Recipe: Cake Non-Pop Baubles

As a rule I tend not to do trends, and cake pops have only featured on this blog once before.   But I was struck by a, if I might say so, fantastic idea, of a cake pop bauble!

If you google “Cake Pop Bauble” there are bauble cake pops out there, but still on a stick.   I have not seen another hanging bauble non-pop anywhere in the entirety of Foodblog Sphere, which I find pretty darned surprising.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, what I am fairly certain is the first dangling cake non-pop bauble! (Surely the pop is from lollipop – so as there is no stick these are non-pops)

I see all sorts of mileage in these, hearts for Valentine’s day, eggs for Easter, Chinese lanterns.   I am sure that they are probably going to crop up all over the place now, and have probably existed for ages without me noticing them, but, hopefully maybe, once in my blogging life I would have been a baking trend setter.

Firstly make your filling, by mixing up crumbled cake and butter cream, I used Christmas Cake from my Great Supermarket Christmas Cake Taste Test.

Then make your hanging loops, I used bootlace sweets, doubled over and knotted.  Whilst my non-pop baubles were drying 6 out of the 10 snapped.   Doubled up they would work perfectly, or find a slightly stronger or thicker sweet, or make smaller baubles.

Roll a spoonful of cake and buttercream mix into a ball, then poke a hole in it with the scissors and push the knot of the loop in, and roll again the best you can so the loop is sticking out of the top.

Put your naked non-pop baubles into the freezer to chill well before dipping.

For the coating I used red candy melts.   NEVER AGAIN.    I hate candy melts.   I found it really really hard to get the right consistency, and needed to stir like mad after dipping every third pop to get any sort of even coverage.    Next time I will be making a white chocolate ganache and using gel food colouring to dye it.    Works a treat, and tastes far nicer too!

Hang the pops from a dowel to set.   It was at this point that the laces started to break and much swearing ensued.   I was going to decorate them with sprinkles, but had forgotten that I was going out, so ran out of time.

Once set I decorated them using the Mitch Turner Cake Lustres, using a fine paint brush.    I love these lustres, as Sarah said they are like nail polish for cake.   Sadly my artistic skills or the surviving balls and camera I am using  are really not enough to do them justice.

Again, apologies for the photos, my much loved DSLR is at the camera hospital.

Thanks to Baking Mad for the lustres.

sending this to Karen & Kate’s Tea Time Treats, where, surprise surprise the theme is Christmas!

and also English Mum’s Christmas Bakeoff .

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  1. says

    It’s a groovy idea and I can’t believe noone has previously dangled them as opposed to poking them on sticks. Possibly the difficulties with candy melts were because they weren’t on a stick to dip? I’ve found them fine so long as you put the veg fat in the melts to make smoother consistency.

    Incidentally, the silver spoon orange melts are orange flavoured and taste very good.

    • Helen says

      I find it really hard to believe that no one has dangled them before. Really strange when you think about it, as it is such an obvious thing to do.

  2. says

    You’re definitely setting a trend, I can see this cropping out on blogs everywhere now especially for other occasions as you said. Sorry to hear you had trouble with the candy melts and the laces snapping. The finished product looks amazing!! I need to get some cake lustres for myself.

    • Helen says

      Well it is nice to be a trend setter. Just remind other bloggers that you saw them HERE first. And keep an eye out for version 2, modified and better!

  3. says

    These look gorgeous and glittery – just right for the tree – I baulk at lollies (or sweeties) on the tree but I could probably cope with cake balls – though I am not sure about the red melts – could just imagine little hands playing with these and then going everywhere – I think they would look pretty with white and some glitter

    • Helen says

      Yes. Not so good for children. I like lovely rich Christmas colours, it is probably completely different for a summer Christmas – which seems really strange to me!

  4. says

    This is such a good idea and I really like the idea of using edible string. I’m trying to think of something that won’t break so easily. It’s a shame about that but they look great.

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