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This week is the Official SPAM® Appreciation Week and to celebrate I am giving one lucky user the chance to win a SPAM® hamper overflowing with limited edition SPAM™ Merchandise. The hamper is packed full of SPAM® branded goodies including a recipe book, flip flops, apron, mugs, spatula, key ring and a variety of cans of SPAM® Chopped Pork and Ham.

I have not had SPAM® for seemingly years, and I’ll be indulging in some nostalgia and making some SPAM® fritters later this week.

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Win A SPAM® Hamper worth £50

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Helen Best-Shaw is a freelance food & writer, photographer who has been writing about achievable, affordable and mostly healthy food on Fuss Free Flavours since 2007. She also contributes articles, recipes and photos to a number of online and print food magazines. Please do contact me if you would like to discuss commissioning work.

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  1. Michelle Blane says:

    I would eat my spam in a toasted sandwich with tomato!

  2. Frances hopkins says:

    In a sandwich with cucumber and salad cream

  3. I’d chop it into strips and stir fry it with green beans in a little oil with chili oil and soy sauce.

  4. Valerie Dallimore says:

    A Spam and tomato sandwich on wholemeal bread

  5. Carole barnes says:


  6. Tracy Nixon says:

    In a sandwich with salad!

  7. Jo Hutchinson says:

    with cheesy mash and sweetcorn

  8. kim plant says:

    I fry mine with a bit of onion x

  9. In a sandwich

  10. melanie stirling says:

    With new potatoes and salad

  11. louise connor says:

    In Batter then deep fried with beans and chips…… oh brings back childhood memories….

  12. eve howitt says:

    spam egg and chips .yumm

  13. Jane Willis says:

    What a coincidence – this popped up in my Google Reader while I was tucking into a Spam sandwich. So I guess I’d better say “In a sandwich” although I have been known to make a rather “interseting” Sweet and Sour Spam. Maybe I should blog about it while to celebrate the week!

  14. Katherine L says:

    I grew up eating fried spam with a fried egg and soy sauce on rice. So yummy!

  15. Wendy Lam says:

    I get some fresh tofu, slice it into six blocks. In each block I dig out a small hole and fill it with SPAM and cornflour. Then in a pan I heat some oil, pan fry each side of the tofu until brown and cooked. Create a black bean sauce and pour it on top. Yum!

  16. Tracey Clarke says:

    Just plain and simple between 2 slices of buttered white bread

  17. Natalie Clark says:

    In a nice crusty roll with some lettuce

  18. It makes excellent toasted sandwiches. My Mum does a dish with a really rich cheese sauce and bread crumbs. It has to be served with peas, mashed potato and onion sauce.

  19. In an omelette.

  20. Rudy Roversi says:

    In a sandwich!

  21. claire hooper says:

    ooh spam fritters are delicious!

  22. Chopped up in an omlette with cheese!

  23. Ruth Lurring says:

    Spam quiche, my husband loves it!

  24. Nina McFadden says:

    With potato and cucumber salad.

  25. With mashed potatoes and mushy peas.

  26. Lisa Pope says:

    It’s actually really nice cut into small cubes on homemade pizza

  27. I’d make Spam fritters

  28. tamalyn roberts says:

    grilled and put in a sandwich with tomato sauce, yum

  29. Laura Harris says:

    Fried spam hash….topped with a fried egg……and bread and butter for dipping in the yolk………yum!

  30. Val Hartley says:

    In a sandwhich with pickle

  31. Slice and fry it in a pan. Serve with fried rice and a fried egg

  32. You can’t beat a fried spam sandwich with sauce of choice (or not).

  33. Leanne newsome says:

    I’d eat mine fried with batter on yum

  34. fried on toast

  35. Janet K says:

    Fried it with an egg on bread with brown sauce

  36. Janet K says:

    I like it fried with a fried egg on bread with brown sauce

  37. Julie Picton says:

    With mash potato and beans (and tomato sauce)

  38. Fried!!!

  39. suzanna gentle says:

    fried in batter :)

  40. ashley clark says:

    I would definately have to make spam fritters! my favourite :)

  41. Maggie Coates says:

    I would make spam fritters. I have not had them since school dinners.

  42. Sally Poole says:

    I’d fritter it

  43. Jack Carlin says:

    I’d eat it straight out of the tin.

  44. Pamela Gossage says:

    fried in a sandwich

  45. In a sandwhich with some juicy salad!

  46. Val Swift says:

    In a sandwich

  47. paul jackson says:

    fried as part of a cooked breakfast

  48. linda greenwood says:

    I would eat spam in a fritter like we had at school!

  49. Mel Briscoe says:

    In a sandwich with some salad.

