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I am terribly embarrassed that it is nigh on the end of April and the Credit Crunch round-up from March remains uncompleted.  I really should heed my own advice and write it as the entries come in.   The matter has become somewhat urgent as Camilla is on the verge of pipping me to the post and publishing April’s round-up before I get this one done!

So off we go on a whistle-stop tour around some of the best frugal food around on blogs during March 2013.

Vegan Mango Cupcakes for Credit Cunch Munch

First was Janet from the Taste Space with vegan mango cupcakes.   Vegan baking can often call for lots of expensive specialist ingredients, but not with these cakes, so cheap and ethical!

Chicken and Chorizo stew for Credit Crunch Munch

Left over chicken, homemade stock, tinned tomatoes and a sliver of chorizo combined to make this budget friendly chicken, chorizo and potato stew from Stephanie, it is the first time she has taken part in Credit Crunch Munch so welcome, and we hope to see you back.


Frugal on both cost and calories is this Savoury Cauliflower “Rice” from Jac at Tinned Tomatoes.  With finely chopped cauliflower used as a substitution for rice this dish weighs in at 137Cal per large bowl full.

Easy-Fish-Pie for Credit Crunch MunchAnother frugal on calories dish from Karen with this easy cheesy fish pie, using two types of haddock and a nifty way of making the potato topping to keep the calories down.

watermelon curry with dal for Credit Crunch MunchI have “known” Johanna from Green Gourmet Giraffe for many years, despite the fact we live at opposite ends of the planet and have never met.   I am intrigued by her watermelon curry, which she served with dal which she added an accidentally opened tin of creamed corn to.

cheesy lentil pie for Credit Crunch MunchLentils are one of my favourite ingredients, cheap, delicious and highly adaptable.  They made another appearance this month in Jane’s Cheesey Lentil Pie.   Delicious, frugal and adaptable.

Roast beef, pesto and sweet pepper toasted sandwich for Credit Crunch Munch

Rachel from Marmaduke Scarlet wants a cloak of Invisibility for when she has a kitchen disaster.  I want a cloak of invisibility for I can snatch this leftover roast beef sandwich from her.  Made with leftover roast beef, Stilton pesto, roasted peppers and some more blue cheese it looks sinfully delicious.

Hearty Beef Goulash for Credit Crunch MunchMade with cheaper cuts of meat, slow cooked and bulked out with affordable tinned beans this hearty beef goulash can also be frozen in handy portions for lunches.   Victoria from A Kick at the Pantry Door has ticked all the Credit Crunch Munch boxes here.  Plum and Almond Crumble for Credit Crunch Munch

Also from Victoria is a plum and almond crumble to use up some of her 8 packets of ground almonds that had accumulated in the cupboards.

Lemon meringue cupcakes for Credit Crunch MunchKat, the Baking Explorer made this luscious looking lemon meringue cupcakes from leftover ingredients in her fridge.    They look lovely and I want one (or two) right now with my coffee!

Turkey Bacon Leek Pie for Credit Crunch MunchMy Credit Crunch Munch partner in crime, Camilla, made a turkey, bacon and leek pie using up the last of her Christmas Turkey which had been in the depths of her freezer.   Delicious!

Bulk Biscuits for Credit Crunch MunchLooking at Michelle’s blog makses me feel tired.  I do not know how she does it.  She works part time, has three children and bakes and blogs constantly.  She also puts together the most amazing meal plans feeding her family for £50 most weeks.  Her bulk biscuit recipe is perfect for bake sales and entertaining children and at 4p per biscuit these are certainly Credit Crunch Munch friendly.

Asparagus-and-pea-soup for Credit Crunch Munch

Soup lends itself well to leftovers, but it is all to easy to make a very mediocre one.  Clairey’s leftover asparagus, pea, bacon & stilton soup sounds just delicious at a frugal 43p a bowl and 110 cal!

broccoli watercress soup for Credit Crunch MunchGenerally it is rather gratifying when someone listens to you, and I am delighted that Elizabeth has now started to freeze cheese rinds for adding to soups, there is always a cheese rind box in my freezer; the trick is to start anew every few months so they get rotated.  Her green soup of broccoli and watercress also went down a treat with her children.

Bluebery banana pancakes for Credit Crunch Munch Camilla’s second submission are these banana and blueberry pancakes, made frugal by shopping at a cheaper supermarket, and using golden rather than maple syrup.  They look a feast to me, and perfect for a weekend breakfast.

Golden syrup banana cake for Credit Crunch Munch

Free recipes are easy to come by, from the internet and from those recipe cards in supermarkets.  Caroline adapted this golden syrup banana cake by leaving out the relatively expensive nuts and using flour in their place, and using syrup in place of the honey.  Bonus frugal points that the syrup was bought when on offer.

