Giveaway (CLOSED): Selection of Coffee from Betty’s

Bettys Coffee

Here in the Fuss Free household we do not really start the day until after breakfast and a pot of coffee, so I was delighted to be sent some ground coffee from Betty’s recently to kick start our mornings.

Established in 1919 in Harrogate, Betty’s is a British (and indeed Yorkshire institution) and is known the world over for their tea shops, cakes and tea and coffee, we visited the Ilkley branch two years ago.

We are currently drinking the Peruvian Pangoa, a rich full blend, smooth with a nutty praline end note.  I am especially loving my new hand carved coffee scoop, attractive to look at and very tactile – it fits in my hand nicely and is far more attractive than my previous plastic scoop.

I am delighted to have a box of 3 Betty’s ground coffees and a hand carved scoop to offer one lucky Fuss Free Flavours reader.

For a chance to win, follow the instructions below and fill in the Rafflecopter widget.

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Win Selection of Coffee and Scoop from Betty’s

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  3. The winner will be contacted by e-mail, if they do not respond within a 7 days another winner may be chosen.
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  5. I am running this competition in good faith on behalf of Betty’s. Their decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. They reserve the right to substitute the prize for one of a similar type / value if the prize above is not available.
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Good Luck!

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Helen Best-Shaw is a freelance food & writer, photographer who has been writing about achievable, affordable and mostly healthy food on Fuss Free Flavours since 2007. She also contributes articles, recipes and photos to a number of online and print food magazines. Please do contact me if you would like to discuss commissioning work.

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  1. I drink my coffee very milky with lots of cream and sugar[the healthy option!]

  2. Not overly hot with lots of sugar and cream :)

  3. Tracy Nixon says:

    I adore lattes and I love the extra hot! When ever I order a latte in a cafe I ask for a large skinny, extra hot! I don’t like my coffee too strong! I easily drink 7 a day so this prize would be fab!

  4. Cappuccino and that includes the chocolate on the top, the best part!

  5. I’ll be honest, I don’t drink coffee (I have an intolerance to caffeine). However, my parents both are fanatical coffee drinkers, and I think they would both really like this. My mother has coffee with lots of coffee, and a small amount of milk, my dad has it was a spoon of sugar, and more milk that my mum.

  6. miriam krutska says:


  7. Hot and milky, never sugar

  8. Victoria James says:

    Very milky or black depends what mood I’m in or what coffee I drink. Posh coffee has to be black it tastes better and smells lovely

  9. Megan baxter says:

    Strong, black, half a sugar.

  10. Sue Matejtschuk says:

    Half strength Americano with milk for me!

  11. With milk and nothing else!

  12. CAROL PATRICK says:

    I drink coffee with lots of milk, but no sugar.

  13. liz denial says:

    skinny cappuccino is my favourite with chocolate sprinkled on the top

  14. Black, medium strong. Touch of sugar.

  15. Debbie Stanley says:

    Quite strong but with plenty of milk

  16. rachael woodhouse says:

    with frothy milk

  17. A little milk and a little sugar

  18. I am very much a filter coffee gal, with just a little semi-skimmed milk. I loathe and detest hot milk so all those frothy, creamy lattemochapuccina type things are not for me.

  19. Mil and no sugar, fairly strong and always first thing in the morning to wake me up

  20. Latte’s every time for me

  21. White one sugar

  22. Vicky Limerick says:

    Milk two sugars

  23. John Tingay says:

    Black with sugar – the stronger the better.

  24. Gary Topley says:

    Milk and two sugars for me. :)

  25. Expresso

  26. Susan Crosswaite says:

    I like my coffee smooth, strong and black

  27. Jim Milligan says:

    Just as it comes – nothing added

  28. strong and black, no sugar and in vast quantities!

  29. I only like coffee if it has other flavours in it, like a caramel macchiato – I don’t drink coffee normally! But if I won this I would give it to my sister :-)

  30. a bit of milk and a bit of sugar and its good to go


    Strong and black, no sugar, out of my favourite cat mug.

  32. stephanie Llewellyn says:

    Black no sugar

  33. Sohadre Anirood says:

    Strong and black

  34. Alison Joyce says:

    White with sweetner

  35. grainne marnell-fox says:

    skinny cappuccino every time

  36. kayleigh bates says:

    black with sugar

  37. Janice Davison says:

    A splash of soya milk

  38. Strong black, 2 sugars in an extra large mug :)

  39. terina davidson says:

    i drink mine strong with milk but no sugar, but when i am out & about i love a moccha

  40. Full fat milk, no sugar

  41. With milk , one sugar

  42. Jeff Wolf says:

    At home – just instant, white, no sugar. At a coffee shop, cappucino.

  43. Deborah P says:

    I love a really good quality ground coffee, unadulterated!

