Giveaway (CLOSED): Luxury Weekend Brunch Hamper from TOTAL Greek Yoghurt RRP £100

Total Greek Yoghurt

At the end of January Fuss Free Flavours was 6, I was planning lots of giveaways to celebrate, and of course I got bogged down in something else and it did not happen.   I think, that given my tendency not to do anything until the last minute, my joke that on the 31st January 2007 I set up a blog so I could put off submitting my tax return for another hour or so, might just have had a grain of truth to it?

As a child on the last day of term I was the one at my desk, frantically scribbling my essays whilst my classmates were having fun; playing games and eating sweets.  I also know that people do not really change, and however much I want to become someone who does stuff as soon as it needs doing, rather than just before the deadline it is possibly never really going to happen.  I also know that when my mother – who is new to the internet –  finds, and reads this post she will nod in agreement.  At least I am self aware.

The lovely folks at TOTAL Greek Yoghurt have put together a breakfast brunch hamper worth about £100 to be won by one Fuss Free Flavours reader.  I have a recipe or two coming using TOTAL, but until then the new raspberry and pomegranate spilt pots are delicious and well worth seeking out…

Hamper Contains

  • A mixture of TOTAL Greek Yoghurt (split pots and plain)
  • A selection of fruits
  • A selection of compotes and chutneys, condiments
  • A selection of cheeses
  • Crackers
  • Granola

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Win Brunch Hamper From TOTAL Greek Yoghurt Worth Around £100

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 Many thanks to TOTAL for this prize.

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Helen Best-Shaw is a freelance food & writer, photographer who has been writing about achievable, affordable and mostly healthy food on Fuss Free Flavours since 2007. She also contributes articles, recipes and photos to a number of online and print food magazines. Please do contact me if you would like to discuss commissioning work.

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  1. gareth stevens says:

    Tele off and music on…..Pick an Album which lasts an hour and time your housework to it…Works a treat for me :-)

  2. Terri Bell says:

    Awesome prize! fingers crossed, xx

  3. Just getting on with it and getting it done – once it is out of the way I can relax :-)

  4. Clare Scammell says:

    My top tip for getting things done: A cup of tea and an early start. That way, if you procrastinate there’s still plenty of time left in the day to get things sorted! :)

  5. gary taylor says:

    Mmmm nice !!

  6. Ruth Dunkin says:

    Make a list – really satisfying to tick them off one by one!

  7. Gillian Holmes says:

    Make a tick list

  8. I’m a terrible procrastinator as well but when it comes down to it I find that being able to tick sub tasks off (either mentally or on paper) as I go along helps keep me motivated to finish whatever it is that I need to do

  9. susan jenkins says:

    organisation & routine.x

  10. Coffee and no sleep. :( Alternatively, save all your chores to the weekend or whenever you have alternative childcare. Young kids plus chores = fun, mess and nothing done!

  11. Just start doing whatever it is I’m procrastinating right away! And, if they’re lot of things needed to be done, I usually just pick something randomly and somehow everything else just falls into place!

  12. Ani Costa says:

    I record the soaps and put them on as background which always makes it more pleasant to do chores!

  13. Reward yourself – set money aside for something nice you can buy after achieving your goal.

  14. liz denial says:

    Be organised that way you’ll always know where something is when you need it. A tidy house is a happy house

  15. Tracy Nixon says:

    I make a list and if I get everything ticked off I reward myself – with a glass of wine that evening, a new magazine – doesn’t have to be anything big – just a little treat! So when I am slogging away with chores I just think – bath then a glass of my favourite red wine later Ahhhh!

  16. Setting a deadline

  17. Annette O'Brien says:

    No point in putting things off, they just mount up and can leave you feeling miserable because you wasted valuable time in the first place.
    My tip? Just crack on with the job and you’ll feel better after you’ve accomplished something.

  18. Tracey Clarke says:

    Concentration and peace and quiet

  19. Tracey Peach says:

    Know what you need to do the day before, set alarm clock for a early start, put your head down & get through it lol xxx

  20. I do a little bit at a time, and take breaks, so that I don’t get fed up.

  21. mark beynon says:

    Don’t think about it, just go for it!

  22. Helen Tyler says:

    I am a list person. Everything goes on a list and is prioritised. I then get great satisfaction at ticking things off.
    This works really well in my job too as a nurse!

  23. Kirsten Murphy says:

    My tip would be DELEGATE! If that’s not possible write a list with everything broken down into 10minute tasks & reward yourself after you complete each one

  24. Christine Constable says:

    Make a ‘to do’ list. Prioritise it into urgent and non-urgent. Start with the former and enjoy ticking things off as you do them, but don’t give yourself an unrealistic target.

  25. Andrea MacLeod says:

    I like to play music it always motivates me to get things done!

  26. Nancy Townsend says:

    Make a list and stick to it.

  27. Janice Davison says:

    Set yourself smaller goals and milestones to ensure that you reach them and are motivated to do more.

  28. Paul Bishop says:

    Nice and tasty does it.

  29. laura banks says:

    turn the music up loud

  30. Susan Crosswaite says:

    I tell myself to just do one small task when I’ve got a lot to do – once I’ve done that I just seem to keep on going until I’ve done everything I needed to do

  31. Andrew Halliwell says:

    step away from the internet. Too many distractions…
    note: not one to practice what I preach, I rarely get things done.

  32. kim plant says:

    im a mum of twins so the ideal way to get things done and quik is to multitask don’t take one plate out of the room do 3 or 4 at the same time start 4-5 jobs at the same time but only do it if your going to finish x

  33. Sarah Birkett says:

    make a list, at least you can see how much you have to do and a small sense of achievement once things are done. Also try and cut the items into small bitesize pieces that can be done in a realistic amount of time

  34. Hazel Rea says:

    Make a list and start with the job you least want to do – you’ll feel great after that and whizz through the rest!

  35. dragonfly63 says:

    Start by giving yourself permission to just do half an hour – often once you’ve started you will carry on.

