Giveaway (CLOSED): Harrod’s Port & Stilton Christmas Hamper


Harrods Port and Stilton Hamper

With inexorable relentlessness the year marches on; and like it or not  Christmas (whispers) is approaching.   You can either be downhearted or embrace it, start to plan and get excited.  Every year I vow not to leave it until the last minute, but I always seem to.  The fact that it is my mother’s birthday on Christmas day means that I need double the present inspiration, (as I have to shop on behalf of my father I actually need quadruple the present inspiration).

Hampers are almost synonymous with Christmas, and luxury department store Harrods has a massive selection of gift hampers; from The Opulence, to a more modest Hattie and Blythe midnight feast box.

For one lucky reader I have a Harrods Port and Stilton hamper, containing a bottle of Harrods LBV port, a ceramic pot of Stilton with cheese scoop, and a packet of biscuits, all packed in a smart bag.   For a chance to win simply follow the instructions below.

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Win Harrods Port and Stilton Hamper RRP £50

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Sponsored giveaway by Harrods.

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  1. Carrie Brown says

    My daughter would love the Hattie & Blythe Midnight Feast Tuck Box, perfect for when she has a sleepover (aka stay-awake-as-long-as-possible) so I would most like to give this one to her.

  2. Pauline Rendell says

    I would love to give a £10,000 hamper!! but I know my friends would appreciate the simple champagne and chocolate hamper.

  3. Emma Carter says

    I’ve never seen a £10,000 hamper before, so I’d have to buy the Opulence one for my parents if money was no object. But until I win the lottery, they’ll have to settle for a tin of Quality Street instead!

  4. kim winter says

    I would love to give my Mum The Knightsbridge Hamper.She has a big sweet tooth and this has a massive selection of treats!! Looks so luxurious.

  5. Caroline Burt says

    I would love to give my parents the Harrods Limited Edition Hamper as they would love everything in there and it looks so gorgeous.

  6. kayleigh Dawn says

    Obviously there is a LOAD on there I couldn’t even afford but to go realistically with what I can afford I would choose the Pamper Hamper at £150 (for my sisters)

  7. adele knight says

    Amazing selection, but I think I like the Childrens Christmas Hamper its a lovely selection and beautifully packaged

  8. Marian Fievez says

    The Montpelier would be an amazing choice for Christmas, especially for my sister who loves all things Christmas, and Harrods!!

  9. Susie Clayton says

    Were money No object, I would give my mom the Opulence Hamper, simply because it has a rather nice looking Jamon de Serrano 5J at the back, which is her favourite thing in the whole world.
    back in the real world, I would love to give mom the Laudree Chocolate Tiles Hamper.

  10. Jeff Wolf says

    Well, if money were no object I’d be totally tasteless and get the Opulence for my wife! She’d probably tell me off for wasting money though!

  11. KT says

    Would so like to give this to my sister and brother in law to say a massive Thanks over the years and especially this year.

  12. Rebecca Cleary says

    The ST James Hamper for my Grandad. He is my best friend and I love to spoil him but would never be able to afford one of these. It is GORGEOUS!!!

  13. Andrew Halliwell says

    I’d go for the Daylesford Larder, it seems to have a little bit of everything. And most of it looks scrummy. :)

  14. Mark Whittaker says

    Just for the sheer once in a lifetime experience it would have to (unrealistically) be the The Opulence.

  15. LINDSEY CLARK says

    The Opulence – just for the sheer price of it. I would treat my very good friend Irina Rudinskaja and hope she would share some of it back with me!

  16. Lyndsey B says

    It would be this one for my father. He just loves port! However, I would love to give the St. James looks absolutely fabulous, and filled with gorgeous morsels. I always give Harrods’ at Christmas but this is a little more opulent than what I tend to buy, very impressive.

  17. Susan Crosswaite says

    I would love to give my friend the Pamper Hamper – she works really hard but always has time for others so she deserves a bit of pampering

  18. Beverley says

    The Daylseford Breakfast – it would be just the thing to leave in my mum and dad’s caravan as a surprise for their Christmas holiday morning when they go down there!

