Recipe: Smoked Salmon Verrines

Smoked Salmon Verrines

With cooking, as with much of life, presentation can be everything, we eat with all our senses after all, and a carefully plated dish can elevate the humble as well as (relatively) frugal to something rather more special and impressive.  Even the name of a dish can impress – verrine – sounds most professional, ingredients layered in a glass less so.  In the Fuss Free kitchen it is all about obtaining a good effort to glory ratio.

My smoked salmon verrines are perfect for a first course, even an amuse-bouche, or as a part of a brunch, maybe served with some scrambled egg?

This is also fairly healthy, made with fat free strained yoghurt from Chobani flavoured with generous spoonful of creamed horseradish sauce, which also adds some body and texture to the fat free yoghurt.

You can get away with smoked salmon scraps or offcuts here – most supermarkets sell them, and they are considerably cheaper than the slices.   Select the largest pieces, cut into a strips and roll up, and roughly chop the remainder.

Recipe: Smoked Salmon Verrines

Serves 4 – but easily scalable


4 heaped tbs 0% plain strained yoghurt
2 heaped tsp creamed horseradish sauce 9or more to taste)
2 heaped tsp finely chopped chives
120g packet of smoked salmon trimings

Lemon, chives and pepper to garnish

Place the yoghurt, creamed horseradish sauce, and chives into a bowl and mix together.  Add more horseradish sauce if needed.

Make two or three rolls of salmon per person and cut the reminder into small pieces.

Layer the yoghurt mixture and salmon trimmings into small straight sided glasses (mine were about 100ml each) and garnish with more chopped chives and a slice of lemon.    Keep in the fridge until you serve.

Arrange the glasses, reminder of the salmon and some biscuits on a tray or board to serve.   Alternatively serve with scrambled egg to impress at brunch.

Smoked Salmon Verrines

Many thanks to Chobani for the samples sent for this recipe, and for their sponsorship of this year’s Food Blogger Connect.

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  1. Your styling looks wonderful, Helly!

  2. These look so gorgeous Helen! So fancy and yet easy too!

  3. Lovely photo and such a simple but effective idea. Fab starter for summer!

  4. These sound great! Fabulous photo too!

  5. I definitely eat with my eyes, messy as that can be, this looks delish. Really finding some great recipes through the challenge.

  6. Jayne Sullivan says:

    These look stunning.

  7. Jane English says:

    Love salmon so will try this for when we invite one of our sons & DIL over for a return meal. We all love lots of fish.


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