Giveaway (CLOSED): Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Hamper

Ferrero Rocher

A few weeks ago we tried out some wine matching with a selection of  Ferrero Rocher chocolates.  All very interesting as I remembered that I like Ferreros, and made the discovery that I also like the white Raffaellos (I usually am not a coconut fan).

I have a hamper of Ferrero chocolates for one Fuss Free reader to try out consisting of the selection box above and a box of each from the range, and a selection box for a runner-up.  Perfect for Valentines perhaps?

To take part simply follow the instructions below.

Win A Hamper of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates

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  • Closing date Midnight 9th February 2013

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a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. This giveaway is open to all readers over 18, who live in the UK
  2. The winner will be chosen via Rafflecopter (which uses and announced on this page.
  3. The winner will be contacted by e-mail, if they do not respond within a 7 days another winner may be chosen.
  4. There is one prize of a hamper of Ferrero Rocher Chocolate, and a selection box for a runner up
  5. I am running this competition in good faith on behalf of Ferrero Rocher. Their decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. They reserve the right to substitute the prize for one of a similar type / value if the prize above is not available.
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Good Luck!

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  1. Jane Willis says

    I’d share them with my three year old granddaughter – she has very grown up tastes and would much rather have Ferrero Rocher than any sweets aimed at children.

  2. Kim Allen says

    Well, I wouldn’t share the Raffaello as they are my biggest weakness but the others I would share with Dave …. I think he’d sulk if I didn’t!lol

  3. liz denial says

    I’d share my Ferrero Rocher with my best friend Sandie as a thank you for all the things she does for me. She’s more like a sister than a friend

  4. Louise Comb says

    I would either share with my wonderful hublet, or with Michael McIntyre – whichever made me laugh the most :)

  5. Emily Nelson says

    My partner, they are his favourite! Also my son would sure love to scoff some of these! Our little girly is too young, but our dog would deffo have his nose in the box, and i bet our fish would love some too! hehe xx

  6. Claire Fraser says

    I would love to share it with my Mum on a girly night but as that is sadly not possible my cousins on a family catch up

  7. Helen T says

    I’d share them with my family – don’t think I’d have a choice! (and then I’d save the wrappers for Halloween trick or treat choc covered brussel sprouts…mwahahaha) x

  8. Andrew Halliwell says

    My sister, if I’m visiting that month…
    Next door neighbours maybe…

    But mainly… myself, omnomnomnomnom…

  9. Marie Rose says

    Share? Why would I? Well if I really must I guess I could take them to our gaming evening… nope change my mind. Om nom nom.

  10. tracy says

    I would share them with my son, these are his favourite chocolates, actually I dont think there would be many left for me!

  11. marie-sophie fox says

    I would share with my youngest daughter because it is her favorite thing because her nana used to love them

  12. Peak Lee says

    I have often given my lovely Auntie, Ferrero Rocher for Christmas as I know that they are her favourite chocolates and so I would definitely share them with her.

  13. Clare Webb says

    No one – sorry, Ferrero Rocher are mine, ALL MINE! My hubby had even refused to buy me any for birthday or christmas now because I won’t share! They are too yummy!

  14. Mark Fridlington says

    I’d share them with anyone who happens to be around when I am eating them……..of course, if I time it correctly, I might get to keep them all to myself!

  15. Hazel Howorth says

    Unfortunately, I’d have to share it with my hubbie, son and daughter – they love them just as much as I do

  16. terina davidson says

    i would share with all my family ,as we always share our chocolates & ferrero rocher chocolates are the perfect luxury chocolate share.

  17. Ant says

    Share? Must I?? Oh, go on then…..! I was actually thinking my mother would love to help me tuck into this Ferrero Collection box – and there’s also my good friend, Dee (she lurves these choccies) – shared between the two of them, I might be lucky to get one or two! ;)

  18. Judith Allen says

    My partner, which isn’t really very generous of me as she doesn’t like them. What a shame! More for me!

  19. Crystal Mse says

    I’d share with my Mum and twin sister . We *all* share a birthday (some gift for my Mum , huh !?!) so I’d put these away until our special day ! x

  20. says

    We’ve eaten all our Ferrero Rocher Chocolates over Christmas…Thanks Mum. We need a new supply but are flat skint broke after Christmas with our two daughters!

  21. Carly Mckay says

    I would share my ferrero rocher with my family on a friday evening (which in our house is family film night)

  22. Laura Caraher says

    I would share the hamper with my big sister Eilidh as they are her favourite chocolates and she could do with cheering up as my brother in law is out of work and it is a hard time for them at the moment; if I won the giveaway it would put a smile on her face :)

  23. June Lord says

    I’d share it with my OH because he’s not the biggest chocolate fan and would let me have most of them! ;-)

  24. Michaela Williams says

    I would happily offer to share with my hubby, who does not really care for chocolate, so it would be safe :-)

  25. Lisa Pope says

    Lol@ share, I’m going to be totally honest & say I’ll probably scoff the lot myself, I may share with the children if they ever bother to tidy their room!

  26. Linda Guest says

    I’d share them with Daniel Craig lol . Skyfall at the movies and a box of Ferrero Roche. I would eat the chocs myself and drool over lovely Daniel Craig :)

  27. Diane Carey says

    If my mum was still here I would share them with her cos she loved them. But instead it would be my hubby

  28. Kerry Pope says

    I would always share a box of Ferrero Rocher with my mum, as she has a sweet tooth just like me and will savour every mouthful and it always great to have a good catch up over something delicious to eat.

  29. SARAH ARNETT says

    My neighbour Sam who loves these chocolates – she got hooked whilst pregnant with her triplets and has never looked back since!!

