Giveaway (CLOSED): Case of Limited Edition Marmite Gold

Marmite Gold

Every year I vow that things will be different and that I will get organised way ahead of Christmas, most years I am dashing around shopping well after my self imposed deadline of the 1st December.  This year things really will be different as I wrapped a bunch of Christmas presents up yesterday!

On the 5th November the Oxford Street Christmas lights will be switched on by none other the Robbie Williams – SQUEAL – and to celebrate the Marmite have bought out a limited gold edition with edible gold flecks running through the spread that everyone either loves or hates!

The Marmite Oxford Street Christmas Lights, which for the first time gives people the chance to appear within the mile long interactive display, will kick start the festive season in style with tens of thousands gathering on Oxford Street for the switch-on of the 300,000 bulbs of light that are hoisted above the street, signalling the start of Christmas in London’s West End.

Marmite is offering a prize of  VIP tickets to the event. The lucky winner and a friend will be on stage for the switch on show, rub shoulders with the stars, enjoy a luxury hotel stay at The Langham hotel and a £250 dinner with cocktails at Roux at the Landau. Visit the Marmite Facebook page to enter.

Even if you cannot be on stage with Robbie and the other stars I have a case of limited edition Marmite Gold to be one by one lucky Fuss Free Flavours reader – follow the instructions below for a chance to win!

For another chance to win this prize pop on over to my friend Katie’s site – Feeding Boys and a Firefighter.

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  1. Hate it! But my boyfriend loves it!

  2. Love Marmite – Hate Xmas shopping start of organised but often run into last minute rush

  3. Pauline Rendell says:

    Very organised! started already and picked up a a right bargain today – doesn’t mean I love it though!

  4. I love marmite and with honey – sweet and sour effect. Christmas shopping, think it will be cancelled this year!

  5. Love it, boyfriend hates it. Moderately organised with xmas shopping but not starting yet!

  6. PAUL STEAD says:

    Love it, last minute

  7. sarah punter says:

    amazing prize, thankyou x

  8. John Taggart says:

    Love it, hate last minute Xmas Christmas shopping so organised well in advanced

  9. Andy Thompson says:

    Love it. Last minute.

  10. love it and always very organised!

  11. Gold is always appropriate!!

  12. Anne Mancini-Smith says:

    Adore Marmite, the thicker on hot buttered toast the better! Christmas shopping organised, thank you internet!

  13. Melanie C says:

    Hate marmite – but my Step Dad loves it! I always buy him Marmite related gifts for Christmas! Christmas shopping – organised and i LOVE it!! My spare room is like Santa’s grotte already and there’s more on the way. I hate crowds so aside from Boots extra points now and supermarkets, I do my shopping online.

  14. Tracy Nixon says:

    Organised – already got loads and my cards and wrap too. Busy cross stitching my cards!

  15. Love it.
    Ass for the Christmas presents, already bought and most wrapped!

  16. Jane Willis says:

    love it. Organised

  17. hate it, last minute!!

  18. Fab, thank you!

  19. A whole CASE?? wow!

  20. kylie johnson says:

    my mate, marmite – love it! Definitely last minute shopper.

  21. Daniel Stacey says:

    Love – Organised

  22. amanda pickering says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!1

  23. Hate! When my boyfriend first introduced me to it, he caked so much of it on my toast that you couldn’t see the bread. It was too strong and I really didn’t like it. I enjoy it on pork chops though, so it might be worth giving it another try.


  24. Pearl Davison says:

    I could quite happily live on Marmite and nothing else. Except maybe some toast to spread it on!

  25. Janine Bailey says:

    Love it, organised x

  26. Helen Battle says:

    mine will definately be last minute

  27. Debbie Stanley says:

    Love Marmite and always very organised with the Christmas shopping

  28. Brenda Cairns says:

    Love Marmite as do the ikkle ones

  29. Love it, definitely organised.

  30. portlandbelle jay says:

    i loooooove Marmite xxx so very much x

  31. Marmite on toast, we absolutely love it. As for Xmas shopping, I love it but his nibs hates it. Good news for me because I get to do my fave thing.

  32. Kathryn Phillips ? says:

    Love it – and christmas shopping almost done :)

  33. Michelle Inwood says:

    hate it; organised (and hate it!)

  34. Jeff Wolf says:

    Love Marmite, hate Christmas shopping. Do it nearly all online and usually pretty well organised.