  36. Karen Richards says:

    Usually write a list and work my way through the jobs until I get them done

  37. Val Hartley says:

    Make lists

  38. Mary Baldwin says:

    Make a list, set a timescale and cross them off as they’re done.

  39. Angie Allen says:

    Take the phone of the hook & crack on.

  40. CAROL PATRICK says:

    Make a daily to do list, but with realistic goals and, at the weekend, if I’ve completed all the tasks reward myself with a well earned treat (not necessarily chocolate!), sometimes a pretty pot plant, or a favourite magazine.

  41. anthony harrington says:

    my Wife has got me organised over the years, there are post it notes all over the place. My wife does a weekly list, from which ever day she makes a daily list and things get crossed off as we go along!

  42. kayleigh Dawn says:

    Switch the TV off and pop my iTunes on!

  43. Karen Harrison says:

    Prioritise and avoid distractions

  44. Amanda Hurst says:

    I make all kinds of list’s……I must admit my Husband laughs at me when I make shopping list, then go shopping without it :-/

  45. I make a list and that way it’s more likely to get done. And do the hard things first

  46. I always write a list of what I need to get done, breaking up larger tasks into parts and then enjoying checking it off when I’m done x

  47. Writing lists always helps me.

  48. Phil Darling says:

    Take the plug off the TV,put the radio on, and take it slowly and steady

  49. Melanie Gardiner says:

    Make a list, stick to it and never put off till tomorrow, what you can do today :)

  50. tina santilli says:

    Write a list and go thorough it one thing at a time.

  51. Make a list so that i know what needs to be done !

  52. Lindsey B says:

    Buy yourself A treat but your not allowed it till your done

  53. Don’t think about it much, just do it and get it over and done with. You will enjoy the relief afterwards.

  54. Hugh McLaughlin says:

    Great prize

  55. Carole barnes says:

    Do it yourself or it wont get done

  56. hire a PA

  57. An hour in the morning is worth two in the afternoon – annoying saying but true!

  58. my tip that helps me get things done is to do a list and then just get on with it, and dont rely on others as doing it yourself is quicker

  59. I am a list maker – put jobs in order of importance. I have a weekly ‘to do ‘ list which helps me to keep organise my time.

  60. Maggie Coates says:

    Do a little and often

  61. Meryl Rees says:

    Write a list, have a piece of chocolate in the fridge, then do something on the list and reward yourself with the choclate!!

  62. Plan ahead and prioritise!

  63. Diane Carey says:

    An early start, diarise, organise and lists, lists, lists

  64. Helen Thurston says:

    Stick some music on loud and just get on with it – plan a reward for the end of the day if you get everything done you planned.

  65. Catherine McAlinden says:

    I spend ten minutes on one job, ten minutes on another, then skive for ten minutes. I get loads done!

  66. Simply wait until there’s nobody – especially the g’kids – around. The peace and quiet helps enormously.

  67. great selection of healthy food for break times

  68. Sarah Smith says:

    Plan! As i busy mommy i have to plan everything, my mommy planner is always at hand

  69. Rachael G says:

    Little and often – ad breaks are great for getting quick jobs done. If you do have a big blitz then make sure you’ve got a great playlist to do it to!

  70. Wendy Lam says:

    Telling someone beforehand that I am going to complete this after a certain time and telling them to make sure I will complete it. I do tend to feel guilty if I haven’t done it as it will make me appear lazy and disorganised to them so usually the person I tell is someone outside my family and someone I respect. Music is good too as it makes whatever I do less boring and having easy eating snacks nearby helps so I don’t make excuses to get up and eat something.

  71. Charley Foulds says:

    try and not get overwhelmed with it- do a bit at a time!

  72. Katherine Coldicott says:

    Plan ahead and write lists

  73. christina curtis says:

    Plan and stick to it. Put on your favorite CD or radio station and have a boogie to keep you motivated.

  74. Emily Jayne Phipps says:

    Lists!!!! Although – I spend ages making them :) They do really help get your mind organized though

  75. Rebecca Nisbet says:

    Lists lists and more lists, and routine, I have the same routine every day but put an hour or 2 aside for visiting etc…

  76. Deborah P says:

    Give yourself a little treat after you have done a certain amount of your chores!

  77. WandaFish says:

    I’m a terrible procrastinator so about the only tip I have for getting on with housework is to invite someone round for a coffee or one of my daughter’s friends for tea – I couldn’t bear someone walking into a pig sty!!

  78. belinda porter says:

    I start it and than my husband will help me gets it done quicker

  79. Jacqui Williams says:

    Make a list and tick them off, you can even add things you have already done to get a few ticked off to start!

  80. Write a list ..helps me to stop stressing and do!

  81. Alison Wakefield says:

    Tell myself theres coffee biscuits and a bar of chocolate when ive done everything

  82. Jo Hutchinson says:

    make lists and put post it notes on things

  83. Cher Waite says:

    By having a reward in mind for afterwards as a treat – say clean out the cupboards for a latte, getting together clothes for the charity shop for a kitkat (as you can see food is a real motivation, ha!)

  84. Megan Adams says:

    Don’t sit down for a break. You’ll end up there for hours and get nothing done.

  85. Mark Fridlington says:

    Do it immediately and never put anything off, as the problem only gets worse!

  86. Susan Greig says:

    Don’t sit down until you’ve done all you’ve got to – nothing worse than trying to relax knowing that the pile of ironing/washing up/dusting need to be done. Do all you’ve got to then me time is more relaxing.

  87. Caroline H says:

    Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today! So don’t think “I must do that sometime”. Do it now!

  88. sarah clarke-feltham says:

    relax and dont panic it will all get done in the end

  89. Writing a list! If it is not on the list – it won’t get done!

  90. Sylvia Leaver says:

    I tell myself that if I finish whatever job first I can then spend half an hour on the computer, entering my favourite competitions

  91. Lesley-Ann Dunn says:

    Listening to music and treating myself when things are done

  92. Sally Carter says:

    I make lists for everything and once a job’s done, I tick it off the list and take a break.

