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Kitchen Nomad Box

If you want to broaden your culinary horizons, or are stuck in a rut then the themed country boxes from Kitchen Nomad are a great idea.  Each box contains a number of top quality speciality ingredients and recipes from a different country (changes monthly) which will enable you to recreate food from a favourite holiday, or to be a kitchen traveller.

I have really enjoyed the Greek and Vietnamese boxes and have been quite impressed.

I have got two Kitchen Nomad boxes to be won by two Fuss Free Flavours readers (these will probably be the Greek boxes – but the country might vary).  For a chance to wine please follow the instructions below.

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Win 1 of 2 Kitchen Nomad Boxes

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Kitchen Nomad Box

Good Luck!

Many thanks to Kitchen Nomad for this prize and for the boxes they have sent me.

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Helen Best-Shaw is a freelance food & writer, photographer who has been writing about achievable, affordable and mostly healthy food on Fuss Free Flavours since 2007. She also contributes articles, recipes and photos to a number of online and print food magazines. Please do contact me if you would like to discuss commissioning work.

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  1. I love trying food from different countries! This looks fab!

  2. Either Greece or Italy – so fresh, tasty, colourful and healthy – hard to choose between them but I think I’d edge for Greece – I absolutely adore Aubergines and Greece uses a lot of them in their traditional cooking. I’m getting hungry!

  3. Japan

  4. it’s hard to choose just one country as a favourite as it so depends on what mood I’m in! China probably get’s chosen most!

  5. Tracy Nixon says:


  6. I keep reading about these boxes, they sound great. Maybe I’ll try them sometime.

  7. Carole Barnes says:


  8. Meryl Rees says:

    Chinese if it’s takeaway, uk if it’s home cooked

  9. Susan Crosswaite says:


  10. tamalyn roberts says:


  11. Paul Wilson says:

    I don’t really have a favourite, I love trying all different kinds of cuisine.

  12. liz denial says:


  13. Nicky Stevens says:

    Looks tasty! I think my real favourite is Greek

  14. terina davidson says:

    Chinese or Italian, hard I love both, but i’m open to trying all varietys

  15. sandra henderson says:

    I`m just back from Crete so this would help me keep the summer holiday going by cooking up some Greek recipes.

  16. sandra henderson says:

    Oh yep i love food from Greece!

  17. Lisa Williams says:

    I love Japanese cuisine :)

  18. Elaine Savage says:


  19. Mexico

  20. EVA AVELTE says:

    love testing Mediterranean food

  21. Italy

  22. Val Swift says:

    I love Italian

  23. andy harris says:

    fine looking competition

  24. Ursula Hunt says:

    China but I would love to try Vietnamese

  25. Nicola Lynch says:

    My favourite is Portugal as I am a huge fan of chicken. But I love Greek too.

  26. Rachael G says:


  27. Apart from good old English food, My favorite food comes from Spain.. or the mediterainian style… just so much taste and flavours to it… can always spare time for some Tapas

  28. Natasha Male says:


  29. sophie spiby says:


  30. Michelle Inwood says:


  31. Leia Jackson says:


  32. Italy definitely! :)

  33. Bex allum says:

    I love Italian cuisine.

  34. Irene Wright says:

    My husband and I (Like the queen) have travelled to many different countries so the meals we cook at home are from a variety of different places. We mix and match. Today the lamb chops are from New Zealand but yesterdays salmon was from Scotland. My favourite cuisine is Italian or Indonesia, Husband favourite is Chinese or French.

  35. Melanie Gardiner says:


  36. Dyana Rose says:

    Those boxes sound like such a great thing to come in the post. May just have to check them out if I’m not one of the lucky ones!

  37. laura banks says:

    i love italian food

  38. Christine Dodd says:

    I love Indian food

  39. LYNNE BAKER says:


  40. Dyana Rose says:

    oh, and :) I can’t pick! I loved my Uncle’s food from Syria, and I love things like hummus, falafel, tabouli.

  41. For me it has to be Greece. Just love meze – it is too die for. Shame we do not have many authentic Greek restaurants in my part of the world. Thanks:)

  42. Sophie Hocknull says:

    I’d love to say somewhere exotic, but ive not really tried any. I’ll have to say British and hope i win so i can be a kitchen traveller!

  43. Jeff Wolf says:

    Italy (India a close second!)

