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(v) – vegan (adp v) – easily veganised

(veg) – vegetarian (adp veg) – easily vegetarianised


Banana & Peanut Butter Breakfast Wrap (v)
Banana & Strawberry Ice Cream (v)
Diary Free Breakfast Smoothie
Fried Oatmeal (v)
Fruit Compote (v)
Muffins – Breakfast – Cheese & Pancetta

Muffins – Muesli (v)
Porridge: Three Oat (v)
Tofu Scramble (v)

Breakfast Club #1: Asian – Round Up
Breakfast Club #2:
Breakfast Club #3: Muffins – Round Up

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Dips & Dressings

4 Seed Tapenade
Asian Bean Dip
Avocado & Sunflower Seed Dip (v)

Beetroot & Cannellini Bean (v)
Creamy Dairy Free Dip (v)
Hummus: Roasted Pumpkin (v)
Roast Carrot Dip (v)
Easy Guacamole (v)
Pinto Bean Dip (v)
Tahini Dressing (v)
Tartare Sauce (veg)
Tomato Dressing (v)

Tortilla Chips (v)

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3p Soup (Pea, Split Pea and Paprika) (v)
Butternut Squash, Tahini & Lemon Soup (v)
Celery and Stilton Soup (veg)
Red Lentil & Sweetcorn (v)
Reviviscent Skinny Miso Soup (v)
Roasted Sweet Red Pepper, Tomato & Red Lentil Soup (v)
Vichyssoise: Roasted Leek (v)

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Starters, Snacks, Salads & Light Meals

Asparagus & Tofu Salad with Charred Caper & Mustard Dressing (v)
Baked Onions with Somerset Brie and English Bacon (adp veg)
Black Pepper Tofu (adp v)
Broccoli and Smoked Salmon Tortilla
Camembert – Baked (veg)
Caponata (v)
Coleslaw: Horseradish and Mustard (veg)
Crispy Chilli Soy Tofu
Fennel & Cannellini Bean Gratin (veg)
Halloumi – Fried & Marinated
Lentil Salad with Harissa (v)
Mixed Bean & Roasted Butternut Squash Salad (v)
Mozzarella, Marinated with Parmesan
Pepper & Caper Salad (v)
Potato, Cucumber & Mint Salad (v)
Red Rice & Vegetable Salad (v)
Roasted Chickpeas (v)
Roasted Root Vegetable & Pesto Salad (v adp)
Sardine & Caper Pate
Sesame Crusted Baked Tofu (v)
Spicy tomato lentils with cabbage (v)
Sunset Salad (v)
Special Fried Bulgar Wheat (adp veg)
Tortilla: Black Bean & Butternut Squash (v)
Frugal Spinach Risotto (v)
White Bean & Smoked Mackerel Bruschetta

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Main Courses

Anchovy, Chilli and Caper Pasta
Aubergine “Lasagne” (veg)
Beef, Blackbean & Chocolate Stout Casserole
Butternut Squash, Tomato, Butterbean & Chorizo Bake (adp v)
Chicken – Beer Can Roasted
Chickpea Chilli Chorizo Pretend “Pasta” (adp v)
Chicken liver, tomato and mushroom pasta
Chilli – Black Bean and Butternut Squash
Chilli – Five Bean (v)
Chole (v)
Coronation Chicken (healthier)
Courgette & Red Lentil Dal (v)
Duck Tagine with Clementines
Gnocchi: Tofu Ricotta (v)
Hunanese Beef with Cumin
Lamb Rogan Josh
Lamb Shoulder with Preserved Lemons and Dates
Lemon Chickpeas (v)
Smoked Mackerel Gratin
Pasta: Chicken Liver, Tomato and Mushroom
Pasta: Diary Free Creamy & Petit Pois (v)
Pasta: Frittata, greens, brocolli and goat’s cheese (veg)
Pasta: Mixed Greens (v)
Pasta: Spicy Lentil & Tomato Spaghetti (v)
Pasta: Tamari & Pak Choi (v)
Pasta: Tomato & Haddock Spaghetti
Risotto: Baked Tomato, Mackerel & Chickpea with Pea Puree
Risotto: Buckwheat & Rice with Leek and Greens (v)
Sausage, Butternut Squash, Pepper & Tomato “One Tray” Roast
Sesame, Tamarind and Lime Marinated Salmon Steaks
Smoked Cod & Cannellini Beans
Smoked Mackerel and Horseradish Chickpea Fishcakes
Spanish Pork with Peppers & Orange
Squash Ribbon Pasta (v)
Spinach Tofu (v)

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Side Dishes

Asparagus (Griddled) (v)
Basmati Rice – lemon and cardamon (v)
Fennel & Cannellini Bean Gratin (veg)
Labneh (Middle Eastern Curd Cheese) (veg)
Lettuce – Braised Iceberg (v)
Potatoes New: Roasted with Capers & Olives (v)
Roasted Chickpeas (v)
Roasted Sprouts(v)
Swede Chips – sticky & mustardy (v)
Three Tomato Salad with Tomato Dressing (v)
Tortilla Chips (v)