  93. kelly sheanon says:

    I have a whiteboard for my to-do lists for the week to make sure I get everything done

  94. Ohmite Hudson says:

    Get up early, and start before you start waning

  95. Natalie Clark says:

    I make a daily list and stick to it ticking things off as I go.

  96. I think many of the above are useful tips.

  97. Janet Dixon says:

    I have a list, but I have to be in the mood to do it so no point in even trying if I’m not. If I am then I’m really focused and crack on :o)

  98. I have a plan for the day when I get up and get started in the morning so it is out of the way and I have the rest of the day

  99. sian hallewell says:

    If your making a list resist temptation to put everything on it and make it look daunting and reward yourself for your achievements

  100. Making a list and sticking to it

  101. angela sandhu says:

    list list list!!

  102. My top tip for getting things done is to make a list and plan out plenty of breaks in between; if i also set myself little rewards, it means I won’t procrastinate as much in between each break!

  103. melanie stirling says:

    I just have to do it when I make my mind up to do something,if I leave it,then that’s it,I change my mind again!

  104. Concentrate on just one thing. Finish it and then move to next project. Do not multitask. Be there. And try to enjoy it, f you can.

  105. Jenny Rogers says:

    I make lists and tick things off as they are done.

  106. John Mousley says:

    I do the easy things first so I feel I’m getting somewhere before tackling tough jobs!!

  107. DAWN TOTTON says:

    Make a list and keep it realistic.

  108. Katherine L says:

    Making a list of prioritized items and sticking to it!

  109. Turn off the computer, put on the radio and get make a start.

  110. I set alarms on my phone so that it’s too annoying not to do the thing. Howeever…I still faff way too much

  111. Lynne OConnor says:

    For me, what works best is to simply not to sit down when I get in from the morning school run, but just get on with what is needed. If I sit down to check emails or anything, hours can pass with nothing getting done.

  112. NATALIE GOATLEY says:

    Write a list to break jobs down into more manageable tasks.

  113. Paul Wilson says:

    Make a list.

  114. Susanne Temlett says:

    Make good use of any spare minutes instead of just wasting them, always try to take any rubbish out to the bin on your way to make a cuppa, put laundry etc at the bottom of the stairs so you remember to take it up with you next time you need to go up

  115. Maya Russell says:

    Don’t procrastinate – just DO it!

  116. ROS Thompson says:

    I set time goals and then reward my self with a break and something good to eat – before moving onto the next time goal

  117. Don’t even think about turning on the computer until you’ve done at least two of your jobs.

  118. Music on full blast in the house on my own and start my housework one room at a time, ignoring the phone and craving to sit down and chill.

  119. Allison van der Vliet says:

    Write it down then tick it off.

  120. I do my least favourite job first to get it out of the way. The rest dpesn’t seem so bad then

  121. Valerie Dallimore says:

    I get on better if I can do things when I am alone in the house whilst hubby is at work. No distractions!

  122. Judith Allen says:

    To just do it. And if you need help from family or someone else, you have to SAY you do, no point in waiting for them to notice. Doesn’t work that way, just leads to resentment.

  123. paul jackson says:

    make a list and prioritise

  124. jackie curran says:

    I have to force myself to switch the laptop off, make a list and get on with it , otherwise I am just really lazy .

  125. Mark Palmer says:

    Make a list.

  126. Laura Harris says:

    Write a list and tick things off as they’re achieved….nothing like it to keep you motivated!

  127. Julia Nicholls says:

    Make a reaistic list and stick to it, it’s amazing how crossing off an item makes you feel better.

  128. Make a list – start with something simple to get you going, then tackle the hard stuff when you are in the swing of things!

  129. Make a list

  130. Greig spencer says:


  131. Lemknip Pink says:

    Every morning I make list, cross things off as I get them done. Seeing them all crossed out at the end of the day gives a great sense of satisfaction

  132. I deny myself a cup of tea or a cigarette or a biscuit until the next thing on the list is done. I can get the bathroom gleaming in 16 minutes with the thought of a cup of tea at the end of it! It’s a great motivation.

  133. Make a To Do list

  134. Set deadlines, no slacking before a certain time! And a reward when I get there.

  135. Helen Keene says:

    I give myself a deadline and reward myself if I get it done by that time.

  136. Farhana Haque says:

    List! I love making list. I make lists about lists

  137. Lucy Taylor says:

    Set a day aside & dedicate it to getting on with things.

  138. Sometimes the thought of doing something is worse than the job itself, so as a well known sport company says “Just do it”

  139. Romana Richards says:

    Get up early. Have a good healthy breakfast. Rest 10 minutes and GO!…..

  140. I’m not very well so I think about the one thing I have to do today, and get it done. It takes 100 little jobs just to do one thing for me so I have to really think how it’s going to be done, then just do it, and I try not to think about all the other stuff piling up. One task, one day, done well is better than going gung ho at everything and having to re do it.

  141. Ali Thorpe says:

    Write a list the day before. In the morning, put your phone on divert to voicemail, laptop off and give yourself a timescale by which to work through the list. Then, just grit your teeth and get on with it, no excuses!

  142. Julie Booth says:

    Mak e a list, but the vary the tasks, so do some energetic housework, then break to do some admin. I find that the things still get done, but it seems less onerous.

  143. I use Google calendar to keep me organised and prioritise tasks.

  144. tamalyn roberts says:

    i do it myself!! thats my top tip lol dont leave it to anyone else or it wont get done right

  145. PAULA BURNSIDE says:

    Write a list and just keep going until everythings done.

  146. Ste Appleton says:

    promise yourself a little treat when you’ve finished

  147. Carol Peace says:

    Doing things one at a time and not overloading yourself with too much at once.

  148. Plan ahead! Organise your day and tick things off when they are done.

  149. Pauline Rendell says:

    I always think just getting it done works! but small rewards – ie when I have done this I can have a bar of cholate etc

  150. Wait for the kids to go to bed, saves going round in circles.

  151. olivia kirby says:

    Write a list and don’t open the wine until it’s done!

  152. hali brandreth says:

    great site :)

  153. Janice Beal says:

    I give myself a time limit and a reward at the finish :) Always works!