  30. Nicola Seary says

    Share!!!! I share most chocolates but I never share my Ferrero Rocher. They are always my special treats that I indulge in alone.

  31. kristy brown says

    With my lovely son, who although he is at the difficult tweens and working his way through Aspergers, he is still my shining light in the dark!

  32. Angela Kate Webster says

    I would share them with my partner. He is crazy about Ferrero Rocher . He would probably eat them all!

  33. Ruth Grover says

    I’d share them with my friends at our school Parent Group. I love going there every Friday and they give me so much companionship.

  34. claire wilkinson says

    id share with my 5 year old he got a box for xmas and shared with me, he makes me laugh cant say “ferrero” so calls them “roshers” lol

  35. jane colwill says

    They would have to be saved for mother day so i can sit with my mum and share them with her, jointly celebrating mothers day for the 1st time.

  36. Victoria N says

    I’d rather just eat them all myself but if I had to, it would be my husband for putting up with my recent pregnancy cravings!

  37. Alexis Pettie says

    As I live with my Mum I would share with her and my nieces and nephews. They wouldn’t last very long

  38. Lesley Bain says

    I would love to say I would get to eat them all to myself, but in my house? Not a chance ;) My children will all share them with me, they love Ferrero Rocher as much as I do!
    I have to say the words ‘hamper’ and ‘Ferrero Rocher’ were made to be used together……my idea of heaven :D x

  39. Fiona Usher says

    I’m sorry to say but i wouldn’t actually share them! My kids have a cupboard full of Sweets, Crisps and Chocolate and the Hubby has his biscuits. I never but any treats for myself. So i would have to snuggle on the sofa in the evening in my PJ’s when the kids have gone to bed and munch down.

  40. sam bailey says

    Have to be my daughter and my fella, everything else i get i seem to end up sharing so dont see why i would stop here

  41. Holly Boyd says

    I am not sure I would be able to share them, however I am sure my family would be able to have one each :p

  42. Sarah Robertson says

    Unfortunately I cannot eat them as I have a nut allergy, so these would all go to my partner who loves them!

  43. Lorraine Carter says

    with my significant other,the lovely Mr B, for having helped me start 2013 in a much better situation than I started 2012 with

  44. Jay Scales says

    My mum! My dad used to buy her them for every Christmas and birthday, but I’ve never been sure about buying them since she was widowed, so she’d love it if I won some, I’m sure x

  45. sarah Margetts says

    If I had to…..and I mean really really had to, it would be my other half, otherwise it would be one for me and one for me, lol

  46. Rebecca Phillips says

    My lovely other half. It’s his birthday on Valentine’s Day so that means he has to get some, right?

  47. Claire Long says

    I’d share my ferrero rocher with my mum, she has loved these since I can remember and I get her some every xmas and on her birthday :)

  48. Louise Hutchings says

    I wouldn’t share my Ferrero Rocher if I win,
    As they’re my absolute favorite thing.
    That’s a bit selfish I hear you cry,
    Well let me explain my reasons why.
    In my house I never get anything for myself,
    The kids gobble all the goodies leaving empty packets on the shelf.
    The hubby and kids always get the sweets,
    I think its about time I had some treats. ;-)

  49. Hayley Wells says

    I’d gift these to my hubby as he’s rather devastated that his Christmas choccie stash is sadly depleted!

  50. Isabella Grainger says

    I have been buying my daughter a box of Ferrero Rocher for her birthday for as long as i can remember they are her favourite

  51. Darlene Taylor says

    Couldn’t be anyone else but my 19 year old Daughter. She always buys me Ferrero Rocher on Birthdays and Christmas~she knows how much I love them :)

  52. Vicki Violet Morris says

    No one mwahahaha. Only joking I’d share them with my Mum because whenever she gets a box she always shares with me :)

  53. says

    I would take them to work and share with my colleagues, it’ll be my 6 month work anniversary soon, so it would be a good excuse for a chocolatey celebration!

  54. Julia says

    I’d share them with my sister in Australia, we used to share a box on Christmas or Easter and would love to be able to do this again one day! They are by far my favourite Choc!

  55. Linda says

    Oh tasty Ferrero so divine
    I can only hope that you’ll be mine
    I can’t wait to doing some sharing
    With all my family who are so caring!

  56. Kathryn says

    If I really did have to share, I suppose at a push, I’d let Mr. C and the kids have a few. Ideally, I’d hide them though and eat them all myself. X

  57. Joanna Smith says

    Ok at first this might sound mean…I’d share them with my fiance and NOT the four kids! We would devour them after they finally go to bed. They are still ploughing through Christmas selection boxes and Easter is approaching. They just wouldn’t appreciate them like we would!

  58. lynsey kirkwood says

    Well I couldnt share with my other half due to allergies so would share with my neice and nephew and tell them how it was their great grannys favourite ever chocolate!

  59. Emma O says

    My little seven year old nephew.. however while he is tiny he can eat a ridiculous amount of chocolate so i’d have to make sure he didn’t polish off the lot!

  60. Donna Baxter says

    I’d share with my mom and sisters and make a big chocolate cake with the original one’s crushed on top mmmmm x

  61. Emma Boitoult says

    I may have to be persuaded but I would share them with my other half, not necessarily share them equally though! :)

  62. Katy Killen says

    I would choose to share them with my husband and would probably have no choice but to share them with my chocoholic children!-wonder who they inherited that from?!

  63. ANNE ROGERS says

    My husband, obviously but when I say share, one would be enough wouldn’t it because these are my absolute favourites

  64. sarah robertson says

    I would share them with my husband! We dont tend to treat ourselves much anymore as we have a wee 1 year old son, so every penny goes on him…not that I would change it but I do lovvveeee Ferrero Rocher…you are really spoiling us!!!!

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