Photography: How to Make Madeleines

Firstly, gather your ingredients...

Break an egg.

And Another

Whisk at high speed, fold in the flour and butter and bake.

Carefully remove from the pan.

Dust with icing sugar.

Arrange like this ...

Or maybe like that?

And finally enjoy!

Basic Madeleine recipe
Chocolate Madeleine recipe
Matcha Madeleine recipe
Mincemeat Madeleine recipe

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    • Helen says

      Why thank you! All my photos.

      I am doing a studio course at the moment. Amazingly the egg shot was the first one I took! Failed to get just egg against the black!

  1. Helen says

    @AlpacaAddict, Jac & Johanna – Thank you! I hope my photography tutor likes them!

    @Sarah – I need professional lights. I am loving the freezing of motion. The whisk was on full speed in the 3rd shot!

    • Helen says

      Yes. First time. I set it up and took some with the hands to get the focus, flash and exposure right, then first time. Amazing really!

      Thanks for your kind comments!

  2. Majella says

    Great shots Lovely Helen…

    It was a pleasure to be your model.

    Never knew my mouth looked so good.

    Well done lady. You are truly talented!


    • Helen says

      You were amazing! I am so happy with them. Even if now I am seeing things tht I cuold have done better!

      Thank you so much for modelling for me!

  3. says

    Gorgeous shots, Helen!! I find a dark background with white, bright crisp colours works really well and love your egg cracking and dusting the madeleine photos. :)

    • Helen says

      Thank you! Your photos are always fantastic, so praise from you means a huge amount.

      I am now desperate to buy some studio lights, or at least an off camera flash!


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