  44. Emma cella says:

    Strong, black

  45. Georgia McAllister says:

    Skimmed milk, one sugar, feet up!

  46. hannah oneill says:

    Fairly strong and hot!

  47. Rebecca collins says:

    1 sugar and milk

  48. Sally Carter says:

    I make a latte – I have a little whisk for making the milk frothy and then make coffee in a cafetiere. No sugar, works best with full fat milk.

  49. Sarah Morris says:

    With plenty of milk and 2 sugars, oh and preferably with a fat plate of chocolate digestives on the side to dunk in it.

  50. Sylvia Leaver says:

    With just milk

  51. Melli Peakman says:

    Very strong with no milk or sugar

  52. Mark Fridlington says:

    Nothing fancy, just milk and one sugar.

  53. I drink my coffee without milk, not too strong – I used to drink it with milk until I developed a milk intolerance and I’ve never looked back, you can taste the full flavour of the coffee when you drink it this way

  54. I love a milky coffee

  55. Cappuccino – love the froth

  56. sue cotton says:

    Americano but with cream and sugar

  57. Jen Boucher says:

    Anyway I can get, I just love coffee!

  58. Barrie Phillips says:

    Black no sugar

  59. Strong & black

  60. Strong, white, one sugar and often

  61. Milky and sweet

  62. Alice Hindley says:

    With Carnation Milk

  63. Andrew Halliwell says:

    Simply instant in a cup with sugar and milk. Though it might be nice to get some real coffee for a change.

  64. Charlotte Foster says:

    I love a milky coffee :)

  65. Anschel G says:

    Filter/Instant coffee, with milk & machine coffee black. (no sugar, but like something sweet on side like block of chocolate or a cookie)

  66. Milk and two sugars

  67. Maya Russell says:

    I drink mine with sweetener, a dash of skimmed milk and with a hot, fattening croissant I dunk in.

  68. Milk, two sugars

  69. Medium strength, with milk and no sugar :-)

  70. Tony Hone says:

    Hot, Strong, lots of milk !!

  71. Rainie Bish says:

    Bit of milk

  72. Claire Fraser says:

    At home not too strong with milk and out a cappachino please

  73. Valerie Dallimore says:


  74. with soya milk but no sugar

  75. Lots of coffee, with lots of hot milk

  76. With a touch of sugar and a bit of milk

  77. Just a splash of milk.

  78. With milk and two sugars :)

  79. With quite a lot of milk but no sugar.

  80. Iain Green says:

    Black, no sugar

  81. shane weir says:

    I drink my coffee very milky with lots of cream and sugar

  82. Miss Tracy Hanson says:

    I drink mine black with no sugar normally. But strong, weak, black or with milk as long as it doesn’t have sugar in it. Good luck to everyone :) :D x

  83. Cappuccino if possible, if not strong with milk and no sugar

  84. Kerry Pope says:

    I love a latte, delicious hot frothy milk. Heaven in a cup!

  85. helen battle says:

    with a small amount of milk

  86. lots of milk and 1 or 2 sugars (depending on how tired I am)

  87. iain maciver says:

    I make it with milk not water

  88. I like my coffee milky with a tiny bit of sugar in the morning.
    After supper, I love a black cup of espresso with 1 sugar . . . and a piece of chocolate on the side ;-)


    strong with a little milk and sugar

  90. simply black

  91. Samantha Goodbourn says:

    Blck, Strong and Fresh

  92. Sally Peevor says:

    For ‘typical’ coffee I like it milky with no sugar but my favourite coffee is chicory which I like black and sweet.

  93. Made in my Moka…black!

  94. Chris Maher says:

    Americano, hot milk or a lovely espresso

  95. These days I mostly indulge in coffee with condensed milk instead of milk or cream. So good.
    Would be great to get some samples of these for Pete to review on!

  96. Michelle Inwood says:

    I don’t, but my husband would like me to win this prize

  97. Jackie Foster says:

    White no sugar

  98. Neil Graham says:

    A nice cappuchino for me

  99. Julie Jones says:

    I prefer cappuccino when I drink out but at home I have it with soya milk no sugar.

  100. milky with1 sweetener x

  101. I quite like a teaspoon of cocoa stirred in, but good coffee with semi skimmed is just perfect

  102. Sue McCarthy says:

    White with sugar

  103. Lyndsey Beckford says:


  104. lesley hamilton says:

    I like mine with frothy milk on the top

  105. Janice Beal says:

    I have cappuccino every afternoon made by my husband :)

  106. fiona waterworth says:

    Latte but with banana syrup

  107. Katherine Coldicott says:

    with a tiny drop of milk, no sugar

  108. Amy Ripley says:

    Strong and Black!

  109. laura banks says:

    white no sugar

  110. Pauline Rendell says:

    With Cream and chocolate for a treat! but a real coffee it has to black to taste!

