Giveaway (CLOSED): Heston Blumenthal 2 Piece Carving Knife Set – RRP £100

Heston Blumenthal 2pce Carving Set

Here in the Fuss Free Kitchen I love my knives; a good knife can make chopping a pleasure, cutting through the toughest of jobs like a hot wire through butter.   Slightly paradoxically a good sharp knife is in fact far safer than a blunt one, it is easier to control and is far less likely to slip than cheap light weight badly balanced ones which are far more likely to slip or bounce and cut you.

Culinary alchemist Heston Blumenthal has long been a fan of Japanese Torjiro knives, made with 37 or 63 layers of steel, they are handmade by craftsmen in Japan and every knife is unique.  They are amazing knives,  but for many the hefty price tag puts them out of reach of the non professionals.

Step in Heston and his new range of knives, developed to give great performance, at a realistic and affordable price point the knives are made from three layers of steel, ensuring sharpness and precision.   I like the feel of the knife in my hand, the balance and cut, and my Heston paring knife (I really do not like working with large chef’s knives – it is a very personal preference) is my to-go knife, the one I grab from the block (or draining board – never put good knives in the dishwasher) for most tasks.

Gary and I were asked along to the launch of the new knifes.  It has to be said that Gary who probably is Heston’s number one fan was very excited indeed.  Heston clearly is a knife geek, I would venture to say obsessive, and is hugely knowledgable about them.  He is also a really top bloke and chatted and laughed with Gary and I for a good few minutes, and indulged us whilst we took photos.

Heston knife launch

Although it still is early, Christmas is coming and the goose (and turkey) are getting fat, and in my (and I suspect) many other families the job of carving the Christmas bird can be daunting.  To make it just a little bit easier I have a carving set, worth £100, from the new Heston knife range to giveaway to one lucky reader.   For a chance to win simply follow the instructions below, come back every day for bonus entries.

Win A Heston Blumenthal 2 Piece Carving Knife Set – RRP £100

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Good Luck!

Many thanks to Grunwerg for asking me to the launch and for my new knives.

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  1. Sue Hunt says

    For some reason I just cant slice anything thinly, I always end up with thick chunks of meat. The most difficult thing is leg of lamb, that big bone in the centre is so hard to get around.

  2. Rachel says

    I find anything with a bone in it tricky, but especially lamb shoulder – the big shoulder blade always seems to get in the way.

  3. nicci cowdell-murray says

    I have arthritis in my hands and finger so without super sharp knives i have no chance, my hubby always has to take over !

  4. Toni Arnott says

    I am rubbish at carving. I desperately need this to prevent the Christmas mocking that will ensure this year on my first Christmas with my boyfriend.

  5. Anne Mancini-Smith says

    I could definitely show more prowess at carving chicken – fingers crossed to win this set – looks wonderful!

  6. Jane Willis says

    I’m hopeless at carving anything at all, I even have to get my husband to slice bread for me. If I carve a piece of meat it looks as if it’s been posing for a horror photo

  7. s popple says

    I find Chicken a pain to carve, I believe its due to there being a carcass in the way! Looking forward to the day that they get the genetically modified boneless chicken perfected, carving will be a cinch then!

  8. Stephen Mears says

    I can’t carve a gammon joint, it just crumbles rather than slices. Its probably been badly cooked by me in the first place!

  9. Kim Allen says

    For me it has to be a shoulder of lamb but it tastes so much better cooked on the bone that I keep trying ….. and failing to get nice neat slices!lol

  10. Hazel Rea says

    I don’t so much carve meat as disassemble it – I blame the fact that I like all meat very well cooked so it falls apart!

  11. Dee says

    I don’t carve chicken, it just doesn’t work for me. As I try to carve it it just falls apart so I just tear it off now and serve it like that. Lamb has to be the hardest for me to carve. I always manage to find the bone no matter where I start but the help of good knives is always a winner. My knives are bits and bobs from different sets that I have bought in the past with un-matching blocks. I really should invest in a good set, I’m sure it would make a massive difference to the way meat is carved. I have watched the chefs in the carvery s and they always manage to make it look so easy. Maybe I will master it with a little practice and a new set of knives :o)

  12. Ellen says

    Oh gosh, everything apart from pork! For some reason I can carve pork really well but if you put a chicken in front of me, it will look like a bomb hit it!