  154. stephanie tsang says:

    Getting my husband and daughter out of the house for an hour helps me to get things done.

  155. Catherine Reynolds says:

    This is going to sound like something out of Disney, but I sing a song and then do it.

  156. Mark Rayner says:

    The good old list…..

  157. a to do list. Then use the Urgent/Important matrix. So first list the tasks that need doing. Number them 1 to 5 in scale of importance (NOT urgency at this point). Now check which are Urgent. You should end up with a list of the following:
    Important and Urgent
    Urgent not important
    Not Urgent but important
    Not Urgent and not important.

  158. No distractions, determined effort and get on with it!

  159. I get my husband to help!

  160. Michelle Inwood says:

    Get up early and crack on

  161. Write a list and do the most important things first!

  162. sarah lambert says:

    Sunds boring but i like to work to a list :)

  163. Turn off the computer put on some music and get going

  164. Sandra Clarke says:

    Don’t let things pile up. Do them when you think about them instead of putting off.

  165. write a list of what you need to get done and make sure you complete one off each day

  166. A cup of Coffee, so loud music and time just flies by while you are doing your chores.

  167. jennifer thorpe says:

    make a list

  168. hannah oneill says:

    Make lists!

  169. Sally Poole says:

    Don’t be distracted

  170. Rachel Williams says:

    Make a list and have a little treat once you’re done!

  171. Decide when your deadline is … and then stick to it.

  172. William Gould says:

    Make a list of jobs, in order of importance. Work your way through it! Don’t allow yourself a break or any hobbies etc (except meals) till the list has been completed!

  173. Christine Caple says:

    Make a list, and cross off as you go

  174. Sarah Morris says:

    Write a list down of things to do, it helps to motivate you once you have crossed a few off, and try not to put off to tomorrow what you could do today.

  175. make a list

  176. Well, just turning the computer off usually helps!

  177. I make a list and cross things off as I do thm – reward to self at end of list

  178. Barrie Phillips says:

    Just getting on with it and getting it done

  179. claire curtis says:

    put on some loud music and send the kids out with there dad for an hour or 2

  180. Make yourself an itemised list and give yourself plenty of time to accomplish the tasks :)

  181. Start early and just try your best, if that fails then turn your phone off and hide under your duvet.

  182. Greek yoghurt is super scrummy

  183. Frances Heaton says:

    Be organised, make a list and stick to it.

  184. Make a list of the things I need to do then put on my favourite music to motivate me!

  185. christina brown says:

    Make lists and do things bit by bit…it’s the only way for me!

  186. A to do list and turning off your internet.

  187. Emma J Lowe says:

    writing a list and ticking off as i go

  188. Jennifer Deavall says:

    For me it’s definitely writing a list and sticking to it and crossing items off as I do them – makes me feel like I’m getting somewhere and accomplishing something.

  189. Annamarie Riddiford says:

    I have a notebook and write lists, and get the worse jobs over first

  190. brenda heads says:

    don’t over plan just do it. I used to spend more time thinking about how to do something than it took to actually do the job

  191. Jayne Sullivan says:

    I compile a ” to do” list. If that fails the odd post it note reminder seems to work a treat !

  192. Only give myself a short amount of time and run round like a nutter getting it all done!

  193. Make a list, it’s really satisfying ticking everything off!

  194. michelle kane says:

    Do a little bit every evening when I get in from work and then I don’t have to worry about it at the weekend.

  195. Sorry to say Helen but I am just like you, I leave things till the last possible minute and then run around like a loon! I do work best under pressure!. ;)

  196. I get things done by sitting down and just doing them…

  197. Laura Baker says:

    To-do lists! Couldn’t live without them!

  198. Leanne Court says:

    Leave it to the last moment, always work better under pressure!

  199. Just get on with it, and stop putting things off

  200. Clare Webb says:

    Make a plan – and stick some music on!

  201. write a list, get some music on then get all the jobs done! and then throw the list away!

  202. Allan Smith says:

    Organisation is key!

  203. Make a list at the beginning of every day, and cross things off as you do them. Very satisfying!!

  204. always make a list

  205. Deborah Munn says:

    Make a list and tick them off once done. That then gives you the satifaction.

  206. Allocating specific tasks to specific days

  207. For me it’s switching off the lap top :) I get soooooo much done if I just put the darn thing down (think OCD housewife when it’s out for srvice!!)

  208. Getting things done: making a list, and breaking things down into steps to tick off!

  209. Georgia McAllister says:

    Concentrate on one job at a time.

  210. Pat Stubbs says:

    Promise myself some time doing my favourite things AFTER I’ve done come cleaning or other horrible jobs!

  211. definitely a “to-do” list! and broken wifi doesn’t hurt either lol

  212. Natalie Gower says:

    deactivate facebook to start with!

  213. Do a little bit each day, don’t let things mount up.

  214. promise yourself a treat once you’ve done it! (cake works for me)

  215. Turn TV and radio OFF!!

  216. Margaret Weir says:

    do 15 mins at a time – set a timer & take regular breaks

  217. make a list, reward with chocolate!

  218. Nicole-Melainie Squires says:

    Get it all done as soon as you get up that way you are all fresh and then once it’s done it’s done and you can relax ;)

  219. Hollie Adlam says:

    Make a list and DO IT!! xoxo

  220. Jesse Partington says:

    Never put off doing things until a later date.

  221. Rebecca Funnell says:

    Make a list x

  222. I always make a list, that’s the best way I find to get things done.

  223. Organisation – I’m a list maker!

  224. Eleanor Wigmore says:

    A good nights sleep and setting goals. On lazy days having super productive 5 minutes in tv breaks!!

  225. write a list!

  226. Kirsteen Mackay says:

    I set each item on my to-do list with an alarm on my phone to make me do it to a deadline.

  227. Shelley Jessup says:

    I write lists, I come from a list family however with times changing the lists are not just written down on paper they are also put into my mobile with an alarm to remind me.