  111. Emma Jackson says:

    I take my coffee black x

  112. Claire Butler says:

    Strong dash of milk preferably filtered

  113. claire woods says:

    white, no sugar

  114. Emma J Lowe says:

    when out i will drink a latte. when at home i will drink coffee with a creme powder and half a sweetner

  115. Black with a half teaspoon of sugar for me

  116. Kevin Honey says:

    Milk no sugar, please

  117. paul jackson says:

    milky with sugar

  118. white no sugar

  119. Fran Light says:

    Americano, strong and black!

  120. Jan Wroblewski says:

    With milk, occasionally black but no sugar.

  121. Black, 1 sugar/sweetener

  122. If it’s jusr ordinary, grab a mug on the run coffee, I have a sugar and Coffeemate in it and I use instant. (shame!). For Sunday mornings/special occasions, I get the machine out and may have an espresso, a latte, or a coffee with cream and sprinkles.

  123. Laura Caraher says:


  124. Catherine Thomas says:

    a little milk & wee bit sugar

  125. kristy brown says:

    Just milk, but in all honesty, however it lands in front of me I will drink it

  126. hot frothy cappucino with a sprinkling of chocolate powder

  127. Peta Cutts says:

    I drink my coffee very milky with lots of cream and sugar

  128. strong and black

  129. Strong Black no sugar

  130. jennifer thorpe says:

    milky and strong

  131. black!

  132. vivian allman says:

    i like my coffee made entirely of milk and coffee no water.. just boiled milk

  133. Usually black no sugar.

  134. kayleigh beirne says:

    with Baileys!

  135. Angela M - Garden Tea Cakes and Me says:

    I like it strong with a dash of milk, which is totally opposite to how I like my tea :)

  136. Mark Whittaker says:

    Black , no sugar, just love strong coffee

  137. Milky with caramel.

  138. melanie crumpton says:

    white no sugar an hot!

  139. miss kerry adamowicz says:

    Lots of milk & brown sugar.

  140. Sheila O'Donoghue says:

    White no sugar

  141. Definitely not instant. At home I use a French press but I like a latte when I’m out.

  142. with 2% milk

  143. Jacqui Williams says:

    Decaf with lots of milk.

  144. SARAH SHAW says:


  145. Ian McGuire says:

    Very strong, very milky

  146. Cafetiere or Moka pot cappuccino mostly

  147. Judith Allen says:

    I would rather have my coffee in coffee and walnut cake. But my daughter loves coffee!

  148. JULIE BANKS says:

    Hot and strong, no sugar very little milk and a nice choccy biscuit to eat.

  149. Milky and sweet :)

  150. John Banks says:

    Not too strong with a little milk but no sugar

  151. Lyndsey Beckford says:

    Milk and one sugar

  152. I drink it with milk (semi- skimmed ) and no sugar.

  153. Black, no sugar

  154. Romana Richards says:

    As a flat white, in a bowl.

  155. Black- nothing extra

  156. Zachary Hudson says:

    skinny latte

  157. with 2% milk!!!

  158. Very black, very strong and very sweet (with sweeteners though)

  159. Emma Carter says:

    I drink my coffee white with one sugar if it’s instant, but if it’s the proper stuff then black with 1 sugar.

  160. Ian keeling says:

    Hot! NATO standard—2 tablespoonsfull of sugar, a fair bit of milk

  161. kim winter says:

    In my favourite mug with a splash of milk and some sweetener.If i’m out I’ll have a latte with sugar free hazelnut syrup! yum!

  162. Adele Hill says:

    with lots of sugar and cream

  163. Very milky

  164. Colin Wright says:

    strong and sweet

  165. I like a medium roast coffee with quite a bit of milk

    • Ian keeling says:

      Nearly exactly the opposite to how I drink my tea——– Milky and sweet, my tea is a drop of milk and a level teaspoon of sugar!

  166. Mickie Bull says:

    Creme Brulee Latte

  167. marianne lester-george says:

    simple, 2 sugars and a splash of soy.

  168. a skinny mocha yummy

  169. I like late or espresso

  170. Sarah Peacock says:

    Hot and milky.

  171. Jenny Rogers says:

    I love milky coffees and mocha.

  172. Emma Jackson says:

    I don’t but my husband loves his morning coffee black x

  173. Clare Woodman says:

    A milky mocha each morning without fail!

  174. melanie stirling says:

    My favourite is just normal coffee with a bit of milk but I do drink a lot of it!

