Giveaway (CLOSED): Win 1 of 2 Giftbags of maple syrup and honey from Clarks RRP £25

Clarks Maple SyrupOn my trip to Canada I was having a chat with my guide, Darrell:-

“Where does maple syrup come from?” I asked, he looked at me strangely and replied “well, maple trees!”.  I burst out laughing and said that I knew where it came from and I meant to ask the question whereabouts does maple syrup come from.  Darrell later admitted that he thought that it had been a slightly odd question, as he thought that I would have realised that  it came from maple trees, but having been asked very obvious questions by jetlagged people  in the past took it at face value.

It turns out that maple syrup can be made whenever maple trees grow, but most, and the best comes from Quebec, which is where Clarks source their maple syrup from.

I have 2 Clarks gift bags worth £25 to be won!

  • 180ml Original Maple Syrup
  • 180ml Vanilla Maple Syrup
  • 180ml Pure Canadian Maple Syrup No.1
  • 180ml Pure Canadian Maple Syrup No.2
  • 250g Clarks Carob Fruit Syrup
  • 250g Clear Blossom Honey
  • Clarks Recipe book

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Maple Syrup

Good Luck!

Many thanks to Clarks for this prize

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Helen Best-Shaw is a freelance food & writer, photographer who has been writing about achievable, affordable and mostly healthy food on Fuss Free Flavours since 2007. She also contributes articles, recipes and photos to a number of online and print food magazines. Please do contact me if you would like to discuss commissioning work.

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  1. Katie H says:

    Hi, great blog and fantastic products :) Good luck, everyone

  2. I love maple syrup! Drizzle it on everything – pancakes, porridge, yogurt, ice cream. Or use as a sugar substitute in baking. :)

  3. Tracey Peach says:

    I use Mapel Syrup & Honey On Pancakes But Not On The Same Pancake!

  4. Ashleigh Allan says:

    on pancakes!

  5. Glynis Channing says:

    Love it on Ice cream and pancakes

  6. liz denial says:

    I use maple syrup & honey in my baking

  7. Tracy Nixon says:

    I use maple syrup on pancakes and enjoy honey on Greek yogurt or spread on wholemeal toast or rolls for breakfast!

  8. Leanne Tobin says:

    on pancakes :) yummy <3

  9. Fiona K says:

    I put maple syrup on vanilla ice cream

  10. Jennifer Heard says:

    Use this on my roasted vegetables, gives a great sweet flavor to carrots, parsnips and squash

  11. in tea or on toast :D

  12. Heather T says:


  13. Louise A says:

    We all love honey on toast and maple syrup on pancakes or ice cream

  14. Jocelyn says:

    On ice cream yummy

  15. Lorna Kennedy says:

    Always on porridge!

  16. I love maple syrup on pancakes with smoked bacon on top!!!

  17. Elaine Flockhart says:

    I use them as a sweetener in cakes and desserts, and drizzle honey over Greek yoghurt. My Children also love Maple syrup on their pancakes!

  18. Rachel Arnup says:

    Honey on parsnips and Maple Syrup on Pancakes and Ice Cream.

  19. I use it on ice cream.

  20. Vikki R says:

    I use it to make my own granola.

  21. Michael Ambler says:

    I love Clarks maple syrup, i use it on gammon, ice cream, pancakes, in Chinese meals, on poridge, it is so versatile.

  22. kim neville says:

    Like to have on pancakes

  23. hannonle says:

    drizzle on muffins, pancakes and waffles

  24. On ANYTHING! (well within reason!)

  25. Ellie Jones says:

    Pancakes :)

  26. Sarah Hurrell says:

    We use honey in baking, and maple syrup on porridge.

  27. Lyn Bosomworth says:

    on pancakes

  28. Kiran Parry says:

    I have honey on toast sometimes or in desserts such as apple crumble or desserts with banana I love banana and honey on it.

  29. Michael Williams says:

    I use Honey on my plain yoghurt for breakfast.

  30. Val Swift says:

    On pancakes

  31. Carys Jones says:

    I like syrup on toast.

  32. I like honey or maple syrup in my hot chocolate.

  33. jennifer thorpe says:

    I coat my parsnips with honey

  34. Pancakes or parsnips :-)

  35. darren hay says:

    I use maple syrup on american style pancakes

  36. Louise Brown says:

    On pancakes for breakfast.

