Elsewhere in Foodblog Sphere: Early January 2011

I am not sure what happened but I missed my roundup for both November and December so here is one for early January, lots of great tasty home cooking here!

Katie at Feeding Boys and a Firefighter cooked up a delicious New Year”s Ottolenghi Feast that has inspired me to get both my Ottolenghi books out and cook more from them this year.

I have a carton of  Clearspring’s Organic Silken Tofu in the cupboard so will be trying this sin free chocolate mousse cooked up by Jac of Tinned Tomatoes.  Jac also maintains the Food Blog Diary the first stop for food events, blog challenges, competitions and giveaways.

Like me, Antonia has the preserving bug and I am very keen to try some of her wine jellies over at Food Glorious Food!  She had a long blog break last year to get married and I was delighted when she started blogging again.

Axel of Steenbergs Spices fame made a wonderful sounding Steamed Ginger Treacle Sponge Pudding, perfect for a cold evening, and something I shall be trying soon.

Nayna at Simply Food who cooked the most exquisite vegetarian Indian food, has been doing a fruit and vegetable carving course and made this stunning piece.  She has a monthly event, so do have a go!

I am delighted that Sophie has pledged to write once a month at Mostly Eating, which is one of my favourite UK blogs.  Sophie is a nutritionist and a fabulous cook and photographer.  Everything she writes always makes excellent sense, this piece on how to make healthy eating incredibly simple this year is a fantastic example of her common sense approach to nutrition.

With my current baking madness I was taken by Michelle the Greedy Gourmet”s Cornish Saffron Custard Tarts.   They look delectable!  Keep an eye on her blog as she regularly has the most wonderful giveaways!

Away from the UK, Johanna from Green Gourmet Giraffe in Australia has written a thoughtful piece on her 20 years of being vegetarian, which is a great and interesting read.

Canadian, The Taste Space is one of my favourite blogs as the food is very similar to what I cook, mainly vegan, with occasional animal products for treats.  I love the look of these Thyme Lentils Over Polenta, as ever beautifully photographed, with talent and skills that I do not possess.

Also in Canada is Everyone Likes Sandwiches, with a hearty but healthy and warming West African Ground Nut Stew that looks wonderful, and another for my 2011 To Cook List.

Lastly, I love Jenn Cuisine”s New Year’s post from the top of the Jungfraujoch.  Breathtaking photography, I went there about 10 years ago and had forgotten quite how stunning it was!   Keep an eye on her blog as she had just started writing a series on food photography.

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    thanks for the link to my blog and for the interesting links – I like the idea of monthly quicklinks – always so much interesting stuff and hard to keep track of it all

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    At lot of great links to follow up. Such a good idea, as I seem to visit the same blogs all the time. It is by no means a hardship, but it is nice to discover someone new, now and again.

    Thanks for the mention :)


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