  19. Romana Richards says

    The Belgravia – for my dear friends who have had to move into sheltered accommodation as they are frail but love the finer things in life.

  20. Evelyn Johnston says

    My Uncle Harry is 84 and house bound due to a fear of going out as he had a heart attack last year. I know he likes a wee dram so i would give him the whisky and truffles hamper.

  21. Rachel Williams says

    I would like to give the Port and Stilton to any of my male friends for Christmas – they would be thrilled!

  22. Michelle Grundy says

    The St James, looks nice, things you’d actually eat and drink. I’d give it to a friend who has had a tough year.

  23. Lyndsey Brett says

    ‘The Opulence’ is amazing. What a shame I could only ever afford it in my dreams :p.
    It would be the ultimate luxury for Christmas.

  24. Phyllis Ellett says

    Wow, where is my lotto ticket, I need to check to see if I won. Lovely stuff and lovely prices, but for the best shop in the world you have to pay the best prices. So to choose a hamper for someone, it would be the The Rose Prince Collection. I know my sister would love that.

  25. Julie says

    I’d love to give The Opulence Hamper to my sister as she hosts our family New Years Eve party every year on a very limited budget and this would help her out, that way we all get to share it too!

  26. maureen moss says

    The St. James because it has such a varied selection I could give it to any deserving person and know they would love it

  27. nicci cowdell-murray says

    id probably chose the harrods St James hamper , it has lots of gorgeous products in it @chanson2010

  28. Mark Fridlington says

    If it was a free gift to share then obviously the Opulence at £10,000 but we’d be happy with the “A Christmas Classic” at £25.

  29. Sarah Fawcett says

    What a lovely Christmassy feeling looking through all of these yummy hampers – but £10k for a hamper :-o OMG! After all that, I think my favourite is the Port and Stilton one anyway, what a gorgeous stylish gift for anyone :)

  30. CAROL PATRICK says

    The Gourmet Selection Hamper (if I could afford it) I’m sure whoever I gave it to would invite me round for a meal!

  31. Lauren says

    I would like to send the Belgravia to my aunty and her family because there ar plenty of biscuits, crackers and preserves to go around. Not to mention the ‘block of gold’!

  32. caroline Johnson says

    Difficult to choose just one but the Celebration of Chocolate looks absolutely delightful, I know lots of people who would love to receive this as a gift….me included!

  33. Barbara Bunning says

    The seasonal wine collection would be the prefect gift for my sister and brother in law as they collect fine wines x

  34. kristy brown says

    Of course I would love to gift the oppulence, but as my budget stretches nowhere near that it would have to be the Pamper Hamper for my lovely mother In Law

  35. Lesley Wong says

    Wow so much to choose from! I would pick So Jennie & Truffles for my mum as she deserves a bit of pampering for all that she’s put up with from me :)

  36. peter jones says

    For me it would be the ULTIMATE hamper,would not eat it,just show it off to people haha,would give it to my wonderful mother

  37. Hilda Hazel Wright says

    The Opulence! Can you imagine how amazing it would be to be able to afford to give gifts like that! Its incredible! There are some very lovely hampers there.

  38. Susan Seaman says

    in an ideal world id love the opulence, but till i win the lotto im not buying that one lol love them all but would especially like the wine buyers tasting selection as i could share that with my father in law.

  39. Penelope Hooper says

    I’d love to give The Daylesford Complete Christmas Hamper to my sister. She’s been so ill and had a terrible year – it would cheer her up no end and she wouldn’t have to worry about shopping for food this year.

  40. Samantha Atherton says

    I’d love to be able to give the gentleman’s hamper to my dad, as i find him really difficult to buy for and he usually ends up with socks! So it woul be lovely to give him somethin really special.

  41. Rach James says

    I’d most like to give the St. James hamper – being our surname it’d make me feel dead posh!! It’s also a beautiful Christmassy colour.