  37. Andrea Storey says:

    Maple syrup is gorgeous on pancakes with bacon. Its also amazing on chocolate ice cream – yum!

  38. I use maple syrup and honey in lots of raw desserts, chocolate, smoothies, in sticky barbecue sauces, meat glazes, as an alternative to sugar in baking, on ice-cream, in hot drinks, on porridge. On pancakes, fruit, vegetables. I love both!

  39. On pancakes and ice-cream

  40. Elizabeth Briggs says:

    Maple Syrup on Pancakes and Ice Cream, Honey as a sweetener on Cereal and Pasta Dishes x

  41. Kelly H says:

    Great Blog and Great Competition!

  42. laura banks says:

    on pancakes or french toast

  43. Barbara daniels says:


  44. Drizzled over pancakes!

  45. Jo Jones says:

    I love maple syrup on pancakes

  46. Marycarol says:

    Love maple syrup on my porridge and pancakes

  47. On porridge :) yumyum

  48. Ritchie Dee says:

    Maple syrup on pancakes and porridge.

  49. Caroline H says:

    I love maple syrup drizzled over French toast and I use honey in sticky marinades for veg skewers on the BBQ.

  50. paul jackson says:

    in porridge

  51. Jo welsh says:

    I’d use it in milk drink and on porridge

  52. Honey on my Granary toast gives me a good energy boost in the morning.

  53. Christine Shelley says:

    My family love it on pancakes and icecream

  54. Leanne Newsome says:

    I use it when I’m baking

  55. laura jayne bates says:

    i love honey in my tea as a natural sweetner

  56. Katherine L says:

    I’d love to drizzle this over home made buttermilk pancakes!

  57. on waffles and pancakes :)

  58. Rachael G says:

    On pancakes and waffles and in flapjack recipes.

  59. Claire Butler says:

    ice cream , pancakes whenever i need a yummy sugar hit

  60. julie laing says:


  61. Victoria says:

    bacon and pancakes – yuuuuum!

  62. Natalie Crossan says:

    I use it on toast and pancakes :D

  63. On pancakes or porridge.

  64. Felicity kelly says:

    Always pancakes

  65. Laura Carroll says:

    I use it on pancakes!

  66. Victoria H says:

    Pancakes…with blueberries and ice cream. You can never have too many toppings =]

  67. I love to bake with it! Muffins and granola, especially.

  68. maureen findley says:

    i would have a hot lemon and honey drink every morning

  69. Maya Russell says:

    I use maple syrup in porridge and also add pecans.
    I mix maple syrup with olive oil and roast parsnips.

  70. Jill Webb says:

    On pancakes and porridge

  71. Ursula Hunt says:

    Maple syrup on pancakes is lovely

  72. frances hopkins says:

    ON panckes x

  73. Hilda Hazel Wright says:

    My favourite desert is coffee ice cream, rum & raisin ice cream, chopped nuts and a generous topping of maple syrup, amazing!

  74. kellyjo walters says:

    I make blackberry cordial with maple syrup

  75. Jacki Hamer says:

    I love maple syrup on my porridge on a cold winters morning

  76. Great looking blog with lovely prizes.

  77. I put maple syrup in plum crumble. And on pancakes, obviously! Honey on toast or with peaches and strawberries in pancakes.

  78. Stephanie Tsang says:

    I love maple syrup on pancakes. So delicious.

  79. Julie Feathers says:

    Love maple syrup, and fab comp

  80. on pancakes… delish!

  81. Julia Nicholls says:

    It’s really tasty on top of pancakes and ice cream

  82. Andrew Halliwell says:

    I’ve never tried maple syrup, but honey… on toast, in baking… on meat, the possibilities are endless…

  83. Lynne Durkin says:

    We use honey on pancakes and when we cook things as a substitute for sugar.

  84. Carrie Talbot-Ashby says:

    I always honey up my mans ‘nips…..parsnips that it ;-) Maple syrup with banana & bacon is a taste sensation! :-) x Thanks for the giveaway! x

  85. Abigail Cullen says:

    I would use it on pancakes and bread and butter. Yum!

