Potato, Cucumber & Mint Salad

Potato and cucumber Salad

Along with lots of other bloggers I was recently sent a coolbag crammed full with Total Greek yogurt, which I have greatly been enjoying using and cooking with.    It is still baking hot in London and I really do not want to spend hours slaving over a hot stove so I have been spending the minimal amount of time in the kitchen.   Tuesday is co-op day and this week my bag contained some beautiful new potatoes which needed to be made into a salad.    Instead of the usual mayonnaise I used some 0% fat Total and added cucumber and mint from my window box* to make a refreshing lunch.

This is another contribution to my series of easy, economical and healthy recipes of what to do with the contents of the co-op “boxes” for the Food Co-ops and Buying Groups project run by Sustain – also part of the Making Local Food Work programme funded by the Big Lottery.

*I am not a gardener and have to have an alarm on my phone to remind me to water my herbs, but mint seems pretty hard to kill, it seems to thrive on neglect and actually needs a very good prune on a regular basis so it does not turn into a triffid.   If I can grow mint on a window sill in central London I defy anyone not to be able to grow it anywhere.

Potato, Cucumber and Mint Salad

Handful baby new potatoes
Chunk of cucumber
Greek Yogurt (I used Total 0%)
Sprig of mint – roughly chopped
Salt & Pepper to taste

Remove any dirt and mud by gently scrubing the potatoes (but try to keep the skin on, it contains most of the nutrients and taste).  Pop them in a pan and simmer until done.    When cooked drain and slice thickly.   Whilst the spuds are cooking chop the cucumber into 1/2″ chunks.   Put a dollop of yogurt into your salad bowl (I thinned mine with a splash of water as it was very thick).  Add the cucumber, mint (reserving a little for garnish)  and season.  Allow the potatoes to cool a little then stir into the salad.  Garnish with the remining mint.    Enjoy warm or chilled.

Thanks to Total for the free product samples.

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  1. says

    See, people say that about mint, but my Moroccan mint is rather temperamental. I need to water it every day, preferably twice a day, with at least twice as much water as my instinct says is necessary. I also can’t spray it with detergent to kill the aphids as that seems to kill the mint too. If I fail to do all this it dies off and disappears until next spring, when it threatens to take over the whole balcony (spring is when it grows. Summer it just sits there gasping for water)

    The salad looks yummy though!

  2. says

    What an interesting combo! For as much as I love cucumbers, I never thought to add them to potato salad. Something to keep in mind!

  3. Gabrielle says

    I tried your potatoes, cucumber and mint salad yesterday. It was really yummy. ‘Total’ has always been my favourite brand of yoghurt. I usually add sunflower seeds or chopped almonds to it for brekkie. Sadly, my windowsill is in the shade, so I haven’t even tried to grow any herbs there and I don’t have a garden. Thanks for the great recipes. Yours is a really nice looking blog with all the beaut photos. Keep up the good work.


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