Recipe: Gran Luchito Honey Fried Halloumi

Luchito Honey Fried Halloumi and sauteed greens

Halloumi has become a kitchen staple ever since my trip to Cyprus last year when I saw it being made in the mountains.  (I have actually made it myself – using a not totally authentic – but very successful method.)   I’ve become a little addicted to its salty, squeakiness with that crisp exterior once it has been fried.

Gran Luchito is my favourite discovery so far this year – a smoked chilli paste made from rare Mexican Oaxacan chillies.  Calling the Gran Luchit0 “smoked chilli paste” really does not do the product justice – it is deeply flavoured, rich, slightly sweet and has a powerful, but not overpowering, kick to accompany the flavours.   I have been using it on anything that needs heat – pasta, tomato sauces, on toast with cream cheese, it is especially good with eggs or mixed into mayonnaise as a dip for chips.   It is now a fridge staple and my jar of ready to use boring red chillies has been thrown away.

New to the range is the Grand Luchito honey – where the smoky heat of the Oaxacan chillies combines perfectly with the sweetness of the honey – perfect for marinades, BBQ sauce, or in my kitchen, for coating griddled halloumi.

This barely needs a recipe simply slice and griddle some slices of halloumi, then heat a generous dessert spoon of Luchito honey* in a frying pan, add the halloumi and cook until the honey has reduced to a sticky glaze.   Enjoy immediately with sautéed greens or salad.

* I found the honey quite hot so mixed in a blob of regular honey to tone the heat down.

If you have not tried Gran Luchito yet please do go and buy some – I promise you will not regret it.

Honey Fried Halloumi and sauteed greens

Many thanks to Gran Luchito for all the samples they have sent, and for being at this year’s Food Blogger Connect where they wowed the discerning crowds of food bloggers!

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