  35. Gillian Holmes says:

    Marmite – Love it Christmas Shopping – Organised

  36. Kate O'Neill says:

    Love it and last minute!

  37. Love, especially teamed with peanut butter or a lot of regular butter on hot toast. Christmas shopping, bit of both – ahead for the easy people and last minute for the difficult ones. Which reminds me – I must order a turkey

  38. Michelle Best says:

    LOVE marmite – so does my little boy who has eaten nothing but it for his school lunch, although one day he proudly announced to his friend that he did not have marmite sandwiches that day…he had a marmite roll. Momentus occasion!

  39. Michelle Best says:

    Love Marmite – and definately organised shopper – all online well beore December starts!

  40. Charlotte Ingham says:

    Love it, love it, love it!!!!

    And as for shopping, I am super organised. I love spending time browsing around and compiling lists of present ideas for everyone, and then find the best price for it I can ;)

  41. Julie Picton says:

    Hate it. Organised

  42. Love it and last minute.

  43. Sylvia Robbins says:

    Love it. Got all the specials. Bought 50 cards £10 from Dizzy our Diabetes charity shop.

  44. Love it! And last minute – always!

  45. Jayne Painting says:

    Love it and organised

  46. GREG HURST says:

    nice on toast

  47. Kirsten Barthy says:

    Used to hate but now love Marmite

  48. Deirdre Maher says:

    Love it, last minute!

  49. Sarah Edwards says:

    Last minute! Christmas eve is for Christmas shopping!

  50. Sue McCarthy says:

    Love Marmite, especially on toast. Always organised for Christmas, but I’ve got hardly anyone to buy for.
    My Christmas dinner will be a pizza (I’m vegetarian).

  51. Faye Lester says:

    Hate both!! :-) But my best mate loves it!

  52. try to be organised… but sometimes forget the hiding places!

  53. Ruth Tesdale says:

    my OH hates it so I would get to keep it all for myself yum yum

  54. David Powell says:

    My forever Mate!

  55. Clementina says:

    Hate it.

  56. christine shelley says:

    absolutely hate it

  57. MELANIE HUNT says:

    love marmite !!!

    never last min shopping , if fact im nearly done ….whoo-hoo

  58. Jenny Morley says:

    Marmite – Love it! Xmas shopping – gotta be organised!

  59. Karen Shuttleworth says:

    Love it! And organised – but not as organised as I used to be before I became a Mum :o)

  60. Rose Smith says:

    My OH loves Marmite – however I can’t stand the stuff!! – He’d love it if a win a whole case of it for him!! :-) xx

  61. Jane E Blackford says:

    I love Marmite, Last minute shopper if I have months to plan for it!

  62. Love it! Organised shopper

  63. Claire Butler says:


  64. Marmite – Love it
    Christmas shopping – Last minute

  65. Hazel Rea says:

    Marmite – love it. Christmas shopping – organized.

  66. iain maciver says:

    love it , a wee bit of christmas shopping done ,plenty to do yet

  67. Marmite with bling! Now I can accessorize with toast!
    If I shop for Christmas too early I forget where I hid the pressies!!

  68. I love Marmite! The stronger the better. Marmite cheese? Genius! I would Christmas shop all year round with all of the decorations up if I could!

  69. Isabel O'Brien says:

    I love marmite!
    I started my Christmas shopping in October this year. I feel so organised!

  70. Cheryl Edwards says:

    I dont like it but all my family do

  71. Hate it & organised

  72. lynsey morris says:

    love it…all done finished September :)

  73. Love it, organised. :D

  74. Caroline H says:

    Love Marmite. Organised Christmas shopper (most of it is done already!).

  75. Phil Bennett says:

    Marmite is like no other purely delicious

  76. Love it :) can’t get enough haha is awesome

  77. Allan Smith says:

    Love it!

  78. claire woods says:

    Marmite – Well this is a family divided – I hate it but husband and son love it.

    Christmas Shopping – Organised or last minute? – Last minute.

  79. Brendan Wood says:

    I would Love it

  80. anthony harrington says:

    I love it! spread thickly on hot toast – yummy!

  81. anthony harrington says:

    almost forgot, all xmas shopping gets done in August each year

  82. love marmite and am proud to be an organised shopper :)

  83. paul jackson says:

    Marmite – love it. Xmas shopping – I leave to the wife

  84. Marmite – erm….Love it, Love it, LOVE IT!!! I buy it from the cash and carry when I can in a giant tub and make sure my Dad in spain is in supply too!

