Recipe: The Wakeup Call – Ginger, Nectarine & Coconut Green Smoothie

Wakeup call Ginger Green Smoothie

If anyone has some fail safe tips to combat insomnia please could they tell me.

Currently I am not sleeping well again, which, to put it mildly, is frustrating.  Once again I find myself sitting on the sofa between 3 and 4am catching up on blog reading, knitting or immersed in a novel.  I am trying to do everything right – no coffee after the early afternoon, 90 minutes screen free before bed and getting up before too much of the morning has gone by.   I know that it is temporary and it will pass so I am not going to worry too much.

At the moment I do need a little kick start in the morning, a consumable jolt as it were.   Since moving to a drip filter for the majority of the time, I am enjoying my morning coffee more and more and interestingly am drinking less of it.

To make up for the decrease in caffeine consumption, I’ve been experimenting with a jolt in my green smoothies – the wake up call from fresh ginger is almost as good as that from coffee and, when you get the proportions right, just as delicious.

I usually throw in a piece of frozen ginger root for my smoothies, my Vitamix makes quick work of it, but if you do not have a high powered blender you can grate it from frozen, or add a dab of my latest discovery, Just Add, who make squeezy tubes of puréed ginger and other ingredients.   Perfect for the mornings when you are needing an edible jolt to bring you to full wakefulness.

Recipe: Ginger, Nectarine & Coconut Green Smoothie

Serves 2

2 bananas
handful green grapes
2 nectarines
large handful spinach leaves
1 dsp coconut oil
1/2 tsp ginger purée or 1/2 cm ginger root (adjust quantities to taste)
Water or ice cubes – enough to allow the smoothie to blend

Put all the ingredients into your blender and whizz until silky smooth.

* I usually use frozen banana and grapes and add water.


Just Add

The Just Adds seem to be a good idea, once open they will keep for 21 days in the fridge, although I think that I would be unlikely to finish any of then in that time.   The ginger is perfect for my morning smoothies.  Also in the range are basil, coriander and sun-dried tomatoes, all from £1.20 per tube from ASDA and Ocado.

Fuss Free Flavours received a samples of Just Adds together with a selection of vegetables to use them with.  All opinions are our own and we were not required to write a positive review.

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    • says

      Thanks Jac, it goes in cycles. At least I have the luxury of working from home and can stay in bed if I have a bad night.

      Smoothie was lovely. The nectarine has a lovely flavour and texture.

  1. Joe says

    Hi nice recipes. i use similar ones only not keen on coconut because i don’t like cutting it up.
    to boost your awakeness try half a teaspoon of gurana powder really works. Can send you a good website to buy it from in th UK. if you email me i have a good 30 page pdf on improving your sleep by a very highly regarded sports nutritionist for an international sports team. :-)


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