Giveaway (CLOSED): Set of Five Valleys Cordials

Five Valleys Cordials

I am a huge fan of “posh” cordials as a grown up alternative to alcohol. not drinking does not mean you need to deprive yourself, and even the most luxurious cordial is usually cheaper than wine.  I especially like the range from Five Valleys, with their very interesting flavours which will pair well with many different dishes.

I have a set of 7 cordials from Five Valleys to be won – with great flavours such as Sloe & Raspberry or Cherry & Beetroot – there will be something in the range to appeal to everyone.

For a chance to win follow the instructions below.

Win Set of Cordials From Five Valleys

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  • Closing date Midnight 3rd Feb 2014

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Five Valleys Cordials

Good Luck!

Many thanks to Five Valleys for this prize and for my samples!

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  1. Tracey Peach says

    To be honest I would not know which flavour would go with which food. But I would have a lovely time trying them & finding out!

  2. Amelia Kennedy says

    I don’t drink aldohol and love trying new and unusual cordials/soft drinks. I’d really love to try these out … x

  3. sue hodges says

    i rubbish at matching drink and food- i just eat and drink what I like! But peach and lychee sounds summery so would go well on a picnic

  4. lorraine stone says

    I see that the Cherry & Beetroot cordial can go into crumbles – yum! It would be fun experimenting with the rest.

  5. Lindsey says

    I’d love to try the Peach and Lychee one, but I’m not entirely sure what it might go with! Perhaps it’d be nice in summer, with a Peach, Raspberry and Lychee Pavlova. :)

  6. Claire Butler says

    such unusual flavours id need to taste first but think coconut & kaffir be great with indian food. Maybe Sloe and raspberry with lamb??

  7. Rikka B says

    They sound great, I’m vegetarian, so although I don’t know what I would match them with I know it won’t be meat, fish or fowl.

  8. K Mayers says

    I’m not much good with this – usually leave it to my wife! I think maybe I’d try the Coconut & Kaffir Lime with a curry of some sort…

  9. Ruth Harwood says

    I have no idea! my dad might know, but he’s not here (well, I am 36 and haven’t lived with him for almost 20 years lol!), so I’d hate to guess wrong! I’d sure have fun finding out though!

  10. Stephanie Whitehouse says

    Sloe and raspberry should have an edge to make it good with rich food – maybe a duck casserole

  11. debbie creasey says

    i wouldn’t know what would go with what as i dont cook i leave that to hubby but i would love to try the peach & lychee.

  12. Paul Witney says

    I eat and drink whatever I fancy, without much thought to whether they go together. Would love the chance to try these out though.

  13. Lesley scott says

    I think peach&lychee would go lovely with a nice chicken salad. I don’t drink alcohol so would love to drink these while everyone else is on wine!xx

  14. sherri mse fordham says

    i have no idea what flavours would go with different foods but i would have fun trying them all out! x

  15. Michelle Kinsey says

    Peach and Lychee sounds lovely! I used to like Archers and Lemonade, but no longer drink alcohol through personal choice, so I think Peach and Lychee would make a nice, non-alcoholic version x

  16. JennG says

    I love cooking authentic Mexican and I think the coconut and Kaffir lime would go wonderfully with a spicy green salsa dish..

  17. Helen Thurston says

    Coconut and Kaffir Lime with a veggie/thai curry, Lemon and Mint with fish or Greek salad, Peach and Lychee with Strawberries and Vanilla ice cream. In reality, however, I’d probably drink them with soda water in preference to diet coke/lemonade/’pop’.

  18. Christine Constable says

    Coconut and kaffir lime would be wonderful with any Thai food, so I would probably drink it with a Red Thai Chicken Curry.

  19. Sandra Bald says

    I’d match
    Apricot & ginger with Fast Roast pork
    Lemon & mint with lamb curry
    Pomegranate & rose with chicken stew
    Coconut & kaffir Lime with prawn curry
    Peach & lychee with pork stir fry
    Sloe & raspberry with Chilli
    Cherr & beetroot with dark chocolate mousse

  20. YOLANDA DAVIS says

    i would like to drink the coconut and lime with a salad, something light and refreshing like that would work great on a hot summers day.

  21. Amanda Richardson says

    love trying out different cordials with different foods to see what suits, have even been known to mix 2 cordials together

  22. Patricia Edwards says

    I’d like to try the lemon and mint, I love peppermint cordial and this would be a different twist on it

  23. tina Lighten-Duncan says

    I would probably use the peach and Lychee to compliment a sweet pudding that probably would contain passion fruit or a maybe even a fruity curry

  24. Mary-Ann Pollard says

    so much choice, i think i would go with the lemon & mint cordial with some sort of spiced lamb and cous cous with tatziki

  25. Laura Kevlin says

    What lovely flavours! I would love to win this great prize as I am pregnant and the same old soft drinks are struggling to keep my interest1 :)

  26. Gail Bennett says

    I think the Coconut & Kaffir Lime one would go well with a curry … mmmm but I’d have to try it first :-)

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