Recipe: Leftover Turkey Coleslaw with Tahini & Cranberry Sauce Dressing

Turkey Cranberry Tahini ColeslawI love a good ‘slaw (Ed hates and detests calling coleslaw ‘slaw). The right mix of vegetables and dressing can be a delight – crunchy vegetables, delicious dressing; but it is very easy to get the balance wrong – greasy and acidic dressings and bitter boring vegetables are horrible.

For my post Christmas coleslaw I used a mixture of sweet carrot, peppery turnip and crunchy, colourful purple sprouts, as well as the last of the turkey (from the freezer) and the cranberry sauce.    It is a very attractive mix of colours, and using a serving ring to present the coleslaw makes for a far more impressive dish and ticks the box of Fuss Free effort to glory ratio.

Once grated vegetables seem to expand somewhat so you will need rather less than you might think.

Turkey Cranberry Tahini Coleslaw

Recipe: Leftover Turkey Coleslaw with Tahini & Cranberry Sauce Dressing

For the Dressing
Equal quantities of:-
Lemon Juice
Cranberry Sauce

For two people you will need about 1 dsp of each.  Whisk the ingredients together and add a little water to thin, you want about the consistency of double cream.  Depending how sweet your cranberry sauce is you might like to add a dash of maple syrup.

For the Coleslaw
1 large carrot – grated
1 small wedge of turnip – grated
Handful (purple) Brussel Sprouts – shredded
Slice of cooked turkey – shredded

Place all the ingredients into a bowl, pour the dressing over and mix well.

Arrange a bed of green leaves on your serving plates and use a serving ring to make an attractively shaped mound of coleslaw.


Grated squash, parsnip, apple, or celeriac are all good additions.   Try some ham or chicken in place of the turkey – or leave out to make a vegan salad.

I am sending this to my new blog linkie – Extra Veg which I run jointly with Michelle Utterly Scrummy – the aim is to encourage everyone to have a healthier start for 2014 and the rest of the year by including more vegetables in meals

The Fuss Free simple philosophy for healthy eating

Forget diets and eat a generous portion of (raw) vegetables with every meal whenever you can.

Extra Veg Badge-003And with the beautiful seasonal purple Brussel Sprouts this is perfect for January’s Simple and in Season.


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    So simple yet so delicious looking, I still have one good dollop of cranberry sauce left that I need to use up and I think a variation of this depending on what else is in the fridge will make a good lunch this weekend :)


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