Cheesy pull apart garlic bread for Credit Crunch MunchSian made some cheesy garlic pull apart bread, perfect for sharing, and considerably cheaper than buying it from the supermarket. I suspect it was also far cheesier than a shop one.  Also perfect for using up all those little bits of cheese you might have. (I never have cheese that needs using up – I would have nibbled it first)

Mini Toad in the Hole for Credit Crunch MunchReduced priced cocktail sausages provided the base for these mini toad in the holes, with each toad coming in at 9p.  Perfectly frugal and also well worth bookmarking and serving as canapes at a party.  Thanks to JibberJabber.

Idaho Potato Cakes for Credit Crunch MunchCaroline went on a US road trip and stumbled upon the Idaho potato cake, which is a chocolate cake made with leftover mashed potato, syrup and chocolate.  It looks extremely good, especially when served with lashing of cream.

Roasted Roots pizza for Credit Crunch MunchYou really cannot get cheaper than good old root vegetables, which are delicious roasted (roasted vegetable soup is a favourite of mine). Over at Chez Foti a selection of roast vegetables was used as a home made pizza topping.  A simple tasty idea, and far cheaper than getting a delivery.

Watercress rocket spinach pesto for Credit Crunch MunchJarred pesto can be very expensive, as can the parmesan if you make your own.  Jen made this vibrant green vegan version with watercress, rocket, spinach and almonds.    It was so good she is never going back to buying jarred.

Blackberry Loaf Cake with Blood Orange Drizzle for Credit Crunch MunchWith reduced blackberries that needed using up Jac had a dilemma, smoothie or cake?  I am delighted that she went for this amazing sounding cake of Blackberries with Blood Orange Drizzle.

Pear-Chocolate-Ginger-Crumble for Credit Crunch Munch A 3 for 2 bargain is only a bargain if you use it all up.  Camilla had a surfeit of crystallized ginger which she had bought for Christmas.   It all came together rather nicely in this pear, chocolate and ginger crumble.

Chocolate lime biscuits for Credit Crunch MunchChoclette was sent a large box of Brazilian limes (which lead to me making bad twitter jokes about them being hairless) and used the last up in these chocolate and lime biscuits.   Chocolate and lime is a classic sweet pairing and these both look and sound delicious.

Thyme courgettes with feta for Credit Crunch Munch

Perfect for a week night supper when minimal cooking is in order are these thyme sauteed courgettes, leeks with feta from London Busybody.    The cheese melts in and makes a sauce.  Perfect.

Shepherds pie with leftover roast lamb for Credit Crunch MunchJen’s second entry this month is this Shepherd’s pie with left over roast lamb.  Her top tip is to use a beef stock cube, rather than lamb, to make it meatier.   Frugal, comforting and warming.

Lamb-Hotpot for Credit Crunch MunchSeasonal food is always cheaper and Ren made this lovely looking lamb hotpot with cheaper carrot, onions, celery and potatoes which balanced out the more expensive lamb.   One pots are also frugal on the washing up!

Spanish baked chicken and rice for Credit Crunch MunchAnother one pot is this highly adaptable Spanish style baked chicken and rice.    Partially made in advance and packed with cheap seasonal vegetables what is not to love about it?  Many thanks to Chez Foti.

Crispy fennel seed flat breads for Credit Crunch MunchEd has a bit of an addiction for seeded flatbreads, which are horribly expensive.   With his new found passion for baking I shall be pointing him at Kellie’s Crispy Fennel Seed Flatbreads, which look identical to the ones that he regularly buys.

sausage casserole for Credit Crunch MunchGiving up work to be a full time Mum was the right decision, but it did have financial implications.  Giving up treats is one thing, but compromising on putting good food on the table was not on the agenda for My Golden Pear.   This budget sausage stroganoff is packed with  mushrooms, and the sausages to fed 4 cost just £2.40

Mejarda for Credit Crunch MunchThe humble lentil is elevated and topped with crispy fried onion in this Ottolenghi inspired dish of Mejarda from Anneli.

Easter Egg for Credit Crunch MunchCo host Camilla is the Queen of Credit Crunch Munching, and I am very impressed with her Easter egg for under £1.  I am even more impressed that Paul A Young congratulated her on it on Twitter!

Nigellas Kedgeree Risotto for Credit Crunch MunchLastly is Nigella’s Kedgeree Risotto from Jen at Blue Kitchen Bakes, using only £1.25 of fish this is a budget friendly dish.

A huge thank you to everyone who took part, and the winner of the Easy Yo from Yoghurt Direct (excluding Camilla, me and anyone who lives abroad) is ….

Credit Crunch Munch Easy Yo WinnerA Kick at the Pantry Door with her Plum and Almond Crumble!


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    glad you got it up – so much lovely food that I am already visiting and bookmarking lots of them

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    I really shouldn’t be looking at this when I’m on a fast day – it all looks so good and tummy is rumbling badly. Each time I do a round-up I tell myself that next time I will do it as the entries come in, but I’ve not managed it yet and I get into a real panic at the end of the month wondering how on earth I’m going to fit it it.

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      I advise all my guest hosts to do it as they come in. In many ways using a linkie makes doing it as you go along harder as there is nothing like having something in your inbox to make you deal with it.

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