.

  36. Greig spencer says:

    in the car on way to work :)

  37. paul jackson says:

    in the car

  38. Sally Carter says:

    Usually in the car, after I have been to the swimming pool – it’s my reward for doing lots of lengths.

  39. Into work, then wash & re-use

  40. jackie curran says:

    I sneak mine in the cinema under my coat ssh don’t tell them .

  41. Pauline Rendell says:

    On the way into work

  42. Fiona Harris says:

    On the bus… :-)

  43. melanie stirling says:

    I love coffee so much and kenco is my favourite.I drink coffee on the go in the car especially on long journeys -I don’t drive by the way,my husband does the driving!

  44. Debbie Stanley says:

    mostly in the car but sometimes at work

  45. At uni in lectures :)

  46. Judith Allen says:

    I don’t drink coffee! But my partner does, she’ll take a flask with her on a cold day. Saves money!

  47. kim plant says:

    when my daughter goes to ballet two hours of sitting there is boring x

  48. When I am running late for work, then I drink it on the hoof

  49. I am always taking my coffee on the school run

  50. Jeff Wolf says:

    I pick up a coffee from the local mini-market as I walk to work

  51. I get Costa coffee to go at service stations.

  52. Emma J Lowe says:

    i drink it in town, while in between shops

  53. ros easton says:

    Out shopping

  54. Andrew Halliwell says:

    I don’t drink it to go… I have a cuppa before I set off.
    Might have one during a break at work.
    I do have a flask so if I decided to go on a long country walk I might take it, that’s the only exception.

  55. Usually in the car on a Sunday morning when Mr B has pushed me out of the door for wasting too long “putting my face on”

  56. Mark Palmer says:

    On the way to work

  57. Sue McCarthy says:

    I’m not that keen on coffee so am entering this for my dad.

  58. Louise Hutchings says:

    Mmmmmm coffee to go, a nice cup of joe.
    I’d drink it everywhere that I go, like walking my dog in the wintery snow.
    It would warm me up, with my new portable cup.
    The bonus is it’s eco friendly too, I think it’s the least we can do.
    To help save our Planet, So big green and blue. ;-)

  59. Susan Crosswaite says:

    I drink my coffee ‘to go’ when out shopping

  60. Lemknip Pink says:

    In the car on the way to …everywhere!

  61. On our travels !

  62. Sheri Darby says:

    On the way to work

  63. I drink it on the way to work

  64. while i am in the car

  65. liz denial says:

    I drink my coffee to go when I visit my parents up north or for overnight breaks

  66. Wendy Lam says:

    I drink my on the bus to work. It makes my boring long cramped journey all the better sipping a hot to go coffee from an independent coffee shop and refreshes me completely to start the day.

  67. At work!

  68. Stephanie Tsang says:

    On the tube to way.

  69. Helen-Marie says:

    On the way to work xxx

  70. Sarah Cooper says:

    In the car.

  71. laura banks says:

    on the way to work

  72. On the train!

  73. Amanda Hurst says:

    I take mine out with me while I walk the dog. There is nothing nicer on a cold winters morning than a nice hot coffee while your out in the cold.

  74. Deborah willis says:

    on the way to work

  75. Victoria Allum says:

    I like to drink my ‘coffee to go’ on the train. It wakes me up while I plan my day ahead. Thanks for this fab competition.

  76. Charley Foulds says:

    on my breaks! which are really short so only a few sips can do!

  77. in the car

  78. Leanne Lunn says:

    Whilst waiting for my daughter to come out of school.

  79. Maya Russell says:

    I drink coffee ‘to go’ when out shopping.

  80. Romana Richards says:

    In a fishermans cafe on the quayside. I get a cup to take on board my hubby’s boat. It will take a few minutes to do all the checks and preparations when we get on board so I will just quietly at the back overlooking the comings and goings on the harbour and the cormorants catching all the fish that hubby wants and let him do his work!

  81. shane weir says:

    I drink my coffee in the car

  82. On the bus on my way to work!

  83. Kelly Koya says:

    In the car whilst running the kids around non stop!

  84. Deborah Munn says:

    Watching my daughter swimming in the pool and this is a daily task

  85. Anne McCutcheon says:

    I dink my coffee in the car usually on the way to an early screening of a fillm

  86. Valerie Dallimore says:

    Anywhere and everywhere out and about!