    Christmas Shopping – Organised, I used to be a last minute girl, but now I have kids it has to be organised to spread the cost!

  85. Karen Barrett says:

    How can I say this… never had Marmite! Mega organised when it comes to Christmas, boxed off already x

  86. Teresa Lee says:

    Love it, last minute


    hate it……..but I am organised

  88. Love marmite so so much! Christmas shopping is getting there I still have some to do but pretty organized! Just need to wrap it all.

  89. Val Swift says:

    Love It, Hate crowds – organised shopping

  90. LOVE Marmite, always make the classic mistake of slathering too much on though!!

  91. melanie stirling says:

    I hate it but my husband and boys love it! I’m a last minute christmas shopper.

  92. John Lynch says:

    marmite love it! christmas shopping is always as organised as I can.

  93. Hate it, last minute

  94. Andrea Morton says:

    Love marmite, Christmas shopping, part organised, partly last minute!

  95. Barrie Phillips says:

    Love Marmite

  96. Linda Harding says:


  97. Angela McDonald says:

    I Hate marmite! But my mom and my boyfriend both love it! I’m definitely an Organised shopper! I start to christmas shop when the autumn sales start as i can usually get prezzies for half the price!

  98. Love Marmite – it enlivens toast, scones – yum. Not a last minute shopper – I pick gifts up from about autumn.

  99. Marmite – Love it! Im on a diet at the moment and have been eating it on toast every morning for breakfast.

    Christmas – Kind of! Started shopping in late August I find there are more bargains around then just got a bit left to get.

  100. George Spedding says:

    Love marmite and love Christmas

  101. Love it

  102. last minute for me at xmas

  103. Alyson Chapman says:

    LOVE marmite – spikey and smooth – fab.

    Christmas shopping – all done except for a couple of gift vouchers. I know it’s a bit too roganised but I tend to buy stuff throughout the year as I see it. It’s easier that way.

  104. shirley lancaster says:

    Love marmite in small quantities, hate christmas shopping always end up doing it at last minute

  105. Rhiannon Alwen says:

    Love it!
    Quite organised, but I do see it as more of a chore than a pleasure.

  106. Never tried it! Started my chirstmas shopping already. :)


  107. Andrew Halliwell says:

    Don’t think I’ve tried it since I was a kid. Hated it then, but taste buds mature.
    As for xmas shopping… Last minute every time.

  108. Kirsty Woods says:

    Love Marmite- Every year i think i will get all my Christmas shopping done nice and early but i never do

  109. Rebecca Boswe says:

    Love Marmite on buttery toast. I do plan and get a lot of things in the sales during the year, but there’s always something I’m racing round for at the last minute!

  110. Mark Whittaker says:

    Love it and VERY organised

  111. Cat Thomas says:

    Love it… Very last minute!!

  112. hate marmite – but my nephew loves it !
    hate xmas shopping – do it online

  113. Love Marmite, especially with peanut butter on toast. Christmas shopping is organised but do leave it until quite late. Internet shopping is definitely for me as I hate crowds!

  114. Deborah Munn says:

    0rganised. :-)

  115. Mmmmm Marmite.

  116. shane weir says:

    love it!

  117. claire nutman says:

    LOVE marmite, and mega organised with xmas shopping – start in the january sales and pick up bargains all thru the year!

  118. laura banks says:

    i hate the stuff but my son loves it and i’m very organised at xmas

  119. LOVE. And Christmas shopping is an unpredictable blend of getting it all organised by September and frantic throw-it-in-the-trolley last-minute.

  120. Valerie Dallimore says:

    I love Marmite! I also enjoy Christmas shopping and I buy presents early whenever I see suitable gifts for my friends and family

  121. Helen Barton says:

    Love Marmite. Christmas shopping – usually organised :)

  122. Hate it but OH loves the stuff & very organised :-D

  123. Love Marmite and very organised with Christmas shopping!

  124. David Greig says:

    I LOVE IT!! but im a last minute shopper!!

  125. LOVE it! Spoonful in a mug of boiling water makes a lovely drink!

    Christmas shopping – half and half. Reasonably organised but will panic on Christmas Eve.

  126. Emma Carter says:

    Love Marmite! And I’m an annoyinglt organised Christmas shopper, spreadsheets and everything!

