Giveaway (CLOSED): Selection of Coffee from Betty’s

Bettys Coffee

Here in the Fuss Free household we do not really start the day until after breakfast and a pot of coffee, so I was delighted to be sent some ground coffee from Betty’s recently to kick start our mornings.

Established in 1919 in Harrogate, Betty’s is a British (and indeed Yorkshire institution) and is known the world over for their tea shops, cakes and tea and coffee, we visited the Ilkley branch two years ago.

We are currently drinking the Peruvian Pangoa, a rich full blend, smooth with a nutty praline end note.  I am especially loving my new hand carved coffee scoop, attractive to look at and very tactile – it fits in my hand nicely and is far more attractive than my previous plastic scoop.

I am delighted to have a box of 3 Betty’s ground coffees and a hand carved scoop to offer one lucky Fuss Free Flavours reader.

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Win Selection of Coffee and Scoop from Betty’s

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Good Luck!

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  1. Tracy Nixon says

    I adore lattes and I love the extra hot! When ever I order a latte in a cafe I ask for a large skinny, extra hot! I don’t like my coffee too strong! I easily drink 7 a day so this prize would be fab!

  2. Alice says

    I’ll be honest, I don’t drink coffee (I have an intolerance to caffeine). However, my parents both are fanatical coffee drinkers, and I think they would both really like this. My mother has coffee with lots of coffee, and a small amount of milk, my dad has it was a spoon of sugar, and more milk that my mum.

  3. Victoria James says

    Very milky or black depends what mood I’m in or what coffee I drink. Posh coffee has to be black it tastes better and smells lovely

  4. says

    I am very much a filter coffee gal, with just a little semi-skimmed milk. I loathe and detest hot milk so all those frothy, creamy lattemochapuccina type things are not for me.

  5. says

    I only like coffee if it has other flavours in it, like a caramel macchiato – I don’t drink coffee normally! But if I won this I would give it to my sister :-)

  6. Sally Carter says

    I make a latte – I have a little whisk for making the milk frothy and then make coffee in a cafetiere. No sugar, works best with full fat milk.

  7. Sarah Morris says

    With plenty of milk and 2 sugars, oh and preferably with a fat plate of chocolate digestives on the side to dunk in it.

  8. Helen says

    I drink my coffee without milk, not too strong – I used to drink it with milk until I developed a milk intolerance and I’ve never looked back, you can taste the full flavour of the coffee when you drink it this way

  9. Andrew Halliwell says

    Simply instant in a cup with sugar and milk. Though it might be nice to get some real coffee for a change.

  10. Anschel G says

    Filter/Instant coffee, with milk & machine coffee black. (no sugar, but like something sweet on side like block of chocolate or a cookie)

  11. Miss Tracy Hanson says

    I drink mine black with no sugar normally. But strong, weak, black or with milk as long as it doesn’t have sugar in it. Good luck to everyone :) :D x

  12. Erin S says

    I like my coffee milky with a tiny bit of sugar in the morning.
    After supper, I love a black cup of espresso with 1 sugar . . . and a piece of chocolate on the side ;-)

  13. Sally Peevor says

    For ‘typical’ coffee I like it milky with no sugar but my favourite coffee is chicory which I like black and sweet.

  14. says

    These days I mostly indulge in coffee with condensed milk instead of milk or cream. So good.
    Would be great to get some samples of these for Pete to review on!

  15. Beverley says

    If it’s jusr ordinary, grab a mug on the run coffee, I have a sugar and Coffeemate in it and I use instant. (shame!). For Sunday mornings/special occasions, I get the machine out and may have an espresso, a latte, or a coffee with cream and sprinkles.

  16. Emma Carter says

    I drink my coffee white with one sugar if it’s instant, but if it’s the proper stuff then black with 1 sugar.

  17. kim winter says

    In my favourite mug with a splash of milk and some sweetener.If i’m out I’ll have a latte with sugar free hazelnut syrup! yum!

    • Ian keeling says

      Nearly exactly the opposite to how I drink my tea——– Milky and sweet, my tea is a drop of milk and a level teaspoon of sugar!

  18. rebecca austerberry says

    Im a latte lover – I have a coffee machine which I have to limit usage on – too many lattes and im worse than my kids after drinking lucazade! lol

  19. says

    I love my coffee with the milk added first to cool the cup down then, when the coffee’s piping hot, pouring it in and letting the two mix on their own. Then it’s hald a spoon of brown sugar and drink. It’s not just the coffe but where you are and who you’re with. Great stuff caffine!

  20. Gary Humphrey says

    I like mine first thing in the morning with a touch of milk.I often end up taking it with me on the train to work

  21. Corinne Faulkner says

    I love fresh ground coffee or beans, I use a cafetiere for flavor intensity, creating a stronger, thicker and more piquant cup of coffee. I then whisk my milk to add so it’s nice and frothy – no sugar.

  22. Elizabeth says

    I have to have strong coffee first thing in the morning with just a little milk to get me up and running.

  23. Angela Kate Webster says

    I have my coffee in all different ways. The most regular type is Coffee with cream and sugar. Naughty but tasty!

  24. Deborah Holland says

    Strong, with lots of frothy hot milk ( – heated then shaken up in a closed container before adding) – plus half a sugar.

  25. cathie west says

    i like my coffee from the cafetiere. nice and strong. with a dash of milk. and a couple of spoons of coffee mate. with 2 level sugar. i cant function without a coffee in me.

  26. Patricia Mathieson says

    Latte, but has to be with skimmed milk, otherwise it’s just too much for me. Funny though ‘cos I always loved milky coffee made on the stove years ago.

  27. Liz ferguson says

    My two guinea pigs are called coffee & cream, so I guess this gives my preference away! Lots of cream on the top of my coffee, please!

  28. Angela Macdonald says

    At home, I drink it with just milk and have it fairly strong,,when out, I love to have cappuccino’s with chocolate sprinkled on the top

  29. Ben E says

    I drink my coffee black in the mornign and with a dash of milk in the afternoon. It’s very easy to spoil good coffee though.

  30. lynsey kirkwood says

    thanks to my diet my daily coffee is now just a weekly treat so nice and strong with just one sugar and semi skimmed milk!

  31. George Worboys Wright says

    For me, it’s all about the coffee and not the froth. I prefer black coffee but sometimes I will opt for something fancier, no sugar though!

  32. kim grantham says

    I drink it very very milky with lots of sugar nearly cold because of the amount of milk I put in , more like a coffe milkshake than a warming cup and I do enjoy the odd drop of vanilla syrup on occasion. I do love the handcarved spoon that you can win along with the prize. If I were to win that would become a treasured possession.

  33. Kate Williamson says

    I love coffee, in fact I can’t function throughout the day without my first fresh cup in the morning, topped up throughout the day…some might say I have an addiction!!!

  34. Emma Smith says

    I make an espresso in a traditional stove top Italian espresso maker, then I warm my milk in the microwave and froth it up. Add coffee to cup and top with frothy milk

  35. Helen Aiken says

    I don’t actually like coffee, but my husband loves it, so would make a lovely prize for him.
    He loves strong coffee, in fact last time we were at his parents they were trying to tell him he was drinking it too strong.
    If we’re out he quite often enjoys a Cappuccino.

  36. Anna says

    I love fresh coffee with milk, brown sugar and a fresh pastry on the side. But for the ultimate indulgence I love fresh coffee with hazlenut Baileys!

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