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(Almost) Healthy Sticky Toffee Pudding (veg)
Cardamon & Lemon Microwave Steamed Pudding (v)
Caramel Croissant (Bread) & Butter Pudding
(So Healthy) Chocolate Mousse (v)
Chocolate Orange Pots
Chocolate Risotto with Pears
Date & Fig Microwaved Steamed Pudding (v)
Fruit Compote (v)
Fruit Gyoza (v)
Lemon Posset (veg)
Lime & Elderflower Possets (veg)
Pavlova (veg)
Pavlova – Chocolate (veg)
Peaches in Butterscotch Sauce (veg)
Steamed Pudding: Cardamon & Lemon (v)
Sussex Pond Pudding (veg)

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Sweet Sauces

Butterscotch Sauce (veg)
Fudge Sauce – Hot (veg)
Peanut Butter Sauce – Hot (v)
Toffee Sauce (veg)

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Breads, Biscuits, Cakes and Muffins

Almond Gateau with Praline Buttercream
Apple Strudel
Black Bean Brownies – Fudgy Wudgey (v) (Gluten Free)
Black Bean Brownies II (Gluten Free)

Bread – No Knead New York Times (v)
Bread – Brioche
Bread – Polenta (veg)
Bread – Sesame & Honey Oatmeal (veg)
Bread – Wholewheat & walnut

Brownies: Double Chocolate Stout
Cashew & Cranberry Oaty Biscuits (v)
Chelsea Buns
Chocolate Amaretti Cake (veg)
Chocolate Crispies with seeds and fruit
Chocolate & Ginger Cake
Chocolate Valentino (veg)
Cinnamon Crackers (v)
Coconut & Lime Oaty Biscuits (v)
Cornbread (veg)
Crunchy Oat Sailing Biscuits (v)
Cupcake: Basic Budget (v)
Danish Plait (veg)
Ginger Cake (v)
Lavash Crackers (v)
Lavender Melt Biscuits (veg)

Madelines – Basic (Genoise Batter Method) (veg)
Madeleines: Double Chocolate
Madeleines: Matcha & Sesame (veg)

Muffins – Basic Technique
Muffins – Breakfast – Cheese & Pancetta
Muffins – Berry (veg)
Muffins – Double Chocolate & Banana (v)
Muffins – Double Chocolate & Orange (v)
Muffins – Matcha (v)
Muffins – Matcha take 2 (v)
Muffins – Muesli (v)
Muffins – Okara, Lemon & Blueberry (v)
Muffins – Spiced Apple Bran (v)
Muffins – Spiced Sweet Potato (v)
Muffins – Spiced Triple Orange (v)
Muffins – Peanut Butter (v)
Muffins – Prune & Walnut (v)
Muffins – Quinoa & Banana (v)
Muffins – Zingy Maple Mango (v)

Soul Cakes
Strudel: Apple
Syrup & Plum Cake (v)
Tortilla Chips (v)

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Chocolated Coated Candied Orange Peel (v)

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Preserving – Chutney, Jams & Jellies

Banana Chutney (v)
Chutney Audit
Crab Apple Jelly (v)
Elderflower Cordial (v)
Fig Jam (v)
Preserved Lemons (v)
Pickling Vinegar (v)
Roasted Sweet Pepper and Tomato Chutney (v)

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Sloe Gin

Techniques & How To

Fuss Free Tips
Muffins – Basic Technique
Perfect Chicken Stock
Tofu Making (v)

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Cookery Chat

2008 To Cook List

The Allergy & Gluten Free Show

Bloggers’ Masterchef Cookoff
BSI: Capers – The Round Up
Breakfast Club #1: Asian – Announcement
Chicken Out Campaign
Christmas Gift making with Miele
Chutney Audit
Cook with Canada – the best of Canadian Cuisine
Cornwall 2009
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The Great Service Charge Rip Off
Turnham Green Hampers
Vegan Month of Food 2008
Where’s My Pork Chop
The Wholegrains Challenge
World Chocolate Masters UK Selection 2010

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Appliance / Gadget Review

Miele Steam Oven
Morphy Richards Flavour Savour Slow Cooker

Product Reviews

Bertolli Pasta Sauces 1
Bertolli Pasta Sauces 2
Bushveldt Peri-Pere Chilli Beef Biltong
Hotel Chocolate Purist Rabot Estate 120hr conch
Chocolate: Lindt Sea Salt Dark
Chocolate: Montezuma’s 73% Cocoa Dark
Chocolate: Montezuma’s Chilli & Lime Milk
HG Walters Scotch Egg
Ikea / Finax Lingonberry Bread Mix
My Ice
Rice Dream Original Organic Non Diary Milk
Steenbergs Organic Harissa with Rose
Tilda Stir Fry Rice

Waitrose: Cooks’ Ingredients Indian Sauces
Waitrose: Heston’s Hidden Orange Christmas Pudding
Waitrose: Pumpkin Carving Kit
Waitrose Seriously Chocolately Pots au Chocolate

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Book Reviews

Gyngell, Skye  – How I Cook

Restaurant Reviews

Betty’s Tearooms, Ilkley
The Meat Wagon
Robert Thompson at Northwood House
The Pear Tree, W6

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Steenbergs Baking Box Winner
Hotel Chocolate – Liquid Chocolate Winner
Morphy Richards Flavours Savour Slowcooker
How I Cook