  127. I love Marmite.
    As for Xmas shopping I’m not organised but not quite last minute either.

  128. Alison john says:

    Hate marmite, organised shopper

  129. Lou Taylor says:

    Love it and spectacularly disorganised

  130. Pete C Hewitt says:

    Like Marmite in small amounts. Christmas Cancelled, Not buying presents this year

  131. nicola barter says:

    love it !! and although i try to be organised always ends up last minute!

  132. Love it!

  133. KENNETH JACKSON says:

    organised last miniute

  134. Jacki Hamer says:

    Christmas shopping already finished! But Marmite Gold would make great stocking fillers!

  135. Yummy!

  136. hate it.. son and his GF love it! Christmas is ready to put in goodies and treats!

  137. SUSAN BANNISTER says:

    Love marmite, hate Christmas shopping, always last minute.

  138. stephen adams says:

    yes i love marmite
    and to win a case would be awesome

  139. Usually I think that I am all organised, then at the last minute realise I am not.

  140. William Gould says:

    My wife loves Marmite and is very organised with her Xmas shopping – me on the other hand…….

  141. Kevin Honey says:

    I love Marmite and I’m organised and last minute!

  142. Yvonne Brownsea says:

    I really HATE Marmite, but my husband is quite the opposite and he loves the nasty stuff!

    As for Christmas, got a few things in but 95% not prepared!

  143. John Harding says:

    Love it, organised

  144. Love it and organised

  145. Francesca Light-Wilson says:

    I’m organised, and I’m frugal, so I search around online for bargains and try to buy as much as I can in the January or summer sales.

  146. Francesca Light-Wilson says:

    Oh, forgot to say in my earlier post that I love marmite. When I have the time I even make cheese and marmite muffins … they’re delicious!

  147. Sylvia Leaver says:

    Love Marmite. Love Christmas too but am never organised. I do try to get most of the shopping fairly early but I can never make up my mind what to buy folks. Before I know it I’m doing last minute shopping!! This year will, of course, be different, well maybe?

  148. I love it and I’d like to think I’m organised!

  149. Love it!!! Always have and with cheese delicious! <3

    I'm half way with the Christmas shopping I like to think I'm organised but in reality I'm not really.

  150. Hate marmite, but I have family that love it! Organised with my shopping. I like to enjoy the atmosphere at Christmas and rushing around makes it stressful.

  151. Richard Sollick says:

    Marmite – Love it! Christmas shopping – organized because my wife drags me around the shops to do it!

  152. anita roberts says:

    marmite – love it on toast, crumpets and in sandwiches with philedephia

    xmas shopping – all done by end of october lol

  153. Mickie Bull says:

    Love It
    Last Minute

  154. Clare cherrington says:

    Online Christmas shopping! Love marmite! X

  155. Georgie Aronin says:

    Love it and last minute.

  156. June Gaynor says:

    Love it… Infact I’m just going to make a marmite sandwich now.

    As for the Christmas shopping, definitely last minute.

  157. Absolutely LOVE Marmite :)

    As for Christmas shopping, I try to be organised – though I usually start in late October / early November and stagger the buying through to Christmas itself.

  158. Renee Armstrong says:

    Love Marmite ! I have been Christmas shopping all year so I am very organised !

  159. love it!

  160. Love Marmite (specially with almond butter on toast!)

    Christmas shopping – a mix of organised and last minute!

  161. LOve Marmite! Just started thinking about Christmas this weekend, got one present sorted.

  162. Love Marmite and I am usually organised for Xmas.

  163. Amy Ripley says:


  164. Rainie Bish says:

    Marmite – Love It.
    Christmas shopping, mix. I buy things if I see them at a good price throughout the year but always end up with a fair bit that gets left to the last minute.

  165. Lyndsey Beckford says:

    Marmite – hate it
    Christmas – organised

  166. Vikki Cross says:

    Love it and last minute!!

  167. Jane McColl says:

    Love Marmite, love christmas shopping, I’m very organised and I buy throughout the year to spread the cost. this years is all done.

  168. stopped wasting money on junk for people and gave it all to animal rescue


    ??? Marmite – love it on toast and crumpets! Im usually organised but still end up running round at the last minute! xoxo

  170. susan younger says:

    Love it as do my sons and now my grandaughters

  171. yummy

  172. Karen Whittaker says:

    I love Marmite, but my children hate this would be all mine!!