  228. Sue Bowden says:

    I get up extra early, then float around going from one thing to another and start on things that I never intended to do in the first place, then have to go extra fast to do the jobs that needed doing in the first place.

  229. melanie crumpton says:

    plan it

  230. Alison Macdonald says:

    The ONLY way I can manage to get things done is to write an ‘achievable’ list!! I feel soooooooo much better as I tick off the ‘done’ things one by one :-)

  231. Mickie Bull says:

    Make a list of things that need doing and crack your way thru it.

  232. Leanne Timmins says:

    music and lists

  233. Emily Fowler says:

    Don’t procrastinate!

  234. cassie bedford says:

    write a list and be dedicated, hard work and getting things done pays off

  235. Christine Clarke says:

    if you give yourself a reward to look forward to, like a cup of tea and a magazine ,you will fly through it have you will fly through it

  236. Francesca Light-Wilson says:

    I make a list with my top priority tasks at the top, and I don’t allow myself any coffee or snack breaks until the I’ve done at least ten of the ‘write email’ tasks and two others. As I love my coffee, and food, this strategy works very well for me!

  237. Kirsten Barthy says:

    Write a to-do-list on paper and pin it somewhere where you can’t ignore it


    the 6 P’s………………Prior Preparation Prevents P**s Poor Performance

  239. Alison Bruce says:

    I make a list in order of priority and tick off each job as I do them.

  240. Julie Picton says:

    Make a list

  241. Keith Daniels says:

    Peace and quiet are key

  242. Amy Ripley says:

    Definitely making a tick list so your mind doesnt wander!!

  243. Congratulations Helen- six years is a long time.

    Not sure I have any tips for getting things done as I seem to ever have more hanging over my head, but I do try and deal with something as soon as I’m aware of it, because I know if I don’t it just slips. Currently have three blog posts I need to have written last week and ………

  244. Sarah Corbett says:

    Another list maker here. Although, I say don’t do too much – life is too short for chores :)

  245. miriam krutska says:

    list of things to do and music

  246. Anne McCutcheon says:

    sort things out to small doable tasks and give yourself praise for completing them

  247. Prioritise!

  248. Emma Farrell says:

    Don’t turn the telly on

  249. lyn burgess says:

    My top tip – set yourself a deadline, and offer yourself a small reward, then stick to it – ie – if I can finish doing the bathroom by 11, then I will have time for a cup of coffee.

  250. I usually write a list of what needs doing and tick off when done – that way i can see the progress i`m making and it motivates me to carry on


  251. I write a list, otherwise I fiddle around and nothing gets done.
    With a list, there is the satisfaction of crossing things off when you’ve done them and you tend to focus more on the tasks that need doing!

  252. claire woods says:

    make a list.

  253. Making lists! I love lists ^^

  254. Sandra Bald says:

    A ‘to do’ list always works for me, luv seeing things ticked off:)

  255. melanie gregory says:

    i have to write lists for everything, i carry a notebook around with me and I write everything in there straight away.

  256. Michelle Best says:

    I LOVE lists! Feels so good to tick jobs off – definately helps me!

  257. A to do list.

  258. rachel humphries says:

    Don’t puit off the thing you’d least like to do until last. Get it out of the way first, everything just seems to go quicker after that.

  259. Scaring myself with the consequences if I don’t!

  260. Sharon Curran says:

    Write a list and tick things off as you do them – so satisfying when you see stuff being done.

  261. think of the end result

  262. Caroline Virgo says:

    Fantastic prize. I’m crossing my fingers and toes!

  263. Lisa Howlett says:

    get up early and start away

  264. Put the stereo on, music gets me moving

  265. Make a list in order of what needs to get done first :)

  266. I really have to have lists, one for business stuff, one for house & kid stuff and one for the garden & allotment

  267. Steve Reddicliffe says:


  268. Do something & have a 5 min break every half hour

  269. Carolynn Woodland says:

    I have to make a list and then tick things off

  270. Alison Barker says:

    Start early and keep your mind focussed on one job at a time.

  271. Amanda Richardson says:

    a ‘to do’ list in priority order

  272. Isabelle Smith says:

    do it really fast

  273. Lists, lists and more lists!

  274. An early start to the day and making lists.

  275. Do the most unpleasant task first and get it out of the way

  276. Helen Brown says:

    List, always a list ( and hope hubby does not loose it :-)

  277. I switch my mobile phone off to decrease distractions

  278. Yvonne Brownsea says:

    Just do it and don’t put it off until later!

  279. justine meyer says:

    Get the hubby to do the chores

  280. Tiff Jordan says:

    I set the kitchen timer to 15 mins and dash round doing my chores. When the beeper goes, I reset the timer to 15 mins and change jobs. After 45 mins I’ve earns myself a tea break. It’s amazing how quickly you can do things if you know you can stop after a few minutes!

  281. Danielle Woodman says:

    Lists, lists, and even more lists!!!!!!

  282. Joanne Pilborough says:

    buy yourself a delicious treat and dont let yourself have it untill you have done everything you need to. treat it like a reward

  283. Fiona Harris says:

    Writting lists! and lots of coffee :-)

  284. Harry Letham says:

    Have a reward lined up when you’ve finished.

  285. I get everyone else involved

  286. paul baker says:

    Dont be afraid to ask your children for help and do their fair share of tidying they often enjoy helping out and this make things easier for you also and prepares your children for when they grow up and start life on their own

  287. Jocelyn Clark says:


  288. Make a list – and stick to it! Give yourself a little reward for once you’ve got things done like a nice relaxing foot soak or nice cup of hot choccie. :)

  289. stephanie Llewellyn says:

    know what you need to do and get on with it

  290. Make a plan, turn off twitter, turn on music and get going

  291. Stop checking Twitter every 30 seconds.

  292. Anna Coyle says:

    Make a list the night before and set about it first thing, I always try and get everything done in the morning with no distractions so I can have the afternoon free to do whatever I want! It makes me stick at things!