  13. Paul Kay says

    A Swede (remember halloween in the old days before Pumpkins where everywhere?) Making those lanterns was hard and dangerous work.

  14. ALLY CHAPMAN says

    I find pork with cracking difficult to carve – I either get tiny slivers of crackling with decent slices of meat or lovely chunks of crackling with great lumps of meat.

    I know I could carve both separately, but I like the cripy bits still attached to the pork!

  15. Karen Shuttleworth says

    I’m generally rubbish at carving everything, the fact that we don’t own a carving knife doesn’t help!!!

  16. Rach James says

    Leg of lamb I think because of the big bone through the middle….but tastes so much nicer on the bone rather than having the butcher bone and roll it…. dilemma!!

  17. Jeff Wolf says

    I used to find carving anything difficult until I bought some decent knives and leaned how to keep them sharp. Now the only thing I find hard is carving chicken and turkey off the breast.

  18. Brigitte Leprince says

    I don’t really have a problem carving anything really since a sharp knife is half the battle and when I was at school doing cookery lessons, they taught us about different joints of meat and the techniques of carving them successfully. So for me, the most difficult carving would be if someone asked me to carve an undercooked piece of meat because even with a sharp knife, this would be a wobbly challenge!

  19. Janice Beal says

    I have never been able to carve birds very well – the worst is pheasant because they’re so fiddly- although to be honest everything I carve looks a bit the worse for wear after my efforts!

  20. Brigitte Leprince says

    I do not have a problem carving at all because we were taught in cookery lessons at school how to deal with the various joints of meat and the best technique for carving them. Therefore, if I had to give an answer to this question, it would definately be under cooked meat which would be a wobbly problem!

  21. Charlene tankard says

    Pumpkins! Kids love them but being the only adult so I’m the one left carving dragons and freaky faces in them and the kids take the credit

  22. Helen says

    I’ve only recently started cooking meat from scratch and manage to massacre everything >.< – most recent was giving everyone a thin slice of bone as well as the chicken!

  23. Stephanie Mamo says

    I am hopeless at carving the turkey at christmas, it’s so big and I have little hands, it ends up shredded unless the OH does it!

  24. Andrew says

    I’m fairly good at most things.
    Tend to agree about joints tied up with string,falling apart,when the string is cut.

  25. Katherine L says

    We made a large roast turkey a few weeks ago and struggled with carving it! all the bits came out small and flakey!

  26. Isobelle Forde says

    I find most meats easy as I work in a cafe .. but beef joints are probably my hardest to get nice thin slices though!

  27. Marie Rose says

    Chicken especially smaller ones as my caving knife is really large (plus I need to keep it sharper) and I have very little patience for fiddly things.

  28. Sylvia Leaver says

    Chicken. I’m lucky because my hubby is an ex butcher so he does most of the carving, absolutely expertly. He has a set of butchers knives which I don’t touch. A sharp knife of my own might make all the difference!

  29. Cat Adams says

    I always seem to make a hash of carving chicken, it would be nice to be able to carve nice dainty slices but mine are anything but!

  30. Dawn F says

    Not necessarily carve, but the hardest thing to cut well is tomatoes. I like nice even, chunky slices and you just can’t do that with a blunt knife.

  31. Irene Wright says

    I make my own bread (in the breadmaker, of course) because ‘shop’ bread always gives me a sore stomach. Fresh bread smells wonderful, tastes better, but is a hassle to cut if the knife is not sharp.
    These knives would certainly be put to good use.

  32. Helen B says

    Chicken – I’m terrible at it. I don’t know if it’s the awkward shape, or the consistency of the meat, but I find it impossible. These days I just lay into it with an electric carving knife; I still make a terrible mess, but at least it’s quicker!

  33. Lora says

    I’m not that great at carving anything, but turkey on Christmas Day is probably the worst because there’s added pressure and I’m already frazzled by that point! A decent set of knives would help a lot though.

  34. Andrew Halliwell says

    Think the most fiddly things to carve are chickens, roast beef and lamb and stuff are just a straight cut but you’ve got a lot of nooks and crannies to carve around on a chicken.

  35. Amanda Hurst says

    Wow….What a great prize. I would even invite the in-laws round for Sunday dinner, if I had a nice posh carving set, like the one on offer. : )

  36. Lisa Pope says

    Bread, I bake my own & have done for the past 10 years or so, you’d thing by now I’d be a little more adept! I tend to leave most of the carving to my husband

  37. Paul Kay says

    Can’t see my comment from yeterday so try again ? This would be great – just in time for the Christmas Turkey.