  175. Sheila Reeves says:

    Splash of milk and no sugar – an Americano if drinking out

  176. Karen Lloyd says:

    Strong with a bit of milk

  177. elizabeth slamin says:

    strong and black with no sugar I’m sweet enough

  178. Milk two sugars has to be strong dark coffee

  179. Amanda Goldston says:

    Made a fresh, milky latte in a large mug

  180. Freshly ground filter coffee from a cafetiere

  181. Daniel Stacey says:


  182. Emma Bennett says:

    White with two sweeteners or with gingerbread syrup when I feeling naughty!

  183. Rebecca John says:

    A small drop off milk and 1 sugar!

  184. Strong & black!

  185. Very, very strong and very, very black. With a little bit of sugar :) @pipersky1

  186. milk, sugar and vanilla

  187. strong and milky – no sugar

  188. rebecca austerberry says:

    Im a latte lover – I have a coffee machine which I have to limit usage on – too many lattes and im worse than my kids after drinking lucazade! lol

  189. Phyllis Ellett says:

    From a mug, Boom, Boom. Sorry. Just love it with semi-skimmed milk and no sugar.

  190. Karen Zyla says:

    Milk and (sorry) area spoon of sugar

  191. Sue Skinner says:

    black with half a spoon

  192. justine meyer says:


  193. Louise Turner says:

    Filtered and black

  194. Laura Pritchard says:

    Very milky with vanilla!

  195. Fiona Matters says:

    Milk but no sugar. Preferably latte or mocha though!

  196. I love my coffee with the milk added first to cool the cup down then, when the coffee’s piping hot, pouring it in and letting the two mix on their own. Then it’s hald a spoon of brown sugar and drink. It’s not just the coffe but where you are and who you’re with. Great stuff caffine!

  197. Latte or Americano

  198. Shelley Jessup says:

    I’m a milky coffee lover with 2 sugars

  199. Abby Mynett says:

    Strong with a dash of milk

  200. Amanda Oakley says:

    milk, 1 sugar

  201. Black. Always black.

  202. Sally Poole says:

    White and Sweet

  203. Extra shot Americano served black, no sugar, with a little bit of cold water so I don’t burn my lips!

  204. anna mcqueen says:

    Strong but kind, with plenty of creamy milk and sweetener. Cinnamon if I’m out.

  205. deborah godbolt says:

    i love any good coffee real coffee is the best not the value supermarket cheapo

  206. Carolynn Woodland says:

    with a little warm skimmed milk

  207. ros easton says:

    With condensed milk (like they do in Vietnam.

  208. Diana Cotter says:

    Strong and very hot

  209. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    Normally just with milk but I love a cappuccino too.

  210. lynsey morris says:

    I drink mine white with no sugar. Not too strong, but not too milky.

  211. Meryl Rees says:

    I drink it hot and strong

  212. claire ingleby says:

    Milky with 2 sugars

  213. Strong with a dash of milk

  214. Steven Appleton says:

    Small cup, strong without sugar, dash of milk, mmm perfect

  215. Black with sugar

  216. black one sugar and very hot

  217. Leanne Newsome says:

    I drink my coffee with a lot of milk, no sugar

  218. Gary Humphrey says:

    I like mine first thing in the morning with a touch of milk.I often end up taking it with me on the train to work

  219. I like a cup of coffee first thing in the morning with milk, no sugar. Helps me to wake up! :)

  220. Emma Hawkins says:

    White, with one sugar

  221. Strong with a splash of milk and half a sugar.

  222. Just coffee and water

  223. black, strong and sweetner

  224. Susan Ocock says:

    With milk and sweeteners and not too strong.

  225. charlotte r says:

    hot, milk, and a little splenda

  226. Joanna Sawka says:

    a lots of milk, no sugar

  227. Bohdan Kuczynski says:

    Either espresso or stove top Mocha, but must be strong and lot’s of it :)

  228. jacqueline warby says:

    i drink my coffee hot and black,love it

  229. Not too strong or too weak, with 1 sweetner and milk.

  230. Mark Finch says:

    as it comes – black, no sugar – why ruin the taste of the coffee

  231. Susan Bowe says:

    With cream

  232. Strong but Milky and if not any way it comes ;)

  233. Sue Obrien says:

    My fave has to be a frothy cappuccino

  234. Andrea Morton says:

    Quite strong, with a little bit of milk

  235. Jess Mandeville says:

    Strong coffee made from freshly ground beans with a splash of milk.

  236. Nice latte with two sweeteners :)

  237. Isabel O'Brien says:

    Black with so much sweetener it makes my friends wince.

  238. I love my coffee quite strong with lots of milk and half a teaspoon of brown sugar!!

  239. Corinne Faulkner says:

    I love fresh ground coffee or beans, I use a cafetiere for flavor intensity, creating a stronger, thicker and more piquant cup of coffee. I then whisk my milk to add so it’s nice and frothy – no sugar.

  240. katie skeoch says:

    Milky & hot none of your lukewarm stuff please xx

  241. kate knight says:

    milk and one sugar

  242. Steven babington says:

    Very sweet black coffe with lots of milk and no sugar!!!

