Recipe: Lemon & Mint Ricotta – Perfect With Berries

Berries with mint and lemon ricotta

I sometimes wonder if we over complicate our food?   It is very very easy to jump on whichever food bandwagon or fad is currently the most popular and miss out on some equally delicious but simple pleasures?

Having had a week in France, shortly followed by a week in Washington I wanted some simpler and lighter food. We bought beautiful berries in the market and ricotta in the supermarket – destined for another dish which also doubled up as a lighter and less calorific substitute for cream atop a bowl of berries.

Recipe: Lemon & Mint Ricotta “Cream”

Serves 2

1 heaped tbs ricotta
1 tsp caster sugar
Zest half a lemon – finely grated
3 mint leaves – finely snipped

Place in a bowl and mix well.

Serve on fresh berries

Berries with ricotta cream

Sending this to Laura and Nazima’s One Ingredient Challenge where this month they are encouraging you not to be showy or complicated with raspberries!


And to Ren’s Simple & In Season.

Simple and in Season

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  1. says

    This sounds lovely. Simple is good. :) One of my favourite snacks right now is a bowl of strawberries with a separate bowl to granulated sugar to dip. Probably not that good for the teeth, but I reckon it’s offset by the nutritional value of the fruit!

    • says

      Of course it is. Fruit off sets all the sins in a dish. Homemade strawberry ice cream counts towards your 5 a day for example!

  2. says

    Mmmmm, that does look good Helen. As you say, sometimes simple is best. I do love lemony desserts with berries. Berry season is a happy time for me. They are the only thing I miss now I am in Cyprus for a holiday.

  3. says

    I have to agree with you here. I think sometimes blogging and the need to post recipes for various reasons, ie having received some goodies that need to be reviewed, means I often forget about the simpler pleasures of eating. This is perfect, light, fragrant and so summery. A great One Ingredient entry :)

  4. says

    I have always loved Ricotta and it is such a light and healthy option that actually tastes so good too. Adding lemon and mint is a very good idea. Perfect partner to a lovely bowl of berries! Thanks for linking to One Ingredient x

  5. says

    You are right Helen; we do over-complicate our food and this is a wonderfully fresh antidote to all that silliness! As the others have said, you have combined the perfect group of ingredients!

  6. Charlotte @charlottekdiary says

    This looks lovely, Helen. I really do agree with you about overcomplicating our food. I love those little Breton biscuits you have in your photo, too!


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