  293. Dont just think about doing it – do it. Then it’s out of the way and you can get on with the things that are distracting you in the first place

  294. Deborah Wheeler says:

    Write a list and then cross things off as they are done – keeps me motivated when I can see the list getting smaller

  295. A big mug of tea at the start of the day

  296. joanne Crosby says:

    Making a list and ticking things off as I’ve done them

  297. Faye Lester says:

    Load music :-)

  298. lynsey graham says:

    we have a rota

  299. Make a list ..tick things off when they are done

  300. Make two lists; one with important thing you HAVE to do and other wish list of thing that what be good to do :)

  301. jane greenfield says:

    get the kids out of the way and go for it!

  302. Sarah mcknight says:

    Turn the TV off :)

  303. make a list!

  304. Plan ahead

  305. Ali Roberts says:

    Write a to-do list. It feels so good to tick things off, it’s so motivating!

  306. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    If it takes less than two minutes – do it now

  307. Don’t get bored ;o

  308. Paul Bishop says:

    Nice Greek culture in a pot.

  309. Tasha Corder says:

    Giving my kids to someone else to look after helps me get jobs done!

  310. Donna Gilligan says:

    Turn the computer off!

  311. Claire SLATER says:

    Meditation and a hot bath help clear my mind

  312. Music channel on and an energy drink!

  313. Bohdan Kuczynski says:

    Set a realistic deadline and work to it

  314. Primrose Mbangatha says:

    make a list

  315. Don’t allow yourself to procrastinate and award yourself a little treat or rest when you’ve competed each task – works with me!

  316. Deborah Bird says:

    I find setting myself small targets helps instead of thinking of a long list of things that needs doing!

  317. Invite your mother in law around..soon gets me making sure everywhere is spick and span.

  318. Joanna Sawka says:

    a “to do” list always helps me

  319. sarah wallis says:

    my top tip for getting things done- i make a daily list and work through adding any jobs that are not completed to the next days list. Having a list makes me focus on what i have to achieve and i can stop worrying about forgetting an important job.

  320. Rachael Donovan says:

    i always do my housework first thing so its out the way and i can plan the rest of the day as i please x

  321. My tip for getting things done is to STAY OFF TWITTER !

  322. Hazel markland says:

    Just get up and go go go x

  323. Cathy Duncan says:

    Do it in the ads, a little at a time, it’s amazing how much you can do in a limited time

  324. I haven’t got any answers, I am the worlds greatest procrastinator. …I may try some of the tips above…lol.

  325. Becky John says:

    Organisation & plan ahead, I’d rather get 2 or 3 things done properly than rush to get 6-7 things done half heartedly

  326. claire fawkner says:

    Making lists and ticking things off when I have completed them

  327. promise myself a little reward for ticking jobs off the list.

  328. I set myself achievable goals – If they are achievable and realistic you will achieve more than chasing to get something done and feeling you have failed

  329. Judith Eddington says:

    i break things down into small chucnks and set a timer for 20 mins. once i have done 20 mins i let myself have a 10 minute treat of, say reading blogs, and then go back and do another 20 minute job.

  330. Don’t put it off.

  331. Rosalind Blight says:

    Write a list (and do not turn on the computer as that means instant failure lol)

  332. Pete Jones says:


  333. distract the kids before attempting any task!

  334. do the boring or unpleasant things first, then do the things you enjoy or don’t mind doing.

  335. Donna Jauncey says:

    Yes please! Mmmmmmmmmm :)))

  336. Donna Jauncey says:

    my tip for getting things done is an early night get up early do what needs to be done then have the rest of the day to chill :))

  337. Kevin Dooley says:

    turn off the TV and take regular breaks

  338. ali mckenzie says:

    have a decent breakfast, then plan what you want to do and how long it will take and outline a schedule for when you are going to do it and Goooooooo

  339. Break tasks up into small milestones so you feel you have achieved something every step of the way

  340. Catharine Rice says:

    Try not to get distracted!!

  341. Make a list and get the small things ticked off first.

  342. Make a list!

  343. Do not read Twitter whilst you are trying to do said something.
    Make a list.
    Have lots of coffee.
    Actually do some of the something instead of only thinking about it..

  344. Turn on the music!

  345. Rebecca Woodroof says:

    make a list at the start of the day and tick things off as you do them

  346. IAN CHEYNE says:

    peace and quiet

  347. Setting deadlines and plan before I start the day

  348. Linda Thorn says:

    get somebody else to do it

  349. Sadie Jordan says:

    I think there will always be things that I want to put off for another time, but having done that, I usually end up with 3 or 4 things that I have put off doing! When it gets to the point that there is a few things, a little treat becomes my incentive.

  350. Diane pearce says:

    organise your time……nobody else is gonna do it so dont leave it.

  351. Make a list and have some small treats ready for ticking off each item

  352. Esme McCrubb says:

    i always write lists and mark off when tasks are done

  353. Chris Fliss says:

    Has to be a list and keep it small, if you write a small novel of chores/tasks you’ll never do it

  354. Write a list and don’t give yourself any free time to yourself until you have crossed two things off!

  355. Sylvia Burrows says:

    Heavy metal music at loud volume gets me motivated

  356. Kirsty Caffrey says:

    Be organised and getting the children onside and helping! I usually set them challenges to assist with tidying etc!

  357. Caroline Hammond says:

    Do things when they need to be done rather than letting everything pile up

  358. Frances hopkins says:

    Make a list

  359. Joanne Mapp says:

    Anything that’s important has to be dealt with first thing in the morning. I find that my motivation fades as the day progresses, so if the important things are dealt with, it doesn’t matter if I procrastinate for the rest of it!

  360. Catherine Thorp says:

    I make a list, and then tick jobs off as I do them. It is very satisfying to get to the end.

  361. Making Lists

  362. Diane Wood says:

    Just do it – because then you don’t have it hanging over you until you do (now I just need to follow my own advice ALL the time)

  363. kiran parry says:

    Just getting on with it and working hard.

  364. Veronica Therawati says:

    Focus and dicipline

  365. Claire haskins says:

    Send my little toddler to his nannies!

  366. Elaine Savage says:

    Break jobs down into 5 or 10 minute slots so that you always achieve something, even if, like me, you don’t have much staying power!

