Blaupunkt Comfort 112 Wireless headphones review

Blaupunkt Wireless Headphones Review

It’s the little things that are the real source of annoyance. From light switches in the wrong place to drumming fingers, picking noses or summary demands when sitting next to each other on the sofa, learning to live with the big stuff is relatively easy compared to the patience and serenity needed to put up with those really irritating little details.

When ironing, I like to listen to the radio or watch television. H is not a fan of background noise, so we have the potential for a bit of conflict. Happily, thanks to Blaupunkt, we now have a solution in the shape of a pair of Comfort 112 Wireless headphones. They’re relatively easy to set up: plug the digital transmitter is into your source – radio/TV/laptop or whatever. Switch on the headphones – they take two AAA batteries, and it’s all up and running. The transmitter contains a battery, charged via a USB cable; the battery needs charging for a while before the headphones are used for the first time. The transmitter can be connected via a headphone jack, cinch sockets or USB, as required.

I found sound quality to be acceptable, but not great: I wouldn’t rate these as high fidelity headphones; there is the occasional pop and crackle, but the added mobility is a great. They’re an over-ear design, so sound leakage is minimal, and adjustability of fit good. They come with a handy carry case, so all the various bits, pieces and wires can be kept to hand.

The minor negatives are that the instructions, as is all too common now, has all languages in one large leaflet. I understand that for ease of shipping and the marginal cost of printing a bigger booklet, it’s the better option for the manufacturer, but it would be handy to have a simple sheet of instructions. Also, there is a fair amount of plastic in the packaging; we’re becoming increasingly annoyed by single use plastic packaging.

Blaupunkt Wireless Headphones around £60 from Amazon.

Many thanks for Wren Kitchens for sending us the headphones from ebuyer. 

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