  86. Maple syrup on pancakes and waffles

  87. I use it a lot on popcorn or as a sweetener for flapjack

  88. Jan Beal says:

    Drizzled over porridge or in plain yogurt

  89. Kayleigh Main says:

    On pancakes or porridge

  90. Kayleigh Main says:

    On pancakes and porridge

  91. George Worboys Wright says:

    I use maple syrup in amaretto sours and with pancakes! I have honey with Greek yogurt, in hot drinks and in cooking.

  92. melanie stirling says:

    On my porridge and pancakes.

  93. Paul Wilson says:

    I like them in my porridge in the winter.

  94. Anthony G says:

    i LOVE maple syrup! ;p It’s great on waffles and on pancakes, and also on toasted nutty bread (tastes a bit like popcorn!)… Oh, and honey is particularly nice for sweetening herbal tea. :)

  95. Neil Graham says:

    I use it on porridge and toast

  96. Matt Froggatt says:

    To smother pancakes and bacon on a Sunday morning!

  97. on scotch pancakes yummy

  98. Keshia Esgate says:

    Maple syrup in maple syrup and pecan cupcakes!!

  99. Maple Syrup on ice cream or pancakes! :)

  100. Sharon Terry says:

    Fab comp. Love Clark’s products :)

  101. Laura Jeffs says:

    I use them mainly as sweeteners for coffee and tea

  102. On pancakes

  103. Nino Amoroso says:


  104. Peter Foster says:

    On my belly!

  105. Irene Wright says:

    Use honey for all sorts of things – smother the chicken in it before roasting. Add to vinegar & warm water for a gargle if I have a sore throat. If a cut anywhere is not healing fast enough, smother it with honey & cover with a bandage – worked brilliant on an ulcer on my husbands leg.
    As to maple syrup – never bought it so haven’t used it at all. Always thought it was too laden in sugar and we have type 2 diabetes in this house.

  106. Herbert Appleby says:

    I use on crumpets or ice cream or waffles and pancakes. I will try a honey and maple loaf if this comes my way. I’d like to make my own maple and pecan pastries because I love the ones in supermarkets.

  107. meredith says:

    I would put it on my yogurt

  108. Mark Palmer says:

    On pancakes or bacon!

  109. Love good quality maple syrup, a great alternative to honey, with it’s wonderful unique flavour.

  110. Sarah Birkett says:

    first things first, always start with pancakes, but then move on to a loaf, or maybe something else

  111. Emma Carter says:

    Honey on Greek yoghurt, roasted parsnips or good old ‘honey and lemon’ in hot water when I feel lousy. Maple syrup over pancakes and waffles.

  112. Rebecca Jackson-Makin says:

    love this stuff i have it on ice cream and love it for coffee frappe

  113. Eleanor Barley says:

    On pancakes – yummy :)

  114. I love maple syrup drizzled over Greek yogurt with toasted granola and fruit. Figs and blueberries are my favourite!

  115. Ali Thorpe says:

    I use them on porridge with nuts. i also love to bake bread with honey.

  116. Helen G says:

    Drizzled over cinnamon ice-cream :)

  117. sian hallewell says:

    on pancakes :)

  118. Tracy Newton says:

    I love maple syrup on pancakes. My husband loves honey smothered chicken. My toddler loves honey on toast.

  119. Amy Ripley says:

    on pancakes!

  120. Richard R says:

    On pancakes

  121. Kirstin Lydon says:

    I pour maple syrup on ice cream and I spread honey on my toast.

  122. Ingrid (aka Dollphin) says:

    Drizzled on home-made, American-style pancakes

  123. On french toast

  124. claire woods says:

    Use a spoonful of honey in tea to sweeten it.

  125. Jessica Powell says:

    For baking and in porridge :)

  126. angela sandhu says:

    maple syrup on pancakes

  127. Jeff Wolf says:

    Maple syrup, bacon (crispy) and pancakes – classic.

  128. Carole Walker says:

    I love maple syrup on my porridge, French toast or waffles with bacon ….. and that is just breakfast time!

  129. Sue Harrison says:

    Lovely on porridge and pancakes . Tasty flapjacks too

  130. Rik Phillips says:

    I love syrup in my porridge

  131. I love maple syrup, it’s gorgeous on bacon and pancakes of course, and also on ice cream and nuts. Mmmm.

  132. on pancakes with bacon – its the only way!