  42. Mary Riches says

    The port and stilton hamper for hubby. We both enjoy port and a good cheese and he is a very generous person and I know he would let me share with him.

  43. Marilyn Greenwood says

    It would have to be the Harrods Childrens Christmas Hamper for my 6 grandchildren they would just love it

  44. karine jade says

    the belgravia, as even if money was no object, it would seem to be a waste to spend £10000 on the opulence; they all seem lovely and would all be appreciated I am sure.

  45. Fiona Cowieson says

    It would have to be The Opulence – just because it’s soooo crazy. For an actual sensible answer I do love the Christmas stocking one. A little more affordable!


    The Knightsbridge Hamper looks divine, i would treat my mum with it as she is so special and deserves a bit of luxury

  47. Sarah Lambert says

    I would choose The Grosvenor for my friend as they have had such a hard year with a redundancy and bereavements they could do with this to cheer them up :)

  48. Lisa Pope says

    I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the £10k hamper, my favourite however is the Daylesford Larder, perfect for my Sister-in-Law

  49. Tilly Lander says

    I would love the Daylesford Family hamper. Something for everyone and I might even get to keep the Teddy :-)

  50. Louise Hutchings says

    I would love to give the Gourmet Collection hamper to my best friend as she just had a baby and deserves a treat. :-)

  51. Sarah Jauch says

    My boyfriend LOVES his cheese so this would be an amazing gift for me to give to him. You will always see him around the port and stilton at Christmas so this would be perfect :)

  52. Phil Darling says

    I’d love to give the St James hamper to my parents – They’d love it all, and theres the added bonus that they’d share it with me too

  53. says

    What a selection! I’d choose the Montpelier hamper, and give it to my mum and dad – it has all the things my family love, and would be perfect for boxing day (and several more days, I should think)

  54. Mary Riches says

    The port and cheese hamper for hubby. We both enjoy a glass of port and a good cheese too. I know he would share it with me.

  55. Fran Light says

    I’d most like to give the Harrods The Wine Buyer’s Tasting Selection, and I’d give it to my parents. They tend to buy ‘cheap plonk’ from their local supermarket so a ‘discerning’ selection like this would be a real treat!

  56. Marie Rose says

    I know that regardless of our age most of my friends would prefer the children’s hampers especially Hattie & Blythe Midnight Feast Tuck Box given all the sweets we remember are in it.

  57. Irene Wright says

    Well of course, it has to be The Opulence hamper – valued at £10,000.
    I would give it to my wonderful husband and then I can help him demolish (eat/drink) it with his grandchildren.

  58. melanie crumpton says

    I would give the Daylesford Complete Christmas hamper to my mum, because she spends a fortune cooking Sunday roast for all 18 of us every week!

  59. Helena Romanowska says

    The Pamper Hamper would be perfect for my friend. She has been out of work for a while now and she desperately wants a job so this might cheer her up a bit.

  60. Charlotte Evans says

    I would give my family the joint present of the Daylesford Larder hamper for Christmas day because I know they make fantastic cheese!!

  61. lorna says

    i would choose the Harrods Port and Stilton hamper and i would give it to my gran as these are her favourite hamper items because when we go down she always does everything for us!

  62. Tom says

    Yowser! The prices, If I won the lottery, (greater likelihood of being Felix Baumgartner’s compass.) I would go for the Opulence. Having said that I could probably do a very good copy of it, in M & S or Sainsburys for a fraction of the price.

  63. Waterpolo says

    £150.00! I must be a real meanie, but out of all of them the Scottish collection, great to share in front of a log fire on a cold day.

  64. Daphne Mueller says

    I really like the St.James, with the biscuits and old fashioned Enmglish feel of Christmas, but truly I just love the thought of a Harrods Hamper arriving in time for Christmas, I wish….

  65. Claire Fraser says

    I would love to send The Saint James to my 87 year old aunt so she could share it with her 91 year old sister to give them a real touch of luxury which would last for a while.