  367. Make a list and add on things you’ve already done so you can cross things off straight away.

  368. Maria Turner says:

    Turn off the computer/laptop then you are far less likel yto get distracted! ;)

  369. Lists! Menu planning and grocery shopping on a Sunday night (i.e. right now) and knowing that my family and the world are unpredictable so, however much I try, something will invariably derail me

  370. Amanda Oakley says:

    Make a list and ticks things off one by one

  371. Anschel G says:

    Write it down/make a list, otherwise I get sidetracked.

  372. natalie holland says:

    making a list and ticking off as i go x

  373. get into a routine

  374. To-do lists – make them short and simple

  375. Leanne newsome says:

    Write a check list and tick off as you complete the tasks


  377. Delegate

  378. Susi Galley says:

    make myself a list to tick off and put even the little things on – I feel a sense of achievement ticking them off one by one :)

  379. Turning the internet off! haha – I always get sidetracked by a new blog post or a fab competition or article – this means very little gets done unless i switch my laptop off!

  380. jane greenfield says:

    make a list

  381. EMMA WALTERS says:

    lists, lists & more lists!

  382. I am a to-do list queen! Lots of lists help me

  383. Stephanie Burchatt says:

    Fantastic Prize, Good Luck To All x

  384. Sue Southwick says:

    make a list

  385. Laura Cooper says:

    Write a realistic to do list for the day, and then stick to it!

  386. Blake Ahearne says:

    dont think about it, just do it

  387. Louise Comb says:

    When I have to get stuff done I write a to do list and put a star by everything urgent. I do this daily until I have got things back to normal. It really helps.

  388. Barbara Cowley says:

    Tick list done but never looked at just get on with it as my Mum always said you look after the four corners and the middle will look after it’s self

  389. Jenette ogborn says:

    Entertain the children 1st as otherwise it could take you twice as long to do anything.

  390. Lindy hamilton says:

    Set herself a time frame :)

  391. Leanne Lunn says:

    No tv no laptop and music on loud, and know that the sooner you get it done the sooner you can sit and relax

  392. I find making a plan is important and making sure its a realistic plan.

  393. Jean Bolsover says:

    Give yourself reasonable goals and make a to do list. Tick them off as you go along.

  394. Nataliejane says:

    Positive frame of mind and a list of things to do in order

  395. Janice Street says:

    Just head down and get stuck in. The sooner you start the sooner you finish

  396. Ben Audsley says:

    dont procrastinate – get up in the morning, have a list of stuff you want achieved and do it!

  397. Janet Dring says:

    Have a schedule

  398. Self-bribery. Although it’s only effective to a point, and requires the self-restraint to not just eat the bribes and then continue to procrastinate. Yeah, I’m not great at getting things done..

  399. Samantha Fernley says:

    Write lists and break up jobs with cups of tea.

  400. teresa jones says:

    I am always last minute too. Other than locking me in a room with no other distractions i haven’t really found an answer. I will always find something else to do. The only other way is to get me angry, winding me up seems to work, it must be the adrenaline :D

  401. Caroline S says:

    I make a list before I go to bed each night with everything in order of priority. Then, when I get up, I don’t have to try and remember what I need to do, I can just get on with my list!

  402. Phyllis Ellett says:

    It has got to be a list, I have a list for everything. Also stick with one thing until it gets done.

  403. Dawn Mellowship says:


  404. Sarah Peacock says:

    I have a to do list app that other family members can add to – I get moaned at if jobs stay on there too long!

  405. Always have a list so you don’t forget things, and don’t answer the phone til you’re done :)

  406. katie thomas says:

    Make a list then work through it methodically until it’s complete – don’t put off things that you don’t want to do!

  407. My top tip for getting things done is a two phased list approach. At the beginning of each week I write a big “ideally” get done list and then each morning decide which ones I am going to tackle that day onto a shorter list. Sometimes it is all done by Thursday – great feeling!

  408. Michael Rattray says:

    A to-do list

  409. Emily Hutchinson says:

    Making lists always help me, as long as I don’t spend too much time making them!

  410. Mike Terry says:

    Get up early and have a cuppa with Marmite on toast.

  411. Lyndsey B says:

    cut the task down into 5 minute sections and list list list

  412. christine mutter says:

    Do not sit down for a break and break the tasks up in small bits

  413. Make a plan, keep it simple.

  414. Writing a list, putting my ipod on shuffle, and getting on with it!

  415. JUDITH LUSCOMBE says:

    I time myself, give myself for instance 10 mins and see how much I can get done in that time, fill the washing machine, empty the dishwasher and fold up and put away the clean clothes from the airer. Then have a coffee and a biscuit!!

  416. olivia kirby says:

    tweeted today but box closed before i entered URL

  417. KARA CAMERON says:

    This looks like a fabulous prize. Fingers crossed!

  418. Write them down!

  419. Amanda Wakefield says:

    Write a list breaking things down into smaller, more manageable jobs.

  420. emily fraser says:

    Break things down so I can make a list, then tick off as I go along :)

  421. Clint Howat says:

    Putting you head down and getting on with it.

  422. Ruth Wollerton says:

    Making a tick list

  423. Christine Lucey says:

    I have a tick list and tick the jobs off when they have been completed

  424. Matthew Constance says:

    Just try and concentrate on getting it done. No distractions to stop me and then focus all the way!

  425. Stephen Scott says:

    Get my wife to take my sons out for the day!!

  426. Louise C says:

    Start your day with a fab Breakfast.
    My fav is….
    Blueberries, oats, flaxseed & natural yog. This keeps me going all day & I gets LOTS done :-)

  427. Big deep breath and away I go. Crack on and get things done

  428. Lisa Ellison says:

    Give yourself a time scale, that normally works for me.

  429. Janice Smith says:

    Be bossy and get hubby and kids to do it ;o). IF ONLY!!!

  430. Leigh Larkin says:

    I’m all about lists! Even if they are just in my head. A little OCD maybe… :)

  431. Angie Hoggett says:

    Have a to do list handy and add things as soon as you think about them or else I tend to forget!