  243. lisa dolatowski says:

    Coffee whitener,sugar,milk. Love a smooth coffee

  244. olivia kirby says:

    black and strong

  245. Claire Smith says:

    Out of a cafetiere with a touch of milk!

  246. michele omalley says:

    With Milk and no sugar and of course a nice tasty biscuit to accompany it

  247. 3 sugars, 1 teaspoon of instant coffee and about half a cup of milk.. i know im bad! xx


    Hot, milky with one sugar

  249. Milk with 1 sugar, but when drinking out I love vanilla lattes

  250. Emma Hicks says:

    White no sugar and on special occassions, with Baileys and cream.

  251. Hazel Rea says:

    I like my coffee weak with lots of milk. My husband, however, loves a great tasting coffee.

  252. i drink my coffee strong with milk,no sugar

  253. Laura Bradbury says:

    Black and strong :D

  254. Christine Constable says:

    Latte, made with my espresso machine

  255. KAREN WALDER says:

    I drink my coffee milky with one sugar!

  256. 2 sugars and milk

  257. Helena Jones says:

    Black, strong and without sugar

  258. Michelle Becker says:

    Strong with skim milk and 2 sweeteners.

  259. Rachel Sanders says:

    With cream

  260. Has to be a mocha latte

  261. Alice Monk says:

    Very milky (or creamy if possible!) and sweet and yummy!


    …………..l enjoy milky coffee, so Latte or Cappuccino are always welcome

  263. KIERAN WALSH says:

    Fresh, ground, black, no sugar, avid coffee drinker

  264. Jane Sanderson says:

    Black – plain and simple

  265. emma kinsey says:

    love frothy coffee

  266. Rebecca Townsend says:

    Strong and black during the day, creamy and smooth during the evening.

  267. Patricia Bond says:

    I drink my coffee black – not too strong – no sugar

  268. Ann Willers says:

    Very strong a touch of milk and no sugar

  269. Elizabeth says:

    I have to have strong coffee first thing in the morning with just a little milk to get me up and running.

  270. Lucy Taylor says:

    with plenty of milk – hot if possible.

  271. latte is my favourite

  272. ALICIA ROBERTS says:

    Black as midnight on a moonless night!

  273. with milk and sugar

  274. Mrs C Corrin says:

    I love a large cup of Cappachinno, lots of creamy droth on the top

  275. Mary Kemp says:

    Strong and black

  276. Eleanor Wigmore says:

    I like mine strong with a small amount of milk!

  277. Rebecca Woodroof says:

    lots of milk and suger

  278. Danielle Woodman says:

    I love my coffee with a tiny dash of milk and 3 scoops of sugar

  279. Caroline Scott says:

    very strong, no milk and no sugar.

  280. Larry Kemp says:

    With cream in a very large mug

  281. I like a little creamer and sugar.

  282. Phillip Ross says:

    very milky

  283. Strong milky and sweet and very often

  284. allison dorrian says:

    black with sugar

  285. Hot, black and strong

  286. Wendy Tolhurst says:

    Black, no sugar. The only exception to this is the very rare occasion I get to have a calypso coffee.

  287. Lucie Aiston says:

    Lattes specially gingerbread ones at Christmas!

  288. White with 2 sugars


  289. Caroline H says:

    Always hot, strong and lots of it!

  290. dee dmonte says:

    I like my coffee black and strong.

  291. thick, black and hot! ;)

  292. jackie curran says:

    Quite strong with a little milk. or I love a cappucinno .

  293. Karen Whittaker says:

    White no sugar

  294. Catherine Thorp says:

    I love a macchiato, on the strong side.

  295. Denise Whiskin says:

    I drink mine milky with 1 sweetner

  296. Julia Nicholls says:

    Strong and black

  297. With milk and a biscuit

  298. Jean Bolsover says:

    Reasonably strong, white, 2 sugars & frothy on the top!

  299. Latte or cappuccino for me

  300. Kelly Holborow says:

    Normally have a Latte with an extra shot of espresso and a hint of Praline Syrup :-D Delicious.

  301. Jane Paddey says:

    Black coffee with 2 sugars x

  302. S Corbett says:

    Strong, with cream…mmmm

  303. June Gaynor says:

    Strong, milk no sugar

  304. ali mckenzie says:

    milky and very sweet

  305. susan miller says:

    With milk, no sugar and as often as possible….. :)

  306. Angela Kate Webster says:

    I have my coffee in all different ways. The most regular type is Coffee with cream and sugar. Naughty but tasty!