  50. EMMA WALTERS says:


  51. C Corrin says:

    Fried on a sandwich

  52. laura banks says:

    fried with melted cheese

  53. emma weaver says:

    I have never tried spam before

  54. Meryl Rees says:

    My dad likes it fried in butter(!) and put in a sandwich with more butter and tomato sauce. Surprised he’s still alive at 80!

  55. Anne-Marie Taylor says:

    Sweet and sour spam is amazingly good!

  56. Pauline Rendell says:

    in toasted sandwiches

  57. Alison Wakefield says:

    Spam mushrooms with pasta

  58. Spam Risotto with Plum Tomatoes & peas.

  59. Peak Lee says:

    Lightly fried served with egg and chips

  60. jackie curran says:

    In a sandwich with salad and salad cream .

  61. olivia kirby says:

    Fried with cheesy mash and baked beans!

  62. kathryn cummings says:


  63. christina curtis says:

    Dipped in battered then fried with chippies.

  64. Lyn Bosomworth says:

    spam egg and chips

  65. Jo Richards says:

    In a sandwich with salad cream

  66. Sarah Smith says:

    with salad, yum

  67. Lee Davis says:

    In a salad

  68. Barrie Phillips says:

    In sandiches,with chips and with biscuits – I love spam.

  69. Not sure as I’ve never tried it!

  70. Paul Wilson says:

    On a sandwich with lots of salad and mayo.

  71. Charley Foulds says:

    I love it grilled with cheesy pasta!

  72. Emma Holness says:

    With mash

  73. jennifer thorpe says:

    fritters :-)

  74. Hollie Adlam says:

    on toast!

  75. Jeff Wolf says:

    Spam fritters – a childhood memory

  76. In a sandwich or straight from the tin


  77. Aaaaaaaah my mum used to do spam “risotto” – grill it, chop it up, throw in frying pan with cooked rice, peas and some soy sauce. Dirty good food

  78. Jamie Crawford says:

    OMG I LOVE SPAM! Fritters, all the way, with fried potatoes and peas.

  79. Chris Williams says:

    Ahh lovely Spam, bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. I usually like to have it with mash, and beans with melted grated cheddar on top!

  80. Karen S says:

    and chips!

  81. Allan Smith says:

    I would eat my Spam right from the can.

  82. Andrew Halliwell says:

    I haven’t eaten any spam since I was a kid… must be well over 30 years…
    I’d start with spam and cheese sandwiches and perhaps give spam casserole a try.

  83. Mark Palmer says:

    In sandwiches with lots of mayo.

  84. Frances Heaton says:

    I would eat Spam battered,, with chips. Delicious.

  85. Maya Russell says:

    I’d make a toasted sandwich with SPAM and cheese and tomatoes.

  86. lesley hamilton says:

    Spam fried in a toastie with Hammonds chop brown sauce. I need to go and buy a tin now, the thought of it is delicious.

  87. in a sandwich :)

  88. ROS Thompson says:

    I like my spam with a fried egg and baked beans

  89. Carolynn Woodland says:

    Fried with chips to remind me of my childhood!

  90. Lynn Blakeman says:

    I love Spam fried with pasta and tomato

  91. Omelette with some mushrooms

  92. justine meyer says:

    In a sandwich with brown sauce

  93. Julie Feathers says:

    I would eat it fried

  94. Jill Webb says:

    In a sandwich with branston pickle

  95. Becci Cleary says:

    Fried with Homemade Chips, Egg and Beans & Bread and Butter – a teatime favourite in this home :)

  96. Annabel Greaves says:

    Eat with a nice fresh salad!!!

  97. Rebecca Funnell says:

    Spam Fritters

  98. Sally Carter says:

    Chopped up spam mixed with chopped tomatoes and cheese – makes a great pancake filling, with condensed tomato soup poured over and then baked.

  99. Greig spencer says:

    ON TOP OF my jacket potato with cheese and beans yummy

  100. Spam fritters, yummmmy :)

  101. Hazel Rea says:

    Has to be in a toasted sandwich – with really nice tomatoes.

  102. With a hot baked potato and salad :)

  103. Sandra Clarke says:

    I like it fried or grilled.

  104. louise walton says:

    With a nice fresh salad!

  105. Leanne Lunn says:

    With a fry up eggs, bacon,sausage and spam.

  106. Joanna Sawka says:

    stir fried with vegetables

  107. In a sandwich with cheese mayonnaise, mustard and lettuce

  108. tracy s says:

    In batter, Spam Fritters, Yummy!

  109. christina brown says:

    In a sandwich with some salad

  110. Paul Ellams says:

    As a fritter with chips :)

  111. Katherine Coldicott says:

    Grilled on toast

  112. Veronica Therawati says:

    with fried rice

  113. claire haskins says:

    put it in a sandwich with lots of pickle

  114. I love mine with mustard on toast! spamalicious

  115. Mia Clarke says:

    Spam Fritters mmmm

  116. sarah wallis says:

    I know its not particularly healthy but as a child my mother made me spam fritters every week, and i fondly remember how much i loved them.