  432. Stuart Dunlop says:

    It has to be a list. Crossing off every day, then transferring the ones not done to a new list, and so on…

  433. Mike Wilson says:

    Make a list and get the kids to help

  434. Emily Jane Ann Nelson says:

    Always prepare everything for the following day. Never get side tracked! X

  435. Helen Smith says:

    A “to do” list on my fridge and reminders set to beep every day on my phone.

  436. ang pickering says:

    Always make a list – preferably the day before !

  437. My top tip for getting things done is to compile a list of jobs in order of priority and complete them in 15 minute bursts throughout the day

  438. Put some motivating music on and turn it up LOUD! Oh and make lists, make lists of lists! It’s really satisfying crossing things off when you achieve them :)

  439. set a timer for 15 minutes, blitz the activity until the timer goes off, then laze about for 15 min and repeat until it is done

  440. Victoria N says:

    I try and do things in stages, for example, to ensure tidier rooms with less clutter, never leave a room without picking up something that shouldn’t be there and putting it back in its correct place.

  441. do it when nobody else is in the house – less distractions!!

  442. Lorraine Anderson says:

    make a list

  443. Natalie Henderson says:

    I make a schedule and work in breaks so I have something to look forward too. :)

  444. Joanne Davis says:

    Turn the phone and tv off and get on with it.

  445. remember there are only 24 hours in the day – be realistic!

  446. Kelly Hooper says:

    Make a tick list and tick off each job as you finish

  447. Sylvia Paul says:

    Invite your in laws round. That always makes me clean the house thoroughly!

  448. Lesley Bain says:

    Stress! I am just like you…a last minute wonder in everything I do. It’s only when the deadline is looming and I’m beginning to really stress about it that I will act x

  449. Antonia Rookley says:

    Send the children to the grandparents!

  450. Lani Nash says:

    Lists are the way forward! I use them for everything from work, to house work, to planning how I am to cook a roast!

  451. Delegate! It’s much easier to get things done if you prioritise the really important stuff, and delegate the less crucial stuff. Don’t try to do it all – share the load!

  452. Marjoleine Kok says:

    I am a ‘ List’ person, so my top tip for getting things done is to make a list of things you want to get done, and enjoy satisfaction of crossing things off. Don’t make the list too long !!!

  453. Gary Martindale says:

    Doing it as soon as possible and not leaving it until later

  454. Donna white says:

    As soon as my little girl is in bed I whiz around and do my chores, if I do it before I’ve sat down its more likely to be done!

  455. I have a great app on my computer called wunderlist – you can add as many jobs as you want to it then mark each one off as its done – I leave this on the main screen constantly so everytime i sit down at the pc im reminded I still have things to do – it works fr me and its a free app too :)

  456. Andrena Harrison says:

    Write a list and concentrate on one task at a time.

  457. Michelle Becker says:

    I write a list starting in the morning and working out my day to the hour. I get so much done if I stick to it.

  458. David and Claire P says:

    Make a list and tick them off when done

  459. Hilary Grey says:

    I have to write a list. My best motivation is to see all the items crossed off!

  460. Rachel Blackburn says:

    Organise jobs into a strict timetable and stick to it where possible

  461. Annette Hanley says:

    Choose small tasks at a time

  462. Susan Fraser says:

    I make a list and tick off jobs as I do them

  463. Vicky-Louise Robinson says:

    Hide my laptop in the cupboard! Make a list of things to do, put the music on & plough through the list!

  464. Alisa Moore says:

    tackle the thing you least want to do first!

  465. kayleigh beirne says:

    Put some music on and smile is my top tip for getting anything done!

  466. Kelly Tobin says:

    Coffee first thing and then stay OFF of the computer!!

  467. Sarah Parker says:

    planning :)

  468. helen atkins says:

    just get it done in one go.

  469. Frances Haslam says:

    Lists, lists and more lists :)

  470. To do lists and a quiet room

  471. chirag Patel says:

    don’t put it off by saying i do it later

  472. Laura Chapman says:

    Write a list and tick things off as you go. Reward yourself with a treat after ticking say 5 things off the ‘to do’ list. I always like to treat myself to a coffee and a cake!

  473. Katie Harmer says:

    I try to get things done first thing. It all depends on how much pain I am as to how much I am able to do. I often find I am too exhausted to do anything so things pass me by, which I can’t help but it’s very frustrating.

  474. kristy brown says:

    Make a list of everything that needs doing and then tick it off as you go!

  475. Charlotte Jones says:

    Lists. Having a set number of things that need doing by a certain time and getting them done! :)

  476. Write a list and give myself time after Ive done everything to sit down and relax

  477. Caroline James says:

    Write a list and tick things off as you go.

  478. samantha swain says:

    Get my husband to take the kids out!

  479. ANNE ROGERS says:

    I’m totally the other way, it has been said I will be early for my own funeral :-(

  480. Patricia Whittaker says:

    Give myself a reward. eg. do housework reward coffee and cake.

  481. Alison Johnson says:

    I make lists – but I have to admit things like ironing even if I need to do it unless I’m in the mood it doesn’t get done.

  482. Have a written list and cross things off as you go.

  483. Sara Hill says:

    Do it straight away otherwise you get sidetracked . If you are as old as me you forget what you were going to do anyway!

  484. maureen quinnell says:

    get a list – it’s very therapeutic ticking things off.

  485. Karen Lloyd says:

    I write a list of jobs that must be done that day.

  486. Jane Callan says:

    Have a realistic goal, and a sensible time scale – stops flapping around like an idiot! LOL

  487. mandsmanc says:

    my tip for getting things done is to ask the hubby to do them for me lol works sometimes

  488. Phil Brett says:

    do one job then have a break with a coffee before starting the next job

  489. TO get things done, do them when they need doing rather then putting things off for later.

  490. Sue Brett says:

    Make a list then tick off one job at a time

  491. leanne bingham says:

    i make a list and a huge pot of coffee and put on tv love listening to my shows while i clean

  492. Organise and plan ahead

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