  66. dragonfly63 says

    The Opulence is the sort of thing only available in my dreams and would be the ultimate present for my wonderful better half.

  67. karen hall says

    I’d love to give my Sister the gourmet collection, but as I haven’t won the lottery just yet – maybe not this Xmas :-)

  68. sarah fleck says

    The Opulence – wouldnt it be nice to afford it but even better to be able to give it to someone my family would love all the stuff in this one so thats why i would choose it.

  69. Helena says

    I would love the Daylesford Family hamper as the teddy is gorgeous and my nieces would adore him (if my daughter would let him go!)

  70. Angela McDonald says

    I’d love to give The Eaton as a present to my parents.. it’s got everything for them to ahve an amazing christmas time with :)

  71. Lisa Day says

    The Belgravia because it has tea as well as wine so it would cater for both of my parents.It also has fudge and my mum really loves fudge so it would be perfect.

  72. Dee says

    Brilliant giveaway. I have always wanted to visit Harrods. I would go for the St James, lots of traditional christmas food in it.. chutneys, christmas cake etc. I would keep it for christmas for the family as I have everyone this year. My Mum would love it. We dont have expensive tastes but a little treat now and again is lovely.

  73. christina davies says

    i would love to be able to give my mum and dad any of these hampers!! because i love them soooo much and they help me all the time, it would be nice to give something back xxxx

  74. Helen Stratton says

    I would love to give the St.James to my mum as it has all the ingrediants to give her a perfect, traditional Christmas.

  75. chloe says

    Children’s Christmas Hamper – I would keep it a complete secret and put it under the tree for everybody to enjoy from Santa!

  76. Michelle says

    I’d love to give ‘The Opulence’ to Heathens skipper Adam Roynon who’s back in hospital, with a broken leg and shoulder, having only just returned to speedway after a nasty back injury.

  77. R Moon says

    I’d give my Mum “The Supreme Hamper” as she is Supreme and deserves the best, plus it has a box of Christmas Crackers in and she loves them!!

  78. says

    Oh my it would have to be the most expensive opulence one – would give it to my friend Becky who has been my rock this past 18 months x

  79. Sue Oldham says

    I would most like to give The Draycott Hamper, to my mum. It’s alcohol free (she doesn’t drink) and it contains three of her favourite treats in life; fudge, shortbread and tea (plus coffee and chocolate as added bonuses!) She lost my dad this past July so a litte something to offer warmth and comfort would be most welcome I should think. I wish this was a prize – I would definitely enter on her behalf!

  80. Alison Macdonald says

    Think it would have to be the Daylesford for my mum. Within my price budget and lots of goodies in there that she’d actually use (unlike some hampers!) Even a cute teddy bear as she’s a HUGE teddy bear fan :-)

  81. Helen Thurston says

    Personally I’d be more than happy with the Port and Stilton Hamper but as this is pretend I’ll go with either the Opulence, Ultimate, Harrodian or Supreme – but only on the proviso that whoever I gave it to let me have the Harrods leather-style trunk x

  82. susan swain says

    I’d definitely pick the Opulence – what a fantastic treat that would be, and I’d give it to my daughter who gives all her time and efforts selflessly to others

  83. Katie says

    I’d love to give mu boyfriend the Whiskey and Truffles hamper (then I could nick some of the truffle for me as well!)

  84. Karen Painter says

    I’d love to give The Opuence Hamper to my friend, she’s had a tough time lately and deserves a special treat.

  85. Karen Painter says

    I’d love to give The Opulence Hamper to my friend, she’s had a tough time lately and deserves a special treat.

  86. Anna Stickland says

    It would have to be The Opulence for my parents just to see their faces when I tell them how much it cost. Then to stuff our bellies :-)

  87. Helen Gardner says

    If I had the money I would of course give The Opulence and as its so special I would have a party and share it with all the friends and family that I love

  88. Christopher Millward says

    We don’t drink a lot in our family so the St james Hamper would suit us nicely. Lots of lovely chocolates, cakes and nuts.

