Restaurant Review: Naga Tofu Bar

Naga Tofu Bar

Tofu or not tofu, that is the question? Or is tofu the answer? Whichever, tofu is most definitely one of those love it or hate it things. We love it – to the extent of making our own – and use it a lot, particularly as a vehicle for other flavours.

Naga, a restaurant/bar on Abingdon Road just off High Street Kensington, has launched a “tofu bar” – a menu of tofu based cocktails and tapas. There are a choice of three drinks and four dishes (all using silken tofu which they make themselves):

  • Mixed tofu platter – chilled silken tofu with roasted tomato, crispy tofu with seven spice pepper with citrus wasabi dip, steamed silken tofu with chives with sesame dip
  • Silken tofu with ginger dressing
  • Tofu pouches – stuffed with beansprouts, shredded carrots with a sweet chilli sauce
  • Spicy tofu fries with citrus wasabi dip

The texture of the silken tofu with ginger dressing was particularly memorable – crispy on the outside with a soft interior hinting at the smoothness and melt in the mouth texture of fois gras. We also really liked the spicy tofu fries, little packages bursting with soy-based umami highlighted with a small wasabi kick.

But all of the plates were interesting, and whilst they might raise eyebrows on the streets of Madrid, we thought that they were a both good and novel change from the usual bar food. What was most interesting was that the star of the menu wasn’t really one single dish in particular, rather it was the way that versatility of the ingredient common to them all was highlighted.

Unsurprisingly, however, flavours are biased towards Asia, so if you’re after something a bit more tortilla and patatas bravas-y, then it’s not really the menu for you.

There are a choice of three drinks: the tofu twist, tofu colada and an alcohol free tofu and berry concoction. Again, we found these to be interesting and novel, and they slipped down a treat. A perfect pre dinner or even pre film snack, with the added bonus of the pricing: the dishes were all at £3.50 each, so tucking into a couple is a simple decision to make. Assuming, that it, that tofu is the answer.

Fuss Free Flavours was the guest of Naga.  All opinions are our own.

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