  87. everywhere

  88. Would be great in the car on the morning commute.

  89. Jayne Sullivan says:

    At the rugby match. To keep me warm !

  90. Laura foulds says:

    On the way to work on a morning :)

  91. jemma price says:

    we drink coffee on the way to school :)

  92. Neil Graham says:

    In the office at lunch

  93. Julie Picton says:

    At my desk

  94. Sarah Morris says:

    The school run, never enough time in the mornings to sit down for a minute.

  95. Helen Keene says:

    On the walk to work usually

  96. Andrea MacLeod says:

    Before my girls wake up at home!

  97. Jenny Rogers says:

    When I’m out shopping

  98. angela sandhu says:

    On the way home from school run

  99. PAULA BURNSIDE says:

    In the traffic jam that is my journey to work.

  100. ashley clark says:

    I drink my coffee to go on the school run!

  101. Paul Rogers says:

    On the tube – cheers!

  102. Hannah Oneill says:

    Walking to the car!

  103. Sarah Mcknight says:

    On my way to work :)

  104. At soft play!

  105. Gillian Holmes says:

    In the lift

  106. Jacqui Williams says:

    I take mine when I take my children to their activities after school.

  107. Caroline Clarke says:

    I don’t have any coffee on the go at the moment as I don’t have a way to take the coffee with me without spilling it!

  108. This would be useful for those times when I’m ferrying the children around

  109. Samantha Trimby says:

    On the train on the way to work!

  110. Sarah Smith says:

    Whilst pushing my baby daughter on our daily walks, she gets some fresh air and mom gets a coffee (decaf) :)

  111. Walking the dog

  112. On the way to work and while I’m out and about shopping :)

  113. On the bus

  114. anywhere & everywhere. just wherever i have stuff to do on that particular morning

  115. Kerry Pope says:

    I often pick up a coffee to go on the way to or from the school run, drop my little angels off and then savour my drink in peace and quiet.

  116. Suzanne Wakefield says:

    Always in the car :)

  117. Hugh McLaughlin says:

    Can take it anywhere

  118. grainne marnell-fox says:

    Use it for work and at least no-one else would be able to say it was theirs!

  119. Maggie Coates says:

    At work as I am rushing around

  120. Hazel Rea says:

    Walking on the beach in the winter.

  121. Katherine Coldicott says:

    Weekends when I’m all over the place with my boys and their various sporting events.

  122. John Martin says:

    drink it in the park on a wintery day

  123. Eleanor Wigmore says:

    I drink coffee on the train.

  124. in coffee shops

  125. jennifer thorpe says:

    when I’m at work in my workroom

  126. Teresa Lee says:

    On the way to work in the morning

  127. Kirsteen Mackay says:

    Out walking with the kids in the cold

  128. Sandra Clarke says:

    I drink mine when out shopping or sight seeing.

  129. I drink mine on the school run!

  130. Cyndi Johnson says:

    on the way to work :)

  131. June Gaynor says:

    In the snowy weather I take a flask of milky coffee in the car with me incase I get stuck. Otherwise I’m not a big coffee drinker.

  132. Ani Costa says:

    On the train/tube.

  133. Sarah2439 says:

    I work in the local community and this would be a life saver, I always have to take my coffee and drink it on the run.

  134. Diane Carey says:

    When I’m selling at a Car Boot sale

  135. Helen Thurston says:

    sitting in the car on the seafront having a picnic lunch after a busy morning in town.

  136. Deborah P says:

    On my way to work

  137. Mark Fridlington says:

    On various train platforms trying to refresh myself, usually!

  138. The other day I had to drink my coffee in the car as someone else drove us between meeting, only problem was I didn’t have a travel mug, jet a regular mug – speed bumps were not good!

  139. Lynn Blakeman says:

    I drink mine in the car

  140. hannah rachel welsh says:

    Rushing up the stairs into my office because I’m always late!

    I LOVE this coffe cup xxx

  141. Luan Spark says:

    I drink my coffee on the go whilst catching up with friends in town shopping.

  142. On the train


  143. Katherine L says:

    On the way to work … so I don’t fall asleep on the bus and miss my stop!

  144. Lucy Taylor says:

    On the way to work. I have very early starts but at least this way I get a chance for a brew.