  307. sian hallewell says:

    Latte when out and pale and interesting at home

  308. Anne McCutcheon says:

    I drink it black without sugar

  309. Strong and black with no sugar plz

  310. Cappuccino or latte with no sugar, sprinkles on top or flavoured syrup mixed in.

  311. Hazel Christopher says:

    I like my coffee quite weak and milky

  312. Emma Farrell says:

    Very milky for me

  313. Sandra Clarke says:

    Weak & milky, preferably cappuccino.

  314. Lindsey Jones says:

    Strong with a drop of milk

  315. Emily Jayne Phipps says:

    Out of a mug – :) and a large one at that!

  316. Elaine Savage says:

    nice milky decaff

  317. Janine Atkin says:

    i like mine with one sugar and a tiny bit of milk

  318. Jackie ONeill says:


  319. Heather Smith says:

    with milk and sugar

  320. Ben Jones says:

    I drink my coffee cold – An ice double lattee always gets me moving in the mornings!

  321. Carmel Cheshire says:

    White with 2 sugars – quite strong though

  322. Deborah Holland says:

    Strong, with lots of frothy hot milk ( – heated then shaken up in a closed container before adding) – plus half a sugar.

  323. Fresh and black.

  324. cathie west says:

    i like my coffee from the cafetiere. nice and strong. with a dash of milk. and a couple of spoons of coffee mate. with 2 level sugar. i cant function without a coffee in me.

  325. At home I drink it black but in a restaurant I always have cream

  326. Jane Morrice says:

    I have it at home and work with just a splash of skimmed milk but in cafes I love a capuccino :)

  327. black with sugar

  328. Lisa Fearn says:

    Strong with a bit of milk

  329. rosemary sheehan says:


  330. Julie Paton says:

    Black and very strong – occasionally a little sugar if feel need extra perk up

  331. Avvie Cunnington says:

    White with plenty of milk. No sugar though, im sweet enough ;)

  332. Strong double espresso :)

  333. strong and black

  334. EVA AVELTE says:


  335. John Martin says:

    straight,no sugar,dash of milk

  336. Nicole-Melainie Squires says:

    Strong Latte with cinnamon and chocolatte too sprinkled on top Mmmmmmm

  337. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    Got to be Latte

  338. Rebecca Sellers says:

    strong and black

  339. Charlotte H says:

    black, no sugar :)

  340. Either Latte or Americano
    thinking about trying gingerbread

  341. Melody Williams says:

    White, 2 sugars :)

  342. Emily Hutchinson says:

    White, strong, no sugar – thanks!

  343. jane greenfield says:

    medium strength milk and a little sugar

  344. tamalyn roberts says:

    milky with 2 sugars

  345. Andrea Balderstone says:

    Milky with one sugar.

  346. with milk!! a huge cup

  347. Amanda Richardson says:

    Quite milky, no sugar

  348. Rebecca Fall says:

    Strong Americano with a dash of milk

  349. Latte :)

  350. Diane Nicholl says:

    Strong & milky

  351. Helen Grayson says:

    Milky with 3 sugars… Lovely!

  352. Christine Mutter says:

    Dash of milk with 1 sugar

  353. Orla Double says:

    With frothy milk

  354. Orla Double says:

    Frothy milk

  355. Barbara Montag says:

    I drink my coffee black to enjoy the full flavor – thank you!

  356. Rachel Craig says:

    My favourite is a cappucccino, a lovely way to end a meal.

  357. with home made coffee cake :)

  358. Latte

  359. Patricia Mathieson says:

    Latte, but has to be with skimmed milk, otherwise it’s just too much for me. Funny though ‘cos I always loved milky coffee made on the stove years ago.

  360. milk and one sugar

  361. Carol Peace says:

    Hot with Milk and a touch of sugar.

  362. Mark Palmer says:

    Black, no sugar and strong!

  363. William Gunn says:

    Just add milk mmmmmmmmmmm

  364. Isabell Whitenstall says:

    A latte is a great pick me up for me

  365. like milky coffee with a dash of brandy this cold snowy weather

  366. I love black coffee x

  367. jonathan reed says:

    filter coffee with milk

  368. I drink mine with milk – when I’m not pregnant! I am off coffee right now but the baby is due in a few weeks and I can’t WAIT to have a lovely cup of coffee afterwards!

  369. Laura Ingham says:

    With low fat pourable cream and just a touch of sugar

  370. half boiled water, half hot milk, with sugar

  371. Ani Costa says:

    Milk,sugar,whipped cream on the top&piping hot…oh with an amaretto biscuit on the side.

  372. I drink my coffee with cream and a little sugar

  373. Rebecca Belden says:

    Milky and sugary :)

  374. Annamarie Riddiford says:


  375. LESLEY RENSHAW says:

    WHITE WITH 2 SUGAR, PLEASE – Put the kettle on :)

  376. Alison Wakefield says:

    no sugar and a little milk

  377. Peter Callcut says:

    white with one

  378. Nyck Moore says:

    Lots of coffee, lots of milk, lots of sugar!