  133. Honey for Greek yoghurt etc. Maple syrup only ever on pancakes!

  134. Becca Staples says:

    We use it in porridge x

  135. elaine dale says:

    on breakfast cereal

  136. Harline parkin says:

    Brilliant products and giveaway x

  137. ali atkinson says:

    we have a new waffle maker currently trying new recepies,using this great maple syrup on top of these waffles is scrummy

  138. Megan Davies says:

    maple syrup on streaky crispy bacon

  139. Hayley Wakenshaw says:

    Maple syrups is lovely on French toast. :-)

  140. Elaine P says:

    I use honey on pancakes. I would use maple syrup on ice cream.

  141. Sarah Fawcett says:

    I make a lot of RAW vegan treats as I’m trying to move away from processed sugar as much as possible, so I use natural liquid sweeteners in my recipes and other than agave, maple syrup or honey are great choices

  142. Lindy Hine says:

    Lovely on pancakes, with ice cream and clotted cream!

  143. Hazel Lemar says:

    I love both on yoghurt, and particularly Maple syrup and ice cream on America style pancakes. But my ultimate favourite is Maple, Pecan and Raisin Cookies!!

  144. I use both maple syrup and honey on my morning breakfast porridge. The maple syrup is great with sliced banana.

  145. Paul Witney says:

    Love honey on toast

  146. Christina Brown says:

    In greek yoghurt for breakfast! :-D

  147. YOLANDA DAVIS says:

    On pancakes with ice-cream

  148. Pancakes, waffles, french toast!!

  149. Solange says:

    I love maple syrup on pancakes

  150. Jo Glasspool says:

    on pancakes x

  151. Tink Rhonda Lee Mse says:

    I have honey in tea.

  152. Bianca Franks says:

    Difficult to choose just one thing but my favourite would have to be pancakes! x

  153. Joan Workman says:

    On my porridge.

  154. Emma Baker says:

    I use Mapel Syrup & Honey On Pancakes

  155. on ice cream or in plain yoghurt but also use honey in warm water when i have a sore throat.

  156. We need IHOP and Tim Hortons in the UK, really miss those from my time in Vancouver. Maple syrup and pancakes for breakfast is heaven.

  157. Katie Harmer says:

    I have never tried maple syrup. Would love to try it on hot pancakes.

  158. Mary Chez says:

    I use maple syrup on pancakes

  159. Cat Culmer says:

    On pancakes with bacon

  160. LESLEY BRADLEY says:

    I use it in home made oat/fruit/nut bars and it’s great stirred into porridge

  161. Amanda Mallows says:

    I like it poured over my muesli with Greek yoghurt and red berries.

  162. faye huntington says:

    all over pancakes on special occasions!! faye x

  163. Barbara Handley says:

    I use them on toast and on pancakes.

  164. Sue Obrien says:

    Love honey in my tea!

  165. Sharon L Johnson says:

    what a fab comp gl x

  166. marion king says:

    i use it honey or maple syrup for a lovely seasoning for turkey xx

  167. pancakes are just dull without them!

  168. paula marriott says:

    french toast with banana cinnamon and honey

  169. Sarah B says:

    On pancakes.

  170. Lynne OConnor says:

    can’t beat honey on greek yogurt and fresh fruit

  171. On pancakes!

  172. Eleanor Wigmore says:

    My new thing is overnight oats and I put honey or maple syrup in that to sweeten it.

  173. Steven Appleton says:

    Love honey in Creme Fraiche in a morning

  174. Jayne Sullivan says:

    Drizzled on porridge or in homemade flapjacks

  175. I use both lots – in smoothies, raw desserts, in baking, on pancakes, BBQ sauces, for glazing meats, in chocolates, in porridge, and of course good old honey and lemon to drink.

  176. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    I use honey on chicken with paprika and toasted sesame seeds. It’s a really tasty marinade.

  177. Cherisa B says:

    I love honey on toast or in herbal tea.

  178. nicola james says:


  179. Kathleen Bywaters says:

    It has to be maple syrup on pancakes! Nothing tastes the same!

  180. A lot of those are unavailable where we live. Would love to try them…maple syrup cookies…mmmmm!!!

  181. Kayleigh Beirne says:

    I use it on pancakes!!

