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Readly App logoI have a confession to make that I rarely buy magazines.   I really really enjoy magazines and look forward to having my highlights done as I will get several hours to immerse myself in a stack of magazines whilst my colour takes.  My mother usually sends me back to London with a stack of her old magazines, which makes the dreary train journey so much more bearable.  By and large magazines are an indulgence, purchased as a treat, bought for a journey or brought to you be caring friends when you are not well.   Because I read very quickly they can be an expensive and fleeting treat.

When I go abroad I do enjoy buying from foreign food and sailing magazines (the food for me, and the sailing for Ed), the pleasure an international title brings is longer lasting, all the better for having something that not many of your friends have.

Readly App - Food MagazinesDescribed as the Spotify for magazines, Readly is a new app for the magazine addict offering you unlimited access to 412 magazines (3,965 issues) for £9.99 a month.   Perfect for the magazine addict, those with short attention spans or frequent travellers.

Currently the platform contains titles from the UK, US and Sweden.  British food titles such as Delicious.,  Decanter and Woman & Home spin offs are available.  Missing is everything published by the BBC.   Exciting for me there are a number of American titles including Saveur & Vegetarian Times.   A full list of titles can be seen here.

Ed has at least 12 sailing titles to choose from, two of which he would be buying each month anyway.   I also have a choice of 6 English language photography titles to pick from, perfect for a quick flick through and in depth perusal of a few relevant articles.  I am enjoying expanding my horizons too and have been reading The Lady, Country Life and Wallpaper, but I am unlikely to venture as far as the niche titles of Volks World and Camper & Bus!

Readly App-001You can search via country and genre. Tap a magazine to download (this will take about a minute on a good internet connection) then read offline.   You can mark titles as favourites and also bookmark selected articles.  Of course unlike a paper magazine you cannot rip a page out to keep, but the bookmark function will keep the article or you can take a screenprint.   Of course being digital the whole process is far greener and there are no trees involved.

Reading is easy – simply swipe to turn the page (animation pictured above).  Swipe up for thumbnails and quick navigation through the pages.   These are pdf based magazines only without the fancy sound tracks and animations that some tablet editions have.

The Readly app works on iOS, Android and Windows Tablets (web app and Windows Phone are coming soon) one account can be shared over 5 devices meaning the whole family can read their favourite magazines.  In a world where traditional print media is being squeezed this is another valuable revenue stream for the publishing house (Ready estimate that there is about a 2% overlap between readers on Readly and people who buy the actual print magazine )

I think that Readly is well worth a look if you enjoy and frequently buy magazines and use a tablet – and you do get a two week free trial.  We are fortunate that there are large numbers of food, photography and sailing magazines, which are the genres which we both want to read, and I foresee a few arguments about who has custody of the iPad and the Readly app!   I am looking forward to seeing how the app develops and which new titles are bought on board.

Fuss Free Flavours received a free subscription for Readly.  All opinions are our own and we  were not obliged to write a positive review.

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