Recipe: Cucumber & Watermelon Refresher

Watermelon and cucumber refresher

I remember when I first began juicing many years ago dropping a piece of watermelon down the chute of the running juicer and all the seeds promptly being spat back at me.  Aside from hitting me in the face – one of the few occasions that I have been glad to need to wear glasses – the seeds went everywhere ricocheting off the ceiling, walls and kitchen cupboards.   I was still finding them several weeks later.  The moral is when you juice a watermelon, turn the juicer off, put the fruit in the chute, put the pusher back in and then switch the machine on.

I was sent a Sage by Heston Blumenthal nutrijuicer to play with; which I will write more about in due course – first thoughts are that it is very efficient, but also rather large.

This cucumber and melon combination is very refreshing, and I suspect would make an excellent basis for a cocktail or ice lolly too.  For a pretty pink juice you need to peel the cucumber, otherwise it is just as good, but really not very pretty.   The squeeze of lime brightens the flavour up considerably.   Use chilled fruit from the fridge for this and serve immediately.  There is very little heat transfer from the juicer so your juice will be fridge cool.

Recipe: Cucumber & Watermelon Refresher

Serves 4

1/4 large watermelon – peeled
1 cucumber – peeled
1 lime – peeled

To Serve
4 sprigs of mint
2 stalks of lemon grass – halved lengthwise

Run the watermelon, cucumber and lime through the juicer.   If the watermelon contains lots of seeds then stop the juicer when loading the fruit into the chute.

Give the juice a stir, serve in a pretty glass with a sprig of mint and a piece of lemon grass.

For more juice ideas do pop over to Monica’s blog.

Sending this tasty and pretty pink juice to this month’s Extra Veg which I host jointly with Michelle.

Extra Veg Badge-003Fuss Free Flavours received a Heston Sage juicer for review.  All opinions are our own, we were not obliged to write a positive review.


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  1. says

    Beautiful Pink colour ! I was eyeing the Heston juicer at Lakeland a few days ago but of course its outside my budget and no.5 on a long list of must haves with Kitchen aid at the top of the list – now all I need is a Job :)

  2. says

    Watermelon is my favourite foods in the summer and I could eat cucumbers, sprinkled with a touch of salt and freshly ground pepper all day long. To combine the two in one drink is my idea of heaven. I shall be bookmarking this recipe.


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