  182. Honey in coffee and tea.

  183. Linda Thorn says:

    love the taste

  184. katrina day-reilly says:

    on pancakes

  185. angela cringle says:

    Love this on my pan cakes and in my poridge

  186. Nadia Stanbridge says:

    Maple syrup to drench cocktail sausages …. mmmmm

  187. Rachel Craig says:

    Delicious with pancakes.

  188. Sheila Reeves says:

    Over vanilla ice cream

  189. Nigel Greaves says:

    I use it on porridge!

  190. Definitely pancakes with bacon

  191. Love it on ice-cream or sometimes on Greek yoghurt

  192. esme mccrubb says:

    with pancakes and bacon

  193. Kate Greenaway says:

    mmmm would love to win this as we have pancakes every week…not just on pancake day!

  194. On American style pancakes for my American husband :) x

  195. Sylvia Burrows says:

    Love Maple syrup – so versatile

  196. Pancakes

  197. I make American pancakes for breakfast. Always have a choice of toppings, always Maple syrup is one of them. Yummers :)

  198. catherine plant says:

    i use honey in tea

  199. Sandra Clarke says:

    On pancakes.

  200. Susan Williams says:

    Maple syrup poured over American pancakes and crispy bacon is divine.

  201. olivia Kirby says:

    I like blueberries, yoghurt and a squeeze of honey.

  202. C Kennedy says:

    On pancakes with bacon!

  203. Charmaine says:

    I only just bought “real maple syrup” for the first time last pancake day instead of flavoured cheapy stuff and wow what a difference, love it

  204. maxine m partridge says:

    my son would have it on his porridge

  205. lia sturman says:

    i love honey in my lemon tea

  206. Wendy Tolhurst says:

    I use maple syrup in a dessert, similar to bread and butter pudding but I use croissants, maple syrup and pecan nuts.

  207. on ice cream and with pancakes!

  208. Diane Nicholl says:

    Making a quick blueberry sauce for pancakes

  209. Danika Lloyd says:

    porridge :-)

  210. Nicole Squires says:


  211. Maple syrup or honey on pancakes with icecream – yum!

  212. Janice Mackin says:

    I like honey in greek yogurt.

  213. I like it drizzled over pancakes – classic.

  214. I love honey with greek yoghurt and granola for breakfast

  215. Maureen Quinnell says:

    honey on toast with bananas, honey on weetabix, maple syrup on ice cream..

  216. Charlotte G says:

    On pancakes :)

  217. Hester McQueen says:

    Maple syrup with crepes and bananas; Honey with greek yoghurt

  218. Karen Harrison says:

    In porridge for my boys.

  219. Katrina Stephen says:

    I use it with dessert

  220. On pancakes, waffles, ice cream and other desserts

  221. Emma Birley says:

    I use honey on my face P:

  222. Joy Lawson says:

    maple syrup on pancakes, yum

  223. Emma Nixon says:

    On pancakes. Maple syrup and lemon. Tasty

  224. Jenny Rogers says:

    I love maple syrup in Greek yoghurt.

  225. Pat Stubbs says:

    On pancakes – love ‘em

  226. Alexandra Blue says:

    we can’t have american style pancakes without maple syrup

  227. jackie chapman says:

    I use maple syrup with chilli flakes when roasting my veg and I use honey in my yoghurt and fruit for breakfast

  228. on ice cream

  229. We use them on pancakes and in baking :)

  230. Helen belton says:

    I use honey in my coffee and maple syrup makes lovely lollies :)

  231. roz perry-webb says:

    love maple syrup, love honey, seems the prefect prize for me

  232. Marie Griffiths says:

    Clarks maple syrup is gorgeously addictive! Bought some in Feb for pancake day – finished it BEFORE pancake day and had to go get more! Vanilla flavour is divine :-)))

  233. Can’t have a pancake without it in our house :)

  234. Love putting a little honey on my roasted carrots

  235. Liz Marriott says:

    Honey and yoghurt – unbeatable

  236. Stacey Haines says:

    Fantastic blog! great competition :) x

  237. I love maple syrup on pancakes and ice cream.

  238. hannah massingham says:

    Pancakes always!

