Recipe: The Cotswold Sling – Champagne & Sloe Cocktail and Sloe Cocktail Way back in November a week away at Ed’s sister’s second home at the tranquil and relaxing Lower Mill Estate, coincided with my birthday, the sloe harvest and time spent with our ever inspiring and energising good friend Monica (and Rocky).

As much as we love the Fuss Free flat we do cherish our weeks at Lower Mill; during term time the house is empty in the week and the estate is an oasis of peace and quiet.   I have a huge kitchen to play in, and a long white table lit from two sides.  It is perfect for photography and as the light faded on my birthday I shot the cover for Monica’s book.

Monica had challenged me to make sloe ice cream, which used my sloe syrup to flavour it, and the remains of the syrup made their way into champagne cocktails for my birthday.

I still have the last of the syrup in the freezer, and mixed with some fizzy wine it makes the perfect pretty deep pink cocktail to enjoy with your Valentine.   We used a good bottle of champagne, but with hindsight I think a cheaper and slightly sweeter bottle of sparkling wine or Cava would work better.

Recipe: The Cotswold Sling – Champagne & Sloe Cocktail

Sloe Syrup
Champagne, Cave or Fizzy wine

Pour a dash of sloe syrup into glasses and top up with well chilled fizzy wine.

Enjoy elegantly.

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