  173. dragonfly63 says:

    Love Marmite and love Christmas – therefore start shopping in January and all is well in place by the week before Christmas.

  174. Ann MacLean Fleming says:

    Hate marmite, love Christmas shopping but very last minute shopper

  175. Sheila Reeves says:

    Love it! & last minute!

  176. elaine stokes says:

    LOVE marmite, christmas shopping the list are coming in now as i have a big family to get for so i have to get organised

  177. kim mayhead says:

    Love it ! Organised

  178. hate it (sorry!) & last minute

  179. andrea miles says:

    love it & organised

  180. susan swain says:

    Love it – marmite that is – Christmas shopping, I have to be organised as there is so much of it to do

  181. Lisa Pope says:

    I’m super organised & marmite?…….love it

  182. Tiffany Oconnell says:

    I love Marmite, we are a family of 6 who all love marmite.
    Christmas shopping is last minute for me.


  183. Lavinia Moore says:

    Love Christmas shopping

  184. toni glasper says:

    love it, kinda organised lol

  185. Laura Williams says:

    Marmite – LOVE IT!!!!! :-)
    Christmas shopping – LAST MINUTE!!!! (it’s the best way!!!) lol :-D

  186. Emily Fowler says:

    Marmite – LOVE IT! Christmas shopping – last minute!

  187. Catherine Whittall says:

    Love marmite – hate christmas shopping

  188. Kerry Chaston says:

    I absolutely love it! :)

  189. ann scally says:

    Marmite I love it especially with cheese on toast. I try to be organised every year and although I start off well, there is always something left to the last minute

  190. I Love it….but my bottom hates it…

  191. natalie holland says:

    Love it, Love it, LOVE IT!!! My shopping is always last minute!!

  192. Laura Harris says:

    OMG! Breakfast with added bling! Excellent!

  193. jennifer thorpe says:

    I adore marmite :-) and as for christmas shopping, I’ve let myself down this year. Normally I’m practically finished by now now but I haven’t even started yet. :-(

  194. Christine Clarke says:

    i love marmite and anything marmitey. also love Chrismas it,s my favourite time of year x

  195. Love it. Last Minute.

  196. hate it – last minute

  197. Love it on taost and always last minute :)

  198. rosemary sheehan says:

    I hate Marmite but my daughter loves it, Christmas shopping I am halfway done

  199. Love Marmite. Think I’m kinda organised with Christmas shopping but could probably be better!

  200. Hate shopping at any time especially Christmas. I try to be organised as I know I’ll just never manage it if I leave it to the last minute, but still end up dashing around far too much in the lead up to Christmas.

  201. Susan Bowe says:

    I hate it but my brother eats it warm on toast :S he would love this prize. I’m half and half with my shopping. Some early and some late

  202. Ali Thorpe says:

    Love Marmite. As for shopping at ‘that’ time of year, I start in December and I am reasonably organised but it usually gets a little hairy around the 23rd if I’m still waiting for online items to arrive!

  203. susan hoggett says:

    Love the prize

  204. love marmite. partially organised but some left to last minute

  205. Mike Terry says:

    I have loved Marmite since I was given Marmite soldiers as a baby.

  206. Maya Russell says:

    Love marmite!
    Christmas shopping is organised for some and last minute for others.

  207. love it :)last minute

  208. I like Marmite but wouldn’t say I love it :P and I’m quite organised for Christmas :)

  209. sarah birkett says:

    just love marmite, especially with spready cheese, though I have discovered the hard way that my cat does not like it quite as much!!!!!


    have always loved marmite. Last minute rush at Christmas, adds to the excitment

  211. Victoria Leedham says:

    hate christmas shopping, already started though

  212. emma kinsey says:

    love it

  213. Love it and so do my boys and got most of our Christmas presents sorted just the really difficult ones left to buy :/

  214. Marmite – Love it
    Christmas Shopping – last minute, but I wish this could change

  215. Hayley Williams says:

    Love love looooove marmite, pretty organised with the christmas shopping.

  216. Jean Bolsover says:

    I love Marmite! Christmas shopping, I’ll be a last minute shopper for Christmas this year!

  217. mirim krutska says:

    brilliant my daughter loves it

  218. Lindsey Jones says:

    Love it, organised

  219. P van den Ende says:

    I love marmite on toast for breakfast.

