Recipe: Greens with Chorizo & Kent Veg Box Review

Greens and ChorizoThe Swedish dish of Jansson’s Temptation uses a small amount of cream and spats to enliven a dish mainly comprising of the more mundane potatoes and onion.  I am all for using a pinch of this, or a slice of that to lift a frugal dish, made with everyday seasonal ingredients, something rather more special.

Here I flavoured a large quantity of seasonal greens using just a few slices of chorizo.   If you gently fry the chorizo a slightly alarming amount of fat is released, delicious and full of flavour.  It is perfect for seasoning what could otherwise be rather boring pile of greens, and, makes eating an extra portion of vegetables so much more enjoyable.

Recipe: Greens with Chorizo

Serves 2

Smear of olive oil
4 slices of chorizo – finely chopped
4 handfuls of seasonal greens – thick stalks removed (I used a mix of kale and sprout tops)

Simply fry the chorizo at the bottom of a wok until  it is crisp and has released most of its fat.

Wash and prepare your greens – leave in a colander and pour a kettle of just boiled water over them to wilt and start to cook.

Give them a good shake and add to the chorizo.   Stir fry until greens are cooked through and coated with all that delicious fat.

Serve immediately, with a sprinkling of finely grated Parmesan or other hard cheese.

Kent Veg Box Review

My greens were from Kent Veg Box; who have recently started to supply London as well as their home county of Kent.  As well as vegetable boxes they also supply fruit, juicing, fish, meat and beer boxes for the county.   (In winter some of the fruit is sourced from abroad). They deal directly with farmers, ordering the produce each week – and because of the short supply chain can offer a competitive price.

Kent Veg BoxMy box contained an enormous amount of winter veg.

2 x bundles of sprout tops
1 x white cabbage
1 x bunch kale
3 x parsnips
7 x carrots
3 x onions
6 x potatoes
1 x turnip
1 box of 6 free range eggs

I was delighted to get the sprout tops, and bunched kale (why is it so hard to buy kale which has not been shredded and pre packaged?). All the vegetables were huge and reassuringly straight from the farm covered in mud.

My medium vegetable box is designed for 4-5 people and is priced at £12.80 including delivery.

I am very pleased with the box, I think it offers good value and I especially like that I am directly supporting farmers and bypassing the supermarket supply chain, and I know where in the county my vegetables have come from.   However eating seasonally might not appeal to everyone, especially at this time of year when the contents are very wintry and not as exciting as they might otherwise be.

The vegetables are huge; especially the carrots and the parsnips – I have no problem with either the mud or the crooked shapes – but would prefer slightly smaller vegetables – I find them sweeter and softer – parsnips in particular can get very tough core.   My personal preference would be to receive some more greens too – we try and eat lots of raw vegetables.   (Although I do note that you can add preferences on your order not to receive certain items).  The scheme is flexible; delivery is mainly on a Thursday – and you need to decide by the Monday evening if you want a delivery that week.

Now that my local fruit and vegetable co-op has sadly come to an end, I very much hope temporarily, I am seriously considering subscribing to a veg box scheme.  Of course living in a flat in London means that there is often nowhere secure for a box to be left, which somewhat ties you to being at home on delivery day.

Currently Kent Veg box is offering a 50% reduction to new customers for the first 3 weeks.

Many thanks to Kent Veg box for sending me a sample box to review.

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