Giveaway (CLOSED): Dr Oetker Cake Decoration Hamper

Dr Oetker Cake Decoration Hamper

I discovered before Christmas that my eldest Goddaughter has a passion for baking, whisking, mixing, stirring and decorating. Apart from the fact that I am delighted at this, it also makes for very easy present giving, if you bake you always need want more baking equipment, ingredients and decorating paraphernalia.

I suspect most people who bake on a regular basis have at least a few Dr Oetker products in the cupboard; I am a huge fan of their cake release spray which works like a dream every time.   I also like their sprinkles, pretty and at around £1 a tube they are very affordable.  One favourite is the shimmer pearls; pretty, available in lots of colours and soft rather than crunchy.

As well as sending a selection of goodies to my Goddaughter I have the selection above to be won by one Fuss Free Flavours reader, for a chance to win follow the instructions below.

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  1. Rikka B says

    I have a great recipe for a chocolate and almond marble cake, it tastes great and keeps well (when given the chance). The original recipe was for chocolate and lemon but I adapted it. It took a few goes to get the quantity of ground almond/flour right but it is fab.

  2. K Mayers says

    Very simple things as a rule – in particular muffins, either blueberry or cherry. If the grandkids are around though they always ask to help make fairy cakes… ;)

  3. says

    Oh I couldn’t possibly narrow it down to just one thing! I like baking everything and anything, especially experimenting and creating my own recipes!

  4. dragonfly63 says

    Bread the old fashioned way – not with a machine. Failing that a pretty cake for my in-laws Diamond Wedding Anniversary that I can decorate with all these goodies.

  5. jalila djelassi says

    p.s fave thing we love to cook? well my eldest likes making cakes, my twins like making crumbles and the boys love makin cookies, (they love cutting the shapes out lol)

  6. Lisa Pope says

    It completely depends on my mood, I made some white choc-chip cupcakes yesterday for the kids luch boxes because I wasn’t in the mood for cooking & it was a nice simple all in one recipe that I tweeked a little , If time isn’t an issue, I really enjoy making bread

  7. Debbie Stanley says

    My favourite thing to bake is quiche – especially cheese and onion – but any variety really, it’s so versatile with loads of options and can be eaten hot or cold, as a snack or part of a meal – very rewarding

  8. LAURA JONES says

    though its great to make large cakes some times like victoria sandwiches fruit cakes lemon drizzles etc its such fun making cup cakes so you can really go to town on the decorating side! even more fun doing it with the kids

  9. Laura foulds says

    I would live this hamper, I’ve just started baking in order to become some sort of a domestic goddess and I’m enjoying baking cupcakes so this would be fab

  10. Sarah Morris says

    Cupcakes with my son, we would have a brilliant time using all these bits and pieces when making the next batch!!

  11. Francesca Light-Wilson says

    I love baking ginger bread biscuits – men, sheep, elephants, stars, palm trees, Christmas trees, bunnies …. I have a lot of cookie cutters :-)

  12. Mark Whittaker says

    I love baking celebration cakes for friends and family, really lets my imagination take flight and I can go to town .

  13. Eleanor Wigmore says

    Even though my favourite cake is carrot cake I really like to bake is my chocolate one as its a crowd pleaser!

  14. says

    I love to bake my Grandma’s special shortbread.
    I kept asking her for the recipe and she said it was a secret.
    Lucky for us when she passed away we found envelopes for all the ladies in the family. In it was her secret recipe.
    I keep this close to my heart now too!

  15. Lemknip Pink says

    I love baking anything involving chocolate, but I think my very favourite thing to make is double choc muffins

  16. Kelly Hockings says

    favourite at the moment is chocolate brownies and shortbread as they are simple and easy to make so means the kids can help

  17. Sarah James says

    I’ve never been much of a baker, but this is enough to make me want to have a go again. Especially as a neighbour is hosting an afternoon tea for Cancer Research and I’m sure all contributions will need to pass the net curtain twitchers scrutiny!

  18. jacqueline buist says

    I love making any cake’s that the kids can help with including measuring ingredients & of course the decoration

  19. Wendy Tolhurst says

    I love making my 4 children their birthday cakes – the only problem is I have three to make in 8 days, so get fed up by the end of it!