  220. I’m indifferent about Marmite but my husband loves it. Xmas shopping – definitely last minute!

  221. Love it but can’t find the gold one anywhere.

  222. Emma Hicks says:

    Hate it, but partner and daughter love it. Christmas shopping organised (nearly done).

  223. Rachel Blackburn says:

    marmite – hate it, but the other half love it!
    xmas shopping is quite organise. about half way there already :D

  224. rachael jones mann says:

    love it ! and im semi organised , main things listed other stuff is last min grabbit !!

  225. Laura Pritchard says:

    Marmite – I hate it but my husband & son love it!

    Shopping – very organised – I try to spread the cost by buying one person’s present(s) every fortnight from September.

  226. I love Marmite and Christmas shopping is still in the distant future for me I’m afraid!

  227. John Seaman says:

    Love it!! Xmas shopping done!

  228. MARK HOPKINS says:

    Love it. Organised.

  229. Love Marmite and am a last minute shopper

  230. Love it

  231. kristy brown says:

    Love it! Xmas shopping all done too

  232. I love it but I am always last minute with the Christmas shopping.

  233. Hate it! My sister loves it though so this would start to make Christmas shopping organised!

  234. Tara Davies says:

    Hate it but my son loves it ! Definitely last minute :)

  235. Phil Reeves says:

    mmmmmmmmmmm love it nearly organised

  236. Rachel Edney says:

    Marmite, love it. Christmas shopping will be organised but not for a few weeks yet!

  237. Andrea Smith says:

    Marmite ~ Love it
    Christmas Shopping ~ a bit of both!!

  238. Joelle Gilbert says:

    Marmite taste delicious, you can cook with it and it is a very healthy food. What more can one ask for.

  239. love it! definitely lastminute!

  240. Sally Peevor says:

    Love marmite; last minute shopper!


    I adore Marmite and I am extremely organised when it comes to Christmas shopping.

  242. I LOVE Marmite: what a perfect competition!!

  243. Love it and very last minute this year!

  244. Family split on Marmite! – Xmas starts in December

  245. Alison Turner says:

    Love it! I try to get as much of my Xmas shopping as possible done early to stop things getting too stressful.:)

  246. Ashley Alden says:

    Love it and a last-minute shopper here.

  247. Ruth Tesdale says:

    I love marmite under my cheese with cheese on toast

  248. Marmite – love it!

    Christmas shopping – last minute!

  249. Eleanor Wigmore says:

    Love it and last minute shopper! So disorganised.

  250. Love Marmite, Love Xmas shopping! I like to spread both throughout the year!!

  251. Sarah Davies says:

    Love it and semi organised.

  252. Love it love it love it – made me so happy to see the love it or hate it sign hanging on oxford street at the weekend :)

  253. Nancy Bradford says:

    I’ve always been very last minute I’m afraid.

  254. Lucy J Morgan says:

    love it and last minute every year!

  255. Holly Boyd says:

    Hate it! (Husband Loves it) Christmas is done :D

  256. sairz eastham says:

    Hate it!! Last minute here too – I try for organised and fail :D

  257. Isabel Plant says:

    Love it! And very definitely last minute for me, despite promising myself to be more organised every year!

  258. Great blog and prize love it

  259. Tracy Gladman says:

    I hate marmite although i did have a craving when I was pregnant – my daughter now loves it. I am very organised and all my christmas shopping is done and in the process of being wrapped!

  260. love marmite – organised at Christmas

  261. I have several things on layaway.

  262. LOVE it! I’m pretty organised this year!

  263. Helen Stratton says:

    Marmite – Hate it, hubby adores it :) Christmas shopping – organised last minuter!!

  264. love it and organised

  265. Lynne McEvoy says:

    Love it and my christmas shopping is always last minute.

  266. anthony martin says:

    I start around July/August, but still do a last minute dash…rofl

  267. Jackie Walter says:

    Love it!
    Organised and 80% done already!!

  268. Love it. Don’t do Xmas shopping at all :)

  269. kim winter says:

    Marmite-Love it!! Christmas shopping-I’m definitely an organised person!

  270. Helen Thurston says:

    Love it. Last minute.

  271. LOVE IT! And much as I try to be organised, very last minute!

  272. alison culverhouse says:

    Love it! Fairly organised but usually have a last minute panic about something…..

  273. nikki cook says:

    love it and im super organised!