  145. olivia kirby says:

    Sometimes I have a hot drink if I take the kids to the park but other than that I like it on the settee or in a nice coffee shop

  146. On the way to work, and sometimes when its cold I drink it on the go when walking the dogs. xx

  147. Work from home so always on the go!

  148. On a shopping break

  149. in the park or while waiting to pick up kids from school

  150. Usually if we are on a day trip out somewhere and its along journey, I have to stop quite a few times to find a take away coffee to keep me going.

  151. Catherine Reynolds says:

    I drink on the bus on my way to see friends

  152. CAROL PATRICK says:

    Out with the dog on a cold and frosty morning – especially warming, but every day whatever the weather Kenco tastes great ‘on the go’

  153. On the way to work

  154. On my 40 minute commute in the car every day

  155. christina brown says:

    On the walk into work :)

  156. Chris Williams says:

    I have a quick coffee first thing in the morning then I have to dash off to work afterwards!

  157. In the car.

  158. Grab it after i get off the train and then it’s just cool enough when i get to my desk.

  159. waiting as the chauffeur in dads taxi

  160. In Spring, Summer and Autum I drink it at the allotment. In winter I don’t have coffee on the go…. I sit in my house and sulk that it’s winter!

  161. Georgia McAllister says:

    On my way to the shops.

  162. i take my coffee to-go in the park :) well, not so much in this snow!

  163. Margaret Weir says:

    Everywhere – in the car – at work – in the house – even in bed!!

  164. On the way to work

  165. Nicole-Melainie Squires says:

    On my way home on the tram after a shopping trip ;)

  166. cassie bedford says:

    on the train to work

  167. Rebecca Funnell says:

    On the school run!

  168. Rachael Barratt says:

    I have my wake up cup in the car on the way to work!

  169. In the car

  170. Shelley Jessup says:

    It will be more than likely taken with me to have in car when going for doctor appointments which is about 3/4 times a week.

  171. Amy Ripley says:

    On the train on my way to work!

  172. Susan Ocock says:

    In the car or anywhere when I have to wait

  173. melanie crumpton says:

    grab one when i get to work

  174. Mickie Bull says:

    I take it to work with me

  175. Francesca Light-Wilson says:

    When I’m about to get on a train – I hate it when I’m running late and I don’t have time to buy my ‘medium Americano, black’ before the train pulls in!

  176. i drink my as a passenger in the car

  177. Judith Eddington says:

    in the car

  178. Lorna Totton says:

    Just about anywhere.

  179. Susanne Temlett says:

    outside sitting in the sunshine!

  180. Stephanie Cummins says:

    on the bus!! everytime


    at home …..whilst doing the housework

  182. deborah godbolt says:

    i take my coffee up to bed with me it would be great to have a cup with a lid as im always spilling it walking up the stairs

  183. Emma Farrell says:

    At my desk first thing in the mrning

  184. Well, as I am always on the go everywhere and anywhere. But I do love a stroll along my local beach so a lovely cup whilst I am walking would be great x

  185. Just about anywhere

  186. On the train on the way to the match

  187. miriam krutska says:

    i try to drink my coffee before i leave house in the morning but if pressed for time then sipping on the bus

  188. Jackie ONeill says:

    on my work commute

  189. Linda Harding says:

    on my coffee break and in evening

  190. claire woods says:

    Stop and buy one to take into work with me.

  191. While walking to work.. Perks me up!

  192. latte

  193. Ohmite Hudson says:

    Out when Im shopping

  194. Lisa Howlet says:

    I drink my coffee in evening on my sofa

  195. When i get to work

  196. Joanna Sawka says:

    on my way to work

  197. At my Allotment x

  198. Bus to work :-)

  199. On the way to work :)

  200. On my way home from work

  201. tamalyn roberts says:

    chatting to friends while i put the washing out

  202. Carolynn Woodland says:

    as I am walking along the road

  203. Hebe Harris says:

    In my lectures in the morning

  204. Walking to work

  205. I drink my coffee wherever and whenever I can

  206. Yvonne Brownsea says:

    On the way for a day of shopping

  207. justine meyer says:

    I drink it wherever I am on the go or at home

  208. Tiff jordan says:

    I work at school, where all hot drinks must be in a covered cup!!

  209. Danielle Woodman says:

    I drink my coffee whilst stood in the cold watching my boys play football every weekend.