  44. My favourite is probably italian. Pasta and lovely sauces. Although I’ll give anything a go!

  45. I love Italian Food

  46. Jane Willis says:

    Malaysia, the cuisine combines all my favourite Asian flavours and textures

  47. China or Italy

  48. Rebecca Maddocks says:


  49. Jessica Powell says:


  50. North America – the simple dishes from my Mum’s upbringing that I ate throughout my childhood – like pumpkin pie (from a pumpkin not a can!) and Grandpa’s home made bread

  51. Frances hopkins says:

    Italy :-)

  52. Jane McColl says:

    Japan, love love love Japanese food, it’s the best in the world!

  53. Spain

  54. Michael Clyma says:

    Mauritian cuisine, my wife’s from mauritius, so I get fantastic Indian, Chinese and African recipes, I never know what, but I get fantastically aromatic smells coming from the kitchen on a daily basis.

  55. Val Hartley says:


  56. Australia – lovely Barramundi and Moreton Bay Bugs

  57. Alison Joyce says:

    Italy, love pasta, risottos and pizza!

  58. Shanice Pownall says:

    Looks amazing!

  59. Mark Palmer says:


  60. Adele Hill says:


  61. My favourite is from India

  62. Sarah Morris says:

    Tough question, love chinese takeaways but if I am cooking something or eating in a restaurant its usually italian food I choose, cannot GET ENOUGH of pasta dishes, so yummy.

  63. Helen O'Keeffe says:

    My favourite is Thai at the moment but ask me tomorrow and i’ll give you a different answer!

  64. It certainly looks very intersting love trying new things

  65. Claire Smith says:

    Thailand – but never attempted to cook it myself.

  66. Emily Jayne Phipps says:

    Greek food is wonderful, as is Spanish!

  67. Christina Brown says:

    Mexico! :)

  68. vandervaulk says:


  69. I love broths that you get in hong kong

  70. I love experimenting, but I love Chinese food x

  71. melanie stirling says:


  72. I love trying new cuisines but it would be between China and Italy!

  73. Angela Walton says:


  74. Italy :3

  75. Phoebe Kitcher says:

    My favourite cuisine comes from thailand. I dream of going there some day to eat the street food =]

  76. Mexico!

  77. Indian, the hot the better too

  78. Sarah Birkett says:

    I like a bit of everything, love greek dips, hate olives

  79. One of my favourite foods is Baklava, I’m crazy for it!
    These boxes look really cool, I’ve never heard of them before.

  80. Andrew Halliwell says:


  81. Mark Whittaker says:

    Must say I love the taste of Thai, though am just discovering Malaysian food – though way to scared to try them . I have started to cook Indian meals but as yet its a pretty limited repertoire .

  82. Claire Fraser says:


  83. I love Italian food

  84. Tracey Peach says:


  85. Janice Mackin says:


  86. Laura Baker says:

    Italy! I couldn’t live without pizza or pasta!

  87. I am really into Mexican right now, last month it was Thai. Although finding a good Pad Thai in Newcastle was a challenge.

  88. Laura Harris says:

    Love this concept, great idea!

  89. Italy!

  90. Tammy Tudor says:


  91. Turkey

  92. Eve Murphy says:

    Oh, I would love to have those olives, I’m addicted to olives and cherry tomatoes you see :)

  93. Eve Murphy says:

    I would have to say Italy as well. Calzones are lovely too.

  94. Jayne Sullivan says:


  95. paul jackson says:


  96. I like food from Japan :)

  97. Hannah Oneill says:


  98. Rey Chunara says:

    I adore Thai food but also love Morroccan, Indian, Mexican etc…

  99. elladublin says:

    I love anything Italian!!

  100. Katherine Coldicott says:


  101. Karen Barrett says:


  102. TracyJo (@tjsi1963) says:

    My favourite is Mexican.

  103. Sonia Chou says:

    What a difficult question! I really enjoy Italian food :)

  104. Olives are probably my favourite food, so my answer is everywhere that olives come from. Fingers crossed and thanks :)

  105. Caroline Hemple says:

    Most of the Mediterranean but my favourite is probably Greek.

  106. Thailand

  107. Susan Bowe says:


  108. Claire Butler says:


  109. Judith Allen says:

    India, Bangladesh. I love curry!