  38. Maria Turner says

    Chicken or turkey is difficult to carve to make presentation look good and also get everything possible from the bird

  39. Jamie Berwick says

    Lamb is tricky to carve as the meat often collapses – chicken, battling with the carcas, can be a mess too!

  40. Sarah Morris says

    I find it hard to carve most meats but aside from that, the worst thing to cut for me is Swede, it usually ends up flying across the room!

  41. Cheryll H says

    Everything is equally difficult! I have rubbish knives though… (that’s what I tell myself anyway) :) @pipersky1

  42. says

    Decent knives are a chef’s most important tool. If I win these knives does it mean I’ll be as good a cook and as inventive as Heston? Hope so!
    PS: I don’t watch many cookery shows but I did see the show when Heston tried his hardest to change the food and approach to cooking on submarines. He had a really tricky task but his determination eventually paid off and I hope he’s proud of that.

  43. Andrea Smith says

    I’m bad at carving most roasts. I always end up with odd shaped slices ~ thick at one end and wafer thin at the other.

  44. Kim says

    Definitely has to be leg of lamb. I just cannot carve anything with a bone and when I get near to the bone with lamb I end up with chunks instead of slices.

  45. Lisa Day says

    I find it hard to cut a loaf of bread it’s either too thin and breaks or too thick lol.Also chicken is a nightmare for me.

  46. says

    A leg of lamb is always tricky, never sure where to put the knife because of the bone. Also, i’m not sure you’d call it carving, but butternut squash and large sweet potatoes can be a nightmare to slice into sometimes.

  47. Jacquie Bennett says

    I can’t carve anything, it always ends up looking a mess so I only do a roast when it’s just us too, so embarassing!

  48. Tara Davies says

    I’m utterly hopeless when it comes to carving meat, so i always get the other half to do it. I’m sure he’d be pleased with a helping hand :)

  49. Diane Carey says

    I don’t carve anything, my hubby always does it. He carves all joints except chicken with an electric knife

  50. Julie Guy says

    I usually have to get my husband to carve up the chicken, as I’m so useless. It usually comes of in lumps. Maybe a decent knife would help, or maybe I really am just useless. :)

  51. Michelle says

    I can’t carve anything hot. I cooked the most impressive beef joint last week. Everything was perfect. Except the slices (chunks) of beef on our plates. Such a shame. Tasted great. Looked awful!

  52. Amanda Goldston says

    Fresh bread is the hardest thing for me to “carve” or hack to pieces! It is never straight and the so-called slices are either as thick as doorsteps or full of holes

  53. Sue Oldham says

    I find pork hardest to carve, especially if it is slow cooked. I know it is lovely to have it just fall apart at a touch of your fork, but when you want to present slices nicelyon the plate it can be a bit of a nightmare!

  54. Sue Oldham says

    Pork, especially when slow cooked. I know it is lovely to have it fall apart at the touch of your fork but when you want to present a roast dinner to guests its nice to have slices instead I think.

  55. Tracey Starey says

    I struggle with chicken, I just get lumps of it, but I guess it tastes the same even if presented a bit messily!

  56. susan younger says

    I don’t carve anything. I just give the task to any other male in the house. Why are they always so good at it?

  57. Sarah Phillips says

    I don’t think I’ve ever carved anything before – I just get someone else to do it and be the first to take the meat!

  58. rachael says

    im rubbish in general in the kitchen , fella does all the carvingand hes saying beef is the hardest :) shhhhhh dont tell him im entering cos he’d love these !

  59. says

    I don’t carve – ever – so these would be for Hubbie who is the man who does the job in our house. It’s the Quorn roast that causes the most hassle though.

  60. Emmajo potter says

    I struggle to cave anything my mother in law cooks. It’s really embarrassing when she brings her roast to the table and asks me to carve. It’s usually rock hard and I practically have to chisel it off the bone. That along with soggy veg makes Sunday dinner something I try to avoid!

  61. Hannah Clementson says

    I find it hard to carve – meat :)I find it wiggly and I always end up with either really to think or a massive chunky piece. :(

  62. kristy brown says

    Anything in pastry! I tried to carve a Beef wellington so it looked all professional…….it looked like I threw it on the floor then dished it up!