  379. Jen Schofield says:


  380. Fiona matthews says:

    I take mine strong with milk and half a sugar -new years resolution to cut down to no sugar :)

  381. Liz ferguson says:

    My two guinea pigs are called coffee & cream, so I guess this gives my preference away! Lots of cream on the top of my coffee, please!

  382. with coffee whitener and a sweetener – can’t stand it with “real” milk!

  383. I drink my coffee black (but not too strong!) with 2 sugars :)

  384. holly foxwell says:

    i drink coffee black no sugar, yummy!!

  385. Melanie Gardiner says:

    Strong, with milk no suger.

  386. I have mine strong and sweet!

  387. with hot frothy milk and 2 sweetners

  388. Jeremy Andrews says:

    I drink my coffee strong, with sweetner and a spash of milk.

  389. White coffee at home in Minnie Mouse mug

  390. with a little semi-skimmed milk

  391. Karen Harrison says:

    I ned my decaff to get me through the weekend – milky with sweetener.

  392. Angela Macdonald says:

    At home, I drink it with just milk and have it fairly strong,,when out, I love to have cappuccino’s with chocolate sprinkled on the top

  393. Bonnie Brooksbank says:

    Strong and White and by the bucket load.

  394. phillippa lee says:

    I love it deep, strong with a dash of cream xx

  395. pAMELA ANTCLIFF says:

    coffee powder, demerara sugar, coffee whitener :)

  396. Hot, dark and strong… espresso for me

  397. Black with a sweetner

  398. Valerie Sharp says:

    Strong and black with 2 sweeteners

  399. I drink my coffee white with 2 sugars! Or if Im having a particularly bad day I will take it black!

  400. mark beynon says:

    latte with an extra shot. the bigger the better.

  401. Strong black coffee

  402. ROS Thompson says:

    black with sugar

  403. Stong and black

  404. Tamara Payne says:

    strong with a touch of sugar

  405. natalie holland says:

    I do love a latte!

  406. Cheryl Kean says:

    Latte is my very favourite, but atm im trying to lose weight so black coffee atm

  407. White with 2 sugars

  408. Fran Harrod says:

    Strong and sweet :)

  409. Emily Nelson says:

    VERY milky, with lots of sugar xx

  410. Milky and sweet for me

  411. Liz Mitchell says:

    Black and not too strong

  412. Ben Audsley says:

    white no sugar !! and lots of coffee!!!

  413. nicola heap says:

    with milk and brown sugar

  414. Janice Street says:

    As a treat I like plain black coffee, no milk, no sugar x

  415. Alison Turner says:

    I drink my coffee black with one sugar :)

  416. Harry Letham says:

    Strong, Black, No Sugar.

  417. weak, black and about cold

  418. aly carter says:

    Milky with one sugar, and peace and quiet!

  419. Warm with lots of milk :}

  420. louise connor says:

    Latte or expresso…….. but has to have brown sugar in… hate white sugar in coffee

  421. I actually love filter coffee with coffeemate and one sugar.

  422. kayleigh dudley says:

    milky, 1 sugar in a big mug once a day

  423. As cappuccino :)

  424. Alison Wakefield says:

    I drink my coffee quite strong with half teaspoon of sugar

  425. I use the biggest mug I can find and like my coffee super-milky

  426. Kirsty Fox says:

    Milky with one sugar

  427. jane colwill says:

    White with one. Lattes are my favourite, but they have to have brown sugar not white.

  428. I drink my coffee black in the mornign and with a dash of milk in the afternoon. It’s very easy to spoil good coffee though.

  429. Jo McPherson says:

    White, 1 sugar

  430. Matt Hudson says:

    white and no sugar

  431. Christina Field says:


  432. Nathan Wood says:

    Really getting into my coffee lately. would love to try some new blends and brands.

  433. Very weak with milk and sugar.

  434. Not to strong with a drop of milk and half a sugar

  435. Jill Ashton says:

    Always black, no sugar

  436. lynsey kirkwood says:

    thanks to my diet my daily coffee is now just a weekly treat so nice and strong with just one sugar and semi skimmed milk!

  437. Julie Picton says:

    Lots of sugar and cream

  438. Emily Fraser says:

    With a splash of milk & no sugar! :)

  439. Latte is my favourite

  440. julie Brooke says:

    With milk – no sugar

  441. anna stickland says:

    Strong and black :-)

  442. With milk

  443. George Worboys Wright says:

    For me, it’s all about the coffee and not the froth. I prefer black coffee but sometimes I will opt for something fancier, no sugar though!

  444. Christine Lockley says:

    Hot, milky and only in the morning

    Thanks for the chance to win x

  445. Ben Sears says:

    I like a strong, full- bodied coffee with roughly 1/5th the mug milk. Delicious!