  274. maria hackett says:

    Love it, Very organised :-)

  275. How did I manage before the Internet and home delivery?
    Organised, by wifi.

  276. Sally Carter says:

    Love marmite!
    Usually very organised for Christmas, I buy throughout the year whenever something catches my eye!Don’t know what happened this year but the drawer has hardly anything in it – will be starting to shop very soon.

  277. Katherine Coldicott says:

    Love Marmite. Christmas shopping is last minute

  278. I love Marmite.

    Within our family (Adults only) we have to make something for each other, jams, wine, pickles etc. so I’m organised as I make sloe Gin!

  279. Marmite – Love it!
    Christmas Shopping – Mostly Organised, but there is always some last minute shopping for little extras.

  280. Stephanie Mamo says:

    Christmas this year has been slightly more disorganised than any other! I’m almost done present shopping but we don’t have any decorations yet! LOVE christmas and marmite!

  281. Stephanie Morris says:

    Love Marmite and love Christmas shopping, usually organised

  282. Chris Clarke says:

    Can’t find this in stores anywhere :/

  283. Annamarie Riddiford says:

    I love marmite on toast

  284. Peter Newham says:

    love it but organise it early

  285. love it :D


  287. Love it and organised

  288. Laura Cooper says:

    Marmite – like it but prefer bovril or gentlemen’s relish on toast. Christmas – relatively organised but would like to be more so.

  289. Kellie Faggle McIntyre says:


    Super organised-I’ve had to be this year as we go on holiday and not back until 12th Dec then I have to work

  290. melanie crumpton says:

    love it… last minute

  291. Carolyn Philip says:

    Dislike Marmite, Christmas Shopping – done by end Novemebr

  292. Kirstie Vaughan says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Marmite!
    Organised shopper …. I buy throughout the year :)

  293. Gabrielle Svensson says:

    Marmite, hate it, but husband loves it!
    Christmas shopping – organised

  294. laura jones says:


  295. Heather Jenkinson says:

    Marmite and Cheese sandwiches! Heaven! Love Xmas shopping, been planning since July

  296. Fiona Harris says:

    Golden fantastic Marmite and a whole case of it :-) Wow this makes me smile lots

  297. Joanna Orr says:

    LOVE it!!!!!
    Organised – have done some already and am ordering everything else online tomorrow!

  298. Fiona Harris says:

    Golden Marmite Love :-) un organised Chaos

  299. love the gold..would look lovely under the tree..just like a no fuss christmas..

  300. love it :) and early xmas shop have to with 4 kids!

  301. Dee Dmonte says:

    Love Marmite, yep last min shopper here :)

  302. Hate Marmite (hubby LOVES it!!) and I don’t like Christmas shopping but I do love Christmas making! I’m trying to ‘make’ christmas this year and it’s my favourite bit :)

  303. Love it and my christmas shopping is complete, with the exception of some stocking fillers!!

  304. michele omalley says:

    Last minute lol it’s more fun

  305. Melanie Gardiner says:

    50/50 split in our house on the love/hate divide. Christmas – last minute.

  306. Rennene Hartland says:

    Marmite – Love it
    Christmas Shopping -organised

  307. Dianne Brewin says:

    love it (we all do) and very organised!!!!!!

  308. Love it, on hot toast with real slightly salted butter..

  309. denise cross says:

    Love Marmite but Hate shopping now the kids are teens and hardly want anything as they buy their own stuff with their wages

  310. Julie Brooke says:

    Oooh I love marmite……so versatile and healthy. I use in stews etc but love it spread on toast

  311. Stacy Fenemore says:

    love marmite (just had sandwiches) and partly organised as always pick up things I have forgotton.

  312. Susan Seaman says:

    hate it partner loves it, so 50/50 love/hate relationship here.

  313. Steve Dickinson says:

    Love it, always organised

  314. Jacqui Williams says:

    Marmite love it, Christmas Shopping hate it!

  315. Joanna Sawka says:

    love it. organised

  316. catherine plant says:

    hate it but my cousin loves it. Christmas shopping im trying to be organised with but im only sort of sorted

  317. Susan Ocock says:

    Hate Christmas shopping so start early, use internet. Love Marmite

  318. Alex Macdonald says:

    Love it! Organised!

  319. Sandra Clarke says:

    Hubby loves Marmite – I don’t. Christmas Shopping organised.