  117. Diane Carey says:

    I love it grilled with chips & beans

  118. Elliot Holland says:

    I’d have it on toast

  119. PAULA BURNSIDE says:

    I like it in a salad

  120. Melanie Gardiner says:

    with crackers and homemade chutney

  121. Cathy Duncan says:

    Spam fritter and egg, delicious.

  122. shane weir says:

    In a sandwich with salad!

  123. Joanna Smith says:

    Oooh fried with onions and served on fluffy mash with gravy!

  124. Matt Hudson says:

    In a fritter!

  125. Gillian Holmes says:

    I wouldn’t I’d give it to my mum and I’ve no idea how she’d use it :)

  126. miriam krutska says:

    fry it and make into sandwich with mustard

  127. Sylvia Leaver says:

    With home-made coleslaw and chips

  128. Grilled in a toasted sandwhich

  129. Out of the tin!!

  130. Neil Lumbers says:

    I would batter it and deep a fritter or just fry

  131. Caroline Virgo says:

    Grilled with melted cheese on the top between two pieces of toast! Yummy

  132. Spam fritters

  133. adele knight says:

    In French stick, with lots of salad

  134. Karen Richards says:

    Just in a sandwich for work

  135. Christine Caple says:

    Chopped up in a risotto

  136. Elaine Kidd says:

    I love spam fried with egg in a sandwich

  137. Annette Hanley says:

    Fried With egg and tomatoe

  138. Id make fritters

  139. In a toasted sarnie

  140. Janice Street says:

    I like to fry it until the outside is crispy and then make a sandwich. Delicious x

  141. Jay Hill says:

    On a roll with lashings of ketchup

  142. Emily Jane says:

    Two slices of farm house bread! It has to be thickly cut. With a nice spread of WILLOW butter!
    I would then cut the spam, and place it into the sandwhich! Wahlah! Perfecto Spam sandwhich!!

  143. Jackie ONeill says:

    in a sandwich with Branston chunky pickle

  144. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    With mash potato and baked beans :)

  145. Laura Ingham says:

    In a sandwich with lettuce and tomato!

  146. Kevin Dooley says:

    In a sandwich with other fillings like cheese, pickle, tomato etc!

  147. On toast – fab

  148. in a sandwich

  149. mandy waller says:

    Either in a sandwich with salad or a nice omelette

  150. kiran parry says:

    I would eat it with salad and with bread and butter.

  151. Helen T says:

    In a toasted sandwich with onion and mushrooms (otherwise it would be a fritter…yum)

  152. Harry Letham says:

    In wholegrain bread with mustard.

  153. Nathan Clothier says:

    Fritters all the way

  154. kristy brown says:

    Mmmm, toasted cheese & spam sandwich!

  155. katie skeoch says:

    On a toasted sandwich with tomato :)

  156. Barbara Cowley says:

    Brown bread butter spam and piccalilli

  157. Paula Phillips says:

    In a sandwich.

  158. Sylvia Paul says:

    In a toasted sandwich with cheese.

  159. Fried, in a sandwich. A spam sandwich. With mayo.

  160. Lindsey Jones says:

    Spam fritters

  161. I would make homemade spam fritters and serve them with chips and mushy peas.

  162. Becky John says:

    Thinly sliced in a sandwich with tomatoes

  163. denise s says:

    as fritters mmm

  164. I’d cook it with fried rice, stirfried with a little sesame oil, spring onions, and peppers. Serve with a fried egg over the top, and some spicy Korean kimchi on the side. Delicious, and converts spam-haters every time!

  165. Mickie Bull says:

    SPAM Fritters!

  166. Simon C says:

    Fried, on a barmcake.


  167. Danielle Woodman says:

    In a sandwich with a handful of chips on the side mmmmm

  168. Lynn Doe says:

    once a week I have batchelors Beef rice with a tin of Bacon spam cubes in it, its my favourite meal ever :)

  169. Stuart Dunlop says:

    Mixed up with mashed potato!

  170. Richard says:

    In a sandwich with wholemeal bread, tomato, lettuce and cucumber

  171. Claire P says:

    hot in a toasted sandwich

  172. Charlotte Jones says:

    Has to be in a toasted sandwich – gorgeous!!

  173. Steve Smith says:

    Shallow-fried in batter.

  174. battered as a fritter

  175. NIGEL HILL says:

    would love to win this hamper,it would be SPAMALICIOUS

  176. In a well buttered crusty roll

  177. sarah fleck says:

    deep fried in batter

  178. Angie Hoggett says:

    in a toastie

  179. in a sandwich with butter (white bread!)

  180. Fried, and slapped between two slices of toast with ketchup and cheese!

  181. IN A BUN

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