  446. Anne Bethell says:

    In a mug

  447. Charley Foulds says:

    with milk, a little bit of sugar and a little piece of walnut cake as a treat!

  448. John Mills says:

    Great prize and as a postman with early starts coffee is vitally important!

  449. conrad edwards says:

    like my women, strong and black….oh, go on then,…latte really

  450. Samantha Atherton says:

    With chocolate syrup

  451. Antonia Rookley says:

    If it’s early morning then black! But during the day a dash of milk adds to it!!

  452. With a dash of Tia Maria

  453. rebecca leon says:

    black one sugar

  454. I like my coffees in all sorts of ways. As long as it tastes great I’m happy.

  455. Angie Hoggett says:

    cappucino with frothy vanilla soya milk and calorie free sweetener!

  456. kim grantham says:

    I drink it very very milky with lots of sugar nearly cold because of the amount of milk I put in , more like a coffe milkshake than a warming cup and I do enjoy the odd drop of vanilla syrup on occasion. I do love the handcarved spoon that you can win along with the prize. If I were to win that would become a treasured possession.

  457. Cassie Bedford says:

    milk and 1 sugar or a sweetener if i have some :)

  458. Debbie Timms says:

    Strong with two sugars

  459. Joy D Connor says:

    With a lot of milk and a little sugar!

  460. Sarah Jauch says:

    I have mine with a splash of milk and one sweetener x

  461. Lesley Cohen Wright says:

    lots of milk and a sweetner

  462. Strong with a dash of milk

  463. Kate Williamson says:

    I love coffee, in fact I can’t function throughout the day without my first fresh cup in the morning, topped up throughout the day…some might say I have an addiction!!!

  464. rachel jones says:

    milk but no sugar.

  465. Leanne Court says:

    Milk, no sugar

  466. Hazel Rush says:

    I love a cappuccino with a frothy top and 1 brown sugar!

  467. sue patel says:

    I like my coffee white with two sugars and not too strong.

  468. Milk and two!!

  469. Emma Smith says:

    I make an espresso in a traditional stove top Italian espresso maker, then I warm my milk in the microwave and froth it up. Add coffee to cup and top with frothy milk

  470. Rob Kelly says:

    Americano with hot milk is my fave

  471. milk no sugar

  472. Sheri Darby says:

    strong, no sugar and very little milk

  473. black with a sweetner!

  474. Vicky-Louise Robinson says:

    Weak & milky!

  475. Laura Pugh says:

    I like a latte – lovely and milky, with sweetener

  476. A fair bit of milk and one sweetener!

  477. simple, black and strong

  478. Sarah Mcknight says:

    Hot, milky and with sugar :)

  479. DAWN TOTTON says:

    With a dash of cream and no sugar.

  480. Lani Nash says:

    Very strong and black :)

  481. sairz eastham says:

    filter coffee – white with one brown sugar – yum :)

  482. Helen Aiken says:

    I don’t actually like coffee, but my husband loves it, so would make a lovely prize for him.
    He loves strong coffee, in fact last time we were at his parents they were trying to tell him he was drinking it too strong.
    If we’re out he quite often enjoys a Cappuccino.

  483. I only like filtered coffee from the machine, I cant stand instant coffee! Add a bit of fresh real cream and a dash of cinnamon and that is coffee heaven! x

  484. Yvonne Brownsea says:

    Not too strong, not too weak, couple spoons sugar, splash of milk – perfect!

  485. I like my coffee lack or with a little milk :)

  486. Lovely latte, with a bit of sugar

  487. Very milky!

  488. black!

  489. rach clynch says:

    strong and sweet umm

  490. Gemma Clark says:

    strong with milk & 2 sugars :)

  491. Cat McKell says:

    Black, no sugar

  492. Sylvia Paul says:

    Hot, strong, with cream – when I’m not dieting that is.

  493. Charlotte Jones says:

    Milky and one sugar :)

  494. Chris Williams says:

    I like my coffee strong and black.

  495. decaff with Coffee Mate and half a teaspoon of sugar

  496. Victoria Critchley says:

    a touch of milk and a little sugar

  497. strong and sweet

  498. I don’t. (But I know people who do.)

  499. Black!

  500. Helen Edie says:

    Milky with one sugar.

  501. I love fresh coffee with milk, brown sugar and a fresh pastry on the side. But for the ultimate indulgence I love fresh coffee with hazlenut Baileys!

  502. Angela Glynn says:

    with full fat milk if I’m naughty

  503. Coffee mate and 1 sugar :)

  504. Sergiu Vornic says:

    hope i win!

  505. Alisa Moore says:

    …with ‘koffiemelk’ (evaporated, sterilised), Dutch style.

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