  89. Jo Turner says

    The Ultimate – would love to give this to my sister to take some of the stress of hosting Christmas away from her and thank her for doing it each year

  90. Sally Peevor says

    I’d love to be able to give my mum the opulence as she deserves the world for being such a good mum but to be honest I think she would prefer the St James so if I win the lottery I might buy her 14 of them instead – that would keep her cupboards well stocked!!

  91. Kerry Pope says

    Definitely the Hattie & Blythe Midnight Feast Tuck Box, perfect for my two little boys they would just adore it.

  92. Heather Jenkinson says

    How fantastic is this! I so love it, If I won this, I’d really enjoy it! :) Not really, I’d give it to my lovely old dad!

  93. Louise says

    I would be happy with any of them but being greedy I think ‘The Opulence Hamper’ would be my favourite (if I could afford it of

  94. Isabel Plant says

    I’d love to give the Opulence to my parents as a massive thank you for all the baby sitting they’ve done for us this year.

  95. Sharon McGuinness says

    The opulence is a gorgeous hamper, one for millionaires I think. Would love to give this to my mother and father in law to give them a taste of the good life as thank you for their help this year.

  96. Rod Curtis says

    Wow! There are some really amazing hampers but it would have to be The Opulence – treat others how you’d want to be treated yourself and all that!

  97. Amber R says

    I’d love to give the Opulence, just because that has to be the most extravagant thing I have ever seen! However, the Daylesford Complete Christmas would be a real treat too – everything you’d need for a delicious Christmas.

  98. chris aggett says

    I would love to give my friend the opulence, although he’d probably have a heart attack that i gave him such a nice present, then i’d have to take it home with me and make sure it didn’t go to waste!

  99. Lisa Fearn says

    On first thoughts The Opulence. Why not? But i think that would be too flash. So with two of my favourite people in mind, i chose The Gourmet Collection. They love cheese and fizz and are very much foodies

  100. Rose Dean says

    the st james – or that big daddy one opulance for the ‘cheese slate’ because every kitchen needs a cheese slate! :s

  101. Sarah Brown says

    In a fantasy world I would give my parents The Opulence to say thank you for supporting me through an extremely tough year

  102. Joanne Homer says

    I’d love to be able to afford The Opulance to share amongst my family but I really like The Grosvenor for the teddy bear!

  103. Erin S says

    I would give Harrod’s A Celebration of Christmas hamper to my neighbours because they have been so good to me when I was ill last Christmas

  104. Fiona Mallard says

    I would get the Gourmet collection for my mum. She loves good cheese and good wine. And I’m sure she’d let me share ;-)

  105. kerrya says

    The Knightsbridge, it looks very festive and I’d love to give it to my Nan & Grandad as a big thank you for being so great!

  106. terina davidson says

    wow i did’nt know a £10,000 hamper exsisted,what a indulgence,i like the port & stilton as a gift for my grandad who’s 88yrs old & would love to find this in his christmas stocking

  107. Hugh says

    I love the thought of Port and Stilton at Christmas it sets of the festive season. Its great to have friend and around for a mear and then to finish it of with beautiful port accompanied by wonderful stilton

  108. vauna beauvais says

    Without a doubt, the most tasty and luxurious hamper for me, is Bateel – the Bateel Box of Dates & Chocolates

  109. lucinda duxbury says

    i would give my mum (hoping to share obviously) the champagne and truffles one.

    £10,000!!! for a hamper, wow how the other half live! :)

  110. Sheila Bound says

    Whisky & Truffles would be the hamper for us. .Whisky for hubby and chocs for me .Just the indulgence for Christmas

  111. Melissa B says

    The one you’re giving away would be perfect for my Grandad – He’s so hard to buy for, it seems like he has everything already! So something indulgent like this would be fab for him.

  112. Richard Pemberton says

    Wow, definitely the Opulence. What a stunning hamper. Well outside my reach unfortunately, but my other half would just love this.

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