  210. Fiona Harris says:

    On my travels im often popping in coffee shops for a fix…this would often save me lots of money!!

  211. In the car on the way out to a long walk on the moors

  212. On the school run in the mornings (luckily we live in walking distance!) but never manage to drink my coffee before I leave for school :-)

  213. lynn seymour says:

    Watching my son play football on a cold Sunday morning

  214. On the way to the office

  215. Ali Roberts says:

    On the tube in the way in to work!

  216. Hollie Adlam says:

    On the way to work :) xoxo

  217. Deborah Wheeler says:

    On the way to work

  218. On the way to work to keep me awake in the morning! (I’m not a morning person!)

  219. Hayley Fountain says:

    on car journeys x

  220. Rachael Donovan says:

    I take coffee to go when i watch my sons play football, great way to keep warm!

  221. Becky John says:

    drink it in the car

  222. i drink my coffee to go on the bus to work

  223. Ellen Griffin says:

    Walking to work – bleary eyed!

  224. On the tube

  225. Pete Jones says:

    Anywhere I can,various places

  226. on way to work

  227. Robbie Fordom says:

    On the half hour walk to the bus stop every morning :)

  228. To the childminders, as soon as the children are dropped off in the morning i can finally have a coffee on the go before the drive to work. This would be so much easier than calling to grab one :-)

  229. In the car

  230. Julia Marsh says:

    On the bus!

  231. Sheila Sloan says:

    Great to go when I have got up late and need my morning coffee.

  232. A cuppa whilst walking my boys to school !!

  233. In the car when running errands

  234. Becky C Willis says:

    I drink my coffee on the school run! Pitiful but true as I never have time before I leave.

  235. Kevin Dooley says:

    At the park

  236. Alexis Pettie says:

    I drink my coffee to go anywhere, specially if its in the morning. I’m not human until I’ve had my coffee

  237. Caroline Hammond says:

    I drink mine at my boys football matches at the weekends

  238. Faye Lester says:

    A local cafe!

  239. Jen Boucher says:

    At my desk at work, as I’m on reception I can’t leave to get any!

  240. Rebecca Woodroof says:

    walking to work

  241. At the train station

  242. Jo Hopkins says:

    I drink it to go on school run!

  243. IAN CHEYNE says:

    in the car

  244. Linda Thorn says:


  245. Clare Webb says:

    On the go! Whether doing the school / nursery run, shopping or just general running around.

  246. Fiona Montgomery says:

    Usually on the way to and from work or at the weekend pulled in along the road looking out to sea before our big walk

  247. Gaby Smith says:

    At work in between meetings and visits

  248. Jean Fox says:

    What a fantastic idea, i’d take my coffee on the school run.

  249. Jess Mandeville says:

    I drink mine on the train on the way to work. It may be expensive coffee at the station but it’s really good!

  250. spearce says:

    i take it on the school run with us

  251. At my desk :(

  252. SU WILLIAMS says:

    on the way to work

  253. Jean Vaughan says:

    Always pick a coffee up from Costa while driving to visit various family members

  254. Esme McCrubb says:

    on my way to work

  255. Avvie Cunnington says:

    On the train :D

  256. Joanne Pilborough says:

    my coffee to go is for when i take my granddaughter out for the day, i need the caffeine!

  257. Kirsty Caffrey says:

    In car when travelling to meetings etc x

  258. kiran parry says:

    On the way to college.

  259. Frances hopkins says:

    In the car, waiting for the kids to finish school

  260. To keep me warm when carrying out retail therapy :)

  261. Veronica Therawati says:

    In the car on the way to work

  262. Liesl booth says:

    Would love this to keep my coffee warm while doing my competitions

  263. Michael Rattray says:

    I like having a cup of coffee in my car

  264. a nice coffee after my tea

  265. Marie Clifton says:

    I drink mine at work and on my lunch break

  266. Mike Terry says:

    Loooove coffeeeeeeee!

  267. janet haste says:

    In the car

  268. Sophie Hedley says:

    On my way to university :-)

  269. When in the town shopping

  270. Stephanie Burchatt says:

    As I live round the corner from Brands Hatch Race Circuit, I drink my coffee to go on the way to watch the racing or even just the practises. And with a 10 month old, I’m ALWAYS in need of a strong coffee!

