Malteaser Cake for Forever Nigella Street Party

This month the theme of Forever Nigella is Street Party!  This blogging event was sounded by Sarah from Maison Cupcake and is hosted this month by Mardi at Eat, Live, Travel, Write.    What better to take to a street party than a sumptuous chocolate cake, carried in a cake carrier?

I made Nigella’s Chocolate Malteaser Cake for a friend’s daughter’s birthday party yesterday.    And I have to say was rather disappointed.   I have eaten the cake before when another chum baked one afternoon, and it was delicious, but mine was distinctly underwhelming, dry and, dare I say, a little boring.  However it did not matter too much as it looked great, and the gaggle of 8 year old girls were not that bothered as they had already eaten lots of lunch and were more interested in the serious business of the afternoon of bopping to Justin Bieber.

The recipe  is from Feast, although a quick internet search will probably find it for you somewhere.

I am still slightly embarrassed at the quality of my cake, and not sure if I should give the recipe another go?  Or continue my quest for the perfect fail safe chocolate celebration cake elsewhere?

I love the Lock & Lock cake carrier, although it is a little unnerving carrying it by the lid – I did check the clips were firmly closed 3 times en route!

So if you have the perfect chocolate celebration cake, please let me know!

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  1. I think it looks gorgeous and would be a very happy hostess if you showed up with this at my house! thanks for participating in #forevernigella :)

  2. Well it looks fantastic, Maltesers are fab for decorating cakes! Thanks for submitting!

  3. It’s always hard for the cook to be objective. It certainly looks very good. Made a rolo cake for a 3 yr old’s party and that went down very well by children and parents alike – even I thought it was good! Very envious of your lock and carry, although can quite see it would be a bit scary carrying it by the handle.

  4. Hi Helly

    I made a delicious chocolate cake with a meriangue topping for Clive’s nephew’s 11th birthday, very moist, made in two parts, so there is a topping in the middle too, if you see what I mean, sandwiched with cream to which rolos can be added, I added crunchie because the boys said they liked it! enjoyed by all


  5. The cake looks lovely – I really like the chocolate hearts on top too!

    I made this cake a few years back, was nice but have never made again, wasn’t chocolatey enough for me!

  6. I think this looks lovely, but I prefer her chocolate cake for the broken hearted. From the summer book I think, as that’s the one I don’t have. It’s drop dead amazing.

    I generally find that 8 year old girls will eat anything cake related, hence I regularly make courgette brownies for my Brownies. Genius!

  7. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve made this cake – often for one of my girl’s birthdays. I found chocolate horlicks the other day and used it in a cake – the best of both worlds.

  8. how lovely I do love maltesers though they are supposed to be a healthy option (I suspect Nigella’s version is not!)

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