  63. SHEILS GLASS says

    Sheila’s trips for carving
    1. Put the turkey on a work surface. Using a boning or chef’s knife, cut from the neck end to the tail end of the breast parallel to the breastbone. Continue cutting, keeping the knife against the breastbone. Then angle the knife, running it alongside the thin rib cage to free the meat.
    2. Slice the breast meat crosswise against the grain using a Granton slicer or a chef’s knife. Transfer meat to a warmed platter.
    3. Pull the leg away from the carcass as you slice down the side of the thigh to expose the joint. Cut around the joint to free the whole leg. Repeat with the other leg. Remove the other side of the breast and slice according to Step 2.
    4. Find the joint between the leg and thigh bone and separate them with the knife. Slice the thigh meat parallel to the thigh bone and transfer the meat to the platter. Repeat with other leg and thigh.
    5. Trim the meat off the legs , if desired, by slicing lengthwise down the bone to free the meat. Cut around the wings to free them from the carcass. Save the carcass for making stock.

    Now all one need’s is the Knife set – Thanks for the Giveaway!

  64. Nicola Marie Reynolds says

    I usually leave it up to my husband to do the carving, but when I do have to do it myself I always struggle with beef. Always looks a state when I do it!

  65. Michaela Williams says

    I’m not very good at carving turkey :-(
    Chicken is quite easy, because it is not as big, but turkey at Christmas for 8 people is huge!

  66. Sally Peevor says

    I’m generally rubbish at carving so I tend to let my husband do it – I am a perfectionist and I struggle with the angles!!

  67. Ruth Tesdale says

    I have always used an electric knife but I was never happy with the result and need to learn to carve properly

  68. Eleanor Wigmore says

    I find poultry harder than lamb, beef or pork! I am pretty bad at letting it rest though – too impatient!

  69. ann scally says

    I am useless at carving all fingers and thumbs, maybe this might help me to carve like a professional (maybe not quite as well) x

  70. Rod Curtis says

    OK so I’ve worked as a cavery chef in the distant past so can’t say I find anything difficult, my wife hates carving goose tho’.

  71. Paul Witney says

    Lamb usually, as it’s quite fatty and therefore more difficult to cut through. I tend to end up with chunks rather than neat slices.

  72. Melanie Gardiner says

    Everything!! I’m a bit of a kitchen fail when it comes to carving, which generally ends up with big fat wedges of meat (usually thinner one side than the other) or a bit of a blood bath with my digits tending to take a bit of a hammering.

  73. vauna beauvais says

    Hardets thing to carve is a nut roast – you need a really sharp knife so that it doesn’t just all crumble instead of making slices. I would love this carving set for our sunday nut roast dinners :-)

  74. Gina Michele says

    tweeted and fingers crossed i win, i have had to start from scratch and dont have hardly any kitchen things :)

  75. Fiona Usher says

    Ah Wow! These would be great, i can imagine they are much better than the Argos Value Knifes ;-)
    I would love to win these so the Turkey looks nicely sliced on the plate this years instead of ……well, a mess!

  76. Katy MacLachlan says

    I just moved to a new flat, and have a mish mash of hand-me down kitchen ware. would be lovely to have a nice shiny set like this. xx

  77. Caroline Scott says

    nobody expects slices in my house – they know they’ll just end up with chunks! If I won this they’d get a lovely christmas surprise!

  78. Sarah says

    My boyfriend would be delighted if I won these, he used to work in a butchers and is forever moaning about our knives!

  79. Helen says

    Since watching YouTube my carving has improved but it still needs some work; some fantastic knives would help I’m sure

  80. Dawn Drewery says

    These knives look amazing!!! I need to get some of these for my kitchen, mine are all completely blunt, they’re just ornaments now!!! :-)

  81. yvette anderton says

    it would be wonderful if i win it will make my husbands life easier to carve i cant carve since i am disabled

  82. sue willshee says

    Must be lovely to have a sharp knife for carving. All my knives are so blunt they can hardly get through butter :-)

  83. Ellie Jacobs says

    the only thing i get right is turkey. Everything else is a chore, luckily my kids are young so dont notice. Hopefully with the right tools (hin, hint) I may be a perfect carver by the time they are old enough to bring their kids round for Christmas Dinner LOL x

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