Giveaway (CLOSED): Designer Kenco Coffee “To Go” Mug & Coffee

Danielle Proud Kenco Coffee cup
Here at Fuss-Free HQ we like to be as green as possible and try very hard to do our bit for the planet.  One of my most hated things are single serve takeaway food packaging.   Generally cups to go cannot be recycled as they have a thin layer of plastic in them.

Kenco have teamed up with designer Danielle Proud to make this glorious reusable ceramic cup to go, decorated with flowers and birds inspired by the rain forest.

I am impressed that Kenco coffee is also available in refill pouches for refilling the empty jar.  All Kenco coffee is Rainforest alliance certified.

For a chance to win one of these exclusive Kenco mugs (currently only available through their rewards club) and some Kenco coffee please follow the instructions below.

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Win Limited Edition Designer Coffee Cup From Kenco

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Good Luck!

Many thanks to Kenco for providing this prize and sending me a Danielle Proud coffee cup.

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  1. Rebecca Nisbet says

    I always take one when I’m on a course at work, rather than drinking the tasteless coffee at most training sites

  2. Beth Scott says

    I’m quite often found in the passenger seat of the lorry my better half is driving, clutching my coffee and working out how many cups I can drink before the need for a toilet break becomes a problem lol

  3. Lucy Reynolds says

    My coffee ‘to go’ is actually at work! Ceramic cups keep it nice and hot and as an added bonus I can take it to meetings without fear of spilling it everywhere!

  4. nikki lane says

    Sitting in the car, have to wait 2 hours twice a week while my son is in speech therapy, this would keep me company )along with my kindle fire :) xx

  5. marie-ann christie says

    By the tima I always get round to drinking my coffee its cold (little one always decides she needs me as I sit down with coffee) so this cup would be perfect

  6. Tracy Nixon says

    Whenever I go out I always manage to find a coffee shop as I am a coffee addict! Starbucks is my favourite!

  7. Roxi Fairbank says

    I don’t tend to drink hot drinks on the go, as I’ve nothing to have it in, but i’ll stop by a coffee shop when shopping!

  8. Jane Willis says

    I can’t drink coffee and I never drink anything “to go” – I drink tea, sitting in a chair. At the best of times I’m a walking disaster area, if I was armed with a hot drink I’d be a deadly weapon too.

  9. Sally Carter says

    Usually in the car, after I have been to the swimming pool – it’s my reward for doing lots of lengths.

  10. melanie stirling says

    I love coffee so much and kenco is my favourite.I drink coffee on the go in the car especially on long journeys -I don’t drive by the way,my husband does the driving!

  11. Andrew Halliwell says

    I don’t drink it to go… I have a cuppa before I set off.
    Might have one during a break at work.
    I do have a flask so if I decided to go on a long country walk I might take it, that’s the only exception.

  12. Louise Hutchings says

    Mmmmmm coffee to go, a nice cup of joe.
    I’d drink it everywhere that I go, like walking my dog in the wintery snow.
    It would warm me up, with my new portable cup.
    The bonus is it’s eco friendly too, I think it’s the least we can do.
    To help save our Planet, So big green and blue. ;-)

  13. Wendy Lam says

    I drink my on the bus to work. It makes my boring long cramped journey all the better sipping a hot to go coffee from an independent coffee shop and refreshes me completely to start the day.

  14. Amanda Hurst says

    I take mine out with me while I walk the dog. There is nothing nicer on a cold winters morning than a nice hot coffee while your out in the cold.

  15. Victoria Allum says

    I like to drink my ‘coffee to go’ on the train. It wakes me up while I plan my day ahead. Thanks for this fab competition.

  16. Romana Richards says

    In a fishermans cafe on the quayside. I get a cup to take on board my hubby’s boat. It will take a few minutes to do all the checks and preparations when we get on board so I will just quietly at the back overlooking the comings and goings on the harbour and the cormorants catching all the fish that hubby wants and let him do his work!

  17. Caroline Clarke says

    I don’t have any coffee on the go at the moment as I don’t have a way to take the coffee with me without spilling it!

  18. Sarah Smith says

    Whilst pushing my baby daughter on our daily walks, she gets some fresh air and mom gets a coffee (decaf) :)

  19. Kerry Pope says

    I often pick up a coffee to go on the way to or from the school run, drop my little angels off and then savour my drink in peace and quiet.

  20. June Gaynor says

    In the snowy weather I take a flask of milky coffee in the car with me incase I get stuck. Otherwise I’m not a big coffee drinker.

  21. Sarah2439 says

    I work in the local community and this would be a life saver, I always have to take my coffee and drink it on the run.

  22. Kel says

    The other day I had to drink my coffee in the car as someone else drove us between meeting, only problem was I didn’t have a travel mug, jet a regular mug – speed bumps were not good!

  23. olivia kirby says

    Sometimes I have a hot drink if I take the kids to the park but other than that I like it on the settee or in a nice coffee shop

  24. tracy says

    Usually if we are on a day trip out somewhere and its along journey, I have to stop quite a few times to find a take away coffee to keep me going.

  25. CAROL PATRICK says

    Out with the dog on a cold and frosty morning – especially warming, but every day whatever the weather Kenco tastes great ‘on the go’

  26. Cheryll H says

    In Spring, Summer and Autum I drink it at the allotment. In winter I don’t have coffee on the go…. I sit in my house and sulk that it’s winter!

  27. Shelley Jessup says

    It will be more than likely taken with me to have in car when going for doctor appointments which is about 3/4 times a week.

  28. Francesca Light-Wilson says

    When I’m about to get on a train – I hate it when I’m running late and I don’t have time to buy my ‘medium Americano, black’ before the train pulls in!

  29. deborah godbolt says

    i take my coffee up to bed with me it would be great to have a cup with a lid as im always spilling it walking up the stairs

  30. Alison M says

    On the school run in the mornings (luckily we live in walking distance!) but never manage to drink my coffee before I leave for school :-)

  31. Sarah R says

    To the childminders, as soon as the children are dropped off in the morning i can finally have a coffee on the go before the drive to work. This would be so much easier than calling to grab one :-)

  32. Alexis Pettie says

    I drink my coffee to go anywhere, specially if its in the morning. I’m not human until I’ve had my coffee

  33. Fiona Montgomery says

    Usually on the way to and from work or at the weekend pulled in along the road looking out to sea before our big walk

  34. Jess Mandeville says

    I drink mine on the train on the way to work. It may be expensive coffee at the station but it’s really good!

  35. Joanne Pilborough says

    my coffee to go is for when i take my granddaughter out for the day, i need the caffeine!

  36. Stephanie Burchatt says

    As I live round the corner from Brands Hatch Race Circuit, I drink my coffee to go on the way to watch the racing or even just the practises. And with a 10 month old, I’m ALWAYS in need of a strong coffee!

  37. Cindy Gillespie says

    I drink my coffee to go when I’m shopping and if I am lucky enough to win this I Ken use it again and again and again

  38. Mia Thurlow says

    I drink mine while I wait for my little girl to have her ballet lesson on a Saturday morning and I can catch up with all the other ‘ballet parents’ :-)

  39. Penelope Hewitt says

    On the nursery and school run, great for keeping me warm and as I am always on the go I need to be able to take my coffee with me :)

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