  271. Patricia White says:

    I usually drink it in my car parked up with a nice view

  272. Jen Schofield says:


  273. Would love to use it when going to drop kids to schoolxx

  274. Warren Jacobs says:

    I’m a coffee addict so this would be nice for me in the car on way to and from work.

  275. Laura Costello says:

    The only coffee to go I have is in my flask at work :) xx

  276. Jean Bolsover says:

    When I’m out and about shopping, well I’m not going to waste time sitting down drinking it!

  277. must have for work!

  278. jenna rothen says:

    in my car

  279. Judith Luscombe says:

    I drink mine on the way to work or in the car whenever we go out.

  280. Mostly on the way to work, sometimes while walking around the local country park. Coffee is lovely.

  281. Janice Street says:

    When I am waiting for a train to arrive early in the morning

  282. On the trips in the car.

  283. Generally on the train to Uni, and in lectures!

  284. Samantha Fernley says:

    On the way to dropping my son off at school.

  285. Nataliejane says:

    In my car on my way to work

  286. Isabelle Smith says:

    on the train :)

  287. Phyllis Ellett says:

    I walk to work, its a 10 minute walk, just right for a coffee on the go.

  288. Dawn Mellowship says:

    Always have it in the cafe!

  289. In the park during a break while reading a good book – very relaxing.

  290. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    In the summer I like to sit in the nearby park. In winter it’s taken to my staff room.

  291. Cindy Gillespie says:

    I drink my coffee to go when I’m shopping and if I am lucky enough to win this I Ken use it again and again and again

  292. Lindy hamilton says:

    On a long journey

  293. Lucy Carter says:

    On the tube on the way to work :-)

  294. Maria Slater says:

    While I’m out shopping.

  295. Christine Mutter says:

    On the way to work

  296. Tina Holmes says:

    On the way to school

  297. I like to drink my coffee on the train on my way to work!

  298. Louise C says:

    I take my coffee to go…. to the end of the garden :-)

  299. Karen Harrison says:

    I love my caff free Millicano at the end of the working day.

  300. HAYLEY WYNN says:

    in the car just before i go into work

  301. Emily Jane Ann Nelson says:

    I take it with me when i take the little ones out, pop it into my cup holder in my car :) xx

  302. On the train on the way to work

  303. In my car

  304. Lynne McEvoy says:

    I would drink my coffee to go on the train.

  305. angela springett says:

    always get one after the weekly shop !!

  306. Inbetween tube stations…

  307. mandsmanc says:

    I grab one from the local burger van after the school run

  308. Michelle Williams says:

    Usually in the car driving to work

  309. Sally Poole says:

    on arrival at work

  310. Just about anywhere but especially when I’m on the train or bus.

  311. NIGEL HILL says:

    drink my coffee as im taking a slow walk outside.

  312. in the car mostly!

  313. sarah fleck says:

    in the car

  314. Antonia Rookley says:

    In the traffic jams on the way to work!

  315. jayne underwood says:

    on my way to taking the kids to school in the morning

  316. Mia Thurlow says:

    I drink mine while I wait for my little girl to have her ballet lesson on a Saturday morning and I can catch up with all the other ‘ballet parents’ :-)

  317. on the bus on the way to work

  318. Lesley Bain says:

    Usually in my car :) x

  319. Rachael K says:

    On my walk to work

  320. paul baker says:

    I drink my coffee on the go in my van before I start my courier round

  321. Sylvia Paul says:

    While out shopping.

  322. Kelly Tobin says:

    on the bus on the way to work

  323. Penelope Hewitt says:

    On the nursery and school run, great for keeping me warm and as I am always on the go I need to be able to take my coffee with me :)

  324. Emily Hutchinson says:

    At work :)

  325. Alison Johnson says:

    As I rush about trying to do the shopping, I need a boost!

  326. Karen Whittaker says:

    In the car on the way to work

  327. olivia kirby says:

    just pressed enter on the twitter entry instead of the bonus daily entry so it’s empty, here’s my daily tweet xx

  328. Sue Southwick says:


  329. Rebekah Peters says:

    calms me down before exams!

  330. maureen quinnell says:

    at the ice rink to keep me warm,

  331. kayleigh beirne says:

    in the car

  332. Alisa Moore says:

    on the walk to work

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