  239. ceril Roberts says:

    Love honey

  240. Alison Barker says:

    On pancakes

  241. On waffles :)

  242. I love honey drizzled on greek yoghurt and bluberries for a delicious breakfast or snack

  243. On pizza with Bacon, yum :)

  244. Aimee Wright says:

    I use maple syrup on my pancakes and honey in my warm milk. I also use honey as a sweetener in homemade stir dry sauces, yummy!

  245. In my morning porridge

  246. jen morgan says:

    Great on porridge

  247. tracey baker says:

    Love Honey on my Toast!!

  248. jodie harvey says:

    on my porridge :D

  249. Lorne Bedford says:

    Love maple syrup on pancakes or with icecream

  250. Maple Syrup on my Breakfast Cereal and Honey on Toast

  251. Saran Benjamin says:

    I use it on my pancakes and clotted cream yum :0)

  252. I love it on pancakes with crispy bacon and also on porridge

  253. Mia Clarke says:

    on porridge

  254. Hazel Rea says:

    Maple Syrup on ice cream, Honey on toast.

  255. Steve Woodrow says:

    Very nice prize, visited a Maple Syrup factory in Vermont USA a couple of years ago, it was a real eye-opener.

  256. Get pancakes, ice cream, sliced banana, chopped hazelnuts, bit of chocolate sauce and drizzle with maple syrup mmmmm

  257. Joanna Sawka says:

    with my coffee instead of sugar

  258. syrup on waffles and banana!

  259. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    the best sandwich in the world – peanut butter honey and banana

  260. Kelly Hooper says:

    maple syrup on pancakes, I eat honey straight from the jar

  261. Shelley Skipton says:

    Have honey on my fruit and cereal every morning, natural sweetener.

  262. Janice Street says:

    I use honey mixed with soy sauce when I am cooking mini sausages for a buffet. They are delicious hot, warm or cold. Everybody loves them, they are so moreish x

  263. Peter Davidson says:

    great on p[orridge

  264. NIGEL HILL says:

    Use maple syrup on my pancakes and waffles

  265. Glynis O'Halloran says:

    looks delicious. Both of them would be delicious on ice cream.

  266. RACHAEL JONES says:

    maple syrup

  267. Laura Hayhow says:


  268. Keeley Atkinson says:

    I use maple syrup over belgian waffles and vanilla ice cream.

  269. Kristy Brown says:

    I like to use it in my flapjacks

  270. Amanda Gregory says:

    I use it on pancakes and ice cream.

  271. Lani Nash says:

    I love bacon and maple syrup sandwiches

  272. Georgina Allen says:

    Love maple syrup on pancakes, always had thus growing up as a kid. Also love a dab of it on a toasted muffin, so delicious!
    Would lover to win this giveaway!

  273. Sarah Lewis says:

    I use both to sweeten my morning porridge.

  274. Clint Howat says:

    Toast mmm

  275. Harry Letham says:

    Porridge with chopped banana and maple syrup.

  276. Julia Wulff says:

    I made maple syrup ice cream recently and served it with pancakes for dessert.

  277. Jane Adair says:

    I love maple syrup on crispy bacon.

  278. claire wilkinson says:

    on pancakes, with crispy bacon, fruit and scrambled egg

  279. Oh honey and maple syrup are both fabulous ingredients for all sorts of things. I always use honey in my ganache and maple syrup is of course a must for pancakes.

  280. Alison clark says:

    Ever since i came back from florida I have been using it on cinnamon american pancakes – delicious !!

  281. I love honey in natural yogurt!

  282. waffles and icecream

  283. Sarah Parker says:

    on pancakes :)

  284. On pancakes….yummy!

  285. Nicole Sumpter says:

    I’ve actually used this brand to go with my American breakfast pancakes and Bacon.. Love it so much! Yum

  286. Jenny Rogers says:

    I like it in yoghurt.

  287. Hayley Spencer says:

    pancakes and ice-cream!

  288. jackie curran says:

    I use them on pancakes, ice cream , fruit and cereals

  289. Josie Bicknell says:

    I love maple syrup on porridge

  290. Charlotte Hoskins says:

    Honey on toast for me, or in a cup of hot lemon if I’m not feeling great :)

  291. ice cream

  292. Lesley Cohen Wright says:

    I would make an american breakfast eggs, bacon, pancakes and lashings of maple syrup – delicious

  293. Eleanor Powell says:

    I use honey instead of sugar in a lot of recipes

  294. A nice bit of honey in my coffee

  295. Lee Dowling-Parr says:

    On my pancakes ofcourse

  296. Anne Hughes says:

    Love maple syrup on pancakes/drop scones. Love honey on toast. A combination of maple syrup and honey: fantastic!