  110. Herbert Appleby says:


  111. Thailand

  112. Polly davis says:

    A little bit of holiday in my kitchen

  113. Just like being on holiday in greece

  114. Lynette Crawford says:

    I love trying food from anywhere in the world, fantastic prize xx

  115. love Indian food

  116. Eleanor Wigmore says:

    I think I love every country’s food! But india probably just wins!

  117. angela sandhu says:

    love greek food

  118. Richard Rowley says:

    England because we embrace the foods from lots of countries

  119. Lorraine G says:


  120. Anschel G says:

    Mediterranean cuisine.

  121. Italy or China!

  122. china

  123. Thailand, Italy, Iran

  124. Annie Costa says:

    Cyprus or Armenia.

  125. Amy Campbell says:

    Would love this

  126. Joanna Sadler says:

    I love Thai food :)

  127. India

  128. Hmmmmm Difficult question deciding where my favourite food comes from, but I’d have to pick Britian, can you really beat Chips in newspaper wrapping?

  129. Mickie Bull says:


  130. Just love trying food from all over the world ,so many different flavours and textures

  131. love hot spicy food

  132. Lyndsey Beckford says:

    Mexico. Yum!

  133. Sheri Darby says:

    This looks delicious – I’d love to try those products

  134. Becky John says:

    Love Sicilian food

  135. Claire Farley says:

    Greek Food

  136. Sandra Clarke says:

    I love Italian food.

  137. Charlotte Hoskins says:


  138. Julia Nicholls says:

    I love the variety and taste of all Indian curries

  139. Julia Nicholls says:

    I adore Indian curries

  140. Renee Armstrong says:


  141. Diana Croos says:

    fab prize

  142. Hong Kong

  143. Mmm, I think it has to be Greek. I love those Mediterranean flavours :-)

  144. Laura Farren says:

    Mexico, I absolutely cannot get enough of maxican food, Delish!!

  145. Sue Obrien says:


  146. jodie harvey says:


  147. Erica McNeall says:

    Indonesian or Indian

  148. elaine dale says: a traditionalist

  149. Anthony Webster says:

    Its got to be Italy but i also love Spanish too

  150. Faye Huntington says:

    Italy! xx

  151. Jane Paddey says:

    I love chinese food

  152. marion king says:

    i would love to win this x

  153. Susan Hunt says:


  154. Pauline Rendell says:

    Mexico, I love it!

  155. nicola stott says:

    The packaging looks very authentic….as if you’re sat in an olive grove or in a sundrenched village square….if only!

  156. Italy

  157. Maya Russell says:


  158. Katherine L says:

    I love it all .. but currently, I’m obsessed with Japanese food :)

  159. sonia rowbotham says:

    always up for trying new spices and foods from different countries!
    Got my taste buds going :)

  160. Japan

  161. Georgina Ball says:


  162. Ali Thorpe says:

    It’s probably Italy but I enjoy food from many different places.

  163. I like Spanish food and have tried, unsuccessfully, to recreate it at home.

  164. I love trying out foods from all over the world but favourites I go back to again and again are Greek and Italian :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  165. jackie curran says:

    I love italian food .

  166. I always enjoy trying new foods, and the Nomad boxes sound very exciting.

  167. Ema J Lowe says:

    Italian food

  168. I recently ate the delicious Ceviche in Peru and I really think that this may become my new favourite food. Raw fish that is fresh from the ocean, tasty and healthy.

  169. Mmm, this looks amazing…..going to have to go & cook something now!

  170. JOANNE SAUNDERS says:

    I love turkish food :)

  171. I love Moroccan food

  172. Katherine L says:

    I love Japanese food!

  173. Greece – a vegetarian meze is a constant favourite.

  174. Graeme Macmillan says:

    Rural France – Normandy and Brittany

  175. I cant get enough of Mexican food when dining out , but I also love Thai!

  176. Anne McCutcheon says:


  177. Fab prize!

  178. Helen Atkins says:

    I love Italian food

  179. Joyce van den Camp says:

    Love to try

  180. Karen McNulty says:

    It’s not knowing what’s in the box that makes it a tasty adventure

  181. claire woods says:


  182. India

  183. Keeley Shaw says:


  184. Spain, every time.

  185. Samantha Borley says:

    Thailand, but it’s a toughie – Greece, Italy, Brazil.. so many great places!