  320. Nicole-Melainie Squires says:

    We all love it in this house! Although I like it spread thin ;)

  321. Joanne Mcgawley says:

    Love it,,,,,,,,,and so last minute:)

  322. yumyum!

  323. love & last minute

  324. Marmite – Love it
    Christmas – In the middle, I like things being organised, but also enjoy the last minute Christmas dash because I forgot to buy a present or the cranberry sauce!

  325. Sherry Poppy Owen says:

    Love love loveeeee marmite! Would bath in it if I could lol Hubby hates it so I make sure to eat loads when I’m annoyed with him :D Christmas shopping I am normally quite organised, I tend to get most of it done in November x

  326. Crystal Mse says:

    I lurrrrve Marmite . Christmas shopping – Last Minute – Every time ! x

  327. Suzie Lynette says:


  328. Jenny Leonard says:

    I detest it, but my partner and 4 of our 6 children love it…. :D

  329. Hate it! Super organised!

  330. Love it, so practically finished!

  331. Love marmite, especially for cooking. Adds fantastic flavour to stews and casseroles.

    Christmas shopping – I’ll get round to it eventually.

  332. Kerry Brown says:

    love it and a bit of both!

  333. Darren Collins says:

    Love marmite

    Cristmas shopping organised

  334. Victoria James says:

    I’m organised 6 months before but find I shop till the last minute

  335. Victoria James says:

    Oh forgot to say I can’t stand marmite but my partner loves it in bucket loads!

  336. Sue Matejtschuk says:

    Love Marmite with cheese on toast

  337. Emma Jackson says:

    Hate it but my hubby loves it x

    And very organized, all wrapped a week ago :D

  338. Josie Mellor says:

    Can’t get enough of marmite! It’ll be on my last minute Christmas shopping list!

  339. love it, last minute!

  340. Mark Rayner says:

    Mmmmm, Looks good to me.

  341. Love marmite. Last minute shopping.

  342. Matt Hudson says:


  343. John Banks says:

    I love Marmite, but I am a last minute shopper!

  344. Michael Saunders says:

    Hate it

  345. Love it – for cooking as well. Adds a new dimention to stews and casseroles.

  346. Saran Benjamin says:

    I am the odd one out in my house and live with 3 who love it and I hate it .
    I like to think I am an organised shopper

  347. Love it! And Christmas shopping started in September so very organised :)

  348. vicky cockett says:

    marmite, love it! christmas shopping, has to be organised with so many in my family to buy for!

  349. Love

  350. Jayne Bojang says:

    Marmite – love it! Christmas shopping – I usually start in January!

  351. kate knight says:

    love it… try to be organised!

  352. sue williams says:

    boyfriend loves marmite more than me

  353. shelagh milne says:

    Love it.Last minute

  354. Love it! Christmas semi-organised!!

  355. Esme McCrubb says:


  356. sandra shaheen says:

    Two words.. Love it :-)

  357. sandra shaheen says:

    I start my shopping in the January sales so I am organised but still have some last minute buys to get.

  358. Janine Atkin says:

    love it! im very disorganised for xmas this year

  359. Michelle Rayner says:

    Organised – well almost

  360. Sheri Darby says:

    Marmite – Love it – Christmas shopping almost organised, too much to do on Christmas Eve – so try & finish well before that.

  361. Eleanor Powell says:

    Love it and organised shopper!

  362. Natalie White says:

    I love it! And I’m organised :) x

  363. Alice Hindley says:

    Marmite – hate it! + Christmas Shopping – last minute

  364. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  365. lorraine polley says:

    absolutely love marmite, and my christmas shopping all done except the veggies!!

  366. Kate Sabin-Burns says:

    lovely comp! Thanks!

  367. Emily Hutchinson says:

    Love marmite :) Shopping I do early as I like to be organised and I like to pick up bargains throughout the year.

  368. Richard Pemberton says:

    Lovin it lovin it lovin it. Usually last minute, but looks like it will be different this year

  369. Emma Jackson says:

    Hate it/ Organised x

  370. matthew colburn says:

    love marmite and cheese on toast :)

  371. chirag patel says:

    on crisp yes else no

  372. antonia j richardson says:

    love it last minute

  373. Angie Hoggett says:

    marmite – love it, I try to be organised

  374. Wendy Tolhurst says:

    Marmite – love it! Christmas Shopping – usually very organised; this year, due to back problems a bit more last minute :(

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