  297. Dawn Totton says:

    They are both yummy on pancakes.

  298. Nancy Bradford says:

    On some American pancakes.

  299. Nicci Hemming says:

    Maple syrup is great in porridge or on pancakes

  300. Lyndsey Beckford says:

    On pancakes :-)

  301. Joanne Beale says:

    Love honey on carrots and parsnips when roasting

  302. Mark Chamberlin says:

    Pancakes mainly but sometimes on corn flakes.

  303. katherine b says:

    I love honey with my porridge every morning x

  304. Emma Price says:

    Some ice cream with maple syrup and maybe a belgium waffle :)

  305. maple syrup goes great in maple and pecan pastries!

  306. Tony Metcalf says:

    Really yummy!

  307. Emma Ferguson says:

    In my porridge and on pancakes

  308. Chris Minko says:

    Maple syrup on pancakes Honey and mustard as a glaze for ham

  309. I have honey on oats every morning :)

  310. Leanne Rowlands says:

    I add maple syrup to homemade bbq sauce

  311. Helen Battle says:

    I like to add honey and maple syrup to ready brek and porridge

  312. emma falvi says:

    in a cake

  313. Aaron Milne says:

    just have a sneaky spoonful when no one’s looking

  314. Diana Croos says:

    mostly on pan cakes

  315. Kay Broomfield says:

    I love maple syrup on pancakes!

  316. greig spencer says:

    I use maple syrup on pancakes

  317. on pancakes

  318. Sheri Darby says:

    I love maple syrup on ice cream

  319. Angie Hoggett says:

    I love drizzling honey over goats cheese, delicious!

  320. Bonnie King says:

    We stick maple syrup in a lot of things. Porridge, pancakes, bacon, flapjacks, any puddings.

  321. The only way you can – on a delicious stack of mouthwatering pancakes.Result!

  322. Laura Pritchard says:

    I love honey in my banana smoothies for an extra kick!

  323. Kirsteen Mackay says:

    I LOVE maple syrup on waffles toasted with blueberries

  324. Paula Readings says:

    On my yogurt & sometimes on my porridge.

  325. in porridge

  326. Maple syrup and pancakes is my ultimate indulgence yum

  327. Maple syrup and pancakes! Yum!!

  328. MALCOLM POYSER says:

    Love maple syrup…love honey too ..sowhat a grear prize !

  329. sarah williams says:

    On pancakes and icecream

  330. catherine killen says:

    Porridge and pancakes for the maple syrup and parsnips for the honey- yum x

  331. sandra cloud says:

    I use Maple Syrup on American Pancakes recipe from the internet.
    I use Honey on lamb to glaze the meat also on porridge.

  332. Allie Campbell says:

    I drizzle in on porridge

  333. Angela Kelly says:

    On pancakes

  334. Donna Gilligan says:

    My husband loves maple syrup over ice cream

  335. SHEILA GLASS says:

    Did you know that Maple Syrup only contains about 2-percent sugar (sucrose).

  336. Love it on pancakes or with porridge

  337. Amy Rowlands says:

    I love maple syrup on pancakes, ice cream and weetabix with milk and raisins

  338. I use honey and maple syrup in baking and also occasionally on porridge for a change :-)

  339. Tamsin Dean says:

    Many use on waffles and pancakes, or to sweeten hot drinks, yummy

  340. Rey Chunara says:

    I use honey with porridge, in baking and cooking and just when I want a treat. I love it!

  341. Kathryn Casbolt says:

    Maple Syrup on breakfast pancakes (my indulgence) and honey in a smoothie for natural sweetness :-)

  342. Kelly HirsI says:

    I use it on waffles! Scrumptious!

  343. leanne knapman says:

    On pancakes! Yummy

  344. I love maple syrup with bacon

  345. Stephanie Acton says:

    On belgian waffles wth ice cream. Oh my word, it’s a nice combination

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