  186. Italian for me

  187. Karen Harrison says:

    Greece – always reminds me of great holidays.

  188. Sue Harrison says:

    China.. I love Chinese food

  189. Rachael Barratt says:

    I absolutely LOVE cooking Japanese food, and often extend it to cook dishes from China, Vietnam and Thailand.

  190. Greig spencer says:

    italy for me

  191. i love mexican flavours

  192. D J FREEMAN says:


  193. Cheryl O'Sullivan says:

    Italian, but my other half loves Mexican

  194. Keith Daniels says:

    Looks nice!

  195. After all that, forgotten what the question was!

    I love so many cuisines, it’s hard to point one down, but the food from Egypt was pretty special.

  196. Italian…especially pizza! :)

  197. Sarah Tilley says:

    I love love love sushi!

  198. ilove foreign food, spicy or not

  199. Laura Cooper says:

    Thai food is my favourite.

  200. Helen Garner says:

    I love trying food from different countries and always looking to try something new.

  201. Italian is my favourite cuisine, but I’d love to try others :-)

  202. Pam Gregory says:

    I love Bangladeshi cuisine

  203. Italian

  204. Iatalian

  205. Rebecca Parke says:

    Definately italian

  206. Hester McQueen says:

    I love food – but Italian probable has the edge over the others.

  207. justine meyer says:

    France would be my favourite

  208. Laura Pritchard says:

    I’d love to win this!

  209. Chinese – though I tend to go for individual dishes I like rather than liking one cuisine best overall.

  210. Penny Russell says:


  211. Debbie Stanley says:

    Spain – I love tapas

  212. Phyllis Ellett says:

    Not a country but a region around the countries like Austria, Germany, Poland and Eastern Europe.

  213. Andy Parkes says:

    Itallian…..but………….am drawn to spanish occasionally for old times sake!

  214. would love to try with friends

  215. Helen Paylor says:

    any of the Asian countries

  216. Kirsten Murphy says:

    I love trying new food flavours. I love Italian and Spanish food

  217. nino amoroso says:

    italy or any where in the med

  218. A really love greek food – this looks great!

  219. Rachel Craig says:


  220. Kayleigh Beirne says:

    Italian food rocks – those olives are making me dribble!

  221. Tricia Cowell says:

    Oooh choices, I love Greek food !

  222. adrian knox says:

    Chinese or Italian

  223. Angela Burgess says:


  224. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    I love almost every Greek dish I’ve tried.

  225. Italy

  226. My favourite foods are English.

  227. Jenny Rogers says:

    Italy – love the pasta and the puds

  228. These look fab. I love trying new foods.

    • Gaaah. Submitted unfinished. I was trying to say that of all the foods I’ve tried I think most of the ones that I like are Spanish. I love the whole small portions tapas thing.

  229. Mary Chez says:

    My favourite is Indian food

  230. Christine Lockley says:

    I love the tastes of Italy – gorgeous fresh

  231. Penelope Friday says:


  232. Nancy Bradford says:

    Has to be Italy.

  233. Tom Baines says:

    a defo must excellent

  234. Julie Guy says:

    I love anything Italian. I could eat pasta everyday.

  235. Emily Hutchinson says:

    Italy, so many great flavours.

  236. Spanish and Greek! xx

  237. Jo Hutchinson says:

    Italy yum yum

  238. Helen Simpson says:

    Mmmm. Japan.

  239. Joanna Sawka says:

    I love Italian cuisine

  240. Katie Walker says:

    I like Chinese, one of the best foods I have had has been Sicilian as well as Lebanese

  241. It probably would have to be Italian.

  242. England

  243. Dee Dmonte says:

    India or anywhere they have spicy food

  244. amazing, looks so tasty, yum.

  245. emma kinsey says:


  246. Hayley Mulgrove says:


  247. julie laing says:


  248. Heather Haigh says:


  249. Hannah Jaques says:

    These boxes look amazing! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  250. Karen Barrett says:

    Greece, I used to work in a Greek Restaurant and we have visited Mainland Greece many, many times, I adore their food.

  251. Julia Wulff says:

    Definitely Thailand!

  252. Vicki Violet Morris says:

    Without a doubt it has to be China. I am a chinese food addict!

  253. Lovely blog i discovered just in sync with my love for good food from all over the world

  254. moira stewart says:

    Italian food is fab.