  20. Jen Russon says

    I LOVE to bake any birthday cake! I’ve been doing them just over a year, and love to bake and decorate them! Its so relaxing, I’d love to do it as a full time job :)

  21. natalie holland says

    I love baking a victoria sponge because it’s easy to do and always delicious – however I was most proud of making my sons birthday cake, which was made to look like a treasure chest. It was fun to do and came out great :)

  22. Catherine Killen says

    I love to bake a traybake- it’s perfect when you are short on time before visitors as you just through everything together with your choice of fruit, chocolate or lemon and it always tastes fantastic but if I have a little more time I love to make cupcakes- I am not especially talented at this but decorating them with the children is always great fun- if a little messy and hyper inducing!

  23. Caroline H says

    At the weekend I unearthed my old peanut butter biscuit recipe and made a batch. Really easy and taste great – my new favourite for now!

  24. lynsey kirkwood says

    Ive attempted a cake for birthdays many times but never quite turns out how I imagine. its getting better with practise though haha

  25. Stephanie Clough says

    My favourite thing to bake is cookies! The kids help me roll them and they’re fab with a glass of milk!

  26. Anna says

    my favourite thing to bake is my swedish vanilla custard buns :),or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bvm=bv.41524429,d.d2k&biw=1366&bih=624&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=Kr4EUe7BC4GR0AWtpICYBw

    its a regular “bun” dough, with thick vanilla cream in the middle. when you serve them you just brush them with melted butter and roll in sugar.

    they stay nice in the freezer to which is a big plus

  27. Kerry Pope says

    I love to make Carrot Cake with my little boys, there favourite bit is definitely licking the mixture from the spoon afterwards.

  28. Sharon Curran says

    I like baking cupackes or muffins – quick and easy to do and great fun for our little boy to help with as well.

  29. Rebecca Parke says

    White chocolate and raspberry muffins though today i made a Pecan Toffee cake which comes a close second!

  30. Helen Aiken says

    I often make Chocolate Brownies because the recipe I have is easy and always works, but I love when I have a little extra time to make Carrot Cake. Yum!

  31. Alison Macdonald says

    Banana, chocolate & walnut loaf. Even my kids who won’t eat bananas think it is delicious. They take it to school for snack :-)

  32. Julie Guy says

    I love to bake a recipe that my mum gave me, an apple and sultana cake. It’s so easy to make and great to freeze.

  33. ann scally says

    I would love to win this hamper. I love making cupcakes and I always try to make them different, would love some new ideas x

  34. says

    My favourite thing is fairy cakes so my 2 year old daughter can decorate them. She spends ages adding sprinkles, coloured iciing and different toppings. Great for when the weather is rubbish @1MoaningMummy

  35. Carol A Rowley says

    My kids absolutely love baking. This would be a real reason to get out those cooking utensils and making a huge mess in the kitchen. Lovely competition.

  36. Kate Williamson says

    My kids and I would love this amazing selection of products, they love baking, only problem is keeping cakes for more than a hour, blink and they’ve gone. Xx

  37. Fiona Harris says

    Especially Love to bake for a special celebration for someone :-) And something I know they will really enjoy!!

  38. Maggiemou says

    I love baking cupcakes, then using lots of different types of icing/decorations – I even let the kids have some of the finished product ;)

  39. DawnLouise says

    Anything and everything!
    I just love to bake and love trying out new ideas etc.
    Today I will be baking a Victoria Sponge with a twist – chocolate sponge and cherry & cream filling :-)

  40. lucinda duxbury says

    i bake cupcakes all the time, they are easy to throw together, tasty, look fantastic and everybody likes them

  41. andrea plumpton says

    i love to bake lemon drizzle cake and rich chocolate cake with home-made mallow fluff topping :)

  42. Emily Jayne Phipps says

    Love baking and decorating birthday and celebration cakes. :) And will definitely being doing one for my baby to be soon!

  43. Lisa Ellison says

    My kids love to decorate cupcakes so i’m baking them all the time, but I love doing Australian crunch

  44. Clare W says

    Cupcakes and biscuits with all colours of icing and all sorts of decorations on top – to appease my 4 year old daughter!

  45. Joelle Gilbert says

    Plain Maderia cupcakes. Put the decorating toppings in the middle of a table and let everyone let their imagination go wild.

  46. Clare Webb says

    As a family, we love baking Chocolate fudge brownies. The only problem is we fight over who gets to lick the spoon afterwards!

  47. Lisa says

    Squidgy chocolate brownies- so satisfying! Cupcakes are always fun because you can get really creative!


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