  255. Melissa Kelly says:

    Would love to get my hands on this and try new things in the kitchen

  256. Sarah Maclean says:

    Greece. One of my favourite dishes is Moussaka.

  257. Cyndi Johnson says:

    I would say I love greek food :)

  258. victoria metcalfe says:

    I love thai and vietmanese food

  259. Love the contents – look exciting

  260. I love Indian and turkish food

  261. karen hambly says:


  262. Clint Howat says:

    Love eating food.

  263. I’ll try most foods, from any country. The only foods I don’t like are very spicy, hot foods. I’d love to try one of these boxes though as they look great.

  264. megan hughes says:


  265. Janice Smith says:


  266. India

  267. I love Italian (Pizza, Pasta) Thai, French, Mediterranean, and, of course, good old English – you can’t beat fish and chips at the seaside.

  268. SARAH MCCARTHY says:

    yum yum yum

  269. Teresa Lee says:


  270. Italy

  271. Mark Johnson says:


  272. Paula Phillips says:


  273. These look really good – ive always been fussy when it comes to food but the last few years ive been trying new things – these boxes would be good for that

  274. Deborah Wheeler says:

    China – such a variety of flavours

  275. Steven Appleton says:

    it’s got to be India

  276. Glynis O'Halloran says:

    Exciting prize. I love trying new things.

  277. I guess I would pick Italian :)

  278. Fiona Mallard says:

    Italy – pasta is so versatile, you can do anything with it

  279. Mmm Mexico! x

  280. Sarah Mcknight says:


  281. sally rees says:


  282. Lyn Bosomworth says:


  283. Joanne Evans says:

    India…no Italy….um China, wait a minute Mexico crikey Britain……oh gosh, I just can’t decide!

  284. I love Czech food… Had an amazing holiday in Prague and have been addicted ever since. Perfect with Pilsner!

  285. Nicole Sumpter says:

    Greece, I love Feta and crusty bread with olive oil! Yum!

  286. Isabelle Smith says:


  287. Great prize

  288. leanne williams says:

    Chinese if it’s takeaway, uk if it’s home cooked

  289. Gemma Snell says:

    italy :)

  290. Turkey – my grandfather is Turkish Cypriot…

  291. Lani Nash says:


  292. love trying new foods

  293. Indian

  294. sarah brooker says:


  295. NIGEL HILL says:


  296. Italy. so many great dishes

  297. Ruth Longville says:

    I love Chinese food with a passion

  298. Italy. :)

  299. claire slater says:


  300. Wendy Tolhurst says:

    I love Italian food

  301. Sarah Mills says:

    yum yum

  302. Rachel King says:

    Depends on my mood, but Italy would probably win at the moment

  303. Mexico!

  304. Katherine D says:

    I’m off to foodie heaven, Hong Kong, for my holidays this year.

  305. leedslee1982 says:

    Love to try something new.

  306. I love trying food from Greece

  307. Paul Witney says:

    Looks great – would love to win

  308. Gary Topley says:

    China- Chinese food is lovely.

  309. Emma Lewis says:


  310. Holly Detre says:

    It’s hard to choose…but Thailand has to be top of my list.

  311. Victoria N says:

    Thai food probably at the moment

  312. Thailand

  313. love love caribbean..however runner up!

  314. alexandra gebski says:

    loving cooking lots of indian recipes at the min :)

  315. Kay Broomfield says:

    Spain – absolutely love tapas!

  316. I love food from around the Mediterranean..olives, fresh tomatoes, colourful healthy food!

  317. teresa thorne says:

    Italy… pizza :)

  318. Russ Allan says:

    My favorite cuisine is Italian.

  319. chirag patel says:


  320. Sylvia Paul says:

    I love all Italian food.

  321. marion king says:

    yes please fingers crossed x

  322. Rob Arnott says:

    Italian food.

  323. amanda davies says:

    would love win this for my son who loves to cook and try new ideasx

  324. Sheena Read says:

    This looks great.

  325. Frances Haslam says:

    I love food from Japan!

  326. Karen Whittaker says:

    Anything Mediterranean – probably South of France

  327. Jennie Settle says:

    I like Cantonese food.

  328. gemma croxford says:


  329. Faye Lester says:


  330. Alisa Moore says:



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